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John Lennon autograph letter advocates meditation to fan

The letter was written by Lennon on his visit with the Beatles to Rishikesh, India, where they were enrolled on an advanced transcendental meditation training session at the ashram of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. He writes in response to a mysterious request from a fan:

"Dear Mr. Bulla, Thanks for your letter. If every request like yours was granted - there would be no 'huge treasure' as you call it. You say 'peace of mind minus all other things on earth is equal to nothing' - this doesn't make sense. To have peace of mind one would have to have all that one desires - otherwise where is the peace of mind? Even a 'poor' clerk can travel the world - as many people do - including friends of mine some of whom are at this academy now, all equals 'poor'. All you need is initiative - If you don't have this I suggest you try transcendental meditation through which all things are possible. With love, John Lennon / jai garden.''
Written on headed paper from the Spiritual Regeneration Movement Foundation of India, the letter provides a fascinating insight into one of the most transitional eras of The Beatles' history. It was during this period that they wrote over 30 of their most experimental songs, many of which featured on the White Album and Abbey Road.



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