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Categorizing has always been a crapshoot. As I recall record shops way back had some pretty broad categories, Pop, Country, Classical, Jazz might have covered the entire Sam the Record man shop that I would hang around.
One of the first categories that I recall being invented was 'Punk'. Sometime in the late 70's the Sex Pistols came on the scene and I became aware of the genre. Didn't do a whole lot for me, but I did test the water. Other groups were added in, and that's where the confusion began for me. The Clash, which were much more appealing in sound, didn't have what I considered Punk. Hell, they had a reggae-ish feel at times. Perhaps it was the lifestyle that was implied? Then, the Punks adopted Iggy as their Godfather, which is similar to the groups that are now considered 'metal' before metal was a coined term.
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That's an unfair comment....Deep Purple and Led Zep were never considered Metal in their day because to start with Metal never existed......they were always a Rock Band, maybe even classed as Heavy Rock, and in the case of Zep and a few of their tracks even Prog Rock. Metal bands came on the scene soon though......categorizing was never a science!
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I consider Metal anything that is played on the Boneyard on Sirius radio.  :)
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I have always had a problem with labelling bands. Is Led Zeppelin, metal or rock ? Have seen good arguments for both.
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Interesting how labels have changed through the years. Back in the day we all considered Deep Purple and the like to be Metal bands. Now i think of them more as a hard rock band, compared to the metal that followed. Makes no difference though, they are a tremendous band whatever label they get - and i will be seeing them for the first time next month.
I will make similar lists but they will have more to do with era than genre. These would likely change if I made the lists again tomorrow.
Megadeth (I will also see next month along with Motorhead)
Rock (hard and otherwise):
Uriah Heep
Jethro Tull
Alice Cooper (the band)
Bachman-Turner Overdrive
Deep Purple

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My top five metal bands are:
Iron Maiden
Judas Priest
Dio(includes Heaven and Hell, Rainbow, and solo)
Deep Purple
My top five rock bands are:
Reo Speedwagon
April Wine
Blue Oyster Cult

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