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On July 27, Artisan News conducted an interview with MOTÖRHEAD drummer Mikkey Dee at the Camden, New Jersey stop of the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival.

Asked about MOTÖRHEAD's plans for a new CD, Mikkey said, "We are gonna finish our studio album. We have a lot of songs done already. It's not finished. We're gonna keep writing and we'll record it next year, and it will come out next year."

MOTÖRHEAD will release "The Wörld Is Ours – Vol 2: Anyplace Crazy As Anywhere Else" in Germany on September 21, three days later in the rest of Europe and October 9 in North America via UDR/EMI. The follow-up to 2011's "The Wörld Is Ours – Vol 1: Everywhere Further Than Everyplace Else" will feature the band's 2011 Wacken Open Air headline appearance as well as highlights from Sonisphere (United Kingdom) and Rock In Rio (Brazil) shows.

"The Wörld Is Ours – Vol 2: Anyplace Crazy As Anywhere Else" will be available as a digipack (DVD plus two CDs), double-CD, double-vinyl (Wacken Open Air show), Blu-ray and direct-to-consumer version featuring 2 CDs, a DVD/Blu-ray and a special booklet.

MOTÖRHEAD's latest album, "The Wörld Is Yours", sold 7,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to land at position No. 94 on The Billboard 200 chart. The band's previous effort, "Motörizer", premiered with 6,400 units back in 2008 to debut at No. 82, while 2006's "Kiss Of Death" registered a first-week tally of 3,500.
German power metallers PARAGON have inked a deal with Napalm Records. The band's tenth album, "Force Of Destruction", will be released at the end of October. The CD was produced by Piet Sielck (GAMMA RAY, BLIND GUARDIAN, IRON SAVIOUR) at Powerhouse in Hamburg. Guest vocals on the bonus version of the song "Blood & Iron" were laid down by Kai Hansen (GAMMA RAY, UNISONIC) and Sielck.

PARAGON bassist Jan Bünning previously stated about "Force Of Destruction", "Piet Sielck has done an awesome job. To me, it sounds like a heavier and more 'life' version of 'Revenge' mixed with the guitar sound of 'Law Of The Blade'. Just perfect!

"Our guitar player Wolle [Wolfgang Tewes] wrote a album full of PARAGON classics and our 'newbie' Jan Bertram shredded a whole bunch of great lead guitar parts. And Buschi [Andreas Babuschkin; vocals] seems to be like wine — he's getting better and better and has delievered the best performance he has ever done."

The track listing for the new PARAGON CD is as follows:

01. Last Day On Earth (intro)
02. Iron Will
03. Tornado
04. Gods Of Thunder
05. Bulletstorm
06. Blood & Iron
07. Blades Of Hell
08. Dynasty
09. Rising From The Black
10. Demon's Lair
11. Secrecy

The cover artwork was once again created by Dirk Illing (SCORPIONS, RUNNING WILD), while the photos are being handled by Stefan Malzkorn (GAMMA RAY, SAXON) and the cover layout is being overseen by Claudia von Bihl (Auburn Records, ACCEPT, ANVIL).

Jan Betram previously played with PARAGON's drummer, Chris Gripp.

PARAGON 2012 is:

Andreas Babuschkin - Vocals
Wolfgang Tewes - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Jan Bertram - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Jan Bünning - Bass, Backing Vocals
Chris Gripp - Drums, Backing Vocals

PARAGON's last album, "Screenslaves", was released in November 2008 via Massacre Records. The CD was produced by Uwe Lullis (ex-GRAVE DIGGER, REBELLION) at Black Solaris Studio in Frankfurt.

Bünning quit PARAGON after the recording of 2007's "Forgotten Prophecies" because of "musical differences" but rejoined the band in 2009.
JACK STARR'S BURNING STARR — the U.S. power metal act led by former VIRGIN STEELE guitarist Jack Starr — has recruited Marta Gabriel (CRYSTAL VIPER) to play rhythm guitar for the band at the Keep It True festival and all other European live shows that will be scheduled for 2013.

According to a press release, "Jack Starr was quite impressed with the rock-solid playing of Marta Gabriel and asked her if she would be available to do some shows with BURNING STARR as the recorded music of BURNING STARR usually features more than one guitar part."

JACK STARR'S BURNING STARR's "Land Of The Dead" video can be seen below. The song is the title track of the band's latest studio album, which was released on November 11, 2011 via Limb Music. The CD was produced by Bart Gabriel (CRYSTAL VIPER, SACRED STEEL, LONEWOLF), and features cover artwork by Ken Kelly (RAINBOW, KISS, MANOWAR).

"Land Of The Dead" was recorded by the same lineup that was responsible for 2009's "Defiance" album: Starr on guitar, Ned Meloni on bass, Kenny "Rhino" Earl (ex-MANOWAR) on drums, and Todd Hall on vocals. The CD also features guest appearances by David Shankle and Ross The Boss (both ex-MANOWAR) on lead guitar, and Marta Gabriel (CRYSTAL VIPER) on grand piano and keyboards.

JACK STARR'S BURNING STARR album from 1986, "No Turning Back!", was reissued on July 25 via Skol Records. This was the first official CD re-release of this LP since 1998. The remastered reissue includes new artwork (painted by the famous Polish artist Tomasz Oracz) and contains two bonus tracks and thick booklet with all lyrics and many previously unseen photos. The CD will be limited to only 1000 copies.
New York progressive rockers COHEED AND CAMBRIA have announced details of their upcoming sixth studio album, a double concept album entitled "The Afterman", to be released in two separate full-length volumes.

The first volume, "The Afterman: Ascension", will be available on both physical and digital platforms in the U.S. on October 9 via Hundred Handed/Everything Evil, and distributed through Fontana/Ingrooves (to be available in Canada via Universal Music Canada). The second volume, "The Afterman: Descension", is due in February 2013.

A deluxe version of "The Afterman" will include a hardcover coffee-table book with expansive art by Heidi Taillefer and Nathan Spoor with collaborative written work from singer/creator Claudio Sanchez and writer Peter David that will create a song by song experience.

The two records follow-up to 2010's "Year Of The Black Rainbow", and will feature new bassist Zach Cooper and returning drummer Josh Eppard, who have replaced Michael Todd and Chris Pennie, respectively.

The concept albums will continue to be set in the band's alternate universe of "Heaven's Fence", which are part of their series titled "The Amory Wars". "The Amory Wars" is currently being developed by Mark Wahlberg and Stephen Levinson of Leverage Productions for a live-action feature film. It follows the story of a superhuman dictator named Wilhelm Ryan, and a family that may have the ability to free the world from his control.

"The Afterman" albums will focus on a character named Sirius Amory, a scientist who discovers an energy force that can connect the universe's 78 planets together.

COHEED AND CAMBRIA frontman Claudio Sanchez said of the album: "This is, without a doubt, the most honest record I've ever written. Though all the songs can be interpreted through our main character in the story, they were initially written in a very spontaneous manner. In the past, I've always had a predetermined idea of what the story was going to be when I approached the songs. With 'The Afterman' being a new story within 'The Amory Wars' arc, I allowed the events of my life to drive the concept, and therefore opened up the songwriting to a fuller degree."

COHEED AND CAMBRIA is currently touring with IRON MAIDEN and will be hitting the road for a headline run beginning in mid-September.
KORN has released the following statement:

"Fieldy [bassist Reginald Arvizu] and his wife are expecting a child this August! While Fieldy is home with his family for this incredible new arrival, bassist Ryan Martinie of MUDVAYNE has graciously agreed to fill in on the road for some of the upcoming shows.

"We are so happy for Fieldy and his family, and welcome Ryan onboard for these select shows!"

Fieldy married Dena Beber on May 13, 2006 at the St. Regis Monarch Beach Resort & Spa in Dana Point, California. It was her first marriage and his third. Fieldy has two daughters, Sarina and Olivia Arvizu, from his second marriage from Shela Arvizu; he and Dena had a son in early 2007 and named him Israel.

Fieldy's 2009 memoir, "Got The Life: My Journey Of Addiction, Faith, Recovery And Korn", details his struggles with drug and alcohol addiction during KORN's early years and how he became a born-again Christian to help get his life together and get sober.

KORN will play some shows in Europe this month before they co-headline the fourth annual ShipRocked, the ultimate rock music cruise vacation which sails November 27 - December 1.
During a brand new interview with Loudwire, SYSTEM OF A DOWN frontman Serj Tankian was asked when fans can expect to hear a new studio album from the reunited band. "It's a good question and the answer is the same — we haven't made plans of recording the new record as of yet," he said. "When we do, everyone will know. We haven't really discussed another record as of now with any of the guys, really. It's something that, when it's the right time, we'll do it. Right now I'm busy with my own stuff and that's gonna take me a bit, but when it's the right time, everyone will know. I don't even want to say there's [a new SYSTEM OF A DOWN album] coming because we haven't really talked about it. I just assume when it's the right time, it'll materialize, like everything else in the universe."

On the topic of what the band's chemistry has been like since reuniting after a lengthy hiatus, Tankian said, "We've had a fuckin' blast playing all of these shows. I think we've played better because of it. There was new excitement in playing together and all of the shows have been really great. Everyone's told us that we sound better than we did in 2006 when we left off, so I think it's great. We're having a great time doing it. We got two weeks on the East Coast in August that we're gonna do with DEFTONES and it's gonna be exciting. DEFTONES are great; they're friends of ours, obviously. It's going to be a fun tour."

SYSTEM's last two albums, "Mezmerize" and "Hypnotize", were released in 2005.

SYSTEM OF A DOWN drummer John Dolmayan previously told Straight.com about the band's five-year hiatus, "I personally don't like breaks — I like to continue playing. But it was nice to go off and be John Dolmayan, as opposed to John from SYSTEM, for a while. I think everybody had similar feelings."

The drummer explained that a desire to pull off the road for a while and reconnect with their lives is what led SYSTEM to take an extended vacation from each other, saying, "When you're on the road and in the studio all the time, it's kind of like traveling at light speed. When you come back, it's like 20 years have passed by, and you're only one or two hours older . . . You're living a nomadic life, and you lose touch with people because they have grown away from you. People get older, get married, die — life is still going on."
LAMB OF GOD frontman Randy Blythe was released from custody yesterday (Thursday, August 2) after spending more than a month at a Prague, Czech Republic prison on manslaughter charges.

According to Blesk.cz, Blythe boarded a direct flight to New York at approximately 1:00 p.m. CEST (Central European Summer Time) today. He is expected to land on U.S. soil this afternoon.

"I'm relieved to be out of Pankrác jail," Blythe told TV Nova at the airport before catching his flight. "It wasn't bad, but it wasn't exactly fun."

He added, "I'm relieved to be out of jail, but if it's necessary for me to return to Prague to go to this court thing, I certainly will. I'm no flight risk."
LAMB OF GOD's publicist, Adrenaline PR, released the following statement:

"After five weeks in a prison in Prague in the Czech Republic, [LAMB OF GOD frotnman] Randy Blythe has been released on bail and is returning to the United States.

"Although LAMB OF GOD has canceled their summer co-headline tour with DETHKLOK, the band has agreed to play the Knotfest shows on August 17th in Council Bluffs, Iowa and August 18th in Somerset, Wisconsin.

"The band is currently targeting October 26th as the start date for a U.S tour. Dates and cities will be released as soon as possible.

"Randy will be making a public statement discussing his time in Prague and thanking fans worldwide for their support in the next week."
Shortly before boarding a flight to New York earlier today after spending more than a month at a Prague, Czech Republic prison on manslaughter charges, LAMB OF GOD frontman Randy Blythe spoke to TV Nova about his ordeal and vowed to "clear his name." You can watch the seven-minute chat below.

On how he is feeling after being released from prison:

Randy: "I'm relieved to be out of Pankrác jail. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't exactly fun. I'm relieved to be out of jail, but if it's necessary for me to return to Prague to go to this court thing, I certainly will. I'm no flight risk."

On the alleged incident that resulted in a death at a LAMB OF GOD concert:

Randy: "This concert that happened, it was a… I've played thousands of concerts. To people who are not used to this type of music, I know it must seem crazy and violent, the appearance, but that sort of activity is normal at a concert, that type of dancing. That sort of behavior is normal at concerts. It is very tragic that a young man died. I feel very bad that a fan of my band is dead and that his family has to go through it — it's terrible, I feel awful for them — but it's a tragic coincidence in my mind.

"As I told the judge and the police when I gave my statement, that concert was, like, one of literally thousands I've played… I certainly did not know anyone was hurt. When I showed up in Prague, I was very surprised to be arrested. We had no knowledge whatsoever that someone had been injured, much less died."

On what his prison experience was like:

Randy: "Prison is not exactly a fun place to be, but I had three meals a day, a roof over my head and clothes on my back, so I tried to be grateful for what I had instead of what I [didn't] have. I read a lot, I wrote a lot, I wrote some new songs, I exercised in my cell and I talked to cellmates. There's not much to do in prison."

"Some prisoners who knew I was and I signed some autographs for them and for some guards. But even the people that didn't know who I was, they knew why I was in there; obviously, this case is in the media. The inmates were very cool to me. Nobody was mean to me at all. I had no problems."

On whether he will return to Prague:

Randy: "Of course — if it is necessary. My bail, there was an appeal against it twice. I'm no flight risk. I'm an international touring artist. I have to clear my name. So, yes, I will come back here if I'm called to court."

Blythe was arrested at the Prague airport on June 27 and was accused of shoving a local fan off the stage during LAMB OF GOD's May 2010 concert in the city. The man, who is said to have stormed the stage three times during the show, reportedly suffered a brain hemorrhage that resulted in his death nearly a month later.

After the court doubled Blythe's bail last month from about $200,000 to about $400,000, the prosecutor once again filed a complaint against the singer's release.

A Prague court on Thursday (August 2) dismissed the request that Blythe be banned from leaving the country.

The Prague Municipal Court's ruling against the prosecutor of the Prague 8 District Court was made Thursday afternoon at approximately 4:00 p.m. behind closed doors.

"The decision was reached yesterday at the end of a closed session," said Martina Lhotáková, spokeswoman for Prague's Municipal Court.

"The only condition of release was the approximately 8 million Czech Koruna bail [which has already been paid]," she added.

Blythe's Czech attorney Martin Radvan told Radio Prague that Blythe will have to return to the Czech Republic to face trial. "That's what he wants to do," Radvan said. "As a world-renowned artist, in a specific genre of music, of course, he cannot afford to simply disappear."

Radvan added that Randy's stature as a public figure makes it highly unlikely that he would vanish before the trial, saying, "There would be posters with his picture all around the world, and if he wants to continue performing, he will have to return. And he wants to return because he believes he is not guilty of anything he has been charged with."

The lawyer said earlier today that the police investigation is unlikely to be completed until winter. "We don't know yet if [the fan's death] was caused by our client or in a different way," he said.

Jonathan Crane, a reporter from the Prague Post, told WTVR-TV that a legal expert believes the Blythe's defense team should have quite a strong case. "Even if Randy was responsible for the alleged attack, the expert said that who is to say that he wasn't accidentally kicked or trodden on or left without help by fans below the stage," Crane said.

During an appearance on the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania radio station 105.9 The X, Crane discussed the way that both the Czech media and police have been handling the incident. He explained, "At the start, the Czech tabloids were quite vociferous about Blythe and the reputation of LAMB OF GOD, and portraying Blythe especially to be quite a violent person, an aggressive person."

He added, "Obviously, there have been these videos put up on YouTube of the alleged incident. LAMB OF GOD's management say this is the key to proving Blythe's innocence, that you can clearly see it's a security guard that throws a boy or a man off the stage. Now, other people I've spoken to here, who were at the gig … they say actually the man in the videos is not Daniel, the young man who unfortunately died two years ago."
LAMB OF GOD frontman Randy Blythe landed on U.S. soil this afternoon after spending more than a month at a Prague, Czech Republic prison on manslaughter charges. The singer boarded a direct flight to New York at approximately 1:00 p.m. CEST (Central European Summer Time) and made his way back home to Richmond, Virginia where he was expected to be met by his wife, Cindy Blythe.

On his layover in New York, Blythe updated his Instagram with photo of him and a fan who came to the airport to greet him (see picture below). He also included this heartfelt message:

"I apologize for my absence. I had an unexpectedly lengthy layover in the Czech Republic.

"This lovely young woman named Lia came to the [New York City] airport just to say, 'Randy, I'm glad you're home.' WHAT A SWEETHEART! Her boyfriend Gary had to work, so we called him on his cell.

"WE HAVE AWESOME FANS! How rad to be greeted by one for my layover in NYC.

"Soon I'll be home in [Richmond, Virginia].

"Thanks for your good thoughts and prayers.

"I'll release a statement soon.

"Yee-haw and God bless the U.S.A.!!!!!!!!!"

Blythe was arrested at the Prague airport on June 27 and was accused of shoving a local fan off the stage during LAMB OF GOD's May 2010 concert in the city. The man, who is said to have stormed the stage three times during the show, reportedly suffered a brain hemorrhage that resulted in his death nearly a month later.

After the court doubled Blythe's bail last month from about $200,000 to about $400,000, the prosecutor once again filed a complaint against the singer's release.

A Prague court on Thursday (August 2) dismissed the request that Blythe be banned from leaving the country.

Blythe confirmed earlier today that he will return to the Czech Republic — if necessary — to face trial. "I'm an international touring artist," he said. "I have to clear my name. So, yes, I will come back [to Prague] if I'm called to court."
According to The Pulse Of Radio, FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH guitarist Jason Hook told the Evansville Courier & Press that he owes a lot of his current success with one of heavy metal's most popular new bands to his stint as a member of Mandy Moore's touring band. Hook recalled, "When I moved to Los Angeles, I was broke. I just made a pact with myself that if I could just get into the field, I was going to take the job so I could learn whatever I could. It beat working at Home Depot. I had to beat out about 50 guys at the audition. And then it was like, 'Pack a bag! We're going on tour!' I was pretty happy about it, you know?"

Hook says he learned a lot working for the pop singer that he still applies to his job today, explaining, "The [Moore gig] taught me a lot: There were rules, you had to be on time, you had to be prepared, you had to be focused, you had to be responsible. It taught me discipline and how to work in that environment. I'm very grateful to have the history that I have. Some people think it's not cool, but that's OK. I had the option to do roof tiling and all that stuff. I just didn't want to."

The Moore job led to sideman gigs with Vince Neil and Alice Cooper before he landed in the lineup of FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH.

Hook added that all the members of FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH are "pretty disciplined. We're doing business during the day, constantly. We spend time making music and we're always trying to prepare new material. We're very proactive in that way. We set goals for ourselves. We don't just sleep all day and party all night."

FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH is currently headlining the Trespass America tour, also featuring KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, TRIVIUM, POP EVIL and others. The trek pulls into Battle Creek, Michigan on Friday (August 3).
According to The Pulse Of Radio, former NIRVANA bassist Krist Novoselic spoke with the Hivecast about recently collaborating again with FOO FIGHTERS frontman Dave Grohl, who also played drums in NIRVANA. Novoselic kept the details to a minimum, only admitting that it was for the "Sound City" documentary that Grohl is making. He explained, "You've got to ask Dave what we did though because he told me not to tell anybody. It's around the 'Sound City' documentary. I went to Pasadena to go see Ben [Shepherd] and Kim [Thayil], because they were in L.A. making a video for [SOUNDGARDEN's 'Avengers' single] 'Live To Rise'. And so like we went to this hotel room, and we were like having some beers, and like they were playing their new song and I was playing our new song. It was kind of like the old days, like, 'Wow, we haven't done this in 20 years.'"

The documentary, which Grohl is directing, is about the legendary Sound City recording studio in Los Angeles, where acts ranging from FLEETWOOD MAC to METALLICA to Tom Petty to NIRVANA recorded many classic rock albums.

Grohl purchased the studio's main mixing board after the facility closed its doors a few years back.

The film, which Grohl reportedly hopes to premiere this fall, will feature new musical collaborations between a number of different artists.

Novoselic, who has kept a relatively low profile since NIRVANA ended in 1994, contributed bass and accordion to the track "I Should Have Known" from FOO FIGHTERS' most recent album, "Wasting Light".

It was the first time that Novoselic and Grohl had recorded together in nearly 20 years.
According to TMZ.com, bassist Nick Oliveri (QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE, MONDO GENERATION, KYUSS) cut a deal with prosecutors that will keep him out of jail in connection with his July 2011 arrest in Hollywood.

Oliveri's lawyer Freddy Sayegh tells TMZ.com, "Mr. Oliveri agreed to plead to one count of possession of cocaine and a dismissal of the remaining six felony counts."

The musician will receive 36 months of probation, require enrollment in an anger management course for 52 weeks and be ordered to perform 200 hours of community service.

Nick Oliveri was arrested on July 12, 2011 on felony domestic violence. The police was called to the scene by Oliveri's neighbor who reported a "disturbance" between the now-40-year-old rocker and his girlfriend. A standoff between a SWAT team and Nick ensued before Oliveri finally agreed to let his girlfriend exit the duplex.

Nick's girlfriend reportedly told police Oliveri hit her during an argument the day before and she had returned to collect her stuff so she could move out.

During a search of Nick's home on Hobart Boulevard, cops reportedly found a fully loaded high-powered rifle, cocaine and methamphetamines.

Speaking about the incident, Oliveri told Antiquiet in March, "When the police came to my house, which nobody in my house called, a friend of ours came over and we didn't open the door for her. And she called the police — which is absurd. . . Basically, at the end of the day, I screwed up 'cause I didn't open the door. I was like, 'I'm not going to open, I don't have to open the door.' I didn't think you have to open the door… [laughs]"

Brigette Sullivan of Examiner.com recently conducted an interview with '80s hard rock queen Lita Ford. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

Examiner.com: "A Song To Slit Your Wrist By" was written by Nikki Sixx. Was this a collaboration, as you did with him on "Falling In and Out of Love"?

Lita: You know, it was the weirdest thing. I was on my computer one day and it popped up. And I went, "I don't have any Nikki Sixx songs saved to my desktop. What the fuck is this?" So I listened to it and called Nikki. He said, "It's from the 58 version." I asked, "Is this something you did for your book? Can I have it?" He said, "Yeah! Do what you want with it. It's a song I wrote for my ex-wife fifteen years ago." I thought, "Oh, God. How perfect." I asked if he were to change anything, what would he do. He said he'd give it an industrial vibe, like a NINE INCH NAILS kind of feel. Gary [Hoey, producer/co-writer] started messing around with it, gave it some loops, added a guitar solo, added more attitude. I think it came out great. I wrote on the album in my handwriting, "Do not attempt this at home".

Examiner.com: The song "Mother" is so heart-wrenching. Was it difficult to record?

Lita: It was hard to write. It was hard to record. It's hard to listen to. I find myself skipping over it sometimes, depending on how much make-up I have on that day. If I'm all made up, I'm like, "Oh, can't cry right now!" I've done interviews where big, grown men tell me they've come away from it in tears. That's huge. That's what I wanted — for people to feel my pain. But it is a great song and we're going to do a video for it.

Examiner.com: Do you have anyone in mind for directing the video for "Mother"?

Lita: Actually, Vicky [Blue], the bass player from THE RUNAWAYS, is going to do it. She did "Edgeplay", the RUNAWAYS documentary. We're very close. She's got a lot of photographs of me and my children, a lot of the necessary elements to create this video.

Examiner.com: You divorce has now been finalized.

Lita: Finally!

Examiner.com: Any dating prospects in your future?

Lita: Hell no!! Nuh-uh. I'm enjoying my freedom. There's my date, sitting in that guitar stand over there. It doesn't talk back and I can turn it on and off when I want. You know it's funny. We have nine-volt batteries on the rider, for my guitar pedals. My guitarist asked why I had them on the rider. I said, "Mitch, I use them for my dildos." Mitch said, "Lita, now I know you don't use dildos." I asked, "How do you know?!" He said, "Because they don't take nine-volt batteries."
The elite South Coast Temecula Winery and rock band WARRANT have joined forces to create WARRANT's newest Cabernet Sauvignon!

The wine, named appropriately after the band's hit song "I Saw Red", is available in the Temecula Valley — where WARRANT guitarist Erik Turner has a home — as well as online to out-of-state wine lovers or collectors.

Official description: "Just like the band that inspired this wine, this Cabernet Sauvignon is bold rugged individualistic with dark and complex characteristics. Warrant, I Saw Red, Cabernet Sauvignon goes beyond the general descriptions and delivers even more. Rich, concentrated character that is layered with ripe black cherry, cassis and blueberry jam fruit aromas are underscored with modest herbal scents and warm, smoky oak tones. Full bodied and velvety upon first taste, this is a supple wine with great varietal intensity."

Each bottle is hand-signed and numbered by the Turner. Due to limited supply, no discounts will be applied.

Vintage: NV
Type: Red Wine
Varietal: Cabernet Sauvignon
Alcohol %: 13.8
PH: 3.54
Acid Content: 0.64 g/100mL
Residual Sugar: 0.88 g/100mL
Harvest Date: Various
Bottling Date: July 2012
Wine Volume (mL): 750
Wild Eye Releasing has set a September 25 release date for "Tight", a hilarious "mockumentary" about four adult performers who create the all-girl rock band TIGHT and hit the road to promote their music, meet new fans and learn about friendship, perseverance and the insanity of the rock and roll lifestyle. For the first time ever, the lives of an all-female adult star rock band is documented for the world to see.

"Tight", to be made available on DVD, follows Monica Mayhem, Tuesday Cross, Alicia Andrews and Layla Labelle as they temporarily take leave of the adult industry and try to make it as rock musicians, sweating it out in the clubs under the management of one of the biggest names in the adult industry, and former Charlie Sheen "Goddess," Bree Olson.

"The biggest challenge a porn star band faces is being taken seriously," says Bree Olsen. "These are very talented musicians but not everyone is willing to give them a chance."

TIGHT (the band) competed and won on Howard Stern's "XXX Factor" talent competition back in April, and a new lead singer, Kelley Jean, recently replaced Mayhem, adding a new dynamic to the quartet.

TIGHT is headed on tour soon, just in time for the release of "Tight" (the movie) as well as the band's new single, "Down To The Bottom", which is available at this location.

"Tight" is loaded with extras, including deleted scenes, bonus videos, unseen concert footage, sexy image galleries, trailers and four pages of liner notes, and is already receiving raves: James King of the Phoenix New Times notes that "'Tight' has all the components of a perfect reality series," while The New York Post declared it "the best mockumentary since 'Spinal Tap'!" The girls' raw energy pierces the screen and makes the viewer root for this most unlikely of rock bands, even as they implode.
German thrashers ACCU§ER have set "Diabolic" as the title of their next record, to be released in April 2013 via Red Shift Music/H'ART. The CD will be recorded in October at Gernhart studio with producer Martin Buchwalter (DESTRUCTION, PERZONAL WAR, SUIDAKRA).

ACCU§ER's last CD, "Dependent Domination", came out in July 2011 via Red Shift.

Formed in 1986, ACCU§ER received international acclaim with such albums as "Who Dominates Who" (1989) and "Repent" (1992) and songs rife with both technical and compositional pyrotechnics. Right from the beginning, the band established itself as an original among its American brethren from the San Francisco Bay Area as well as fellow countrymen KREATOR and DESTRUCTION, a fact cemented through its collaborations with TESTAMENT/ANTHRAX producer Alex Perialis and industrial pioneers DIE KRUPPS.

ACCU§ER split up in 1996 but reformed in 2008.
Polish hard rockers KRUK are currently in the studio working on the material for their as-yet-untitled third album, to be released in the fall. The CD is being produced by Marcin Kindla, previously associated with the Polish pop scene.

"The material on which we are currently working is undoubtedly still rock music. However, we do feel a great urge to write it in a slightly different way than it was with our two previous albums," says KRUK guitarist Piotr Brzychcy. "We are open to other genres of music and this time we are trying to make use of it. That's why I am counting on Marcin Kindla, who, despite being brought up on rock music, comes from a totally different music sphere. He has astonishing intuition and taste in what he is doing and, what is more important, he is open to crazy ideas. Of course, there would be no fun if we didn't prepare some special surprises, but let this remain our secret. And the truth is we still do not know what we will end up with at the end of the recordings."

KRUK's sophomore album, "It Will Not Come Back", was released in 2011. The CD featured guest appearances by Doogie White (RAINBOW, YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, TANK) and Piotr Kupicha (FEEL). The effort was made available with a bonus DVD featuring 100 minutes of concert footage.


KRUK is:

Piotr Brzychcy - Guitar
Tomasz Wisniewski - Vocals
Krzysiek Nowak - Bass
Darek Nawara - Drums
Michal Kurys - Keyboards
San Francisco Bay Area speed/thrash metallers TAUNTED will release their third full-length album, "9 Sins", before the end of the year. The CD features a special guest appearance by drummer Larry Howe of the American power metal band VICIOUS RUMORS.

"9 Sins" was tracked at Fang Studios in San Mateo, California and Trident Studios (MACHINE HEAD, TESTAMENT, EXODUS) in Pacheco, California. The effort was mixed/mastered by Juan Urteaga at Trident Studios. The production was handled by Joey Genoni and the rest of TAUNTED.

"9 Sins" track listing:

01. 7 Colors
02. Laceration
03. Chaos Theory
04. Dead Doll
05. Room 237
06. Tower Of Hellions
07. Sinner's Language
08. Written In The Flames
09. Taunted 2

Recording lineup:

Jacques Serrano - Vocals
Joey Genoni - Guitar
Matt Gower - Guitar
Elena Repetto - Bass
Larry Howe – Drums
ANATOMY OF I, the project featuring vocalist/guitarist Michael Dorrian, bassist Steve DiGiorgio (SADUS, DEATH, TESTAMENT) and drummer Dirk Verbeuren (SCARVE, SOILWORK), is looking for a permanent second guitarist. Dorrian states, "We're looking for a musician with experience and a pro attitude in the proximity of Amsterdam." Interested parties can contact the group at anatomyofi@hotmail.com

ANATOMY OF I started playing live this year as a three-piece with a lineup featuring OBSIDIAN drummer Melle Kramer and Giuseppe Formisano on fretless bass, replacing Verbeuren and DiGiorgio due to conflicting schedules.

The scheduled shows in September and October will be performed as a three-piece.

ANATOMY OF I's debut album, "Substratum", came out last year.
Former EVERCLEAR bassist Craig Montoya has joined forces with drummer Jimmy Littlefield (BODY BAG, KAPUDA) in a SLAYER tribute band called LIVE UNDEAD. The group will make its live debut tomorrow (Saturday, August 4) at Dante's in Portland, Oregon.

Commented Montoya: "I've always been a huge SLAYER fan. People really trip out, because I was in a pop band called EVERCLEAR."

Added Littlefield: "[Playing SLAYER songs is] in my blood, naturally, having been into heavy music all my life."

He continued, "You should see the looks we get when people find out Craig is from EVERCLEAR and he does a smash-up job as Tom Araya. It's freaking funny, but we all do our parts really well and will not disappoint."

LIVE UNDEAD is rounded out by guitar players Brandon Cook and Mark Trees.

Montoya was a member of EVERCLEAR from 1992 until 2003.

Montoya and Littlefield have their own original bands going in addition to their work with LIVE UNDEAD. Montoya is keeping busy with KANDLES AT NINE (also featuring drummer Deen Castronovo; JOURNEY, WILD DOGS) and Littlefield is pursuing AGNOZIA (ReverbNation page), with Micheal Wilton (QUEENSRŸCHE) handling lead guitar duties.
A track-by-track review of "RIITIIR", the twelfth studio album from Norwegian progressive extreme metallers ENSLAVED, can be found at Terrorizer.com.

"RIITIIR" will be released in Europe on September 28 and in North America on October 9 via Nuclear Blast Records.

"It has been only two years since we last released an album [2010's award-winning 'Axioma Ethica Odini'], and we've been touring Europe and North America several times since then," reflects ENSLAVED guitarist, songwriter, and founding member Ivar Bjørnson. "Some might think that this schedule, and the fact that we celebrated our 20th anniversary last year, should result in some time off in the end. Nah. Like a space vessel that gains momentum by entering slingshot-orbits on its way through space, we seem to gain speed, direction, and strength on our journeys, through new releases and subsequent tours.

"Describing the sound on the new album is both easy and hard," Bjørnson continues. "It is easy because it sounds like ENSLAVED, whatever that means. It is hard because there are so many layers and different focal points. I have a feeling that it has a deeper complexity than our previous efforts, but at the same time, I do find it more catchy and moving. Then again, I am the opposite of objective in this, so again I'll leave it up to the people outside the band to make up their mind."

The track listing for the "RIITIIR" European and North American digipak is as follows:

01. Thoughts Like Hammers
02. Death In The Eyes Of Dawn
03. Veilburner
04. Roots Of The Mountain
05. Riitiir
06. Materal
07. Storm Of Memories
08. Forsaken

The track listing for the "RIITIIR" 2LP double-gatefold is as follows:

Side A:

01. Thoughts Like Hammers
02. Death In The Eyes Of Dawn

Side B:

01. Veilburner
02. Roots Of The Mountain

Side C:

01. Riitiir
02. Materal

Side D:

01. Storm Of Memories
02. Forsaken

The cover artwork for "RIITIIR" was once again created by Truls Espedal and can be seen below. He stated about his latest collaboration with the band, "ENSLAVED's music is constantly evolving and expanding, and we early on decided that the artwork should reflect this. From my first collaboration with the band on [2001's] 'Monumension' and forward, we have slowly merged different aspects into the work; what we wanted to do now was to further expand and change things up a bit, without losing the connection to earlier work. It still has a strong sense of symbolism, symmetrical compositions and references to Norse art. But there is an even bigger emphasis on realism on 'RIITIIR', which hopefully adds atmosphere to the finished work."

ENSLAVED's last two CDs — "Vertebrae" (2008) and "Axioma Ethica Odini" (2010) — were released via Indie Recordings in Europe and Nuclear Blast in North America.
ISIS will release "Temporal", a retrospective collection of unreleased rarities, remixes and videos, on November 6 via and Ipecac Recordings.

"Temporal" spans the groundbreaking band's entire discography with inclusions from "Mosquito Control" to the band's final full-length album, "Wavering Radiant".

"It was fun and also very nostalgic collecting material for this release," commented Aaron Harris. "I hear our catalogue differently now that I'm not living with these songs day to day. This is a special collection of outtakes, demos, unreleased tracks and videos; some of which I think we even forgot about."

More details including a complete track listing will be released soon.

In other news, Decibel magazine profiles one of ISIS' landmark albums, "Oceanic", in the magazine's September issue. The seven-page interview with all five bandmembers (Jeff Caxide, Mike Gallagher, Aaron Harris, Clifford Meyer and Aaron Turner) speaks to the "sea change" that "Oceanic" was for heavy music. Albert Mudrian, editor-in-chief for Decibel, explains: "ISIS may have left a massive void in heavy music's body when they sailed away for good a couple of years ago, but the ripples of 'Oceanic' continue to cause waves a decade after its release."

Harris, Caxide and Meyer recently partnered with Chino Moreno (DEFTONES) to form PALMS. The band's debut album will be out in early 2013 via Ipecac.

Turner's OLD MAN GLOOM released "No" in late June and he will be touring Japan this September with MAMIFFER.

Gallagher continues on with his solo project MGR as well as scoring films, most recently "22nd Of May".
Swedish avantgarde prog/death metallers LOCH VOSTOK will release their fifth album, "V - The Doctrine Decoded", on October 4 through Vicisolum Records (the digital release is set for September 28).

According to a press release, LOCH VOSTOK is "one of Sweden's hidden gems, musically spanding very different genres, like death, prog, melody and thrash — making LOCH VOSTOK a very hard band to label. Avantgarde-metal seems to be the most fitting brand."

LOCH VOSTOK will head out on European tour in September/October as direct support band for Norwegian progressive metallers LEPROUS.

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