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I was wasting a coffee break the other day wandering about Vintage Vinyl (used record/cd/head shop) the other day. One of the fun bits about that place is that whoever is running the turntable in there, gets to choose the music.


The song that was playing was excessively long and instrumental, and extremely good. I didn't recognise the group at all, and after 5 or 10 minutes I asked the fellow, who was I listening to. Answer was a group called 'Gong'. Which he informed was a proggy group from the 70's. I have never heard of these guys at all. Turns out they have a history, and while I don't know if I'll ever buy any, I was intrigued.


I like random incidents of new (or new to me) music. As you say, an mp3 list can produce nice moments, even if its from our own collections. Some of that stuff is somewhat forgotten by me.



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Sometimes I will listen to that stuff, but usually only when it pops up on the mp3 list randomly. 


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