Re: [Classic_Rock_Forever] Song of the year 1977 pt. 20


1 Bad Company Morning Sun 
2 Rod Stewart I Don't Want To Talk About It 
3 Peter Frampton I'm in You 
4 Bob Marley and Wailers Jammin' 
5 Bad Company Burnin' Sky 
6 Steely Dan Black Cow 
7 Steve Winwood Time is Running Out 
8 Slade My Baby Left Me 
9 George Thorogood and Destroyers John Hardy 
10 Foreigner Starrider 
"Rebel souls, deserters we are called.
 Chose a gun and threw away the sun.
 Now these towns, they all know our name.
 6-gun sound is our claim to fame.
 I can hear them say"

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Choose your top ten favorites from the list, preferably after looking up ones
you don't know on youtube or somewhere, and list them in your order of
preference. The show wraps in one week.

1 Rod Stewart I Don't Want To Talk About It
2 Peter Frampton I'm in You
3 Barry White It's Ecstasy When You Lay Down Next to Me
4 Meri Wilson Telephone Man
5 Bob Marley and Wailers Jammin'
6 Yannis Markoupoulis Who Pays the Ferryman
7 Tom Jones Say You'll Stay Until Tomorrow
8 Addrisi Brothers Slow Dancin' Don't Turn Me On
9 Kiss Christine Sixteen
10 Honky Join the Party
11 Slade My Baby Left Me
12 Jigsaw If I Have to Go Away
13 Peter Blake Lipsmackin' Rock N Rollin'
14 Undisputed Truth You + Me = Love
15 Harold Melvin and Blue Notes Reaching For the World
16 Lenny LeBlanc Hound Dog Man (Play It Again)
17 Vicki Sue Robinson Hold Tight
18 Bad Company Burnin' Sky
19 Babys If You've Got the Time
20 Charlene Duncan It Ain't Easy Comin' Down
21 Tyrone Davis This I Swear
22 Silk Party
23 Barbara Dickson Who Was it Stole Your Heart Away
24 Bonnie Raitt About to Make Me Leave Home
25 Steely Dan Black Cow
26 Chris Hillman Clear Sailin'
27 Pointer Sisters Don't it Make You Crazy
28 Isley Brothers Footsteps in the Dark
29 Hawkwind Hassan I Sabha
30 Tom Waits I Never Talk to Strangers
31 George Thorogood and Destroyers John Hardy
32 Richard Hell and Voidoids Love Comes in Spurts
33 Bad Company Morning Sun
34 Steve Hillage Om Manah Shivaya
35 Jerry Jeff Walker Railroad Lady
36 Charley Pride Shes Just an Old Love Turned Memory
37 Foreigner Starrider
38 Steve Winwood Time is Running Out
39 Smokie What Can I Do
40 Fela Kuti Zombie

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