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I just finished reading Tony Iommi's biography.

You guys can go on and on about Ozzy, but, really, Iommi is Black Sabbath. 

There isnt one without him.

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I think once RJ Dio passed away, Ozzy had the common sense to temper his criticisms.
Interesting that Black Sabbath was on the ropes before Ozzy left. Those last two albums (Never Say Die, Techical Ecstasy) were released to very little interest. I liked them, but for my money Dio in the mix brought them back from the brink. Heaven and Hell, and Mob Rules were great records.

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Sabbath has been around a long time and without Ozzy [bless his drug pickled brain] I personally would have preferred that the band die rather than carry on with a replacement. Nothing wrong with Dio and other members of Black Sabbath starting up a new group with a new band name and playing old Sabbath songs from time to time ... just don't want them to try to carry on as Black Sabbath. 

Do you know if the Dio / Ozzy feud is still on ? It got pretty heated a couple of years ago but don't hear much anymore.


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bob, do you have any thoughts on the dio/ozzy replacement? if they dont do something big heaven and hell will be the final legacy.


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Thanks for the link. Listened to both Pineda and Perry doing Faithfully and definitely nothing against Pineda but to me ..... without Perry, its just not Journey.

Its always difficult to replace the lead singer of a successful band, especially if that singer has a rather distinctive vocal presentation. I think for Pineda [who has a terrific voice], taking on lead of the "new Journey" may prove to be a bit of an albatross around his neck. 

Heck for all the success Brian Johnson has had as lead singer of AC/DC, to many he is still walking in the shadows of Bon Scott.


On 2012-01-31, at 9:12 AM, Jenny wrote: This is Faithfully with Arnel Pineda on lead vocals.

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