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According to CDJapan.co.jp, 30th-anniversary editions of OZZY OSBOURNE's classic "Blizzard Of Ozz" and "Diary Of A Madman" albums — which were previously due Japan on October 13 — have been postponed until next year. The "30th Anniversary Legacy Edition" of "Blizzard Of Ozz" will include a bonus disc featuring more than 10 tracks. The three-album reissue series will also include "Blizzard Of Ozz" ("30th Anniversary Edition") and "Diary Of A Madman" ("30th Anniversary Edition").

When asked about Ozzy's upcoming 30th-anniversary editions of his first two albums at a Toronto press conference in May, Osbourne's wife/manager Sharon said, "They are coming out for Thanksgiving and they will be on the market then. . . It's going back to the original recordings with [Bob] Daisley [bass] and [Lee] Kerslake [drums]. And there will be a lot of stuff that you haven't heard before in the packages. Like certain conversations that were going on in the studio with the guys just messing around while the tape was still rolling. All of that will be added into it."

Bob Daisley, who played bass on the first two solo albums by Ozzy Osbourne, said in a recent interview with his web site that he has not been contacted about the 30th-anniversary editions of those records being released later this year. The tracks played by Daisley and drummer Lee Kerslake on both albums — 1980's "Blizzard Of Ozz" and 1981's "Diary Of A Madman" — were replaced on a previous reissue after Daisley and Kerslake sued Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne over royalties.

Daisley told the web site, "Neither Lee nor I have been contacted, considered or consulted in the decision to re-release the original recordings. I haven't a clue as to what the 'bonus material' might be. As for royalties, we have not been approached for a reconciliation and have been offered and promised nothing."

Ozzy told The Pulse of Radio he was against the idea of replacing the original tracks when he found out about it. "Believe me, it wasn't my doing," he said. "I mean, I didn't know that was being done, 'cause Sharon was fighting all the legal things that were going down at the time. I said, 'What did you do that for?' And she said, 'The only way I could stop everything was if it went to that level.' And I said, 'You know what, whatever the circumstances were, I want the original thing back.' I mean, I wouldn't have done that."

The replacement tracks were played by current METALLICA bassist Robert Trujillo and FAITH NO MORE drummer Mike Bordin.

Daisley says that he and Kerslake were fired because of disagreements with Sharon over a number of things, including refusing to do two shows in one day out of worry that Ozzy would blow out his voice.

Ozzy's latest solo album, "Scream" came out at the end of June.

MusicRadar.com recently conducted an interview with RUSH guitarist Alex Lifeson. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

MusicRadar.com: I find it a little surprising that RUSH would go on tour while in the middle of recording a new album.

Lifeson: Well, we're not really in the middle. We wrote six songs and recorded two of them, both of which we're playing live. We'd like to start writing again once the tour is over. I'm guessing that we'll resume recording at the start of the new year.

Our decision to go on tour during an album project…I don't know, we just thought it'd be kind of cool. Plus, there's nothing that gets your playing chops together like being on tour. We wanted a break in the routine, and I think we didn't want to just sit in a studio and feel burdened with coming up with an hour's worth of music at one time. So we kind of said, "Let's record these two new songs, put them out there and hit the road."

MusicRadar.com: Every group, I would imagine, feels they have something to prove with each new album. What are your goals on "Clockwork Angels" — personally, as a guitarist, and collectively, as a band?

Lifeson: Hmmm. I don't really think in those terms. We don't feel as though we have to prove anything. We just want to write great songs. As you know, the album format seems to be dying in some ways. RUSH are traditionalists, so I don't think it'll die for us. This is the first time that we released any new material independent of an album, which was a good thing for us. We wanted to do something different and step out of the box a little bit. It's something we might do again: spend a month or so writing, record two or three songs and release them. Why not?

MusicRadar.com: It's what bands did back in the '60s. THE BEATLES, THE ROLLING STONES — they were always putting out singles that weren't on their albums.

Lifeson: Yep, I remember that. Sure. I think it's good for us to do stuff like that. But going back to the original question, we're not out to prove anything on this record. We're quite happy with the material we have; we'll get in and finish the record; and once we put it out, probably sometime next year, we'll hit the road with a tour that highlights the album.

MusicRadar.com: You've been recording with Nick Raskulinecz in Nashville. Are you going to go back there to finish the album?

Lifeson: I don't know. For those two songs, we did work in Nashville, but we haven't made any decisions as to where we'll record when we pick things up again. You know, I have my own studio at home, so I'd love to do the guitars there. The thing about Nashville is, that's where Nick lives. He'd been away from home a lot, and I think he was really hoping that we'd agree to work there. We didn't have a problem with that. It's good for us to go away sometimes and be a little more focused — certainly, there are distractions when you're home. So going to Nashville and working for a week was no big deal. Blackbird is a terrific studio. Great gear, great rooms, a wonderful staff — it was a no-brainer to be there.

Moving forward, however, we'll see. You know, Neil [Peart, drums] lives in Los Angeles, so I'm sure he wouldn't mind if we did the drums there. I want to do the guitars in my home studio. I don't know how Geddy [Lee, bass/vocals] feels about going to separate studios to do vocals and bass tracks. It's all a ways off, though. We still have a bunch of touring to do.

GUNS N' ROSES singer Axl Rose has issued another statement aimed squarely at the promoters of the U.K.'s Reading and Leeds festivals, which the band headlined on Friday (August 27) and Sunday (August 29) respectively. GUNS N' ROSES came onstage an hour late on Friday and 30 minutes late on Sunday, with both shows cut short due to venue curfews.

Rose wrote at Twitlonger.com, a related Twitter site where one can post messages longer than 140 characters, "Our start times at the Reading and Leeds festivals factually had nothing to do with us as the previous bands (who were great, by the way) came off stage when they did and we went on within our contracted and documented changeover time period.

"Whatever other nonsense anyone's choosing to write would appear intentionally false.

"Having the fans or our show penalized for how the event was ran or simply the natural flow of events those evenings and for such minimal amount of overtime along with distortions and falsehoods by media, the promoter and or event organizers regarding the events seems a bit draconian and more than unfair to the fans.

"A simple question: If you are aware of our changeover time, the average length of our show and the general nature of how these types of festivals run, all of which are no big secrets... why book us?

"Is it simply because the lineup on our nights at both festivals sold well? So it's a cash grab with no respect for the fans or the band and somehow an unwanted inconvenience for the cities and law enforcement?

"If we're not wanted and just being used to line someone else's pockets or for fictitious tabloid fodder at the fans' and our expense, we're fine with going elsewhere. God forbid we would force ourselves on anyone. It's not that kinda party.

"I didn't organize, arrange, authorize, have knowledge of or was even consulted about our being booked for these shows 'till after the fact nor did I choose to work with anyone I'm aware of other than our manager who was involved in arranging these dates. Yet it would appear we're amazingly often legally obligated to honor such arrangements whether against our will or better judgment. That's simply and unfortunately how this business often works with the artist and [in my opinion] seems is legally supported to benefit managers, agents, promoters and ticket vendors.

"With how the fans and we were treated in the past, I had what I feel were legitimate and now proven justified apprehensions. Yet we gave 100% and from where we stood it seemed as if the both the fans (who rocked!) and our camp were having fun and making the most of things.

"Why (and what would appear intentionally) risk having it go bad for everyone? [In my opinion] that's where true recklessness and negligence at both the fans and our expense would seem to be.

"Anyway... thanks again to all the fans who made our nights!!"

Rose's statement seems at odds with comments made by festival organizer Melvin Benn before the shows, in which he said that the band's set would be cut short if they showed up late.

The group took the stage more than two hours late when it last played Leeds eight years ago, with Benn saying that any curfew violation this time could threaten the festival's license.

Rose said from the stage Sunday night as the band's set was halted, "We would like to play a few more songs for you tonight but someone is telling us the show's over." He also launched an f-bomb at the festival's promoters before leaving.

Meanwhile, on Friday night, Rose staged a sitdown protest when the band's set was stopped at midnight. The curfew had already been extended half an hour for the group at that point.

Many members of the crowd jeered the band when it arrived onstage 60 minutes late, while a number of audience members also left before the set even started. According to Gigwise.com, the crowd continued to disperse throughout the band's performance.

Former HANOI ROCKS singer Michael Monroe has tapped legendary producer Jack Douglas (AEROSMITH, JOHN LENNON, CLUTCH, SLASH'S SNAKEPIT, NEW YORK DOLLS) to helm his new solo album, tentatively due in early 2011. Monroe and his band spent a week earlier this month writing and recording demos at the Seawolf Studios on the Suomenlinna Island, about a 15-minute ferry ride from the Helsinki, Finland harbor. Michael said, "We chose about 16 out of over 20 songs we had written for the record.

"The newest stuff sounds especially great, and we now have a pretty clear picture of what our new studio album will sound like.

"We sent the demos to our producer, who also loved the material and can't wait to start digging into it with us.

"Needless to say, we're all really excited about the recording sessions.

"We're flying to L.A. this Sunday to get started and will record through September."

In other news, Monroe revealed in a new online posting that he broke two ribs while making a guest appearance during Slash's performance at the Summer Sonic festival in Osaka, Japan in early August. Michael said, "I sang one song with him, 'We're All Gonna Die'. During the guitar solo, I ran along the aisle all the way to the mixing board, which I had already done a couple of times during my own show, but this time on my way back I slipped and fell, hitting my back on the metal barricade."

He added,"I've never had a broken a rib before, so I didn't know how it would feel. I just figured I had banged my back up real hard, so I just kept putting ice on it, but realized that I could only sleep laying on my back due to the pain."

As previously reported, Michael Monroe will release a new live album, "Another Night In The Sun", in Europe and Japan on September 22. The CD was recorded in early July during a private concert at the Tavastia club in Helsinki and will be mixed and mastered by Niko Bolas (NEIL YOUNG, FRANK SINATRA, KEITH RICHARDS, KISS, SPINAL TAP) in Los Angeles.

"Another Night In The Sun" features highlights from Monroe's solo career, a few HANOI ROCKS classics and two brand new songs: "You're Next" and "Motorheaded For A Fall".

Michael Monroe's solo band features bassist Sami Yaffa, who has played with a remarkable variety of bands including HANOI ROCKS, NEW YORK DOLLS and JOAN JETT & THE BLACKHEARTS, and guitarist Ginger, who has dazzled audiences over the world with his band THE WILDHEARTS. Also on guitar is Steve Conte, the NEW YORK DOLLS master fretman who has played with Willy DeVille and his own bands THE CRAZY TRUTH, CROWN JEWELS and COMPANY OF WOLVES. Rounding out the band is drummer Karl "Rockfist" Rosqvist, whose resume includes providing rhythm for the likes of CHELSEA SMILES and DANZIG.

"Blood Of The Nations", the new album from reformed heavy metal legends ACCEPT, entered the German Media Control chart at position No. 4. This marks the highest German chart entry ever in the band's career and beats the No. 5 position of 1986's "Russian Roulette".

Commented ACCEPT guitarist Wolf Hoffmann: "This really swept us off our feet! Of course, you dream about being on top of the charts, but this was pretty much out of the question. We tested new waters with our new singer Mark [Tornillo, ex-TT QUICK] and emerged as winners! But even more than that, this is the reward for our unique collaboration with our label Nuclear Blast, Brainstorm Music Marketing, and all the others who gave their everything for ACCEPT. But most of all, we want to thank our fans without whom we would be nothing! THANK YOU!"

Due in North America on September 14 via Nuclear Blast Records, "Blood Of The Nations" was recorded at Backstage Studio in Derbyshire, England with acclaimed British producer and SABBAT guitarist Andy Sneap (MEGADETH, EXODUS, ARCH ENEMY, MASTERPLAN). The CD marks the recording debut of the band's latest addition, vocalist Mark Tornillo (ex-TT QUICK).

Nuclear Blast Records' USA webshop is now taking pre-orders for the exclusive North American mail-order digipak edition of "Blood Of The Nations". This exclusive release features the bonus track "Time Machine".

The pre-order bundle includes an ACCEPT "Teutonic Terror" t-shirt and can be ordered here.

"Blood Of The Nations" digipak track listing:

01. Beat the Bastards
02. Teutonic Terror
03. The Abyss
04. Blood of the Nations
05. Shades of Death
06. Locked and Loaded
07. Time Machine (North American bonus track)
08. Kill the Pain
09. Rollin' Thunder
10. Pandemic
11. New World Comin'
12. No Shelter
13. Bucketful of Hate

After debuting their new lineup to a sold-out audience in New York this past May and then traveling to Europe to devastate the masses with shows in 16 different countries in 80 days (including two shows opening for AC/DC), ACCEPT will return to tour the U.S. for the first time in 14 years on a co-headlining tour with KING'S X. ACCEPT's first show will kick off the eleventh annual ProgPower USA festival in Atlanta.

ACCEPT 2010 is:

Wolf Hoffmann: Guitar
Peter Baltes: Bass
Herman Frank: Guitar
Mark Tornillo: Vocals
Stefan Schwarzmann: Drums

SLAYER guitarist Kerry King will take part in a meet-and-greet and signing session tomorrow (Wednesday, September 1) at Skip's Music in Sacramento, California between 3:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.

For more information, see the poster below.

For the first time in its near-30-year history, SLAYER, the single most distinctive and radical thrash metal band ever, will see its ten American Recordings albums released as a limited-edition, high-end box set — "The Vinyl Conflict" (American Recordings/Sony Legacy). Ten albums on 11 discs, "The Vinyl Conflict" will feature the band's entire Def/American Recordings catalogue:

* Reign in Blood (1986)
* South of Heaven (1988)
* Seasons In The Abyss (1990)
* Live Decade of Aggression (1991)
* Divine Intervention (1994)
* Undisputed Attitude (1998)
* God Hates Us All (2001)
* Christ Illusion (2006)
* World Painted Blood (2009)

"The Vinyl Conflict" will be released on October 12, 2010.

"Most longtime SLAYER fans may not have these records at this point," said American Recordings' Dino Paredes, "or their copies are completely beat-up, so to have the complete catalogue in this first-class presentation is terrific. For the newer fans, this is their opportunity to really get into this band the way that they could have if they were born 20 years earlier."

American/Sony Legacy invested a great amount of care into making "The Vinyl Conflict", treating the albums the way they would treat a great jazz, classical, Bob Dylan or Miles Davis record, something that isn't normally done for metal records. All ten albums have been re-mastered from the original analog flat master tapes and were pressed on the highest quality, 180-gram audiophile vinyl at RTI, the most respected pressing plant in the U.S. and among the best in the world. Lacquers were cut and re-cut several times to ensure the highest sound quality. The individual vinyl discs will come in a standard, clear inner sleeve to preserve the vinyl, are then housed in high-quality litho-wrapped jackets, and then boxed in a hardcover slipcase. Additionally, reproductions of the original LP inner sleeve artwork were converted to 12X12 inserts.

"The vinyl box is a real treat for fans, especially with today's renewed and increased interest in vinyl," added Sony Legacy's Adam Farber. "It's been years and years since the SLAYER vinyl has been in print — only the two most recent albums are currently available on vinyl, the rest have been out of print for years and very hard to find. These albums sound spectacular — they sound like you've never heard them before."

"Everything about 'The Vinyl Conflict' — the look of it, the feel of it — it's very strong, very powerful, very SLAYER," added Paredes, "from the music to the dripping, bloody pentagram on the front of the box. It's perfect."

SLAYER is currently co-headlining the first leg of the "American Carnage" tour with MEGADETH that kicked off August 11 and goes through September 4. In addition, the band's three classic in-concert DVDs — "Live Intrusion", "War At The Warfield", and "Still Reigning" were released August 17, separately and as a limited-edition, 3-pak box set.

Peter Atkinson of KNAC.COM recently conducted an interview with ANTHRAX vocalist Joey Belladonna. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

KNAC.COM: Were you able to gel again with the guys doing [the recent "Big Four" festival] shows, or was the focus more just on playing the gigs and working on other issues once they were done and you had some time to catch your breath?

Belladonna: That's always a factor, just trying to keep the system intact as far as fairness and making myself feel a part of it where I'm an equal member and I feel we're working together to get to that goal, versus "we'll tell you about it later, after we've done it." I wanna be there, even if I'm not calling any of the shots, you want to know what's going on, you want to know how it's being run, you just want to be a part of it, that's all, and try to participate in every aspect of it. I'd like to be able to sing they way I sing and not be put in a position where it just doesn't fit my style because they're trying something new. Those are the harder ones to deal with because those are about personal preference and sometimes physically you can only get so many things out of certain people. To me, I just want to be as natural as possible.

KNAC.COM: So the plan going forward is to have you continue on as the frontman, this is not a temporary situation?

Belladonna: I don't feel it being temporary, but I don't read anybody's mind. I personally think this is a good lineup to stay put, it works, it's been successful before and it can be successful again. We work well together. I'm the easiest guy to get along with. I don't cause any havoc, all I ever look for is great vision and fairness, that's all. And I try to do the best I can for the good of the group. So yeah, I see this thing moving as long as it wants to move. As long as everybody stays focused and just doesn't try to flip the coin real quick and find out that you don't have anything on the other side.

KNAC.COM: Does this go-round feel any different than when you reunited with the band a couple years ago?

Belladonna: The reunion, it seemed like there was a discrepancy about how long it was gonna go. At first it was like "let's do it in baby steps" and I guess they claim that we walked into this thing too fast and went out of it too fast and nobody had a chance to get along with each other. I don't know if was really all that, I think it was that nobody really could put everything on the table and say, "This is what we're gonna do, let's make this happen." Now I think we're trying to do that, where everything is on the table and let's be a part of everything we're trying to do together. I just don't want to be an outsider. I just want to be there and involved. Make it fair, make it interesting enough for everyone.

KNAC.COM: When they asked you this time, were there any second thoughts on your part?

Belladonna: Oh yeah, you wonder what's in store. What's different now? What do they want to do now? For me, it was "What are you asking? Do you want me to some shows? Do you want me to be in the band?" But the question was, "Do you want to join the band again?" So I was like "yeah, let's do it, why not? Sure, I'd love to. It would be absolutely cool as hell."

KNAC.COM: So they've got this album, "Worship Music", that for all intents and purposes is done. Is the idea to now rework the album or rerecord the vocals and finally get that music out, or create something completely new together?

Belladonna: All the above. I think you'll get everything you just mentioned. I think there will be some down time along the way [during the upcoming tour with SLAYER and MEGADETH] where we might be able to whip up some ideas songwise. People were talking about writing a little bit on the road, which would be kinda neat if we could find the time and desire to do it. With the stuff they've already done, we'll take every song and if you've got a second shot at anything, you can do whatever you want to them. If something's so good you don't want to touch it, we'll leave it alone, I'll just come in and redo the vocals. It's gonna be different anyhow. I already sang on one song and it's pretty cool, even the guys who are in the crew who were there for the session said it sounded like a completely different song, and that's the way it will be and it's cool. It sounds fresh. I don't even pay attention to what he [former ANTHRAX singer Dan Nelson] did. I just
don't think about it, I'll do what I do on a song and make it right with myself in mind. I try to be as focused and original as I can be, I don't like to follow anybody, that's the way to approach it. Make it sharp and maybe make it that much more awesome. Again, it's different, it sounds fresh. I've done[John] Bush songs on the road and didn't have any problems there.

Legendary rocker Sammy Hagar tells Billboard.com that CHICKENFOOT has completed four songs and is "seven pieces of new music" into its second album. The band is now waiting for drummer Chad Smith to get a break his regular gig with the RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS, which is currently writing for the follow-up to 2006's "Stadium Arcadium". "We care, but at the same time [CHICKENFOOT] is not mandatory," Hagar explains. "It's not like we feel like, 'Hey, this is our only chance in life.' Everyone's already been there, done that. CHICKENFOOT is not our bread and butter, and I think that's really important."

Regarding Hagar's autobiography, "Red", which he is writing with San Francisco music journalist Joel Selvin, Sammy says, "I figure there's only one shot at an autobiography, and you've got to tell the story, as much as it may be painful. I really believe there's a lot of people out there that really have no idea where I came from and who I really am. I've never been a press junkie, and I think that's a good thing. So I think the book is going to blow people's minds."

Sweden's THE QUILL is back! Four years after the release of the band's most recent studio album, THE QUILL is ready to once again spread its musical gospel. We are talking heavy rock firmly rooted in the Seventies but vibrant and updated rather than retro.

With the touring cycle for THE QUILL's fifth album, "In Triumph", completed, the band and singer Magnus Ekwall parted ways and THE QUILL was put on the backburner. Drummer Jolle Atlagic joined now-defunct Finnish glam legends HANOI ROCKS — touring Europe and Japan in the process — and also did a stint in THE REAL MCCOY band alongside FOO FIGHTERS guitarist Chris Shiflett. Christian Carlsson (guitar) and Robert Triches (bass) also kept busy with other projects. In early 2010, it was THE QUILL time again. Songs were written and Magz Arnar filled the vacant vocalist spot. It was a perfect match. The versatile singer has heaps of energy and a powerful voice that fits THE QUILL like a glove. Magz has the required range to sing the old stuff but also a rawness that the band was looking for.

THE QUILL will enter the studio this fall to record a new album for a 2011 release. The band will also perform a few selected shows in September where a number of new songs will be played.

THE QUILL 2010 is:

Magz Arnar (vocals)
Christian Carlsson (guitar)
Jolle Atlagic (drums)
Hot Señor Rob (bass)

Upcoming THE QUILL shows:

Sep. 16 - Harry B James - Stockholm, Sweden
Sep 17. - Club Monster - Gävle, Sweden.

"In Triumph" was released in April 2006 via SPV/Steamhammer. The CD was recorded at Area 51 studios in Celle, Germany with producer Tommy Newton (VICTORY, UFO, HELLOWEEN).

SLIPKNOT drummer Joey Jordison tells Kyle Munson of DesMoinesRegister.com that he still mourns the passing of SLIPKNOT bassist Paul Gray, who was found dead May 24 in an Urbandale, Iowa hotel room. "He was my best friend and still is," Jordison said. "And he was my musical soul mate."

Jordison also reveals that there were times when he could have been the casualty of rock-star excess and substance abuse in place of his late bandmate.

"I've been done with that stuff for three years," he says. "I thought it was all fun and games, but it's not. ... After I got done with my (2007) tour with KORN, I really went for it after that. ... It caught up with me, and that's it — I just stopped."

"Life is definitely a lot more precious now," he adds. "Music right now, really, when I play it, it's like I'm playing it for all the people that I've lost. I think about them all the time."

On the topic of whether SLIPKNOT will continue, Jordison says, "There will be another SLIPKNOT record, of course.

"But, you know — there aren't any replacements. Everyone in the band plays bass and can play guitar. We'll get to that point when we get there. But I want everyone to know — and all my SLIPKNOT fans and all my Iowa fans to know — that no matter what I'm doing right now with [ROB] ZOMBIE and MURDERDOLLS, that SLIPKNOT will return.

"But we're still dealing with the passing of Paul, God rest his soul. ... Paul would never want us to not make another SLIPKNOT record."

OVERKILL, DESTRUCTION and HEATHEN will team up for the 2011 European "Killfest Tour". The dates are as follows:

March 03 - London, UK - O2 Islington Academy
March 04 - Köln, Germany - Essigfabrik
March 05 - Geiselwind, Germany - Music Hall
March 06 - Stuttgart, Germany - Longhorn
March 07 - Frankfurt, Germany - Batschkapp
March 08 - Zürich, Switzerland - Volkshaus
March 09 - Milano, Italy - Live Club
March 10 - Wörgl, Austria - Komma
March 11 - Budapest, Hungary - Petofi Hall
March 12 - Brno, Czech Republic - Fleda
March 13 - Warsaw, Poland - Stodola
March 15 - Berlin, Germany - Columbia Club
March 16 - Germany - Markthalle
March 17 - Braunschweig, Germany - Meier Music Hall
March 18 - Antwerpen, Belgium - Trix
March 19 - Enschede, Netherlands - Atak

OVERKILL's new album, "Ironbound", sold 4,100 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 192 on The Billboard 200 chart. The CD landed at No. 4 on the Top New Artist Albums (Heatseekers) chart, which lists the best-selling albums by new and developing artists, defined as those who have never appeared in the Top 100 of The Billboard 200.

OVERKILL's previous album, "Immortalis", opened with 2,800 units back in October 2007 .

"Ironbound" was released on February 9 via E1 Music (formerly KOCH Records). The CD, which was issued in Europe on January 29 via Nuclear Blast Records, was mixed by PAIN/HYPOCRISY mainman Peter Tägtgren and is described in a press release as "a true thrasher-piece."

OVERKILL filmed a video for the song "Bring Me The Night" on January 9 in Brooklyn, New York with director Kevin Custer (HATEBREED, TESTAMENT, SUFFOCATION).

DESTRUCTION has set "Day Of Reckoning" as the title of its new album, tentatively due in January 2011 via Nuclear Blast Records. According to a posting on the band's official web site, the follow-up to 2008's "D.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N." will be faster and "more turbulent" than its predecessor.

Drummer Marc Reign recently left DESTRUCTION due to "personal and musical differences" caused by "tour stress," according to a statement released by the band. The group added, "Marc will concentrate on his rock project VOLCANO and wants to keep himself open for other musical styles. He wants to thank all the DESTRUCTION maniacs worldwide and the band for all the great fun and support over all those years!"

A replacement drummer has yet to be announced.

"A Savage Symphony - The History Of Annihilation", the new DVD from DESTRUCTION, was released in North America on April 13. The disc was produced by Berlin, Germany's Roax Films and includes footage of the group 25th-anniversary concert at the 2007 edition of the Wacken Open Air festival in Wacken, Germany (featuring many special guests, including former bandmembers), a band documentary and tons of bonus live material.

HEATHEN's latest album, "The Evolution Of Chaos", was released in the U.S. on February 16. The CD was issued in Japan on December 23, 2009 via King Records and was made available on January 25 in Europe via Holland's Mascot Records.

The band's current lineup includes Lee Altus (guitar), Kragen Lum (guitar; PROTOTYPE), Dave White (vocals), Jon Torres (bass; ANGELWITCH) and returning drummer Darren Minter.

The previously announced Mezcal Metal Fest 2, which was scheduled to take place September 26 at World Trade Center in Mexico City, Mexico, has been canceled.

The following acts were supposed to take part in the event:


For more information, check out the festival's official Twitter profile.

Brazilian/American thrashers SEPULTURA have pulled out of the "Persistence Tour 2010" and have been replaced on the bill by DIRTY ROTTEN IMBECILES (D.R.I.).

The festival billing is now as follows:


"Persistence Tour 2010" dates:

Dec. 03 - Deinze, BEL - Brielpoort
Dec. 04 - Dresden, GER - Messe Dresden
Dec. 05 - Vienna, AUT - Gasometer
Dec. 06 - Berlin, GER - Astra
Dec. 07 - Stuttgart, GER - Philharmonie Filderstadt
Dec. 08 - Rouen, FRA - Le 106
Dec. 09 - Saarbrücken, GER - Garage
Dec. 10 - Würzburg, GER - Posthalle
Dec. 11 - Oberhausen, GER - Turbinenhalle
Dec. 12 - Eindhoven, NET - Klokgebouw

On August 24 — the day that he confirmed that he had been tapped by Norwegian symphonic black metallers DIMMU BORGIR to replace bassist/clean vocalist ICS Vortex on the band's upcoming ninth album, "Abrahadabra", and world tour, Swedish multi-instrumentalist Snowy Shaw (real name: Tommie Helgesson; THERION, DREAM EVIL, KING DIAMOND, MERCYFUL FATE, MEMENTO MORI, NOTRE DAME) gave an interview to Metal Assault about his decision to join DIMMU BORGIR and the reasons for his split with THERION. (Snowy has since quit DIMMU BORGIR's touring lineup and has rejoined THERION.) A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

Metal Assault: We've all heard the rumors that leaked out some time ago which not only came as a very pleasant surprise but also resulted in much speculation in the metal world. Now that it's official, I 'm sure thousands upon thousands of fans are now delighted, excited and relieved that those rumours were in fact true that Snowy Shaw is the new bassist of DIMMU BORGIR. How does it feel to be in a band that has inspired countless other bands?

Snowy: Oh, thank you. I'm so happy to hear that and that's the impression and vibe I've gotten so far from every single one for the last six months. According to them I'm the ultimate choice for DIMMU BORGIR and if I may be so bold and skip all the false modesty, they are right. (laughs) I mean, I'm certainly not going to argue with them about it. But, honestly, I'm perfect for this band, and I have so much to offer and bring to the table in every aspect, if I may that is, that is the big and essential question here. In a way it seem to me like DIMMU is to this decade what KISS was in the '70s, and that I love, of course.

Metal Assault: I'm convinced the majority of DIMMU BORGIR fans will welcome you with open hearts and minds and see that Snowy Shaw is the perfect guy for the slot. Do you feel any concern filling the shoes ICS Vortex left behind?

Snowy: Relevant question, Of course, it is always tough trying to step into someone else's shoes, and I have had some previous experiences with that. I hope you're right, but there will always be a few hardcore fans being critical, sceptical and negative about the new guy. I was no different myself when I was young, more stupid and basically just didn't understand any better. When my favorite band changed a loved member, I was very sceptical and thought: Who the fuck is this fucking guy who thinks he can replace Ace Frehley, Bruce Dickinson or whoever it might have been. And as much as I can still understand those feelings, it just proves how clueless you are and little understanding you have for how the politics can sometime work behind the surface in a band situation and in this filthy stinking rotten music business and industry. I know Vortex and he's just the nicest guy, he even called me up after he'd heard inside info on the news and wished me the
best of luck and jokingly offered his condolences, so I guess you can say I have his blessing. And I mean, I most certainly had nothing to do with neither him nor Mustis getting fired from DIMMU, and as the last guy in I was hired to fill his void or position. As I was saying, I've experienced that before several times, taking over after Mikkey Dee in KING DIAMOND, and then when MERCYFUL FATE got back together and picked me over the original drummer Kim Ruzz and then many years later as a singer in THERION. No matter what, it's bound to be met with a bit of sceptism and suspicion from some fans. But I've always done a great job, won them over and have never ever heard of any complaints. If I may speak frankly, I'm pretty aware of my own capacity, qualities and assets, and so I can't say I have really reflected or worried too much about it to be honest, and besides, the DIMMU guys wanted me for the slot. It's more a question of whether the DIMMU
organization is going to let me it to their inner circle and let me be me. Fans may sometimes honor you and pay respect by staying loyal to a beloved previous member. That's exactly what goes on right now with me after I quit THERION. People keep telling me all the time that since I quit the band it sucks, and that I should go back to NOTRE DAME, DREAM EVIL, KING DIAMOND, MEMENTO MORI, MERCYFUL FATE, etc. As flattering as I might find those nice comments, I have to take it with a grain of salt and don't pay too much attention to it.

Metal Assault: Can you tell us a little about the whole recording and writing process for "Abrahadabra"?

Snowy: Yeah, sure. From what I understand it's been a long and hard process, but I came in as the last man right before the recordings and by then most of the music and arrangements were already done in the pre-production. I recorded some additional vocal arrangement and suggestions in my home studio and we ended up adding one or two vocal parts for me, since they hadn't really calculated or hoped to be able to find a fitting replacement in the singing/bass player department when writing the album, which might explain the use of guest singers. I must say I totally love the witch-like vocals this Norwegian girl Agneta did on the single "Gateways"; just fantastic! "Abrahadabra" was recorded in a few different studios. We did the drums and all mine and Shagrath's vocals with Daniel Bergstrand in Uppsala, Sweden. All guitars, bass and keyboards were done in Oslo, Norway with Russ Russell as the engineer and then the whole shebang was mixed and mastered in
England by Andy Sneap, and I must tell you it came out sounding fantastic, in case you expected anything else. (Laughs) Yeah that's right, a tiny little detail accidently slipped my mind. Norwegian conductor/composer Gaute Storaas brought in over 50 members of the Norwegian Radio Orchestra and a choir of nearly 40 members to spice things up and to further enhance and achieve that very specific, symphonic and epic DIMMU BORGIR sound. I fucking love it! As for my own performance, it went pretty easy. They had set off a week to record the bass tracks in the studio, but I nailed it in about 2-3 days time. First I showed the guys my own bass arrangements, ideas and shit and then we worked on it together back and forth to get the perfect well balanced result in the end. I did five songs in 3-4 hours in the studio in Oslo right in the middle of a big party going on with all their friends and people just dropping by Friday evening. We decided five songs were
enough for one day and went to check out a show or more correctly the aftershow with our friends KAMELOT who ended their European tour at a venue a few blocks away. Then the next day we changed bass which had a lot thicker strings and a fat ass neck which made it a lot harder and physical to play but it came out sounding way better so I had to redo the first five songs again. But that's OK, anything just to make the final product the best possible, that's my motto and mentality.

Metal Assault: How did this come about (you becoming the bassist of DIMMU BORGIR)?

Snowy: I knew the dimmu guys from before and had been working with them on various occasions and situations like designing and building custom-made stage props and decor for their videos as I was working with my friend Patric Ullaeus' Revolver Film Company, so we kept some sporadic contact every now and then. Apparently they were contemplating hiring me as a designer and visual supervisor of some kind before I even came into the picture as a musician. At the time THERION had taken an extended sabbatical year off after the 20th anniversary tour and I spent a lot of time, effort and my own savings on my band XXX and eventually I had to find myself another source of income while THERION was in this inactive period. So when the opportunity presented itself I jumped to it and for the first time in my life I began playing on a semi-regular basis in this covers band doing classic rock/metal songs as the bass player and second singer. To my surprise, it was a
lot of fun and a good and well-paid experience; we'd play all over Sweden, Finland and occasionally various ski resorts in Norway. I had heard some vague rumours about them firing Mustis and Vortex in a nasty way but I didn't pay any attention or think too much about that. One day I read on Blabbermouth that DIMMU was working on pre-productions and from I could see they had not yet replaced their former bassist or keyboardist, and the next day Silenoz sent me some funny link and message on Facebook and as I responded and the moment I wrote to Silenoz that I'll be going to Lillehammer, Norway the following week to play bass and sing with this covers band, right then it suddenly hit me — Hey! Why the hell not!? I want to play with the mighty DIMMU BORGIR! I'd be absolutely perfect for this band and to put it mildly, DIMMU would be quite a step up from what I was currently doing. (Laughs) Although for the NOTRE DAME live shows I had been playing bass and
sang but I guess it had never occurred to me before, and in fact those were the almost exact words the DIMMU guys used when replying to my idea or proposition in that second mail I dropped to Silenoz. They'd seen me as a drummer first and foremost and singer so it just never crossed their minds that I played bass as well, but said right off the bat that I might be ideal for it, besides we already knew each other and Gothenburg is just three hours away from Oslo and all. Despite having heard my singing before, making a voice sample would save us a lot of time and embarrassment if I by any chance couldn't pull it off or it wouldn't fit. So Shagrath mailed me a sample of one of the new songs which they wanted clean vocals on and I recorded my voice in my home studio based on the little piece of vocal line he'd recorded. Naturally I assumed they wanted clean vocals in a similar way that Vortex had done so I did that and mailed it back. Shagrath called me
later and said it was very good and that they liked it but they had expected me to sing an octave or two lower and with my own style of voice which they'd heard with THERION and NOTRE DAME. So I did a new recording with that instead, and then they were thrilled and totally satisfied. We then agreed I should come to Oslo and rehearse with them and learn the vocal parts and bass on a few songs in advance, which I did. But when I showed up, they were in the middle of arranging the drums and rehearsing the new songs for the album recording, and I had obviously never heard any of it before but I just had to tag along the best I could. Despite these rather weird conditions they were just amazed with my playing, saying DIMMU had never ever sounded as good and tight before. Fortunately I'm a real fast learner, at least when it comes to music, if it'd be computer games I'd be dead meat (laughs)!

Swedish "Viking metal" act MÅNEGARM has parted ways with bassist Pierre Wilhelmsson. The band will not look for a replacement since singer Erik Grawsiö will handle both vocals and bass on future recordings and live performances.

"Vetrarmegin" (English translation: Winter Force), the latest video from MÅNEGARM, can be viewed below. The clip was shot in a "Viking village" near the band's hometown, Norrtälje, with an "incredible pre-renaissance atmosphere." The group states, "The Viking village, with its amazing surroundings, will fit the theme of the video just perfect!!"

The video was helmed by Sweden's Standard Film Team, which has previously worked with DARK FUNERAL, PLECTOR and ZONARIA.

"Vetrarmegin" comes off MÅNEGARM's most recent album, "Nattväsen", which was released in November 2009 via Regain Records.

"Nattväsen" track listing:

01. Mina Fäders Hall
02. Nattsjäl, Drömsjäl
03. Bergagasten
04. I Den Svartaste Jord
05. Hraesvelg
06. Vetrarmegin
07. Draugen
08. Nattväsen
09. Delling

MÅNEGARM's previous CD, "Vargstenen" ("The Wolfstone"), entered the Swedish chart at position No. 59 back in May 2007. The LP was recorded at Studio Underground with producer Pelle Saether and was released through Black Lodge Records after a ten-year collaboration with Displeased Records.

On Monday, August 30, Jared from Rockerrazzi.com conducted an interview with Californian rockers PAPA ROACH. You can now watch the chat below.

PAPA ROACH released its new half-studio/half-live album, "Time For Annihilation...On The Road and On The Record", on Tuesday (August 31). The band went into the studio earlier this year to record five brand new songs for the set, but frontman Jacoby Shaddix admitted to The Pulse of Radio that he was having problems staying sober at the time. "I was kind of out of my mind, partying and drinking and, you know, carrying on like I was for a minute and lost my confidence as a writer and as a musician for a minute, and then halfway through, cleaned my act up," he said. "I think it was more pressure that was tripping me out, you know, I've never really felt like that too much before, but then cleaned my act up and then laid down some rad vocals that I'm really proud of."

Shaddix had been clean and sober for at least five years before this, and recently celebrated his fifth month being sober again.

The first single from "Time For Annihilation..." is called "Kick In The Teeth".

"Time For Annihilation" is PAPA ROACH's first release on Eleven Seven Music, after parting ways with Interscope/Geffen Records earlier this year.

The band visited the Los Angeles Mission on Tuesday to serve meals to the homeless as part of the band's continuing partnership with the WhyHunger organization.

PAPA ROACH will hit the road for a fall U.S. tour with SKILLET beginning on October 1 in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Ironclad Recordings has announced the signing of the Queens, New York hardcore powerhouse FULL BLOWN CHAOS. The band is currently in the studio putting the finishing touches on its as-yet-untitled follow up to 2007's "Heavy Lies the Crown" (Ferret Music) for a tentative January 2011 release.

"We have reinforced our style of writing with a more prevalent sound while keeping to our roots of audible mayhem," vocalist Ray Mazzola said of the bands new material. "We are a five-piece now so we are capable of doing so much more."

Over the years, FULL BLOWN CHAOS has scoured the world, playing over 1,000 shows and pummeling crowds with its breakdown-laden heavy hardcore. Mazzola and company have appeared on such North American tours as Ozzfest, Sounds of the Underground and Jägermeister, and have made five appearances at the New England Metal and Hardcore Festival. FULL BLOWN CHAOS has also toured overseas more than a half dozen times, playing European summer festivals and taking part in the Persistence Tour and a handful of club tours.

"Touring as much as we have in the past is an absolute necessity in this era of music and genre," Mazzola stated. "You need to be in everyone's face and make them remember you, whether they like it or not. There are so many heavy bands out there, it's hard to distinguish oneself by music alone sometimes. Our band and music stands out because you can feel and hear the struggle and time we have invested. That alone will set us apart from the impetuous herd of today's groups."


Ray Mazzola - Vocals
Mike Facci - Guitar
Jeff Facci - Drums
Mark Gumbrecht - Guitar
Dustin Jennings - Bass

Reunited West Virginia metallers BYZANTINE have scheduled the following dates:

Sep. 18 - X-Fest – Huntington, WV
Sep. 19 - 123 Pleasant Street - Morgantown, WV (w/ MUTINY WITHIN)

BYZANTINE recently parted ways with guitarist Tony Rohrbough and replaced him with Brian Henderson (SPLIT NIXON).

BYZANTINE played three reunion shows in March 2010 in the band's home state.

Fan-filmed video footage of the group's March 6 concert at The V Club in Huntington can be viewed below.

Shortly following the January 2008 release of "Oblivion Beckons", the quartet announced that it was disbanding. This announcement came as an unpleasant surprise to the band's fans, particularly due to the fact that it meant the group would not be touring at all in support of its latest album.

Creator-Destructor Records has announced the signing of Massachussetts' ambient-doom masters VOYAGER. The band plans to enter Planet Z studios in Hadley, Massachusetts with producer Chris "Zeuss" Harris (SHADOWS FALL, THE ACACIA STRAIN, ARSIS) to begin recording its new album for an early 2011 release on vinyl, CD and digital formats.

Drawing influenece from the drone and gloom of bands such as NEUROSIS, MARE, CULT OF LUNA and ISIS, the Northeastern five-piece takes those elements and adds its experimental, space-oriented flair to a genre that prides itself on aesthetically crushing tones and sonic passages.

Having spent the last few years supporting its critically acclaimed self-titled EP in the Northeastern region of the United States, VOYAGER has certainly made waves in the underground doom and metal communities. In early 2010, the band released a split 12-inch with the almighty MONOLITH, an effort that showcases the group's more experimental tendencies within its 10-minute epically crushing track "Backbraker". According to the band, their newest material will reflect similarities to their usual doom-based style, but with slightly more emphasis on melody and cohesion within the album as a whole.

Having just released their epic "The Seventh Date of Blashyrkh" DVD, which shows the band live in Wacken 2007, mighty black metal icons IMMORTAL strike back with the first official music video from their comeback album, "All Shall Fall". Shot in Norway by Vardefilm, the clip for the title track features the band`s full lineup (Abbath, Demonaz, Apollyon, Horgh) and is the first music video the band has shot in 15 years.

Don't miss the exclusive premiere of this majestic piece of art at ImmortalOfficial.com on Friday, September 3.

"All Shall Fall" sold around 3,300 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 162 on The Billboard 200 chart. The CD landed at No. 7 on the Top New Artist Albums (Heatseekers) chart, which lists the best-selling albums by new and developing artists, defined as those who have never appeared in the Top 100 of The Billboard 200.

"All Shall Fall" entered the German chart at position No. 33 and Finnish chart at No. 20. In the band's home country, the CD landed at No. 23 in its opening week.

"All Shall Fall" was released in North America on October 6, 2009 via Nuclear Blast Records. The CD, which was issued in Europe on September 25, 2009, was recorded at Grieghallen and Abyss studios in Norway and Sweden, respectively.

"The Seventh Date Of Blashyrkh", the band's first official live DVD and live CD release in the history of their existence, features songs that span IMMORTAL's timeless discography and includes three back-to-back-to-back selections from their most acclaimed release to date. The leather and spikes, the "war paint," the bursting pyrotechnics, the essential anthems, Abbath's on-stage acrobatics, and an audience that drew upwards of 70,000 people... the magic's all there, ready to be absorbed into your consciousness.

Take a walk through the mystical Norwegian landscape and witness Abbath, Horgh and Apollyon as they return to the fabled and mythical kingdom of Blashyrkh, where they are destined to rule for all eternity.

"The Seventh Date Of Blashyrkh" was released in Europe on August 6 and will be made available in North America on September 14 via Nuclear Blast.

The track listing for both the DVD and the CD is as follows:

01. Intro
02. The Sun No Longer Rises (from "Pure Holocaust")
03. Withstand The Fall Of Time (from "At The Heart Of Winter")
04. Sons Of Northern Darkness (from "Sons Of Northern Darkness")
05. Tyrants (from "Sons Of Northern Darkness")
06. One By One (from "Sons Of Northern Darkness")
07. Wrath From Above (from "Damned In Black")
08. Unholy Forces Of Evil (from "Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism")
09. Unsilent Storms In The North Abyss (from "Pure Holocaust")
10. At The Heart Of Winter (from "At The Heart Of Winter")
11. Battles In The North (from "Battles In The North")
12. Blashyrk (Mighty Ravendark) (from "Battles In The North")

Adam "Nergal" Darski, the 33-year-old guitarist/vocalist from Poland's greatest extreme-metal export, BEHEMOTH, was recently diagnosed with a life-threatening form of leukemia, a cancer of blood-forming tissues of the bone marrow

Since Nergal's health issues were first made public, the band, its management and label has received an overwhelming response from fans and bands all over the world asking how they can directly help Nergal. In response to everyone offering his or her help in terms of setting up benefits and shows to raise money for the frontman, Nergal has issued the following statement:

"I haven't intended to manifest myself in any way and, especially at this stage, to share my feelings or any other news with the world for obvious reasons. It is simply too early for it. But it was YOU who provoked me to say a few words.

"Regarding my personal low opinion of human kind, I'm shocked by the reaction to my illness. I actually expected NOTHING yet received feedback which surpassed all expectations.

"I want to ensure you I read EACH mail I receive, although I'm unable to reply to all of them.

"The power of your words is pure magic and I thank you all for it. You are a gigantic indestructible army that truly inspires me in this difficult time.

"The fact is that a fight with this illness is going to last for many months. Most of this time I will spend in hospital and I will go through various psychophysical states.

"If you know the history of BEHEMOTH you also know we achieved everything by hard work and a steely determination. The same goes for my private life. I happen to be a strong son of a bitch. I have no faith but rely on a 100% victory and I am sure I will get out of it stronger than ever. Sun Tzu in his 'Art of War' said that if you know your enemy and yourself the result of a thousand battles will not surprise you… I enter the ring with this Nietzschean attitude and I will leave it as a winner, as usual. Just watch and see!

"So I want to emphasize that BEHEMOTH will by no means goes through any hibernation state. Obviously all concert plans must be postponed until some unknown point in the future, but things are happening!

"Lately our newest video for '…Alas, Lord is Upon Me' has premiered and stirred up quite a storm in mass media, which fills us with utter pride. Plus we've just finished the project of our new DVD; 'Evangelia Heretika' is a three-disc release, a real encyclopedia of BEHEMOTH with nearly five hours of material and a bonus audio CD that will be out in November (Metal Blade in the U.S., Nuclear Blast in Europe). Expect an experience of visual madness as we went to hell and back to make it! Our official webstore has been functional for a couple of days and official merchandise and some very exclusive stuff can be bought there.

"At the beginning of 2011, Peaceville in Europe and Metal Blade in U.S. will reissue the EPs with new artwork, bonuses, liner notes, and more.

"As you can see, despite a complicated situation and difficult circumstances we're remaining active wherever we can.

"Finally, I want to comment on some opinions which, provoked by religious circles, lead to far-fetched and inaccurate interpretations.

"I was surprised to hear my illness became a pretext for some people to embark on their own crusade. Opinions suggesting I might come closer to God or abandon my ideals and grovel to the only correct world view in this country not only surprised but also frightened me. This is a typical example of supporting one's own views by preying on someone's misfortune. 'He fell ill so he will convert to Christianity, he will discover the religion he fought against is actually close to him.'

"Halt! Why should the illness change my point of view?

"It is true this is a difficult time for me and the thoughts of ultimate matters are hard to chase away. But the idea that I will change my opinions, priorities, and values as a consequence of my illness sounds as if someone regards my head, and not my body, ill. Suggesting I might convert are ridiculous. To what would I convert? After all, I know Christian mythology pretty well, not only in its literary version, and I find nothing good, creative or beautiful in it. I read books better and wiser than the Bible. War, blood, blackmail, rapes, incest, pedophilia, zoophilia, collaboration and treachery — each page emanates with evil.

"Some may say I don't understand the message of the Bible. I'd rather say the Christianity is nothing more than a rusty and archaic structure that is going to fall down any moment. It lasts only because of the gullible that follow the shepherd blindly; without any questions, without any consideration, not to any promised land, but to an intellectual slaughter. So, I say to those, who see some chances to break my rules, and myself because of the illness: over my dead body!"

To learn more about how you can register to donate marrow, go to www.marrow.org.

Fans wanting to help out, register for the marrow program, or who have questions on running a marrow drive may contact the organization Music Saves Lives by e-mail at iCare@musicsaveslives.com or by visiting Music Saves Lives online at www.musicsaveslives.org.

THE WRETCHED END, the new Norway-based band featuring guitarist Samoth (EMPEROR, ZYKLON) and bassist Cosmo (MINDGRINDER) alongside Swedish drummer Nils Fjellström (DARK FUNERAL, IN BATTLE, AEON), will release its debut album, "Ominous", on October 25 through Samoth's own imprint label, Nocturnal Art Productions, and marketed and distributed worldwide by Candlelight Records.

Songtitles set to appear on the CD include:

* Zoo Human Syndrome
* Red Forest Alienation
* Residing in Limbo
* Human Corporation
* Numbered Days
* Of Men and Wolves
* The Juggernaut Theory
* Fleshbomb
* The Armageddonist
* With Ravenous Hunger
* Last Judgement

According to a press release, THE WRETCHED END's music "can best be described as 'deathrash,' taking elements from both death metal and thrash metal. Many of the songs are quite groove-orientated, and also offer a melodic side. Influences range from the flavors of old-school as well as a more modern death/thrash metal sound."

THE WRETCHED END was formed in 2008 as creative collaboration between Samoth and Cosmo, who previously worked together on the infamous death-punk project SCUM. Cosmo also played with ZYKLON as a bass player when ZYKLON toured Europe as special guest for MORBID ANGEL in 2001. The two have long spoken about collaborating on an extreme metal project. Throughout 2008 most of the material for the debut album was composed and by spring 2009 a full pre-production demo consisting of 11 tracks was recorded.

The drums for THE WRETCHED END album were recorded last September at the Strand Studio in Oslo, Norway. The recording sessions continued through the end of 2009 and the CD was completed in the first half of 2010.

"Ominous" recording lineup:

* Samoth (EMPEROR, ZYKLON) - Guitar
* Cosmo (MINDGRINDER) - Guitar, Bass, Vocals
* Nils Fjellström (DARK FUNERAL, IN BATTLE, AEON) – Drums


Reactivated Swedish death metallers DESULTORY recently completed work on their first album in 14 years, "Counting Our Scars", for a late 2010 release via Pulverised Records. The follow-up to 1996's "Swallow The Snake" was recorded at Necromorbus Studio (WATAIN, NOMINON, AVERSE SEFIRA, FUNERAL MIST, NEX, ONDSKAPT, MORK GRYNING, ADORIOR) in Alvik, Sweden with producer Tore Stjerna.

Commented DESULTORY: "What gets inside always stays inside.

"This music once shaped us and the marks it left will forever keep itching.

"DESULTORY never died, it just went down deep below and beneath the surface it slowly kept growing.

"Throughout the years, there are many of you out there who never stopped waiting, asking the same question over and over. Now when we finally meet again, 'Counting Our Scars' feels like liberation, the bleeding is over.

"This album is for all of us who never stopped waiting."

"Counting Our Scars" track listing:

01. In A Cage
02. Counting Our Scars
03. Ready To Bleed
04. This Broken Halo
05. The Moment Is Gone
06. Uneven Numbers
07. Dead Ends
08. Leeching Life
09. A Crippling Heritage

DESULTORY previously stated about it decision to reunite, "After our third album in 1996, we put DESULTORY to sleep and went on to explore other musical directions. But now, 13 years later, we are back again, we felt the need to create some new death metal and that it was time for DESULTORY to be reborn. The new material for the forthcoming record will be a touch of the old DESULTORY but mixed up with new influences. It will be hard, brutal and melodic.

"Two lineup changes. Håkan Morberg is now playing lead guitar (before he was playing bass) and Jojje Bohlin is handling the bass. Still Klas Morberg on vocals and guitar and Thomas Johnson smashing the drums."

For more information, visit www.myspace.com/desultoryofficial.

Finnish metal group TERÄSBETONI — which represented Finland in the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest — recently entered HIP Studios in Helsinki, Finland with producers Juha Heininen and Hiili Hiilesmaa (HIM, THE 69 EYES, LORDI, SENTENCED, APOCALYPTICA) to begin recording its as-yet-untitled fourth album for a late 2010 release via Sakara Records. The recording sessions have since been moved to Hiilesmaa's studio in Hämeenlinna where the vocal tracks to five of the CD's songs have already been laid down. TERÄSBETONI vocalist/bassist Jarkko Ahola states, "I love to do vocals under Hiili Hiilesmaa's guidance. He really knows how much tiny changes can make the vocal track much more interesting and appealing."

Hiilesmaa produced the last two albums from TERÄSBETONI, "Vaadimme metallia" and "Myrskyntuoja", both of which were certified gold in Finland.

TERÄSBETONI's debut LP, "Metallitotuus", was certified platinum in Finland and was honored in the "Metal Album of the Year" category at the annual Emma Gaala (Finnish Grammy equivalent).

TERÄSBETONI was asked to participate in the Finnish Eurovision qualification of 2008. The band won the public's vote with the song "Missä Miehet Ratsastaa" ("Where All The Men Ride Forth"), from their then-newly-released "Myrskyntuoja" album and proceeded to represent Finland at the Eurovision Song Contest in Serbia. TERÄSBETONI went through to the Eurovision Song Contest final and had the prestigious experience of performing for over 100 million viewers!


Jarkko Ahola - Vocals, Bass
Arto Järvinen - Guitar, Vocals
Viljo Rantanen - Guitar
Jari Kuokkanen – Drums

Aeternitas Tenebrarum Music Foundation (ATMF) has announced the signing of infamous Norwegian squadron DISIPLIN, the brainchild of one WeltenFeind, who's done time in such illustrious names as DISSECTION, SLAVIA, MYRKSKOG and KOLDBRANN. The band has inked a three-album deal with ATMF, the first release of which will be entitled "Radikale Randgruppe", due sometime in November.

As the wolf-pack is approaching the new sacrifice, 10 years of history of black metal integrity and daring for DISIPLIN, "Radikale Randgruppe" will stand as a special anniversary album composed by totally new material, limited to 1000 copies to be released on digibook format, and with the first 100 copies with a limited T-shirt. DISIPLIN's martial monument "Radikale Randgruppe" won't be re-pressed or re-released but will stay as a unique stone in the band's legacy.

WeltenFeind comments on the union: "We're proud to have this sharpened weapon of the pagan gods under our wing, moving from one of the most innovative labels, Moonfog. They've been an example of how Norwegian black metal should have been evolved instead of rooting on the memories. DISIPLIN are still there to take forward the idea of black metal as an extreme weapon instead of a un-offensive stereotype."

An exact release date for DISIPLIN's "Radikale Randgruppe" will be announced soon, but pre-orders will be open in late September.

The resurrected original lineup of Swedish black metallers LORD BELIAL has inked a deal with Dozer Records. The band is currently writing and recording material for a new album, tentatively due next year.

LORD BELIAL announced it was calling it quits in January 2009, citing "the hearing problem (tinnitus): suffered by the band's drummer, Micke Backelin, as the main reason for its decision.

LORD BELIAL released its latest album, "The Black Curse", in September 2008 via Regain Records. The CD was recorded at Deadline Studios with producer Valle Adzic.

LORD BELIAL's seventh full-length album, "Revelation", was recorded at Los Angered studio (owned by KING DIAMOND guitarist Andy La Rocque) outside Gothenburg.


Thomas Backelin - Vocals, Guitar
Niclas Andersson - Guitar
Anders Backelin - Bass
Micke Backelin - Drums

For more information, visit the band's MySpace page

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[Classic_Rock_Forever] Re: Song of the year competition top 100 countdown - 1977


I thought it was pretty good.

--- In Classic_Rock_Forever@yahoogroups.com, "mcrae8ca" <camcrae@...> wrote:
> --- In Classic_Rock_Forever@yahoogroups.com, "Ben" <dawnstar@> wrote:
> >
> > This is what we voted for folks...
> >
> > 10 Aerosmith Back in the Saddle
> > 9 Stevie Wonder Sir Duke
> > 8 Fleetwood Mac Go Your Own Way
> > 7 Linda Ronstadt Blue Bayou
> > 6 Heart Barracudda
> > 5 Wings Maybe I'm Amazed
> > 4 Blue Oyster Cult Godzilla
> > 3 Fleetwood Mac Gold Dust Woman
> > 2 Neil Young and Crazy Horse Like a Hurricane
> > 1 Eagles Hotel California
> >
> Thanks Ben. Not likely to see a top 10 like that anywhere else. :) Cherlyn

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Sold - [u2tour] Selling 2 GA's to Paris



Just to let you know these tickets have now been sold.

Thanks for the answers and good luck to all!


From: Joana <jrsdbl@yahoo.com>
To: u2tour@yahoogroups.com
Sent: Tue, August 31, 2010 5:32:32 AM
Subject: [u2tour] Selling 2 GA's to Paris

Got 2 spare ones for Paris, at the time i was thinking of trading them for NA
dates but now i think it will be hard :)

Contact me if interested.


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[Non-text portions of this message have been removed]

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[oddmusic] new Alio Die | Parallel Worlds 'Circo Divino' review from Rockerilla magazine.


another great new review of 'Circo Divino (HSL055) album:

Questa prova a quattro mani di Alio Die e Parallel Worlds conquista già nel titolo:"Circo Divino".
Un affresco di suggestioni oniriche che rinvia ai sentieri della cosmic-music e della meditazione trascendente, compiendosi in sei atti di pura magia acustica, talora sedotti dal canto iridato di India Czajkowska.
Sembra quasi uno squarcio della Bhagavad-Gita materializzatosi nell'alchimia della trasposizione sonora, in questo caso assai ricca di timbri analogici inusitati e di flussi ritmici dilatati, di rumori emblematici e di linguaggi misteriosi che paiono provenire dalle spire di epoche leggendarie madide di umori mantrico/sacrali.
"Circo Divino" ha lo spleen dell'ascesi mistica che richiede d'essere empatizzata lungo il percorso, frase dopo frase, sino alle massime derive estreme della proiezione estatica.

Aldo Chimenti, Rockerilla Magazine - luglio/agosto 2010

Bakis Sirros - Parallel Worlds / Interconnected / Memory Geist
[Doepfer_a100] group owner
www. parallel - worlds - music. com
www. myspace. com/ parallelworldsmusic
www. myspace. com/ interconnectedmusic
www. myspace. com/ memorygeist
www. DiN. org. uk
www. musicamaximamagnetica. com
www. vu-us. com

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Re: [Classic_Rock_Forever] Re: name guitarist


Bingo, that's Ritchie Blackmore.
----- Original Message -----
From: mcrae8ca
Sent: Tuesday, August 31, 2010 10:59 AM
Subject: [Classic_Rock_Forever] Re: name guitarist

He looks like Mr. Bean in which case I'm going to guess - Ritchie Blackmore?  :)  Cherlyn


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