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I enjoy the chart events. I don't compare years, I just take the songs at
face value and pick the 10 best in my mind. Sometimes its difficult to know
who to cut, especially as the field narrows. My latest trick was to ask
myself, if a particular song came on the radio, would I turn away or turn up
the volume. Worked well with the 1966 list.

The match up game hasn't grabbed me. Honestly, when I see names like Dolly
Parton I glaze over. No offense to Dolly's legions of fans, it just doesn't
work for me.


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I plan to do 1963-1989. The 1990's I'm doing in the match-up game since the
chart stuff wasn't good enough to bother. Not seeing much participation
here, should I stop posting the match-up show here?

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> Clint, you are correct. I resist voting for the song because it was a hit
> (and a memorable one) in 1979, but barely noticed in 1977. To me, it's not
> just about picking the best songs from the list, it's also about picking
> the songs that personify "1977" (give or take a month or two). If Stairway
> To Heaven or Free Bird showed up on the 1984 list, I wouldn't vote for
> that either. :)
> There will be a 1984 list, won't there (eventually)? A lot of great songs
> from that year. Though Ben might ban me from voting if I keep complaining
> about his classification system. LOL
> --- In, "Cfh" <cfhiebert@> wrote:
> >
> > I think this is referring to the original studio recording of I Want
> > You To Want Me/In Color album. I dropped it from my list this time,
> > since I find the live version from the Budakon album renders this
> > version somewhat sterile ;)
> > Â
> > Clint


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