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It was actually my first concert. Mott opened, so they were actually the first real arena band I ever saw. Then Styx, touring for Equinox, which was pretty good, and then the headliners were Kiss, touring their first Alive.

Helluva great concert and probably my favorite one, still, out of the hundreds I've seen and all the gigs I've worked, big and small. Watching ZZ Top, Heart and Cheap Trick from stage left are close seconds.

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I listened to it a couple of times since that post. There's alot of personality in that record. For some reason I was reminded of some of that mid 70's Sweet music.
Was that a headlining tour that you saw, or were they backing someone up?

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I saw that tour. I had both their albums. Better than they got credit for. Without Hunter, the industry just wouldnt give them any push, and they were doomed.

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Subject: [Classic_Rock_Forever] Mott - Shouting and Pointing my new discovery of the day.
Plucked that one out of my stack of vinyl and ripped it. I learned that I did play it back in the day, because at least 3 songs were quite familiar. Other than that, I must say that this album is quite good.
Due to the familiar cut-out hole in the side, I would say that I bought it because it was a) somehow related to Mott the Hoople, and b) cheap in a cutout bin.
I used to cruise those bins religiously at the local woolworths, hell, .99 cents or maybe 1.99 for a new album was very tempting to a kid who only had x amount of money to spend each week. Found some treasures, and honestly found some tripe as well.
This one is a treasure, and much better than I recall.


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