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An audio snippet of the song "Good Times, Bad Times" from the forthcoming double-CD / double-DVD release of LED ZEPPELIN's 2007 reunion show in London can be streamed in the YouTube clip below. The set is tentatively due in late November.

On Saturday (September 8), the band started a five-day countdown on its Facebook page, leading some fans to believe that an official announcement is coming on Wednesday (September 12).

With the entire rock world going insane with "ZEPPELIN" fever in the weeks and months following the reunion show, Robert Plant — who was the lone hold-out on any future ZEPPELIN gigs — was asked how he stayed calm with all the excitement centered around the band. "Well, I don't think anybody actually asked that question, to be perfectly frank — apart from the media. So, here I am, just doing what I do," he said.

Jason Bonham, the son of late ZEPPELIN drummer John Bonham, who was behind the kit for the performance at London's O2 Arena, told The Pulse Of Radio he's eager to own some sort of document of the event. "I know it probably was recorded. I mean, there was cameras there and everything, but I'm not too sure of what the process is there," he said. "Me, personally, I'd love to get a, y'know, a version of it that I could — you know, stay with me forever. It'll be there forever in my mind, but to get a chance to watch it back is sometimes only when you realize what you've done."

Back in 2008, Jimmy Page spoke about the O2 gig to Uncut, saying, "It was recorded, but we didn't go in with the express purpose of making a DVD to come out at Christmas, or whatever. We haven't seen the images or investigated the multi-tracks. It's feasible that it might come out at some distant point, but it'll be a massive job to embark on."

LED ZEPPELIN's set list on December 10, 2007 at London's O2 Arena:

01. Good Times, Bad Times
02. Ramble On
03. Black Dog
04. In My Time Of Dying
05. For Your Life (live debut)
06. Trampled Underfoot
07. Nobody's Fault But Mine
08. No Quarter
09. Since I've Been Lovin' You
10. Dazed And Confused
11 Stairway To Heaven
12. The Song Remains the Same
13. Misty Mountain Hop
14. Kashmir


15. Whole Lotta Love
16. Rock And Roll
Crown has set an October 23 release date for "Light & Shade: Conversations With Jimmy Page", by Guitar World's Brad Tolinski.

An excerpt from the book can be found exclusively on CBS Local.

Jimmy Page was the leader, mastermind, guitarist and producer of LED ZEPPELIN, described by Rolling Stone magazine as "the biggest band of the Seventies" and "unquestionably one of the most enduring bands in rock history." While there is no shortage of written material out there on LED ZEPPELIN's legacy, no member has written their own memoir and rarely have they cooperated with the press or a biographer — certainly never Page. For the most part, their exploits are merely the stuff of legend. On the rare occasions that Page has opened his doors to journalists, he has done so with caution.

Over the last twenty years, Brad Tolinski, editorial director of Guitar World, Revolver and Guitar Aficionado magazines, has interviewed Page more than any other journalist in the world and by asking incisive questions, he's been able to gain the trust of this greatly misunderstood artist. Sifting through over fifty hours of conversations that touch on everything from the 1960s music scene and his early years as England's top session guitarist working with artists like THE WHO, THE KINKS, and Eric Clapton, to his wild years in LED ZEPPELIN, and post-ZEP projects, "Light & Shade" will provide readers with the most complete picture of the media-shy guitarist ever published.

Says Slash (VELVET REVOLVER, GUNS N' ROSES): "This is the most comprehensive and compelling collection of interviews, insights and historical anecdotes of one of rock and roll's premier guitarists, songwriters and producers ever compiled. A fascinating must-have for Jimmy Page fans like myself."

Added Kirk Hammett (METALLICA): "'Light & Shade' illuminates the haunted genius of Jimmy Page in an original and completely satisfying way. The conversational dynamic between the author and the subject reveals a wealth of info about the man, the music, and the magick."

Said Billy Gibbons (ZZ TOP): "Jimmy Page... the one and only! From mild to wild, Jimmy sez it all. This fine work will rock you!"

Following are quotes from Jimmy Page as told to Brad Tolinski in various interviews over the years.

"I really don't like showing people how I play things; it's a little embarrassing because it always looks so simple to me." - Jimmy Page, as told to Brad Tolinski, Greg Di Benedetto and Andy Aledort in the December 1993 edition of Guitar World.

"I can't speak for others, but for me drugs were an integral part of the whole thing, right from the beginning, right to the end. And part of the condition of drug taking is that you start thinking you're invincible. I'll tell you something that is absolutely crazy. I remember one night climbing out of a nine-story window in New York and sitting on one of those air conditioning units, looking over the city. I was just out on my own and I thought that it might be an interesting thing to do. It was totally reckless behavior. I mean, it's great that I'm still here to have a laugh about it, but it was totally irresponsible. I could have died and left a lot of people I loved. I've seen so many casualties." - Jimmy Page, as told to Brad Tolinski in the July 2003 edition of Guitar World.

"We were never a band that did 96 takes of the same thing. I had heard of groups that were into that kind of excess around that time. They'd work on the same track for three or four days and then work on it some more, but that's clearly not the way to record an album. If the track isn't happening and it creates some sort of psychological barrier, even after an hour or two, then you should stop and do something else. Go out: go to the pub, or a restaurant or something. Or play another song." - Jimmy Page, as told to Brad Tolinski and Greg Di Benedetto in the January 2002 edition of Guitar World.

"[We] did record a lot of shows, but many of the board tapes were stolen from me many years ago. They were sort of 'relieved' from my house in the early Eighties when I wasn't there. All of that stuff, along with the recordings of our rehearsals, were stolen and surfaced as bootlegs, which is a drag." - Jimmy Page, as told to Brad Tolinski in the July 2003 edition of Guitar World.
British heavy metal legends JUDAS PRIEST are contemplating legal action against Gap over a t-shirt design sold by the American clothing and accessories retailer that bears more than a passing resemblance to the cover artwork of the classic PRIEST album "Screaming For Vengeance".

The Gap design, which has since been removed from the company's web site, and the "Screaming For Vengeance" t-shirt can be seen below in a side-by-side comparison.

Speaking to The Quietus, JUDAS PRIEST singer Rob Halford said, "Well, it's very naughty of [Gap]. They shouldn't have done that and we're investigating that right now because that's intellectual-property rights. We were never asked [for permission for the image to be used by Gap], [and] neither was our label. Having said that, pushing the legal side of it to one side, it's brilliant, isn't it? To think that something 30-odd years later is still striking enough to be a fashion moment — it's a bit like when the vodka people [Absolut Vodka] did the 'British Steel' label."

He added, "The thing is with artwork is that I don't think that you can underestimate its power. Like, you'll see somebody walking down the street with a CANNIBAL CORPSE T-shirt on, if you say to them: 'Oh, I love that band,' they'll go, 'What band?' And if you say: 'The T-shirt,' they'll probably say, 'Oh, I just like it!' And I think that's great, because again you're making a visual, emotional connection with people; that's what 'Screaming For Vengeance' is doing all these years later."

JUDAS PRIEST's eighth studio album, "Screaming For Vengeance", was released as a special 30th-anniversary edition on September 4 (one day earlier internationally) via Sony Music. The set contains not only the remastered original album plus bonus tracks, but also a live DVD from the 1983 US Festival show, filmed in San Bernadino, California on May 29, 1983.
Josh Hart of Guitar World recently conducted an interview with JUDAS PRIEST singer Rob Halford. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

Guitar World: When you were writing "You've Got Another Thing Comin'", was there ever an inkling that this would be a song you would be playing 30 years later?

Halford: No, we had no idea. I think that's why we buried it. When we were putting the track listing together, we knew we loved the song. We loved that grove. Even now, when it comes on — it popped into a Honda commercial last night while I was eating dinner. [laughs] I knew that our management had put that together for us, but the guy's driving off into the sunset and the beginning of the song is playing, and it's just got that amazing rhythm that jumps into your system right away. But at the time, we thought it was a good track, but we didn't think it was that valid where we were going to stick it in the first three or four tracks of the release, which is what bands do even now. Your label will ask you to put the radio tracks at the front end, and, of course, on "Screaming For Vengeance" it was track eight. So we didn't think it was anything special, we just thought it was a good tune.

Guitar World: Since "Nostradamus", you've obviously had a new addition to the band in [guitarist] Richie Faulkner. How has it been writing with him so far?

Halford: Really, really strong. Exciting. He's riffing and saying, "Robby, I'm thinking of this and this and this." It's really exciting to have that kind of energy, because you feed off of it. It'll be great after having this two-month break from not seeing each other to reconvene in the studio in England and just sit in a room and go, "OK, what've you got?" I know Richie's got a lot to share with us. He went through the ritual on this tour, did great work on stage, the fans embraced him, so it's now time to see what we're capable of, the writing trio of Glenn [Tipton, guitar] and Richie and myself. We've already got a lot of stuff in the flash drives, stuff that basically Glenn and myself put together while K.K. [Downing, guitar] was mulling over whether he was going to stay or go. So before we launched the tour with Richie, we had a lot of material, and the bulk of it is very, very strong.

Guitar World: Has technology changed your songwriting process at all?

Halford: It's dangerous to walk around with a flash drive on a bunch of keys. [laughs] To a great extent, it doesn't really change. The technology is amazing in terms of the advantages it brings to music now, some of it good, some of it very bad. It's all about discipline and self-belief, determination, wanting to do the best you can do and not accepting anything that's below par. We've always had that attitude in PRIEST. We've always felt really strongly about any track that goes out for our fans. We're still doing it like we always have: firing up the riffs and finding a vocal melody to go with it, me going into me wonderful world of the Roget's Thesaurus and trying to come up with a new lyric and a new idea. And that's what we've been doing for four decades.
Congratulations are in order for Wendy Dio (pictured below), the widow of legendary heavy metal singer Ronnie James Dio (DIO, BLACK SABBATH, RAINBOW, HEAVEN & HELL), who married her boyfriend of the past two decades, Omar Gimenez, this past Sunday, September 9 in a private ceremony among family and friends in Montecito, California.

Étoile Weddings, whick took care of the planning for the event, tweeted a photo that was taken immediately after the wedding.

In a May 2011 interview with Brazil's Roadie Crew magazine, Wendy was asked about accusations that she was cashing in on Ronnie's death by continuing to release new product and merchandise from her ex-husband in the months following his death. "I feel very, very, very sad," she replied. "It's very hurtful, but I know what I'm doing for the fans. I know what Ronnie and I had together, so, you know, it's a shame that people say things like that, but people do always say things like that. I'm sorry for them. Most of the fans are fantastic; [they are] wonderful fans that loved Ronnie so much and who know that I wouldn't do anything to hurt Ronnie's reputation. We've always fundraised. Ronnie and I always fundraised. For animals, for children, for everything. It's only right that I continue in Ronnie's aim to do that."

Asked whether she believed that those accusations were rooted in the fact that she and Ronnie were not involved as a couple for many years prior to his passing, Wendy said, "Maybe. But in any relationships there are ups and downs. You part, and you go back. Then you part and you go back. Ronnie and I married in 1974. It's a long time to be together with somebody who is a musician. Sometimes there are ramblings of people who don't really know you, who don't really know what's going on… These people always say things."
Wendy Dio (pictured below), the widow of legendary heavy metal singer Ronnie James Dio (DIO, BLACK SABBATH, RAINBOW, HEAVEN & HELL), married her boyfriend of the past two decades, Omar Gimenez, this past Sunday, September 9 in a private ceremony among family and friends in Montecito, California.

Wendy's good friend and maid of honor Gloria Butler — who is also the wife and manager of BLACK SABBATH bassist Geezer Butler — stated about the event: "I couldn't imagine, at my age, being part of a wedding party… never mind learning how to be a maid of honor. Well, not only did I manage to survive the entire ordeal… I thoroughly enjoyed being part of a truly wonderful event. In my next life; I'll surely be weddingologist. This is a new field that I've either invented or perfected… that being a wedding planner and psychologist all in one!

"The wedding was in Santa Barbara.

"I had been to one other wedding, not only in the same city, but the same venue. What a difference…. This one was full of beauty and love and happiness. The other was full of eggshells (that most of us walked on the entire evening), judgement, and dread.

"Being somebody that can't publicly speak terribly well and somebody that hates to read out loud, I managed to give a speech that was written only four hours prior to the wedding. According to my audience, I pulled it off really nicely and even got a good laugh (thank goodness — that was the intent).

"I wish Wendy and Omar a lifetime of love and happiness… The same love and happiness they showed their guests that night."

Gloria Butler and Wendy Dio are the chairman of the board and president/co-founder, respectively, of the the Ronnie James Dio Stand Up And Shout Cancer Fund, a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable fund formed in honor of Ronnie James Dio, who lost his life to stomach cancer on May 16, 2010.
METALLICA guitarist Kirk Hammett recently spoke to the San Francisco Chronicle about his upcoming book titled "Too Much Horror Business - The Kirk Hammett Collection". Due in October via Abrams Images, the book documents Kirk's love of all things horror and the legendary collection of horror memorabilia he has amassed over the years.

"Too Much Horror Business" is a stunning 228-page, hardback, large-format coffee-table book featuring well over 300 full-color images from Kirk's private collection and exclusive set photography by Mark Leialoha and Joe Gibbs. There are three extensive conversations with writer Steffan Chirazi covering the importance of collecting in Hammett's life from childhood, plus written captions by Kirk for many of the items displayed in the book.

"I've been into [horror] stuff since I was 5 years old," Kirk said. "You could say I started as a collector back then. But at one point, when I was 14, I discovered music, and for a long time it took over my life."

"My love for this stuff is insane and totally obsessive-compulsive," Hammett added. "It's just one of those things. I'm still waiting to outgrow it or get tired of it or get bored with it. But it does not seem to happen."

"When I see my kids totally into their Legos, it brings me back to the days I was hanging out and playing with my monster models," he said. "It brings me there in a second."

With the blessing of his second wife, Lani, whom he married in 1998, Kirk has slowly been introducing the kids to the creature features of his youth.

"The other day [my kids and I] watched 'Bride Of Frankenstein', and they loved it," he said.

During a recent viewing of "Ghostbusters", Hammett said, "I said to the younger one, 'This is a little scary, but I'll be sitting right next to you.' And he goes, 'You don't have to do that, Dad. I'm tough.' "
According to HITS' industry insider I.B. Bad, reformed grunge legends SOUNDGARDEN is in the process of signing with Universal Music Group in a worldwide deal put together by Max Hole, chief operating officer of UMGI (international division of Universal Music Group), and Lucian Grainge, UMG's chairman and chief executive officer. In the U.S., the first album under the agreement will be on former Warner Bros. Records Chairman/CEO Tom Whalley's Seven Four Ent. imprint through Universal Republic Records.

Although a release date for SOUNDGARDEN's sixth full-length studio album and first in 16 years, "King Animal", has not been officially confirmed, Rolling Stone recently reported it as November 13.

The band launched a web site and teaser video for the disc, which includes an excerpt from a song called "Worse Dreams". Aside from the track "Live To Rise", which appeared on the soundtrack to "The Avengers", this is the first new music heard from the band since 1996's "Down On The Upside" album.

Drummer Matt Cameron told The Pulse Of Radio it wasn't long after the band reunited in 2010 that they realized they wanted to make a new album. "When we got together in a room to rehearse for some shows and write some new music, we felt re-energized and we felt like we still had something to say musically," he said. "Who knows if we'll have the same type of impact, but I think what's super-important for us is that we really like playing this type of music together, and we know that we still have a core fan base out there that is excited to hear what we have to offer."

Guitarist Kim Thayil told Rolling Stone that the new record "re-establishes that we still rock, we're still heavy, and we're still a little weird."
Geoff Tate, the legendary QUEENSRŸCHE frontman and one of the most acclaimed vocalists in the history of hard rock and heavy metal, will release his second solo album, "Kings & Thieves", on November 6 via InsideOut Music.

"My goal with this record was to make a solid rock album," says Tate. "I wanted it to be an album that I could play live that would be both satisfying and fun, because, as a singer, you need to create a show that has a lot of dynamics to it and takes people on a ride."

Tate previously told AnthologySD.com about the musical direction of his forthcoming CD, "Well, it's very different from my last one, for sure. It's a new bunch of people I've been working with to write and record it, so that changes things. When you're working with different people, it really changes the record. This one is really hard rock. The last one was really all over the place with different styles of music and everything, but this one really keeps with the hard rock style. It does it in kind of a different way — more of my way or what I would envision. I guess it's experimental in some ways, while in others it's very traditional. What I tried to do was take traditional rock instrumentation and apply it in kind of a different song structure."

Tate released his first solo CD in 2002 on Sanctuary Records. Self-titled, the LP was a huge departure from the work he had previously done with QUEENSRŸCHE.

"[Sanctuary weren't really a record company. Sanctuary was a money-making machine and they went out of business very quickly," Tate told Oregon Music News earlier this year. "I'm glad to be done with that, actually."

Tate, who was fired from QUEENSRŸCHE in June after fronting the group for three decades, recently sought to prevent his former bandmates from touring and operating under the QUEENSRŸCHE name without him. While ruling against Tate, the presiding judge determined that there was no legal hurdle in Tate also using the name with an all-new lineup of musicians. "I don't see any reason that Mr. Tate can't have the benefit, if he gets other members, of whatever name he uses of using the brand," Superior Court Judge Carol A. Schapira said during the July 13 court hearing. "I think [doing that would be] inherently confusing, although I'm sure the market can get these things sorted out," she added.

On September 2, Tate announced that he was launching his own version of QUEENSRŸCHE with RATT drummer Bobby Blotzer, former QUIET RIOT, OZZY OSBOURNE and WHITESNAKE bassist Rudy Sarzo and former MEGADETH and KING DIAMOND guitarist Glen Drover. Also on board in the new group are returning QUEENSRŸCHE guitarist Kelly Gray — who played with the band from 1998 until 2001 and also produced several of their albums — and keyboardist Randy Gane, who has toured and recorded with QUEENSRŸCHE and Geoff's solo group in the past.
Italian "cinematic" metallers LUCA TURILLI'S RHAPSODY have recruited Mikko Härkin (SONATA ARCTICA, SYMFONIA) to play keyboards on the band's upcoming "Ascending To Infinity Cinematic World Tour 2012".

Commented LUCA TURILLI'S RHAPSODY guitarist/mainman Luca Turilli: "It is surely a great honor to have Mikko playing with us, in November and December, on the stages of all Europe. I know him since the first tour made together with SONATA ARCTICA as special guests of STRATOVARIUS in 2000. He is a wonderful and spiritual person, the perfect brother to work with!"

Support on the European tour will come from FREEDOM CALL and ORDEN OGAN from Germany and VEXILLUM from Italy.

For a list of currently confirmed tour dates, see the poster below.

After a summer devoted to work, work and more work, LUCA TURILLI'S RHAPSODY guitarist/mainman Luca Turilli and singer Alessandro Conti recently came back from the Backyard Studios in Kempten, Germany where they recorded a new session of epic choirs exclusively for the upcoming trek.

Explained Luca: "As in our shows we will also play some of the very old RHAPSODY songs, rarely or never played until now, we decided to re-record the choirs for those same songs in order to present them on stage with the best sound quality possible. Moreover, we decided to add a great choral impact to some songs that originally were not featuring a choir."

Added Alessandro: "A couple of days ago, we met in Germany some of the singers who already performed on the new album 'Ascending To Infinity', and, thanks to their unique vocal power, we gave new energy and new life to those glorious and legendary tracks that made the history of RHAPSODY!"

The singers who took part in the new choral recordings are Conti, photographer Johnny Eisprung; Matthias Stockinger, singer and actor from the musical "Evita"; and the AOR legend Dan Lucas, who sold 1.4 million copies with the single "Heart Of America".

In August 2011, RHAPSODY OF FIRE guitarist Luca Turilli and keyboardist Alex Staropoli announced their decision to go their separate ways.

Due to legal reasons, Staropoli is continuing under the RHAPSODY OF FIRE name. Turilli, on the other hand, is making his efforts available under the RHAPSODY moniker (RHAPSODY OF FIRE's original name), in which he is joined by guitarist Dominique Leurquin, bassist Patrice Guers, singer Alessandro Conti (TRICK OR TREAT) and drummer Alex Landenburg (AT VANCE, ANNIHILATOR, MEKONG DELTA, STRATOVARIUS).

LUCA TURILLI'S RHAPSODY's new album, "Ascending To Infinity", entered the German Media Control chart at the position No. 32.
"Clash Of The Gods", the new album from German power metallers GRAVE DIGGER, has entered the German Media Control chart at position No. 29. The effort, which was recorded at Principal Studios in Münster, Germany, was released on August 31 in Europe and September 4 in North America via Napalm Records. A six-song mini-CD, "Home At Last", preceded the full-length effort on July 27 in Europe and August 7 in North America.

"Clash Of The Gods" track listing:

01. Charon
02. God Of Terror
03. Hell Dog
04. Medusa
05. Clash Of The Gods
06. Death Angel & The Grave Digger
07. Walls Of Sorrow
08. Call Of The Sirens
09. Warriors Revenge
10. With The Wind
11. Home At Last

Bonus tracks on digibook version:

12. Saints Of The Broken Souls
13. Zurück Nach Haus ("Home At Last" German version)

"Home At Last" track listing:

01. Home At Last
02. Rage Of The Savage Beast (non-album track)
03. Metal Will Never Die (non-album track)
04. Ballad Of A Hangman (live in Wacken 2010)
05. Excalibur (live in Wacken 2010)
06. Heavy Metal Breakdown (live in Wacken 2010)

GRAVE DIGGER last fall extended its contract with Napalm Records.

A seven-minute YouTube clip containing audio samples of all the tracks that are set to appear on "Clash Of The Gods" can be found below.

"The Clans Are Still Marching", the latest DVD from GRAVE DIGGER, entered the German Media Control chart at position No. 56 (German chart rules allow music DVDs to enter album charts).

The band's latest album, "The Clans Will Rise Again", was released in Europe on October 1, 2010 via Napalm Records.
California thrashers HIRAX will release a new single, "La Boca De La Bestia (The Mouth Of The Beast)", on December 14 through iTunes and other digital retailers worldwide. A very special limited-edition 12-inch vinyl version of the single with bonus tracks is also planned for a December release on Black Devil Records.

"La Boca De La Bestia (The Mouth Of The Beast)" will be included on HIRAX's as-yet-untitled new full-length album, tentatively scheduled for a spring 2013 release. The song was recorded, produced and mastered by Bill Metoyer at Skull Seven Productions.

A promotional video that includes the song and a comprehensive photo slideshow can be seen below.

"La Boca De La Bestia (The Mouth Of The Beast)" track listing:

Part I: The Conquest - Guitar Intro
Part II: Thunder Roar
Part III: La Boca De La Bestia (The Mouth Of The Beast)


Katon W. De Pena (vocals)
Lance Harrison (lead guitar)
Steve Harrison (bass guitar)
Jorge Iacobellis (drums)
Mike Guerrero (lead guitar)
While LAMB OF GOD singer Randy Blythe is back home in America after five weeks in prison in the Czech Republic, his legal problems are far from over. Manslaughter charges are still hanging over Blythe, and at some point over the next few months he will have to return to Prague and stand trial.

Randy and his bandmates returned to the live stage last month in Council Bluffs, Iowa as part of SLIPKNOT's first-ever Knotfest, an extraordinary two-date metal and hard rock festival. The band has also announced a 38-date fall U.S tour starting October 30 in Phoenix, Arizona.

"It was almost therapeutic to get back on stage," LAMB OF GOD drummer Chris Adler (pictured below) told Billboard.com of the Knotfest shows in Iowa and Wisconsin. "People were screaming the name of the band and, of course, screaming Randy's name. So it was very cathartic to hear that and have that support and take the stage again. It felt great."

The drummer also revealed that LAMB OF GOD has no plans to alter its stage show in response to its legal issues in the Czech Republic. "It's difficult for us to say in any way that this was something that was our fault and that we should change how we're doing things, because we're already trying to look out for those kinds of incidents," Adler said.

"We certainly don't want to change what it is we do," he continued. "This is obviously a terrible tragedy that nobody foresaw or intended to happen. But it's such a random series of events that caused it to happen that I don't think us changing what we do would necessarily stop it from happening again."

Blythe was released from a prison in Prague on August 2, more than a month after he was arrested and incarcerated. The singer was accused of causing a 2010 incident in which a fan attending a LAMB OF GOD show died almost a month later, allegedly from injuries sustained when he was thrown off the stage. Blythe's predicament galvanized the heavy rock community, with artists across the hard rock genre pledging their support.

If convicted, Randy could face up to 10 years in prison, but Adler is optimistic that the singer will be found innocent.

"They haven't really played their hand out in the case and what they have on us," Chris told Billboard.com. "Obviously this tragedy happened, but how they're going to go about prosecuting is a mystery to us. Not knowing how their justice system works and being repeatedly surprised by events from when we landed there, who knows what will happen? But we believe that we are innocent of it and justice will sort itself out."
Florida metallers TRIVIUM have been forced to cancel their previously announced September 16 concert at La Casa Del Artista in Caracas, Venezuela. The band states, "There are visa and other issues preventing us from legally entering the country and performing. We tried everything in our ability to avoid this result. However, it is unfortunately completely out of our control. We are absolutely gutted that we are being prevented from playing and we promise to make this up to our incredible and loyal Venezuelan fans on our next tour of South America. Our shows in Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Colombia and Mexico are 100% confirmed and will not be affected."

Speaking to PureGrainAudio's Mitch Lafon at this year's edition of the Heavy MTL festival, TRIVIUM guitarist Corey Beaulieu was asked if the band is planning to return to the studio soon to begin recording the follow-up to last year's "In Waves". "Right now we're on our last North American tour," Corey said. "And then we've got a few other things, like South America and a European headlining tour. That wraps up November 20 — [that] is the last show — but then the rest of the year is gonna be, I guess, recharging; we're taking a break. And as soon as January hits, we're pumping out a new album that will hopefully be out maybe August or September next year; that's kind of the goal."

According to the guitarist, TRIVIUM has been amassing new ideas for the past few months while touring the world in support of the band's latest CD.

"The whole time we're on tour, we're always writing," he said. "So we're always coming up with ideas and we've been demoing, just on a laptop, in the back of the bus — very do-it-yourself-type stuff. But it sounds great. We're really getting the ideas worked out and we're just trying as much done on tour that we can possibly do and get the songs as best as they can be, so once we get off tour, we don't have to sit around for a couple of months trying to figure out what the fuck we're doing. We just wanna get in the studio and get this stuff recorded."
Swedish melodic rockers DEAD BY APRIL have been forced to cancel their previously announced concerts in Moscow and St. Petersburg this week. The band states, "Due to [vocalist] Jimmie [Strimell] having a severe bout of sickness, he has been advised to rest and not perform until he has fully recovered.

"The Russian shows are currently being rebooked for later on this year, so please contact the venue/ticket agent for more information regarding your tickets.

"All remaining announced shows will go ahead as planned.

"We don't like disappointing our fans, but we hope that you understand our need for having to rearrange these shows this time. We will be back, ready to make up for this over the next few months!"

DEAD BY APRIL's second studio album, "Incomparable", was released in Sweden on September 21, 2011 through Universal Music. Produced by Swedish studio-meister Jacob Hellner (RAMMSTEIN) in his own Big Island Studio in Stockholm, the CD was mixed by fellow RAMMSTEIN regular Stefan Glaumann and features session guitar work from Pontus Hjelm, who left DEAD BY APRIL in 2010 to focus more on the writing and production side; his songs (including "More Than Yesterday", a demo version of which was included on the compilation mini-album "Stronger", released via Spinefarm) also feature, providing the all-important continuity with the self-titled debut, a Top 2 outing in Sweden.
According to Paparazzi Daily, radio personality/comedian Jeff Dandurand will portray Jani Lane in the upcoming biopic about the late WARRANT singer's life.

Dandurand, who also direct the film, tells the site, "I want people to know how serious Lane was as a songwriter and also see how out of control he got when he used alcohol and drugs.

"Cherry Pie Guy" will begin with Jani arriving in Hollywood in the spring of 1985 and will treat the "hair-metal" era with "respect," according to Dandurand.

"Artists like Lane were treated like scum and paid a terrible price for their fame," Jeff said. "'Cherry Pie Guy' will astonish those who can't see beyond cliché hair-metal nostalgia and open their eyes to an amazing songwriter and frontman."

Look for "Cherry Pie Guy" sometime in 2013.

Lane suffered from "acute ethanol poisoning" when he died in August 2011 at a Comfort Inn motel room in Woodland Hills, California.

The singer had battled alcoholism for years and also had a history of alcohol-related arrests.

Lane originally left WARRANT in March 1993 but rejoined the band in September 1994. The group went on to record the "Ultraphobic" (1995), "Belly To Belly" (1996) and "Greatest & Latest" (1999) albums and issued and collection of covers, "Under The Influence", in 2001. Jani quit WARRANT again in 2004 before reuniting with the group four years later.

Lane released a solo album, "Back Down to One", in 2003, but shortly after was admitted to a rehab center for alcohol and drug-related exhaustion. He also appeared on VH1's reality series "Celebrity Fit Club".

Jani is survived by his wife, Kimberly; a brother, Eric; three sisters, Marcine Williams, Michelle Robinson and Victoria Oswald; a daughter from his first marriage, Taylar Lane; a daughter from his second marriage, Madison Lane; and two stepdaughters, Ryan and Brittany.
The Sunset Strip's hottest export STEEL PANTHER is looking to further its quest for worldwide domination with the release of its first-ever DVD, "British Invasion", via Guitar Anarchy Studios. Rumored for release multiple times in the U.S. in 2010 and 2011, the DVD finally sees the light of day stateside on October 22, 2012.

Recorded with 16 cameras in pristine HD over a two-year period, the DVD chronicles STEEL PANTHER's legendary live show that the band has come to be known for. Beginning in March 2010 at the band's sold-out concert at Brixton Academy in London during their highly successful "Feel The Steel" tour, the DVD feaures some of the group's most memorable hits, including "Asian Hooker", "Community Property", "The Shocker" and "Stripper Girl", in a way never seen before. Included in the package is a laugh-out-loud documentary that follows the band backstage and on their tour that is not to be missed. The deluxe box set includes two DVDs — one with the full show and one with the documentary — deleted scenes and five songs from Download Festival 2012. The packaging also includes a 16-page color book. The DVD will also be available in Blu-ray at the same time.

"British Invasion" was directed and produced by award-winning director Daniel E. Catullo III (RUSH, NICKELBACK, GODSMACK) and was mixed by Jay Ruston, who worked with the band on both of their previous records. An official DVD web site has been set up specifically for the DVD release, SteelPantherDVD.com, with a pre-order starting today as well. Fans who pre-order the DVD on the DVD site will receive a limited-edition signed poster of the band for free. New videos will be released every week up until release day to give the fans a sneak peek at the DVD and updated information will be posted on the official DVD site.

STEEL PANTHER is currently gearing up for their second world tour of 2012. The 25-plus-city trek kicks off in Auckland, New Zealand on October 2 and runs through mid-November and makes stops in major markets all over Europe and Australia, including Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, Helsinki, Amsterdam, Manchester, Paris, Zurich and Bristol, before wrapping up in London on November 15.

STEEL PANTHER was, for a long time, rock's best-kept secret: a cult legend on the L.A. scene. But in recent years due to the success of their albums (both debuted at #1 on the Billboard Comedy Album Charts) and live shows, the band has enjoyed huge acclaim from fans and peers alike. At sold-out shows in Hollywood and Las Vegas, STEEL PANTHER has been joined on stage by rock and roll icons such as Steven Tyler of AEROSMITH, Paul Stanley of KISS, Corey Taylor of SLIPKNOT, Tom Morello of RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE, and Chester Bennington of LINKIN PARK.

"British Invasion" track listing:

Main DVD

01. Eyes Of A Panther
02. Eatin' Ain't Cheatin'
03. Fat Girl
04. Hair Solo
05. Party All Day
06. Hell's On Fire
07. Stripper Girl
08. Asian Hooker
09. Turn Out The Lights
10. Girl From Oklahoma
11. We Want Pussy
12. Community Property
13. The Shocker
14. Death To All But Metal

Bonus Disc

* 40-minute documentary
* Deleted scenes
* Download Festival 2012
* "Supersonic Sex Machine" video
* "Community Property" video
* "Just Like Tiger Woods" video
* "17 Girls In A Row" video
* "Death To All But Metal" video (featuring Corey Taylor)
Swedish "alternative metal" band MACHINAE SUPREMACY will release its new album, "Rise Of A Digital Nation", on October 19 via Spinefarm Records. According to a press release, the CD "echoes the musical simplicity of [2008's] 'Overworld' and faithfully reflects the issues and state of a Generation Online in its lyrics." The album was recorded in MACHINAE SUPREMACY's own studio in Luleå, Sweden, with additional recording at the 4Sound Studio in Stockholm. It was mastered by Henkka Niemistö at Chartmakers in Finland.

MACHINAE SUPREMACY's video game-inspired sounds and melodies, masterful guitar work and unique vocal style has set the band apart from the mainstream mass of generic rock and metal since their beginning in 2000. Metal Hammer calls MACHINAE SUPREMACY "one of the most interesting bands of the current era" in their review of the U.K.-only best-of collection "The Beat of Our Decay" from 2011.

Since the release of its fourth studio album, "A View From The End of The World", MACHINAE SUPREMACY has toured Europe with CHILDREN OF BODOM and ENSIFERUM, and signed with Spinefarm for three more albums.

MACHINAE SUPREMACY is currently working on the original soundtracks for two upcoming video game titles, among them "Project Giana", the great grandchild of the now quarter-century old cult hit "The Great Giana Sisters", and planning for upcoming tours in Russia and northern Europe.

"Rise of a Digital Nation" track listing:

01. All of My Angels
02. Laser Speed Force
03. Transgenic
04. Rise of a Digital Nation
05. Pieces
06. Cyber Warfare
07. Republic of Gamers
08. Battlecry
09. 99
10. Hero


Robert Stjärnström - Vocals
Jonas Rörling - Guitar
Andreas Gerdin - Bass
Niklas Karvonen – Drums
VAN HALEN's Wolfgang Van Halen will play bass for TREMONTI, the solo band of of ALTER BRIDGE/CREED guitarist Mark Tremonti, on the road starting with tonight's (Tuesday, September 11) show at Rock Junction in West Greenwich, Rhode Island. Wolfgang tweeted yesterday: "Holy shit! An abrupt change of plans has left me playing bass with @MarkTremonti tomorrow! I've got some tunes to learn!" Tremonti tweeted: "Due to personal reasons, [regular TREMONTI bassist] Brian Marshall won't be with us on this tour. On a lighter note the amazing @WolfVanHalen will be joining us!"

For a list of upcoming TREMONTI tour dates, go to this location.

Tremonti, who has been friends with Wolfgang Van Halen since CREED opened for VAN HALEN for a couple of shows in 1998, told Ross Ford, a morning radio show host on Colorado's 94.3 KILO, that Eddie Van Halen's son invited Tremonti to VAN HALEN's 5150 studio last year to watch Eddie, Wolfgang and drummer Alex Van Halen rehearse. During the visit, Mark got to hear VAN HALEN perform the entire "A Different Kind Of Truth" album months before its eventual release.

"It was amazing to see them do it right in front of me," Mark told Free Gotham. "I was thinking, how many people in the world get to do this?"
According to the En Lejemorder Ser Tilbage blog, former MERCYFUL FATE drummer Kim Ruzz (a.k.a. Kim Thyge Jensen) has resurfaced in a brand new Danish heavy metal band called METALRUZZ.

The news of Kim's return to the rock scene was first reported by a local Danish newspaper, Ugenyt, which inexplicably failed to mention the musician's connection to the legendary heavy metal band when it interviewed him earlier this month.

Kim, who currently works as a consultant at Slagelse Job Center in Slagelse, Denmark, spoke to the paper about his rough upbringing and job history, which included a five-year stint as a postman.

At the moment, there no information available about METALRUZZ's musical direction or future plans, but Ugenyt did publish a band photo (see below) ahead of METALRUZZ's September 6 performance at the SUK festival in Slagelse, Denmark.

After MERCYFUL FATE was presented with the "honor award" at the Danish Metal Awards 2006, Ruzz released a statement to BLABBERMOUTH.NET in which he said, "Yes, I became a postman for a short period, but not in the U.S. as many people think. After that, I took an education in the construction business and worked as foreman and calculator.

"Many stories have been told that [Michael] Denner [MERCYFUL FATE guitarist] and I couldn't stand the sight of each other, [but] it could not be more wrong. We were, and still are, best friends.

"As you know, we won a Danish music award [in November 2006]. We [attended the event] together, the four of us [Michael Denner (guitar), Hank Shermann (guitar), Timi 'Grabber' Hansen (bass) and Kim Ruzz (drums)], [as] King [Diamond] couldn't make it. And the magic was reborn."

MERCYFUL FATE will always be remembered for their unquestionable mark on the history of metal, with their new innovative sound, complex arrangements, memorable melody, and their influence on bands that later took the genre to new heights, according to Wikipedia.

In 1998, METALLICA paid tribute to MERCYFUL FATE by recording a medley of classic MERCYFUL FATE songs on the album "Garage Inc." Entitled "Mercyful Fate", the medley included parts from "Satan's Fall", "Curse of the Pharaohs", "A Corpse Without Soul", "Into the Coven" and "Evil".

Lars Ulrich of METALLICA (a fellow Dane) played drums on a new version of "Return of the Vampire" on the "In the Shadows" album, which came out in 1993.

Pictured below: METALRUZZ (Kim Thyge Jensen is second from right, wearing a white long-sleeved shirt)
Three of the leading gear/technology companies for both musicians and consumers alike returned last Friday (September 7) with their successful "Metal Masters" clinic series. "Metal Masters 4" brought back some of the classic "masters" while adding a few new members to the list. Friday night's main band comprised of Philip Anselmo (DOWN, ex-PANTERA), Kerry King (SLAYER), Dave Lombardo (SLAYER), Scott Ian (ANTHRAX), Charlie Benante (ANTHRAX), Frank Bello (ANTHRAX) and newly added masters Billy Sheehan (MR. BIG, DAVID LEE ROTH) and Gary Holt (EXODUS, SLAYER).

In a pre-show interview with -Artisan News, Sheehan and the other musicians spoke about what it was like for Billy to come in and play heavier stuff than he is used to.

"I've been prepped," said Sheehan. "And it's great. I actually love it. It's like being on another planet. It's like an adventure into another land, and it's really cool. It's challenging to play this stuff."

Added Bello: "It's great seeing [Billy] come into this world, and step up as he did. I mean, Billy Sheehan is playing [chuckles] he's playing SLAYER and EXODUS tonight — without a pick. Just think about those lines right there. He totally kicks ass in it, too. The guy stepped up to it, and you can't ask for more than that. So for these kids, seeing a treat like that, man, it's a good time."

Said Holt: "[If you had told me that] this guy here [pointing at Billy], who is one of the greatest musicians in rock history, would be standing there watching my fingers as I'm playing [EXODUS's song] 'Piranha', I would hace called you a stone-faced liar and said, 'Get outta here!'"

The following songs were performed:

* "Room For One More" (w/ Frank Bello on lead vocals) (ANTHRAX)
* "Mouth For War" (PANTERA)
* "Five Minutes Alone" (PANTERA)
* "A New Level" (PANTERA)
* "Chemical Warfare" (SLAYER)
* "War Ensemble" (SLAYER)
* "Goddamn Electric" (PANTERA)
* "Sergeant D & The S.O.D." (STORMTROOPERS OF DEATH)
* "Angel Of Death" (SLAYER)
* "Strike Of The Beast" (EXODUS)
* "Raining Blood" (SLAYER)
* "Fucking Hostile" (PANTERA)
Maynard James Keenan, the singer for TOOL, A PERFECT CIRCLE and PUSCIFER, recently agreed to write a bi-weekly column for Phoenix New Times' "Up On The Sun" blog.

In his debut piece, titled "These Are The "End of Days", the musician discusses his winemaking and offers offering advice to those who believe in the Mayan calendar's promise of a 2012 apocalypse.

Keenan writes, "The inherent problem with being a Chicken Little-type person is that if or when the sky ever falls, I'll be too flattened to snip 'See? I told ya so!' And although I live near Sedona, I possess no crystal ball, and any Tarot cards I may have owned have certainly all been shredded in the spokes of my long retired banana seat Huffy."

He continues, "These are in fact the 'End of Days' and people need to know about it As Soon As Possible! Obviously the only rational thing to do is to clear out all of your bank accounts and send me a cashier's check for the full amount … along with that cashiers check, I'm gonna need [for] you to go ahead and send along a detailed list of all your assets, toys, deeds, to any real estate, patents pending, etc. Please include high resolution photos. I can't be bothered to Google image each and every one of them. Not enough time."

TOOL has not issued a new album since 2006's "10,000 Days".

Keenan recently spent time on the road with PUSCIFER in support of that band's sophomore album, "Conditions Of My Parole", which was released last October via Puscifer Entertainment.

A PERFECT CIRCLE will perform one show in 2012 — on December 29 at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The band also confirmed its participation in the 2013 edition of the Soundwave Festival, which kicks off February 23 in Brisbane, Australia.
Florida death metal veterans CANNIBAL CORPSE will embark on a U.S. headlining tour in November. Support on the trek will come from MISERY INDEX and HOUR OF PENANCE.

The dates are as follows:

Nov. 16 - Huntsville, AL - Crossroads Music Hall
Nov. 17 - Little Rock, AR - Juanitas
Nov. 18 - Springfield, MO - Outland Ballroom
Nov. 19 - Bloomington, IL - The Castle Theater
Nov. 20 - Eau Claire, WI - House Of Rock
Nov. 21 - Madison, WI - High Noon Saloon
Nov. 23 - Flint, MI - The Machine Shop
Nov. 24 - Pittsburgh, PA - Mr. Smalls
Nov. 25 - Poughkeepsie, NY - The Chance
Nov. 27 - Providence, RI - The Met
Nov. 28 - New York, NY - Rocks Off Concert Cruise
Nov. 29 - Allentown, PA - Crocodile Rock
Nov. 30 - Asbury Park, NJ - Stone Pony
Dec. 01 - Washington, DC - Rock N Roll Hotel
Dec. 03 - Louisville, KY - Headliners
Dec. 04 - Spartanburg, SC - Ground Zero
Dec. 06 - Miami, FL - Grand Central
Dec. 07 - Tampa, FL - Brass Mug

Tickets for the tour will go on sale beginning September 14.

CANNIBAL CORPSE's twelfth studio album, "Torture", sold 9,600 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 38 on The Billboard 200 chart. The band's previous CD, "Evisceration Plague", also opened with 9,600 units to land at No. 66. That was more than 50 percent higher than the opening tally of CANNIBAL CORPSE's 2006 CD, "Kill", which entered the chart at No. 170 after shifting more than 6,000 copies.

"Torture" was again produced by HATE ETERNAL's Erik Rutan at his own Mana Recording Studio in St. Petersburg, Florida as well as Sonic Ranch in Tornillo, Texas, and features the maniacal cover art by longtime CANNIBAL CORPSE artist Vincent Locke.

While "Torture" marks the latest progression in the band's sound, it also witnesses a return to what drummer Paul Mazurkiewicz accurately terms "the frenzied attack of 'Butchered At Birth' (1991) or 'Tomb Of The Mutilated' (1992)," infusing the band's advanced musicianship with the raw savagery that haunted their earlier releases, and in the process conceiving the definitive CANNIBAL CORPSE record.
Guitarist/vocalist Adam "Nergal" Darski of Polish extreme metallers BEHEMOTH will release his autobiography, "Sacrum Profanum", in Poland on October 17. The book, whicih was previously described by Nergal as "a really long in-depth interview," will initially only be made available in Polish, but "depending on interest, we might be translating this into English," he said.

The "Sacrum Profanum" cover photo was taken by Ivo Ledwozyw, with post-production by Seth Siro Anton (PARADISE LOST, KAMELOT, MOONSPELL, SOILWORK, EXODUS, JOB FOR A COWBOY, DECAPITATED, VADER).

Several promotional clips for "Sacrum Profanum" were recently directed by Dariusz Szermanowicz of Polish producers Grupa 13, with whom Nergal previously collaborated on the BEHEMOTH videos "At The Left Hand Ov God" and "Ov Fire And The Void".

The trailers were scripted by Nergal and are "little portraits of certain chapters of the book," according to the BEHEMOTH frontman. The clips show Nergal reading excerpts from the autobiography as well as acting out parts of stories that he describes as "some funny, some sad, some evil — some related to the band, some not." The series of trailers are in the Polish language with English subtitles.

An excerpt from the book (in Polish) can be downloaded at this location.

In December 2010, Darski underwent a bone marrow transplant procedure after being diagnosed with a life-threatening form of leukemia.
GOD SEED, the Norwegian band featuring former GORGOROTH members King (bass; real name: Tom Cato Visnes) and Gaahl (vocals; real name: Kristian Espedal), will release its debut album, "I Begin", on October 30 in Europe and October 23 in North America via Indie Recordings. The CD was written, arranged and recorded between the fall of 2009 and May 2012. The group laid down 11 new songs which "will show the band from a different side but well-rooted in what Gaahl and King are known for in the past," according to a press release.

"I Begin" will be available as limited embossed deluxe digipack with bonus tracks, and as regular CD. Vinyl version will also be available through Back On Black.

"I Begin" track listing:

01. Awake
02. This From The Past
03. Alt Liv
04. From The Running Of Blood
05. Hinstu Dagar
06. Diversions 1 (bonus track limited edition)
07. Aldrande Tre
08. Lit
09. The Wound
10. Bloodline
11. Diversions 2 (bonus track limited edition)

GOD SEED earlier in the year announced its new lineup. It is as follows:

* Tom Cato Visnes (a.k.a. King) (TEMPLE OF THE BLACK MOON, OV HELL, GORGOROTH) - Bass
* Kristian Espedal (a.k.a. Gaahl) (GORGOROTH, TRELLDOM, WARDRUNA) - Vocals
* Stian "Sir" Kårstad (TRELLDOM, DJERV) - Guitar
* Kenneth Kapstad (MOTORPSYCHO) - Drums
* Geir Bratland (DIMMU BORGIR) – Keyboards, Noise
* Lust Kilman (THE BATALLION, GRIMFIST) - Guitar

Commented King: "All members of GOD SEED have been carefully picked for their musical skills and devoted personalities. We aim to release an album which will sound different than what we have done in the past. The new members have been very important for creating a sound that hopefully will come across as unique and defining the new GOD SEED sound. From this moment, GOD SEED should not be viewed as a duo anymore, but as a band with six members."

GOD SEED's "Live At Wacken" DVD and CD was released on January 27 in Europe and January 31 in North America via Indie Recordings.

"Live At Wacken" includes footage of the group's infamous live show from the 2008 edition of the Wacken Open Air festival in Wacken, Germany where they performed on the main stage in front of 75,000 screaming fans. The effort features session players Nick Barker (drums) and Ice Dale (guitar) alongside King and Gaahl.

GOD SEED came to life after Gaahl and King lost a court battle in early 2009 against guitarist Infernus (real name: Roger Tiegs) over the rights to the GORGOROTH band name.

Commented King: "GOD SEED represents a more spiritual side to us than what GORGOROTH did. GOD SEED represents the will to grow; the will to be the super man, so to speak. I think it's a suitable name for what we will represent in the future. I am also aware of the fact that we use the word 'God' in the name. It will challenge the weak-minded in the respect that we in the past used the word Satan a lot, but it's all about the same thing. The God within man, and the God within nature. I never believed in a Christian force named Satan. I believe in the God within man."

Gaahl left GOD SEED in 2009 because he chose to retire from metal music, but has since rejoined the group.
Norwegian black metallers RAGNAROK will release their seventh full-length album, "Malediction", on October 30 in Europe and November 6 in North America via Agonia Records. The CD was recorded, mixed and mastered by MARDUK bassist Magnus "Devo" Andersson at his Endarker Studios in Norrköping, Sweden and was produced by RAGNAROK and Devo.

"Malediction" will be available in three formats: jewel case CD, digital download and limited-edition vinyl, which will come with an exclusive bonus track, with the first 100 copies available on brown vinyl and hand-numbered. Artwork for "Malediction" was createds by Perversor and all band photos were shot and edited by Jon Løvstad.

"Malediction" track listing:

01. Blood Of Saints
02. Demon In My View
03. Necromantic Summoning Ritual
04. Divide Et Impera
05. (Dolce Et Decorum Est) Pro Patria Mori
06. Dystocratic
07. Iron Cross - Posthumous
08. The Elevenfold Seal
09. Fade Into Obscurity
10. Sword Of Damocles
11. Retribution (exclusive vinyl bonus track)

Formed in 1994 by drummer Jontho and then-bassist Jerv, RAGNAROK's current lineup includes Jontho on drums, Hans Fyrst on vocals, DezeptiCunt on bass and Bolverk on guitar.

RAGNAROK will make its first live appearance in North America when it headlines the Messe Des Mortes festival in Montreal, Canada on November 24.
Swedish death metallers ZOMBIFIED have inked a deal with Cyclone Empire. The band's second album, "Carnage Slaughter And Death", will be released later this fall on CD and LP.

Commented the group: "ZOMBIFIED is back! This time we are proud to say that we signed a record deal with Cyclone Empire. The new full-length record is soon to be released and then we are already in writing mode for the next one. Prepare for some kick-ass death metal!!!"

ZOMBIFIED's debut album, "Zombified Slaughtermachine", came out in 2010.


* Pär Fransson (BLODSRIT) - Guitar
* Jacob Johansson – Drums

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