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Meat Loaf's participation in the VH1 series on Classic Albums (when they profiled Bat Out Of Hell) was one of the highlights of that series. I can only compare it to some of the video of Brian Wilson that came out when he was in such bad shape (such as the interview he did in the documentary 'Theremin'), or Gary Busey's interview at the beginning of that Hunter S Thompson documentary ('Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride').

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The last couple shows I saw Meatloaf on (WWE Raw & a reality celeb show), he was fairly embarrassing. Yelling and ranting, offkey singing then getting slammed by a wrestler. I saw him 3 years ago in concert & his voice was definitely off.

To his credit, I did like a couple of his songs on his last album & he did a memorible role in "Fight Club". Hoping he can turn things around.


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> i saw meatloaf on the one show he was okay now ive heard he was supposed to be on loose weomen but was takeing ill any one heard anythink

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