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Yeah, far from the days when concert tixs went for $5 - $15. I came across an upcoming concert for one of my fav 60's bands, The Association. Tix prices started at $45 ! I seem to have better luck with concert prices at casinos, fairs and festivals (Sometimes they're free with admission !).

Oh yes, I remember them. Good band; you should have a blast. Looking forward to hearing what you thought of the concert.

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> I agree!! I don't get to see as many as I used too as I find transport, and car
> parking is either difficult, impossible or too costly (+ ticket prices) so I
> have to be a bit more selective. I am going to see an old favourite in May.
> Remember Manfred Mann's Earthband? Well I was a big fan in their 70's heyday and
> still love their music.
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