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I'm all over the map with what I like. There is such a variance in style.
You mention Monk, who I think is great, but he is a very different dude. I have a helluva time trying to follow his rhythms, which just makes him more fun. 'Underground' would be my first choice with him, which is a little bit later on. I'm liking that era as well, maybe because it's the time when some of the boundaries between rock and jazz were just starting to blur a little bit.
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thats such a great era for american jazz, the late 50s and early 60s. My friend calls it "the cool jazz era". In my opinion, you have to go back a ways to the bebop cats like Bird and Monk to get something as good as Miles Davis and his pals, Brubeck, et al, in the late 50s.

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I'm 50 and I still like my old stuff. Can't say I buy alot of classic or old rock these days. I think I have all that I need.
I have been discovering Jazz in a major way over the last 5 years or so. Alot of what I'm finding as my favourites, are from the late 50's and early 60's. Lots of albums have made it into the collection. I'm not exclusive to that era, definately finding treasures from the early days, right up to brand new performers today.

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im 49 and like the oldies, like 80s, a bit of nostalgia now and then. only one song at a time i promise but no lps here not for 30 years. when they first came out with cds i jumped on the band wagon with a new player and all. i have happpily converted to mp3s, thats where the one song at a time comes in. only a buck or 2.

Do it at 50 and you have some issues you really need to deal with...
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