[oddmusic] Final 10 days of my clock project on kickstarter


Hey hey;

As you may know, I am trying to raise funds on kickstarter to build a collection of giant clocks. We're now in the final 10 days of my clock project on kickstarter.

It's not too late to reach the funding goal. Interest in the project has been great!

Back in the 80s, they told me it was a lame idea to submit a blank video tape to festivals, because no one would ever screen it. My blank video actually ended up being screened at nine different international video-art festivals.

Then, they told me it was unnecessary to release a silent record with instructions that state that it had to be completed by being scratched. But now, it's the most critically acclaimed of all my early releases.

Now, they tell me my Giant Cuckoo-Clock Collection is unrealistic. They tell me I'm looking for people with no sense. I tell them I'm looking for people who dare to share in a whimsical and joyous vision. http://tiny.cc/pcuhz

Together we can make the impossible real. Step up and join me in proving the critics wrong, again...!!! http://tiny.cc/pcuhz

I'm now down to my last 10 days on kickstarter. If you haven't signed on yet, please take a look. I have mp3's posted so you can hear the type of sounds the clocks will make. http://tiny.cc/pcuhz

If you can, please pledge even just a buck. Every little bit helps...!!! Pledges are made with a credit card. If you back my project, your card won't be charged unless the project is successfully funded. http://tiny.cc/pcuhz

But even if I don't reach my goal, I'm still going to send all my backers some kind of token of appreciation in the mail. It's my way of saying thank you for believing in me, and that the feeling is very much mutual. http://tiny.cc/pcuhz



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