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"Mad Shadows" was the second Mott The Hoople record - their self titled LP with that wonderful Escher cover being their first. "Brain Capers" = their fourth LP, also holds good in my stead from the Atlantic Record years. I was always glad for the success years - 1972 through 1976. I saw some great shows of theirs back then - that show with the marionettes at the Uris in 1974 stands out notable. I know Queen opened for Mott at that show and later on as well ... those were good days, my friends.

Ed Vitale

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thats a very old Mott album, possibly one of the first two or three, I forget the running order. Back then Mott was a rough and tumble band playing mostly covers. Does it have "Waterlow" on it? Hunter says thats the best thing he's ever written.

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Subject: [Classic_Rock_Forever] Mott the Hoople - Mad Shadows I'm on a roll here. Decided to stick to a theme and dig into the Mott the Hoople catalogue. This one is much rougher around the edges that Shouting and Pointing, and probably the better album. Granted there's some serious lineup changes, but I can't say I was ever passionate about the members, so I'm coming at this with a fairly open mind.
Thunderbuck Ram is a damn good opener!

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