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I saw those guys 9 times the summer "What if" was released. Yup, nine times. I was in college in North Carolina and they were always playing near me. Those were some fantastic performances. That album is bloody good, and if you like that, maybe check out their "first" one called "Freefall". Supposedly at least parts of Freefall are from Morse and Wests University of Miami college recordings. thats the myth anyway.

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Only since Morse joined Purple, did I actually listen to some Dixie Dreggs. Damn fine music, the only one I've got is 'What If' which I relistened to last week. Morse and crew are obviously talented, but its not just mechanics. The song selection and construction are very easy to like.
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according to, steve morse was with kansas from 1986 to 1988.
he also founded his rock-jazz band, "the dixie dregs" in the 70's.
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I think he also has his own band: Steve Morse Band.


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> If you're talking abt Kansas, Steve Morse never performed with them.  He's been with Deep Purple since 1994.

> Bill
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> At what point did Steve Morse join the crew? Seems to me I recall
> reading that he played with them for a time. Quite like him and his
> style of guitar.
>   Clint

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