[Classic_Rock_Forever] Neil Young Down By The River


 Inspired by Ben's list today that contained Like a Hurricane, Neil Young, I started randomly selecting songs on Youtube as backround to my tasks today.
 I ran across this old footage of him/band from an Austin City Limits shows from the early 80's. His group on this tour was the International Harvesters, which was in support of the 'Old Ways' album. We saw this tour and it was the first time I saw him in concert. The song Down By the River was known to me, but I wasn't prepared for its power done live. This clip was done for a studio audience and contains some fine noodling about by Neil, over 9 minutes of it. Great song, great tour, great artist.
Done live, it was perhaps the loudest song I've ever heard. When he hits the chorus, the chords from old Black were deafening. Great experience and probably yet another reason why I have a bit of tinnitus!


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