[Classic_Rock_Forever] In Memory of Gary Moore - Bad For You Baby (Eagle Records 2008)




Bad For You Baby cover

 I have always liked Gary Moore's guitar playing, following him through his associations with Thin Lizzy, Colosseum II, Greg Lake and the Blues-rock band Skid Row, as well as having has a successful solo career and including the lead guitar solo on "She's My Baby" from Traveling Wilburys Vol. 3. Like I said I like his guitar playing style and I like his sound, his music and I have almost every album he has made. He has alternated easily between the Rock/Pop and Blues/Rock genres with a leaning latterly towards thr blues. This album in my opinion if you haven:t heard it is a true "Classic". The music switches fast between rock ~n~roll and blues/rock and is almost dynamic in it's delivery. The recording is superbly clear and well balanced between the instruments and the vocals. Its stand out tracks are the opener "Bad for you baby", "Holding On", "Walkin Thru The Park" (fantastic guitar work), the ultra slow "I'll Love You More Than You'll Ever Know", the clever fills on "Did You Ever Feel Lonely", the nice inclusion of harmonica on "Preacher Man Blues" but my favourite is the final track with the slow blues "Trouble Ain't Far Behind" which is just exemplary.
Any "young buck" learning to play guitar should listen to this album. 

"holy man, rocker man, come on queenie,
joker man, spider man, blue eyed meanie"


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