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"Apocalyptic Love", the second solo album from legendary guitarist Slash (GUNS N' ROSES, VELVET REVOLVER), has been certified gold in Australia by the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) for sales in excess of 35,000 copies.
"Apocalyptic Love" came out in May and the ex-GUNS axeman has been on the road consistently with his band, MYLES KENNEDY AND THE CONSPIRATORS.
The group will kick off a new North American headlining tour on September 4 in San Diego.
"[The album has] been really well received and I was really pleased with the record in the first place; it's great," Slash said. "You never know what exactly is going to happen and I never have any what you'd call expectations, but once it's out there and people sort of dig it for the right reasons, it's always a good feeling."
Slash recently revealed that he and singer Myles Kennedy have already begun working on music for the guitarist's next album, to be recorded sometime next year.
"We are working on material, gathering ideas for another [record] at this point," Slash told Rapid City Journal. "We are sort of like in those early stages where I'm just recording different guitar ideas and I turn Myles on to it. He's thinking about his stuff and what he's going to do with it and so on."
According to Guardian.co.uk, the mother of the late THIN LIZZY frontman Phil Lynott has objected to the Mitt Romney campaign using the band's music at last week's Republican National Convention.
Philomena Lynott, 81, said her son would not have approved of the Republicans playing the THIN LIZZY classic song "The Boys Are Back In Town" at Romney's nomination as presidential candidate.
She told the Irish music magazine Hot Press, "As far as I am concerned, Mitt Romney's opposition to gay marriage and to civil unions for gays makes him anti-gay — which is not something that Philip would have supported. He had some wonderful gay friends, as indeed I do, and they deserve equal treatment in every respect, whether in Ireland or the United States.
"Neither would Philip have supported his policy of taxing the poor and offering tax cuts to the rich, which Paul Ryan [Romney's running mate] is advocating. There is certainly no way that I would want the Lynott name to be associated with any of those ideas.
"There is nothing I can do about it except express my views, but I do want to be clear that I would not want Philip's music to be used in any way that could hurt a single person, and this is the effect of what happened with Paul Ryan using and abusing my son's music in that way. A lot of fans and musicians are very angry about it and I can fully understand why.
"There is a black president of America, which to me — as it would have been to Philip, as a proud, black Irishman — is wonderfully symbolic.
"I have a lot of time for Barack Obama, so to hear 'The Boys Are Back In Town' being appropriated by Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan in their campaign against him is deeply upsetting."
Other artists that have blasted the campaign include TWISTED SISTER frontman Dee Snider, RAGE AGAINT THE MACHINE guitarist Tom Morello, Somali-Canadian artist K'naan and SILVERSUN PICKUPS, who objected to the campaign's use of their song "Panic Switch".
When vice presidential nominee Ryan listed RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE as one of his favorites, despite their hardcore leftist leanings, Morello blasted the far-right Congressman in an op-ed piece for Rolling Stone.
MEGADETH kicked off the "Countdown To Extinction" 20th-anniversary tour earlier tonight (Sunday, September 2) at Royal Center in Bogotá, Colombia.
Commented MEGADETH mainman Dave Mustaine: "Last night when we got to the venue, there was complete pandemonium. All of our crew was scrambling; the local production were moving like they were all on Quaaludes; and there was still the underlying fact that we had never played a large portion of the evening's songs live…ever! But when we left, our driver (who seemed to not know where he was going — or doing, for that matter), drove us past all of the fans in a van with clear windows, and excluding the safety hazard for our Droogies [MEGADETH fans] that ran out into the street to greet us, we noticed that the line from the front door went around the entire block and overlapped itself at the from door.
"There was definitely going to be volcanic activity tonight!
"We raced back to the hotel to make any last minute preparations, and headed back to the venue and our support band was playing — Patricio Stiglich — and this kid absolutely smoked! He reminded me of Eric Johnson, but with grit! I listened to him play as I went over the lyrics for the new songs with our new personal assistant Aly (from Austin…yea!), and I got dressed as usual. I had no idea what we were in store for.
"When we took the stage, the place erupted. Of course, you know I was going to say that, but it really did, and it got better and better as we went along.
"Now, please understand something: from the first time we went down to my beloved Argentina, no one, and I mean no one around the globe could touch them. Then, of course, the great people of Chile (our friend Tom Araya is Chilean) was not going to accept the Argies being number one and they have gone back and forth over the years, but it was the fans of Buenos Aires that coined 'Aguante Megadeth,' which can be heard at MEGADETH shows around the world, and is a subtle reminder wherever we play of their love for us.
"Last night however, the baton was passed.
"I'm not saying that it is going to stay that way, because I know the competitive nature of the silvery people from Buenos Aires, but Bogota completely kicked the entire globe's butt last night… without a doubt… no argument! And the most amazing thing I have ever seen in my life happened during the performance of our double platinum album 'Countdown To Extinction'. The audience had organized and worked out amongst themselves that during the song 'Countdown To Extinction' they would all hold up a paper sign of the old man from the record cover. It was by far the most amazing thing I have ever seen in all my years.
"I don't know what the rest of this tour down south has in store for us, but if last night was any indication, Christmas came early for this kid in 2012!"
The setlist was as follows:
01. Trust
02. Hangar 18
03. She-Wolf
04. A Tout Le Monde
05. Whose Life (Is It Anyways?)
06. Public Enemy No. 1
07. Skin o' My Teeth
08. Symphony of Destruction
09. Architecture of Aggression
10. Foreclosure of a Dream
11. Sweating Bullets
12. This Was My Life
13. Countdown to Extinction
14. High Speed Dirt
15. Psychotron
16. Captive Honour
17. Ashes in Your Mouth
18. Peace Sells
19. Holy Wars... The Punishment Due
Video footage of the "Countdown To Extinction" (the song) performance from tonight's concert can be seen below.
MEGADETH frontman Dave Mustaine previously stated about the band's plans for the "Countdown To Extinction" anniversary celebration, "MEGADETH will be going down to South America, we're going celebrate 'Countdown To Extinction''s 20th anniversary and 'Peace Sells… But Who's Buying''s 25th anniversary, so depending on where we're at we might end up doing more than one show. We're definitely going to do 'Countdown To Extinction' in its entirety and if we get a second night, we'll probably play most of 'Peace Sells'. There's a couple of songs on there I don't really like playing anymore, but other than that, it's a fun record to play."
MEGADETH's fifth LP, "Countdown To Extinction" was released on July 14, 1992 through Capitol Records. The band's best-selling full-length CD to date, it was certified double-platinum by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association Of America) for U.S. shipments in excess of two million copies. The album also produced the band's most successful hit singles, "Symphony Of Destruction", "Sweating Bullets", "Skin O' My Teeth" and "Foreclosure Of A Dream".
To celebrate W.A.S.P.'s "30 Years Of Thunder" anniversary tour, the band's mainmam, Blackie Lawless, has penned a monthly diary (consisting of fifteen entries in total) to chronicle some of the actual events that occurred and give fans all a little better insight into the last thirty years in the group's history.
In the 12th diary entry, called "A Real Hard Night," Lawless recalls the events of the group's legendary 1997 tour with MOTÖRHEAD which resulted in MOTÖRHEAD quitting the trek after Lemmy butted heads with Lawless.
"One thing I'd like to address is the U.S. leg of [the] tour that we did with MOTÖRHEAD," Blackie writes.
"A lot has been written about an altercation that happened between Lemmy and myself. There was a lot of tension between the two of us while we were doing the tour and at one point he and I got into a very heated argument.
"I had known Lemmy for a long time and the problems that him and I were having didn't make sense. Him and I used to hang out together in night clubs so the goings-on during the tour that caused the problems were strange, to say the least.
"A few months after the tour was over, I ran into him during the filming of a VH1 special. We talked for a while and discussed what the hell had just happened. Come to find out, somebody booking the tour had told me one thing, and Lemmy said another guy told him completely the opposite concerning how the tour would be run. It made a tour that should have been a lot of fun be filled with totally unnecessary tension.
"What happened was these people who booked the tour used both of us to get what they wanted.
"After [Lemmy] and I talked it out, I was REALLY angry at those people. I know I GOT USED!!!
"Him and I hugged each other and he gave me a call the next day.
"I'm happy to call him my friend.
"I wish I could go back and undo everything that happened during that tour!!!
"As a side note, we were both playing a festival a couple of months ago in Romania. It was unbelievably HOT that day!!! I went into [Lemmy's] dressing room after we finished our show and I told him, 'Lemmy, whatever you do, you gotta make sure before you go on stage that you're COMPLETELY hydrated or you'll pass out!' He holds up a glass full of Jack Daniels and Coke and says, 'I intend to stay COMPLETELY hydrated out there… as there are MANY, MANY ice cubes in this glass.' All I could do was hang my head and just laugh…. That's the Lemmy I know and love!!!
In a 2006 interview, Lemmy offered his version of events that led to MOTÖRHEAD's departure from the aforementioned W.A.S.P. tour. He said, "We went on the tour. It was supposed to be co-headlining, but he [Blackie] was actually closing the show, 'cause he made such a fucking mess of the place, right?! 'Cause he killed a fake pig with a fake sword and he cut pillows open and threw feathers all over the stage, so by the time he finished with it, it wasn't fit to piss in and I wasn't gonna play [on] it. So he closed the show every night.
"I just don't know what it is with Blackie. I've known him 20 years, you know, and he was walking the first five years right past us and onto the stage — not 'Hello,' nothing, not acknowledging [us]. And he's still got his cellulite, old ass hanging out of his chaps, and he's got this mic stand with handlebars — 'the Blackie Lawless complete workout.'
"At one gig, we had to share a dressing room — well, there was only one dressing room — so we said, 'OK, we'll go on and then we'll pack up real quick and get out and then you can use it.' And we came back off stage soaking wet to find all our clothes thrown into the hallway. So at that point we said 'Fuck you' and we walked off that tour.
"There was always two hours before… First band and us, there would be an hour and a half before they would go on, because he had this cheap crew that didn't know what they were doing."
The film adaptation of the hit Broadway musical "Rock Of Ages" — with an all-star cast including Tom Cruise, Alec Baldwin and Russell Brand — will be released on Blu-ray, DVD, and digital download on October 9.
The main extra with the Blu-ray set is the extended cut of the film, which will feature an extra 13 minutes of footage. There will also be a segment called "So It Started In A Bar" that discusses the creation of the stage musical that led to the film.
"Rock Of Ages" Blu-ray special features:
* "Legends of The Sunset Strip" - Rock stars DEF LEPPARD, POISON, WHITESNAKE, FOREIGNER, TWISTED SISTER, BON JOVI and many more relive the music and vibe of the extraordinary Sunset Strip.
* "Defining a Decade" - Julianne Hough, Diego Boneta, Russell Brand, Tom Cruise, Mary J. Blidge, Catherine Zeta-Jones, director Adam Shankman and others to show us inside the world of the late '80s!
* The '80s Look - a look at the flawlessly researched and spellbinding look of rock and roll in the '80s.
* It's All About The Moves - Adam Shankman and Mia Michaels show us the choreography and the moves.
* The Sunset Strip - Recreate the Hollywood sign and the Sunset Strip of the '80s.
* The Tease - How to hair. '80s style.
* Raising The Bar - A look at the historical significance of the real "Sunset Strip" clubs in the '80s and how they shaped the design of the "Bourbon Room" in the movie.
* Connection to the Music - the cast talk about their personal connection with the music of "Rock Of Ages".
* "So It Started In A Bar" - the story behind the creation of the five-time Tony-nominated, Broadway phenomenon "Rock Of Ages".
* "Any Way You Want It" – Music Featurette
"Rock Of Ages" earned an abysmal $15.1 million in its opening weekend this past June from 3,470 theaters for a per-screen average of $4,340. The film has only grossed $38.5 million domestically, according to Rotten Tomatoes, making it highly unlikely that it will match its reported $75 million production budget
Tom Cruise stars in "Rock Of Ages" as Stacee Jaxx, an aging musician whose glory days are long past. The movie is a love story told through the music of PAT BENATAR, BON JOVI, JOURNEY, POISON, TWISTED SISTER and other artists from the 1980s.
The soundtrack to the film adaptation of "Rock Of Ages", which features the cast — Tom Cruise, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Russell Brand and Julianne Hough — singing some of the greatest hits of the "hair-band" era, sold 18,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to land at opposition No. 15 on The Billboard 200 chart. The original cast production of the stage show peaked at No. 118 in 2009.
Swedish hard rockers THE POODLES will enter the studio in February 2013 to begin recording their fifth album for a tentative late spring release.
Commented the band: "It's been way too long, I know. [We] hope you've missed us as much as we miss you.
"By now you probably think we have all quit, retired, moved to a small house in the countryside and are sitting on the porch sipping iced tea in a rocking chair all day long, but that's not so. We've been keeping busy these last seven-eight months with all kinds of different stuff and we've enjoyed some well-earned time off as well!
"Last week we all got together again though, sat down, had a cold one and tried to figure out a plan for things to come. So, just to give you guys a quick update we have just started writing material for a new album and it's sounding awesome. Some really great stuff has been coming up already and there'll be plenty more before we're done, rest assured!"
MetalRecusants.com conducted an interview with bassist/vocalist Phil Rind of Arizona thrashers SACRED REICH at this year's Wacken Open Air festival, which took place August 2-4 in Wacken, Germany. You can now watch the chat below.
Asked why SACRED REICH hasn't made a new studio album after reuniting for sporadic live shows six years ago, Rind said, "Our lives are different now. I mean, it's funny… Our old drummer Dave's [McClain] in MACHINE HEAD and they're touring and doing great; they're very successful. And I said [to the other guys in SACRED REICH recently], I wouldn't even wanna [get back into a full recording and touring cycle]. I wouldn't wanna be gone from my family. I have four kids. As much as I like this, as much as I appreciate the fans, what's important — the family or playing live music? I mean, really?! What's important — being a dad to my kids? My kids need their dad more than the fans need a new SACRED REICH record. And that's really the bottom line. It's a choice. We have a choice to make. What do you wanna do? You have kids now. What are you gonna do — blow it off or are you gonna be their dad? The world will be a better place if I'm [my kids'] dad."
SACRED REICH launched its 25th-anniversary European tour in June.
The remastered edition of SACRED REICH's classic 1992 album "Independent" was released as a digipack and jewelbox on March 15, 2010 via Displeased Records. The first 2,500 copies contain a free SACRED REICH patch.
Displeased Records' reissue of SACRED REICH's classic album "The American Way" came out in February 2009. With upgraded layout, to-the-point remastering plus unreleased pre-production demo bonus tracks and a video clip, this new and improved CD reissue is an essential addition to every thrash metal collection.
"The American Way" was made available in a limited digipak version and standard jewel case version. The first 2,500 copies came with a free logo patch.
Kamelot France recently conducted an interview with KAMELOT guitarist Thomas Youngblood. A few excerpts from the chat follow below.
Kamelot France: Fans' reaction to "Sacrimony", the new song you played [on the recent European tur], was also great! Was this choice kind of obvious or were there other "big candidates?"
Youngblood: We have a lot of strong songs on the album, but this one was the first one that we wanted to play. Ironically, it was one the last song we wrote the music for. I remember sitting with [KAMELOT keyboardist] Oliver [Palotai] in Stuttgart and I had to leave the next day for Florida. I said, "Let's make one more song, something fast and uptempo." That was the genesis for "Sacrimony". Later, [new KAMELOT singer] Tommy [Karevik] laid down a killer vocal melody and it was pretty much like on the demo. Later, we invited Elize Ryd [AMARANTHE singer and KAMELOT touring backing vocalist] to sing on that song.
Kamelot France: [Longtime KAMELOT producer] Sascha Paeth told us that [the new KAMELOT album] "Silverthorn" [is] probably the best KAMELOT album so far, in his opinion. Do you agree with that and what can you say about the production work?
Youngblood: I cannot say this, but it's definitely top 3, maybe the best ever. I don't want to say the typical band response that it's our best ever. Sascha, of course, has been with us for 10 years and hearing him say this is awesome.
Kamelot France: KAMELOT fans' reaction to the announcement of Tommy Karevik as the new singer has been unanimously good. Did you expect so much support?
Youngblood: After hearing the test version of "Song For Jolee" [the first new song written with Tommy], we kinda got a feeling most of fans would support the eventual decision to go with Tommy Karevik. He is engaging on stage, amazing with melodies and his range is phenomenal. I can't wait for the fans to meet him on the upcoming tours. He also respects the past of KAMELOT and gives the older songs the justice they deserve.
Kamelot France: Last January, you revealed that six or seven songs were already co-written with Oliver. When, and how, did Tommy step into the process?
Youngblood: Around February, we started sending him ideas for songs. "Song For Jolee" was the first one, then "Solitaire", and so on. He worked closely with Sascha in Wolfsburg on the vocals and lyrics.
Kamelot France: How much has he been involved in lyrics?
Youngblood: For the most part, he did all the lyrics, along with Sascha. I did some lyrics and we all worked together on the concept and storyline.
Kamelot France: Did you change ur way of working for this album — for yourself, and with the rest of the team?
Youngblood: Not at all. We approached the songs the same as always. This was important to maintain the KAMELOT sound, at least on the music side. We chose a singer that fits into the KAMELOT picture instead of picking someone that would require changing tunings, etc. Of course, Tommy adds his unique style to the base of this equation, making a perfect transition to the next generation of KAMELOT.
Kamelot France: Can you reveal a few things about the upcoming "Sacrimony" video? We already know that it's gonna feature Alissa White-Gluz [THE AGONIST]... Any other guests? Is it gonna be same production team than the other videos?
Youngblood: We returned to Serbia and working with the crazy and amazing director Ivan Colic. I had been discussing ideas with Stacca, the studio producer, about ideas and making a video that will be killer. They also did [previous KAMELOT videos] "Ghost Opera", "Rule The World", "Love You To Death" and "Human Stain". Alissa is featured in the video as well as Elize Ryd.
Kamelot France: Can you tell us a bit more about the original concept and story of the album?
Youngblood: The limited box set has a book that outlines the story, its based in the 19th Century and deals with an affluent family that deals with tragic events that leads to coverups, secrets and betrayal. The fans need to dig into the story once they have the album.
Kamelot France: The album artwork for "Silverthorn" looks amazing. Where did the style and elements come from and are they related to the story?
Youngblood: The cover is Jolee, the main character in the story. This is her as an adult, she is the angel of afterlife. Heile did an amazing job on the cover and the booklet is full of great images.
SUBSIGNAL, the German band featuring former SIEGES EVEN members Arno Menses (vocals) and Markus Steffen (guitar), will release a concert DVD, "Out There Must Be Something - Live in Mannheim 2012", in November. Steffen states, "The DVD will feature the full show we played back in April in Mannheim, Germany, in a very small venue, filmed with six cameras. Actually, this is the place where the first SUBSIGNAL show back in 2009 took place."
He adds, "Don't expect explosions, fire and naked women on stage, but a DVD with 140 minutes of pure SUBSIGNAL music and a great audience."
SUBSIGNAL recently parted ways with drummer Roel van Helden and replaced him with Danilo Batdorf (DREAMSCAPE). According to the band, Danilo already successfully played the last leg of SUBSIGNAL's European tour in April/May.
SUBSIGNAL is currently working on material for the follow-up to last year's "Touchstones" for a 2013 release. Songtitles set to apper on the CD include "A Giant Leap Of Faith" and "The Stillness Beneath The Snow".
"Touchstones" was released in September 2011 via ZYX Music. The vinyl version came with two bonus live tracks, "Where Angels Fear To Tread" and "Paradigm".
SUBSIGNAL describes its music as "progressive, melancholic, cutting edge, emotional, blended with a good portion of melodic heaviness."
For more information, visit www.subsignalband.com.
THE POODLES' fourth album, "Performocracy", entered the official chart in Sweden at position No. 1. Released on April 15, 2011 in Europe (May 5, 2011 in North America) via Frontiers Records, the CD was again produced by Mats Valentin, but this time Tobias Lindell (EUROPE, MUSTASCH) mixed the 12 outstanding tracks that make up the effort.
Former VIRGIN STEELE guitarist and current BURNING STARR mainman Jack Starr will guest on the upcoming album from Sydney, Australia-based "epic, aggressive" metallers DRAGONSCLAW. The guitar solo for the track featuring Jack, which is a tribute to late RIOT guitarist Mark Reale, were recorded at Kenny "Rhino" Earl's (ex-MANOWAR) studio.
DRAGONSCLAW's debut album, "Prophecy", was released in January via Arkeyn Steel Records. The CD features guest appearances by Blaze Bayley (IRON MAIDEN, WOLFSBANE) and Alessandro Del Vecchio (EDGE OF FOREVER, EDEN'S CURSE).
The band's lineup is as follows:
Ben Thomas - Guitar
Giles Lavery - Vocals
Ray Martens - Keyboards
Aaron Thomas - Bass, Orchestration
Alcides "Seed" Stowe – Drums
"Unsung Heroes", the fifth album from Finnish folk metallers ENSIFERUM, has entered the official chart in the band's home country at position No. 3. Released on August 27 via Spinefarm, the CD was produced by Hiili Hiilesmaa (HIM, SENTENCED) at Petrax studio (CHILDREN OF BODOM, NIGHTWISH) in Hollola, Finland and other locations in the Hämeenlinna area. According to a press release, the hour-plus follow-up to 2009's "From Afar" "sees the Finnish five-piece — founded in 1995 — pushing their signature sound to bold new heights of drama and excess. A cinematic experience from first note to last, 'Unsung Heroes' takes the listener on a journey of genuine light and shade, with the 16 minute-plus 'Passion Proof Power' showing that when it comes to the epic statement, ENSIFERUM are very much in the front-line, swords at the ready."
Commented the band: "We've tried to push the different aspects of what we do as far as we can; the sonic scope is wider than ever. The folk elements go further down that path and the metallic parts will absolutely rip your face off!"
Once again, album art (see below) has been supplied by Kristian Wåhlin, with featured special guests including members of APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER and legendary Finnish singer and actor Vesa-Matti Loiri.
"Unsung Heroes" track listing:
01. Symbols
02. In My Sword I Trust
03. Unsung Heroes
04. Burning Leaves
05. Celestial Bond
06. Retribution Shall Be Mine
07. Star Queen (Celestial Bond Part II)
08. Pohjola
09. Last Breath
10. Passion Proof Power
Having announced a full U.K. tour — which includes a residency at London's Barfly – back in May, Finnish "merry metallers" RECKLESS LOVE have confirmed the release of a new eight-song mini-album ahead of the dates for October 1 via Spinefarm Records.
Commented RECKLESS LOVE frontman Olli Herman: "We are all so excited about this release. As old-school '80s metal fans, we wanted to put together something we were dying to get from our own idols, in the fashion of GUNS N' ROSES' 'Lies' (which was like a gift from heaven for us as kids); a sort of bonus item designed to reveal more of the whole band and its foundations. So, instead of just releasing 'Born To Break Your Heart' as a straight single, we've thrown in some kick-ass live tracks, plus a couple of bad-ass acoustic cuts and more, to give a special treat to our fans. To top it all off, we've got a great new mix of the title track by the legendary Tim Palmer himself."
The full track listing is as follows:
01. Born To Break Your Heart (Tim Palmer mix)
02. Beautiful Bomb (live)
03. On The Radio (live)
04. Hot (live)
05. Push (outtake from "Animal Attraction")
06. Animal Attraction (unplugged)
07. The Boys Are Back In Town (unplugged)
08. One More Time (unplugged)
Regarding the upcoming U.K. tour, Herman said, "We've also put together a healthy run of nationwide dates to back the whole thing up. So, this October we'll be embarking on a tour that throws us straight back into the spirit of our '80's Sunset Strip idols, by coming back every Thursday to the Barfly in Camden Town, North London — four London headline shows in a month! We're gonna make every night a special event. You'd better be there to witness it all — they'll be talking about this outing for some time to come!"
Main support for the tour comes in the form of U.K. rockers MALLORY KNOX, who will perform at all shows except the London Barfly dates on October 4, October 18 and October 25; other guests acts will be added to fill these slots.
German metallers FAREWELL TO ARMS will release their debut album, "Perceptions", on November 23 via Massacre Records. The CD was recorded at Weltraumstudios in Munich with producer Corni Bartels (HACKNEYED, END OF GREEN) and features guest vocals from THE SORROW's guitarist/vocalist Mathias "Mätze" Schlegel.
Manuel Lotter - Drums
Dominik Martin - Vocals
Johannes Denk - Guitar
Gordian Golder - Guitar
Roland Gallus – Bass
HATRIOT, the new San Francisco Bay Area thrash metal band led by former EXODUS frontman Steve "Zetro" Souza, has completed recording its debut album, "Heroes Of Origin", for a January 2013 release via Germany's Massacre Records. The CD was recorded with producer Juan Urteaga (MACHINE HEAD, EXODUS, TESTAMENT) and features guest appearances BY TESTAMENT 's Chuck Billy and MACHINE HEAD 's Phil Demmel . The cover artwork is being created by Mark Devito, who has previously worked with MOTÖRHEAD and ANVIL CHORUS, among others.
Souza previously stated about HATRIOT's label home: "HATRIOT is very excited and extremely proud to announce that we have signed with one of the premiere metal labels in existence today, Germany's Massacre Records, who join us to fulfill our goal of world domination and relentless touring, to bring our fans the heaviest Bay Area thrash music of the modern era! Thank you all for the support that has made this dream of ours come alive!"
HATRIOT's new drummer is none other than Steve's 18-year-old son, Nicholas Souza. Nicholas auditioned for the band after the recent departure of Alex Bent and "proved himself to be the best choice," according to Steve.
HATRIOT's lineup also includes Zetro's 21-year-old son Cody, who got his first bass as a present from his father after Zetro bought it off current EXODUS bassist Jack Gibson. "I told him," Zetro said in a recent interview with Metalholic.com, "'You have to try out [for the bassist position in HATRIOT if you want to be in the band]. There's no nepotism here, boy. If you can hang, you're on.' So he actually tried out, and he got the gig."
Regarding HATRIOT's musical direction, Zetro said, "It's in the vein of typical Bay Area thrash, but these guys are a lot younger, so there's gonna be some blast-beats in there. There's gonna be some kind of death [metal] approach to it, a little bit. 'Cause these guys are new. They're raw, and they're fast, young, heavy, hard and aggressive, and I'm trying to convey that along as well."
He added, "These new kids seem to understand what we did in the '80s, but still bring a little bit of a new essence to it. We put that together with what I write vocally and it's turned out to be really, really killer. It's good stuff."
Asked why he thinks thrash metal has enjoyed something of a revival in more recent years, Zetro told Über Röck, "You know, I get asked this a lot, and I think it is because the first wave of thrash came and went so fast. I mean, it started in the mid-'80s and was gone by 1991 or so. The older bands still have something to say, and I feel that's why they are still able to put out great music so many years later. Now the fans that were young kids back then have bands of their own, so these new bands are naturally influenced by the old sound and it has come full circle. Of course, with technology and things like they are today, it is a totally different ballgame when it comes to marketing the music. I don't know that there will ever be another band as big as the 'Big Four' or anything, because the business structure just isn't there anymore, but it is really cool to see these new bands carrying the torch of what we helped invent back in the old scene."
HATRIOT's "Blood Stained Wings" video can be seen below.
Steve "Zetro" Souza - Vocals
Kosta Varvatakis - Guitar
Miguel Esparza - Guitar
Nicholas Souza - Drums
Cody Souza – Bass
Tommy Lindal, one of the founders of the Norwegian band THEATRE OF TRAGEDY, is leaving the music scene after a 16-year struggle.
In 1996, Tommy suffered a stroke in Germany while recording THEATRE OF TRAGEDY's "Velvet Darkness They Fear" and "A Rose For The Dead" albums and has since tried to fight his way back, but his physical limitations have prevented him from doing so.
Commented Tommy: "It has taken me more than 16 years to finally realize and more important to me personally, to admit that the day back in the studio of 1996, did change my life as a musician forever. That is how deep my passion for my guitar and the love for making music was to me that I have been fighting all this time. Since that day, I have been trying to find my way back to where it all started, so I could be able to 'continue' my walk on the path I was so lucky to have found.
"It has been a difficult journey, both personally and professionally, where I have met many new people and have got many different experiences. It is with a very heavy heart and tears in my eyes, that I have to admit that the path got more and more distant all along, and now has faded away. My battle is over.
"There are different reasons for my decision to call it off, but the accident 16 years ago still make it impossible for me to continue. As a side-effect from my stroke, it has made my left arm lose its precision, [caused] short-term memory loss and my balance is low. I cannot make any fast movements with my arm, and that is very limiting for my ability to play as I want to. I have tried it all, therapy, training, even acupuncture, but nothing helps. The last few years I have tried to play my way around it, but I am not satisfied with the result of my own work.
"Even though, I do acknowledge how lucky I was to be a part of the gothic/doom metal scene for some years, and maybe I was one of those responsible for setting some new standards in the genre. I was so fortunate that the work got spread out all over the world and it really does move me when people say that it has made a big impact on their life.
"Over the recent years , my interest in music has minimized. I guess it was making me realize my closure nearing. I do not listen daily to music anymore, I hardly play my guitar at all, I don't even make the effort to listen for my favorite bands' new releases. I still love to watch concerts, but it is in a different way than before. Today, I go to the shows to have a great time, meet friends, enjoy the show, and to not get inspiration, look at techniques and think like a musician. Yes, there is a difference in an artist and fan, I think. As an artist, we do hear the music differently, so today I feel more closer to a fan rather than an artist. I guess that I am tired. Burned out…
"Also I think that most of today's music is so artificial, surgically precisioned, and full of electronics. I don't see the true soul of music. Well, it sounds cool, it rocks, but that is my own opinion.
"I remember when I recorded my parts for 'Theatre Of Tragedy' and 'Velvet Darkness They Fear', it was all made of feelings. We were just the guys with the drums and the guitars making our music in the rehearsal room, without machines and blinking lights. We used a keyboard, but mostly for piano and some weird sounds. We made the music according to our true feelings, and loved it because we thought it sounded brilliant. It all started when we did not care if anyone would like it or not.
"Please do not get me wrong, I have had a lot of beautiful moments and there is hundreds of brilliant bands out there. My love for music as art will never die, nor the flame burning inside me. I will always fall in love with music, only this time it will be like a fan.
"I also want to tell all you who did believe in me, who understood my message, my way of playing, I am forever grateful for all your support. Thank you.
"This took me 16 years of blood sweat and tears to realize, but it feels good to finally admit. I did my best.
"You have just read my closure…"
REVAMP, the band led by former AFTER FOREVER vocalist Floor Jansen, will enter the studio in December to begin recording its sophomore album for a tentative March/April 2013 release.
A new one-and-a-half-minute video update from Jansen regarding the progress of the songwriting sessions for the upcoming CD can be seen below.
REVAMP returned to the live stage in January at Metropool in Hengelo, The Netherlands as the support act for EPICA.
Video footage of REVAMP performing a brand new song, entitled "Sins", during the concert can be seen below.
Jansen performed at Carioca Club in São Paulo, Brazil in November 2011 as a special guest of MAYAN, the band featuring EPICA/ex-AFTER FOREVER guitarist/songwriter Mark Jansen alongside Jack Driessen (ex-AFTER FOREVER) and Frank Schiphorst. This marked his first live appearance since her burn-out last year, which forced her to put on hold all concert activities.
REVAMP's self-titled debut album was released in Europe on May 28, 2010 via Nuclear Blast Records.
According to Ahram Online, a lawyer for the Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) filed a complaint Saturday to Egypt's interior ministry against El-Sawy Culture Wheel, the prominent cultural centre in Cairo's upscale Zamalek district, accusing it of hosting "Satanist" rock bands and events. The suit says an August 31 concert at the center was attended by people wearing t-shirts adorned with what the lawyer, Ismail El-Weshahy, described as satanic shapes and symbols. El-Weshahy said that one of his two clients, both of whom are members of an independent anti-corruption NGO called 'We're Watching You," had also filmed a group of people who he said were performing satanic rituals in the center.
In response, the Culture Wheel issued a statement in which it denied claims by El-Weshahy and his clients.
"In our ten years of activity, the Culture Wheel has not hosted any kind of practice that could be called Satanic," the statement said.
Wael Osama, a founding member of the Egyptian heavy metal band ENRAGED, defended the musicians from El-Weshahy's allegations.
"El-Weshahy made grave legal accusations against the metal bands. We should be concerned about the reactions of the public. After all, we recently saw what happened to the young man who was walking with his fiancé in Suez and was killed by radical Islamists," Osama told Ahram Online.
"I tried to use the media available to me to explain the metal subculture to the people of Egypt," he added. "I feel sympathy for this lawyer, since he may not be familiar with the metal subculture, and therefore may find it strange to see young people headbanging and wearing black."
In 1997, Egyptian police arrested some 100 heavy metal fans, including several who were jailed for weeks, over accusations they belonged to a Satanic cult aimed at spreading drugs and sexual freedom.
According to ListinDiario.com, the drummer for the heavy metal band EXSANGUINATION THRONE was murdered this past weekend in the Dominican Republic in a case of mistaken identity.
23-year-old José Carlos Hernández, who performed under the name Asmodeo Nefastdrum Shiva, was stabbed more than 27 times early Sunday by a group of men outside the Gustavo Live Pub in Santo Domingo.
Three men between the ages of 24 and 28 — Josaías Benjamín Mota Lorenzo, Máximo Dalvin Almánzar Guerra and Miguel Ángel Bautista Mota — were arrested in connection with the attack.
One of the suspects — who was caught with the 10-inch knife used in the killing — told police that he and the other men mistakenly thought Hernández raped a woman they knew a month ago, police spokesman Diego Pesqueira said.
José Carlos Hernández was the son of the late musician Jochy Hernández and reporter María del Carmen Hernández, who was a presenter on the program "Despierta América" on Univision.
Dutch female-fronted black-death metal band EDGE OF SERENITY will release a new single, "The Royal Hunt", later in the year. The effort marks the recording debut of the group's new vocalist Nanette V. and includes a guest appearance by Swedish drummer Adrian Erlandsson (PARADISE LOST, AT THE GATES, NEMHAIN, VALLENFYRE, ex-CRADLE OF FILTH).
EDGE OF SERENITY decided at the end of last year to continue as a female-fronted metal band with a darker and sinister sound. Founding member Wietze Halma states, "As I always say, writing music is like living your life — it changes once in a while, and so at this moment, I just have the feeling of writing more darker songs than I did before. And I think with this sound I have found, we will continue, as it's not as friendly as the tracks on our debut album, 'The Chaos Theory', it gives me a more satisfying feeling overall."
EDGE OF SERENITY has finished several new tracks for an upcoming release, which will contain more special guest appearances.
The band's debut album, "The Chaos Theory", came out in May 2009 through Romulus X Records.

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