[african_music] OT: Shame about South Africa


I went to bed at 3 am last night, which was early for me. I had to drive Karin-my beloved spouse to the JFK airport from Hoboken, New Jersey at 7:30 in morning. Karin is going to South Africa for a press freedom conference for two weeks since that is her specialty and I will be taking care of Maya, our 6 months old precious-precious for the next two weeks. I sound like a stay home dad, but I am really more like a robo-dad.

I got back to Hoboken just in time for the Migrant worker on Millennium Development Goals radio program, which I produce and direct. We had added a news segment and none of the hosts would dare read any negative news on Israel, base on its treatment of the Eritrean refugees. I was thinking to myself Israel my beloved country and people, how did it happen that you have become a threat in the heart of societies that help establish your security and legitimacy. Even, I have have fought live threatening battles on behalf of Israel growing up in a German culture. But I quickly resolved that by thinking that is evolution as my busy schedule kicked in. Phone calls from Malaysia, India, Senegal, Nepal, Botswana, UK, US, South Africa, just as I was about to grab a breath...


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