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I'm not a big 80's music fan so had a real tough time compiling a top 10 list. First two on the list are probably the only songs I would be willing to listen to on a regular basis.

1. Johnny Van Zandt Band - Last of the Wild Ones [not a favorite song of his but its Van Zandt] 

2. Waylon Jennings/Willie Nelson -  May I Borrow Some Sugar From You? [because they're Waylon & Willie and they're damn cool]

3. Scarlet Party - 101 Dam-Nations [first for me, kinda reminds me of early Beatles in some parts of the song]

4. ELO - Rain is Falling [used to listen to more ELO but not much now]

5. Elkie Brooks - Fool if You Think It's Over [long forgotten song until today. Nice to hear it again]

6. Phil Collins - You Can't Hurry Love [not my favorite Collins/Genesis song but better than most other songs on the list]

7. Juice Newton - Love's Been a Little Bit Hard on Me [Its Juice and the video is funny]

8. Amy Grant - El Shaddai [not her best but I do enjoy her sweet voice]

9. Scritti Politti - Jacques Derrida [new to me and liked it -  a little]

10. REO Speedwagon - I'll Follow You [like REO sometimes but don't listen to them a lot]


On 2012-01-20, at 6:53 AM, Ben wrote:


Choose your top ten favorites from the list, preferably after looking up ones
you don't know on youtube or somewhere, and list them in your order of
preference. The show wraps in one week.

1 Phil Collins You Can't Hurry Love
2 Odyssey Inside Out
3 Japan Ghosts
4 Juice Newton Love's Been a Little Bit Hard on Me
5 Haircut 100 Nobody's Fool
6 Shakin' Stevens Give Me Your Heart Tonight
7 Sammy Hagar Your Love is Driving Me Crazy
8 Elkie Brooks Fool if You Think It's Over
9 Alton Edwards I Just Wanna (Spend Some Time With you)
10 ABBA Head Over Heels
11 Peter Gabriel Shock the Monkey
12 Daryl Hall and John Oates Your Imagination
13 Dionne Warwick and Johnny Mathis Friends in Love
14 Tight Fit Secret Heart
15 Scarlet Party 101 Dam-Nations
16 Charlene and Stevie Wonder Used to Be
17 Grace Jones Apple Stretching
18 Motels Take the L
19 Stargazers Groove Baby Groove
20 Central Line You've Said Enough
21 Waitresses I Know What Boys Like
22 Dana I Feel Love Comin' On
23 Rose of Romance Tara's Theme from Gone With the Wind
24 Spys Don't Run My Life
25 ELO Rain is Falling
26 Diesel Goin' Back to China
27 Poco Sea of Heartbreak
28 Scritti Politti Jacques Derrida
29 Go-Go's Beatnik Beach
30 Conway Twitty Clown
31 Amy Grant El Shaddai
32 Neco Hani
33 REO Speedwagon I'll Follow You
34 Johnny Van Zandt Band Last of the Wild Ones
35 Waylon Jennings/Willie Nelson May I Borrow Some Sugar From You?
36 Bad Company Old Mexico
37 XTC Runaways
38 Tom Petty and Heartbreakers Straight Into Darkness
39 Bob and Doug McKenzie Twelve Days of Christmas

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