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Remember when I was asking people why they listened to noise?   Well the article is finally published.  I originally wrote about 3 times as much and 3 different copy editors smoothed it over into some kind of strangely gleeful pedestrian sheen, but it is here.  There are plenty of things I can pick apart and plenty of things I really wish were included but ultimately it is an article that will reach 100,000 unsuspecting readers and they're going to throw me some bones for it.  Enjoy or please leave me the fuck alone with my whiskey.  Many many thanks to everyone who contributed, whether your input was included or not.   It was a long and fun process.  The photo with the Haters/sparks flying is on the front cover of the actual paper.   Yes, there were many more photos that I sent them and they chose to use a shitload of GX photos for some very obvious reason.  
Best, Arvo

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