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KISS guitarist/vocalist Paul Stanley told The San Diego Union-Tribune that the band can continue in the future (and theoretically forever) without him and fellow KISS co-founder Gene Simmons.

"The band is bigger than its members," said Stanley. "And it only takes, in this case, four like-minded people with a similar outlook and talent to further the cause and continue KISS. It makes perfect sense to me. It may not make sense to other bands, but we're not other bands. We don't live by those rules. We never have."

Asked if he is concerned that he and Simmons, both 62, are growing too old to rock 'n' roll all night, Stanley said, "I'm damn good at what I do. But do I think I'm the only person capable of doing what I do? Absolutely not. I'm not talking about a clone (of me), but somebody with the same passion, drive and love for the music I love. So, can I envision a time when I won't be here anymore? Absolutely. It's not tomorrow, or next week. But when it happens, I would be celebratory. Because it would prove that I was right and that KISS is exactly what I believe it is: an ideal, a way of performing, a point of view. It's an attitude, and the respect and love (we have for) our audience."

Despite the fact that KISS's 2000 tour was billed as the band's "farewell" trek, the group carried on, with drummer Eric Singer and guitarist Tommy Thayer filling the roles of Peter Criss and Ace Frehley, respectively.

Asked if another reunion of the four original members of KISS be possible, Stanley told The San Diego Union-Tribune, "Never! You only get so many opportunities and so many chances. And while I don't wish [Frehley and Criss] any ill will at this point, you know, most people are fortunate to win the lottery once. When you win it twice, and throw it away, the opportunities are gone. Plus, everything that those guys did, unfortunately, jeopardized what I do. Those who don't learn from their mistakes are doomed to repeat them. … The intent and spirit of what this band was founded on is more intact and alive today than ever. And it's not because of the individual founding members or any of that nonsense, but because of people who have the passion, the love and commitment to live up to what KISS is."

Regarding why he and Simmons never fell prey to drugs and alcohol, Stanley said, "For me, the idea of self-preservation has always been key. We don't even have to go to Jim Morrison or Hendrix. We can go back to Billie Holiday. Time and time again, the drugs will either kill you outright, or kill your spirit, your creativity, your joy in life. It becomes a life sentence, without bars. I never wanted to sign up for that. There's nothing romantic about that. And the only people who see that as romantic are often the critics, who sit on the sidelines and like to romanticize while their heroes deteriorate, and somehow, that validates the art of the addict. I never bought into that."
The biggest rock band in the world, KISS, is launching the largest rock book ever to be published, "Kiss Monster Book", standing 3 feet high by 2.5 feet wide and 2 inches thick, with a special appearance at the Viper Room in West Hollywood, California on Tuesday, August 21 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.

The "Kiss Monster Book" offers a larger-than-life journey through 40 years of KISS with an intimate collection of 127 photographs by world-renowned rock photographers, including rare and never-before-seen images sourced from the band's own archives. The massive book is a collector's goldmine, with just 1,000 copies available and individually signed, dated and numbered by the four members of the current lineup. Printed in high-definition links by one of the world's finest limited-edition and large format printers, each copy has been hand stitched-and-bound in Italy, by the same binder used by The Vatican.

Eleven different covers with matching signature pages have been produced, and anyone buying the book can choose their cover when they place their order. The pictures inside include unseen gems, old 35mm slides, famous moments and brand new pictures that bring the band right up-to-date. Coupled with the sheer size and quality of the images, this book is a photographic monument that chronicles the cultural phenomenon known as KISS. It's an up-close-and-personal view of the most globally-recognized band in rock history, bringing the epic KISS experience alive.

KISS frontman Paul Stanley comments: "This book is way beyond my expectations. The photos are incredible at this size. It's not a coffee table book, it's a coffee table!"

KISS has worked closely with the publishers, carefully choosing the best and rarest images to illustrate every decade of their glorious history. The photos selected for the "Kiss Monster Book" capture the absolute essence of being in and around a KISS concert, with incredible work by some of the greatest rock photographers of all time, including Richard Aaron, Fin Costello, Bob Gruen, Ross Halfin, Tom Hill, Steve Jennings, Andrew Kent, Barry Levine, Eric McKenna, Evan Mover, Michael Putland, Denis O'Regan, Chip Rock, Al Soluri, Mark Sullivan, Mark Weiss and Neil Zlozower. The result is an explosion of giant photographs showing KISS alive, with a stunning recreation of the KISS live experience that leaves you with the smell of pyrotechnics in your nostrils, the sound of the music in your ears, and a sense of danger in your belly. Many of the close-up photographs are literally the closest any fan could ever get to their rock heroes without an all-access pass. The "Kiss Monster Book" is the ultimate rock book experience.

For more information, visit www.kissmonsterbook.com.
"Clockwork Angels", the 20th studio album legendary Canadian rockers RUSH, was not only the renowned trio's first new collection of original material in over five years, it was also the band's return to a concept LP, loosely based around the story of a young man's quest to follow his dreams and all of the good, the bad, the magnificent and the horrible that he encounters along the way.

Commenting on how the "Clockwork Angels" concept came together, RUSH drummer Neil Peart told Macleans.ca, "This started as a simple [idea] — the steampunk image and aesthetic I liked, I suggested to the guys as the basis for some kind of extended work. It built up to [the album] piece by piece by organic expansion. All the music was created by Geddy [Lee, bass and vocals] and Alex [Lifeson, guitar] jamming in the studio, and many of the lyrics were just extemporized over email. There's so much life experience in this story — it's not just a far-blown fantasy. [The song] 'Wish Them Well' [offers] a very mature response to the world that it took me a long time to learn. In a lot of our early stuff, my lyrical inspiration was anger, for sure. [laughs] There's still a lot I'm angry about, a lot of human behavior that's appalling and despicable, but you choose what you can fight against. I always thought if I could just put something in words perfectly enough, people would get the idea and it would change things. That's a harmless conceit. With people too, you constantly think, 'If I'm nice to people and treat them well, they'll appreciate it and behave better.' They won't, but it's still not a bad way to live."

One of the highest-charting albums of RUSH's illustrious 38-year career, "Clockwork Angels" deals with concepts of fate, circumstance, and free will, which Neil — as the band's primary lyricist — has been writing about since he joined RUSH in the mid-'70s. Asked what his thoughts are on these issues now, Peart told Macleans.ca, "I remain the optimist: you just do your best and hope for the best. But it's an evolving state of mind. I still totally believe in individual rights and individual responsibility and in choosing to do good. On the liberal side of things, they go to an extreme of how people need to be led, and they can't handle freedom. Pure libertarianism believes that people will be generous and help each other. Well, they won't. I wish it were so, and I live that way. I help panhandlers, but other people are, 'Oh, look at that — why doesn't he get a job?' While I believe in all that freedom, I also believe that no one should suffer needlessly. A realization I had lately: it is impossible to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ and be a Republican. It's philosophically absolutely opposed — if they could only think about what they were saying for a minute. That's when you get caught up in the webs of what people call themselves and how they behave. You just become adaptable and try to lead a good life in ways that make sense, regardless. Because I know at the end of it, if I'm going to meet Jesus or Allah or Buddha, I'm going to be all right."
GUNS N' ROSES will launch a Las Vegas residency at The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino this fall. The series of 12 shows starts October 31 and wraps up November 24.

GUNS N' ROSES has teamed up with Hard Rock Hotel & Casino to invade Las Vegas with a never-before-seen, one-of-a-kind music experience. Each night, the band will perform an electrifying show featuring a set list created exclusively for The Joint. "Appetite For Democracy" will span the band's biggest hits from their debut album "Appetite For Destruction" (1987) through their platinum-selling record "Chinese Democracy" (2008). Exact details about the show are being kept under wraps but fans can expect the raw and gritty heavy metal GUNS N' ROSES is known for along with a few surprise elements. Produced exclusively by AEG Live, "Appetite For Democracy" is unlike any show the band has ever done before or will ever do again.

"We are ecstatic to announce GUNS N' ROSES as our newest residency at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino," said Paul Davis, vice president of entertainment at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. "This is what The Joint is all about, bringing fans up close and personal with one of the most iconic bands in the world. It will be a truly unique GUNS N' ROSES experience!"

"This past New Year's Eve, GUNS N' ROSES tore the roof off The Joint with two sold-out shows. They were incredible; we watched them perform their timeless hits and soon-to-be legendary songs off 'Chinese Democracy'. Immediately following, AEG Live and Hard Rock began turning our fantasy of having them as a resident artist into a reality," added Bobby Reynolds, vice president of booking at AEG Live, Las Vegas. "To hear one of the biggest bands in the world rip through their catalog of hits is going to be amazing. There is no better way to celebrate the anniversary of their iconic album 'Appetite For Destruction' than to present 'Appetite For Democracy' at The Joint."

Ticket prices start at $45 (plus applicable services fees) and go on sale to the public at 10 a.m. on Friday, August 17.

To purchase tickets or for more information, visit the Hard Rock Box Office, all Ticketmaster locations or charge-by-phone at 800.745.3000. Ticket and room packages are available at www.hardrockhotel.com.

"Appetite For Democracy" schedule:

* Wednesday, Oct. 31
* Friday, Nov. 2
* Saturday, Nov. 3
* Wednesday, Nov. 7
* Friday, Nov. 9
* Saturday, Nov. 10
* Wednesday, Nov. 14
* Saturday, Nov. 17
* Sunday, Nov. 18
* Wednesday, Nov. 21
* Friday, Nov. 23
* Saturday, Nov. 24

MÖTLEY CRÜE earlier in the year became the first hard rock band to ever launch a Las Vegas residency at The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.

In addition sole original member Axl Rose (vocals), the current lineup of GUNS N' ROSES includes guitarists Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal, Richard Fortus and DJ Ashba, bassist Tommy Stinson, keyboardists Dizzy Reed and Chris Pitman and drummer Frank Ferrer.
Omnibus Press has set a November 16 release date for THIN LIZZY guitarist Scott Gorham's memoir, "The Boys Are Back in Town". The book was co-written with journalist Harry Doherty and is expected to give the inside story of the band's days on the road.

Official description of the 160-page paperback "The Boys Are Back in Town": "One of the defining rock groups of the 20th Century, THIN LIZZY began life in Dublin in 1969 when childhood friends Phil Lynott and Brian Downey were approached by two former members of VAN MORRISON's band THEM, Eric Wrixon (keyboards) and Eric Bell (guitar). Now for the first time, their story is told by guitarist Scott Gorham and rock journalist Harry Doherty. The band's story is told by the people who were involved directly including former guitarists, road crew, management, family and friends. Their origins in Dublin as a three piece with the 'Whiskey In The Jar' single and a string of unsuccessful but highly creative albums. The move to London to chase the dream of being a major rock band. The chaotic arrival and departures of various members, including Eric Bell (who left the band mid-concert), Irish guitarist Gary Moore, Brian Robertson and co-author Scott Gorham. How the albums 'Jailbreak' and 'Boys Are Back In Town' took the band to the top of the charts just as they were to become bankrupt. Includes stories of the band on the road, the drink and drugs and how the years of partying, drug-taking and non stop touring eventually took its toll on not only the band members but on their families. The death of front man Phil Lynott and their legacy following his death."

THIN LIZZY recently entered the studio to begin recording its first new album in nearly 30 years for a tentative 2013 release. It will be the group's first studio set since "Thunder And Lightning" in 1983, and its first to not include Phil Lynott, who died in 1986.

Asked what Phil would say about THIN LIZZY recording a new record without him, Scott told Independent.ie, "I think Phil would be right behind the idea of a new THIN LIZZY album. Given the choice, Phil would want to keep the THIN LIZZY name going and keep the band on the road. He was a real band member.

"You know, we still feel he is with us. That's why at every gig we introduce Phil as though he's still here — and he still gets the biggest cheer of the night. So he's still overshadowing me."

Gorham said, "Songwriting in THIN LIZZY was always a collaborative thing. Phil wrote a lot of our biggest hits but other members contributed to his songs. Everybody was included in the writing.

"Even when Phil did his solo albums, he still wanted the members of THIN LIZZY playing and contributing to his songs."
According to the Belfast Telegraph, Gary Moore fans have expressed concerns over the "sorry state" of his grave, saying that the legendary guitarist's final resting place looks "neglected."

Moore suffered a heart attack brought on by a massive amount of alcohol he consumed prior to being found dead in bed at a luxury hotel in Spain in February 2011 and was put to rest in Saltdean, East Sussex.

However, the only sign that it's Moore's grave is a small brown cross stating "Gary Moore 1952-2011" and a few items left behind by fans, the Belfast Telegraph reports. (See photo of Moore's grave at BelfestTelegraph.co.uk.)

Local resident Irene Campbell told the paper she would prefer to see a bigger signification at the resting place, explaining, "When I went to look for Gary Moore's grave at the parish church, it took me ages to find. Having been to Pere Lachaise in Paris recently and visited Jim Morrison's grave, I was expecting some sort of original memorial, maybe a guitar in stone. Just as I was giving up I found it tucked away against a back wall with no obvious markings. The little black scarf draped on the cross probably was what caught my eye. The grave was not delineated or looked after — there were lots of fallen leaves not swept up. I was really disappointed and thought it looked neglected."

Moore's family spokesman issued a statement to the paper explaining that adverse weather conditions were to blame for the delay in erecting a headstone.

"A headstone is currently being made, as arranged by Gary's family," said the spokesman. "It does take some time for the ground, following a burial, to settle and to be able to support a headstone or memorial piece. But with the continuing wet weather, this has added to the time that the ground is taking to settle."
Legacy Recordings, the catalog division of Sony Music Entertainment, will celebrate the 40th anniversary of "Blue Öyster Cult" — unleashed in 1972, the eponymous debut album from America's heaviest psychedelic metal band presaged punk, thrash and hardcore — with the release of "Blue Öyster Cult - The Columbia Albums Collection", a monumental career-spanning BLUE ÖYSTER CULT library comprised of 16 CDs (the full official canon plus two discs of rarities) and the mythic "Some Other Enchanted Evening" DVD (a blistering concert video from 1978). The highly-collectible boxed set will be available Tuesday, October 30.

BLUE ÖYSTER CULT (led by founding members Eric Bloom and Donald "Buck Dharma" Roeser) will perform an historic New York City/Times Square show — featuring special guests and other surprises — at the Best Buy Theater (44th & Broadway, Manhattan) on Sunday, October 28 (doors at 7 p.m.). Tickets go on sale, Friday, August 17. Reserved seating is available for the show.

A limited number (100) of individual deluxe VIP packages for the Times Square Show will also be offered. Designed to provide the ultimate BLUE ÖYSTER CULT experience, each deluxe VIP package includes "Blue Öyster Cult - The Columbia Albums Collection" (in advance of street date!) in addition to a guaranteed seat in the first five rows of the Best Buy Theater for the BLUE ÖYSTER CULT Times Square concert; a pre-show meet-and-greet with the band; an autographed limited edition BLUE ÖYSTER CULT event poster and an exclusive commemorative laminate.

"Blue Öyster Cult - The Columbia Albums Collection" brings together the group's 14 official Columbia Records albums — including newly-mastered editions of "On Your Feet Or On Your Knees", "Fire Of Unknown Origin", "The Revolution By Night", "Mirrors", "Cultosaurus Erectus", "Extraterrestrial Live", "Club Ninja" and "Imaginos" — alongside two newly-curated bonus discs: "Rarities" and "Radios Appear: The Best Of The Broadcasts" (a special collection of classic live performances).

In addition, the "Blue Öyster Cult - The Columbia Albums Collection" box set comes with a special download code good for four live concert broadcasts as well as as a forty-page booklet chock-full of photos and liner notes from celebrated music writer and guitarist Lenny Kaye.

"Blue Öyster Cult - The Columbia Albums Collection" includes:

01. Blue Öyster Cult (1972 - studio - with 2001 CD bonus tracks)
02. Tyranny And Mutation (1973 - studio - with 2001 CD bonus tracks)
03. Secret Treaties (1974 - studio - with 2001 CD bonus tracks)
04. On Your Feet Or On Your Knees (1975 - live) - 2012 Remaster
05. Agents Of Fortune (1976 - studio - with 2001 CD bonus tracks)
06. Spectres (1977 - studio - with 2007 CD bonus tracks)
07. Some Enchanted Evening CD (1978 - live - with 2007 CD bonus tracks)
08. Some Other Enchanted Evening DVD (1978 - live)
09. Mirrors (1979 - studio) - 2012 Remaster
10. Cultosaurus Erectus (1980 - studio) - 2012 Remaster
11. Fire Of Unknown Origin (1981 - studio) - 2012 Remaster
12. Extraterrestrial Live (1982 - live) - 2012 Remaster
13. The Revolution By Night (1983 - studio) - 2012 Remaster
14. Club Ninja (1985 - studio) - 2012 Remaster
15. Imaginos (1988 - studio) - 2012 Remaster
16. Rarities
17. Radios Appear: The Best of the Broadcasts

Originally formed in Long Island as SOFT WHITE UNDERBELLY in 1967, BLUE ÖYSTER CULT combined adventurous lyrical themes with an aggressive instrumental sound. With passion and intelligence on display in equal measure, BLUE ÖYSTER CULT became the thinking fan's rock band and a sign of life in a sea of dull, anemic soft-pop. Anthems like "Godzilla", "Harvester Of Eyes" and "Don't Fear The Reaper" stretched the boundaries of rock topics while lead guitarist Donald "Buck Dharma" Roeser became a hero to legions of budding axe-wielders. The band's mystique extended to their album artwork, resulting in some of the most distinctive and iconic LP covers of the rock era. "Blue Öyster Cult - The Columbia Albums Collection" gathers the essential pieces of the BLUE ÖYSTER CULT story into one mind-boggling totality.
After attending MÖTLEY CRÜE's August 10 concert at the Ashley Furniture Homestore Pavilion (formerly Cricket Pavilion) in Phoenix, Arizona as part of the band's tour with KISS, a fan asked CRÜE bassist Nikki Sixx why his group didn't play an encore. Nikki replied, "We used to do the old encore schtick most bands still do but decided it was sorta a rip off to fans. Why not add more to the show and end it like a theatre production than go sit behind the amps and make people clap for us to come back out and play...? We prefer to give 100% from start to finish and end it with it with one big-ass bang... Make sense?"

Sixx previously addressed the encore issue during a June 2011 episode of his nationally syndicated "Sixx Sense With Nikki Sixx" radio show. He explained at the time (hear audio below), "The reason we don't do encores… A lot of people ask me that. We look at MÖTLEY CRÜE, our show, as a big production. When you go see a Broadway play, they don't come out and do an encore. And I think that when you only have 90 minutes of time, and that's all you're allowed to play… Fans don't know this, but if you go over, [you have to pay] something like $10,000 a minute [in fines]. So it gets really ridiculous, right?! So you have to go on stage on time A) for the fans, [and] B) it doesn't make sense to not go on time. We [would] have to play a shorter show. And if you do an encore, what you do is you go sit behind the amps, eat up five minutes waiting for everybody to stroke your ego and then you come out and play a song. Why don't you just play another song they love during that time and then end the show with the grand finale? And that's why we do it that way."

MÖTLEY CRÜE and KISS's co-headlining tour — dubbed simply "The Tour" — kicked off on July 20 in Bristow, Virginia and is currently scheduled to wrap on September 23 in Hartford, Connecticut. Although the bands are officially co-headlining the tour, MÖTLEY CRÜE is opening for KISS each night.

Last month, MÖTLEY CRÜE released "Sex", the first studio track from the band since the June 2008 release of "Saints Of Los Angeles". The song was recorded at CRÜE drummer Tommy Lee's studio called The Atrium in Calabasas, California.
British heavy metal legends SAXON have issued the following update:

"We have finally reached the point where we are all going on holiday and will hopefully be enjoying the well-deserved time off!

"We've had a very successful year so far. The festivals and the shows with JUDAS PRIEST were a blast and the recent festival run with one of the all-time band highlights at Wacken Open Air will never be forgotten!

"A great big thanks to our amazing crew who did a fantastic job — to say this in (correct) 'Wacken' terms: the band was good but the crew were brilliant!

"The progress of the new album is quite far — just some final vocals and a few last bits and pieces are missing. Most likely, our mate Andy Sneap is going to mix the album.

"As we said on our press conference at Wacken, we are looking at a release date in February.

"Our touring plans for the upcoming world tour 2013, as we are setting them up right now, will kick off in the states with one of our highlights, the Monsters Of Rock Cruise (we have just confirmed this). This is very special for us as we have been a major part of the Monsters Of Rock history and we are proud to be still part of it today.

"After the cruise, we will head down to South America where we will play cities that we haven't been to for ages, but also we'll go back to some of the great metal towns we played last year. We are planning to play Mexico as the last gig of the South and Middle American leg and then fly from there to New York to complete the American dates.

"Once again, we will be conquering the U.K. with some highlights; our annual St. George's Day will be held for the first time in Manchester at the Ritz theatre!

"After the U.K. dates, we will do some more shows in continental Europe where we will hit the festival season. There is some talk about being part of the Full Metal Cruise, but nothing is confirmed as of yet.

"The first festival show has been announced for 2013; We will headline the Bang Your Head!!! festival in Balingen, Germany. The really exciting thing about it is that we will take the 'Heavy Metal Thunder - Eagles Over Wacken' stage production with us — BIG stage set, moving drum riser, pyros, CO2 jets and, and, and,... We will try to bring this stage production to as many festivals as possible next year to reach and please as many fans as possible!

"As always, it is our credo to make the best fans in world happy and we are so grateful and thankful for your support — our Facebook site has now more than 60,000 supporters! You guys rock!!!

"After our short holiday, we will be playing the Hamburg Metal Dayz in September 2012, which is powered by the Wacken festival.

"The DVD production, 'Heavy Metal Thunder - The Movie' (which is a superb documentary about SAXON), will be finally released in autumn and will be available for everyone, everywhere. We will also offer the DVD on the official web shop and in the U.S. online shop we recently launched via our website.

"In November 2012, we may go to India for the first time ever. We are in discussion and are awaiting news from our agent — we will keep you updated if we will be enjoying an original curry soon...:-)

"Once again, we thank you all for your support and we can't wait to see you somewhere soon!"

SAXON in April released "Saxon - Heavy Metal Thunder - Live - Eagles Over Wacken", the no-fat-no-bullshit-100%-pure CD/DVD featuring DVD highlights from the band's Wacken shows in 2004, 2007 and 2009 comprising thirty songs, plus a live CD from Glasgow in 2011. Each set captures the Barnsley-bred British heavy metal legends delivering classic after classic, from "Denim & Leather" to "Metalhead" to "Heavy Metal Thunder" to "Princess Of The Night" to "Crusader" in front of 75,000-pluds loyal, ravenous fans, who have come to expect (and receive) the levels of performance SAXON have been delivering for 32 years.

"Heavy Metal Thunder - Live - Eagles Over Wacken" is available in a variety of formats, including the Golden Ticket D2C/Direct To Consumer Box.

Strictly limited, this exclusive package contains the "Best Of Wacken" DVD, plus the full and complete SAXON Wacken Open Air performances from 2004/2007/2009 each on a separate DVD, plus a SAXON flag.

"Call To Arms" sold around 700 copies in the United States in its first week of release, according to Nielsen SoundScan. The CD debuted at No. 51 on the Top New Artist Albums (Heatseekers) chart, which lists the best-selling albums by new and developing artists, defined as those who have never appeared in the Top 100 of The Billboard 200. The digipack version of "Call To Arms" includes a glorious bonus — a free seven-track CD, "Live At Donington 1980".
Jo Schüftan of Horns Up Rocks! conducted an interview with ANTHRAX singer Joey Belladonna at the August 5 stop of the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival in Hartford, Connecticut. You can now watch the chat below.

SHADOWS FALL drummer Jason Bittner filled in for ANTHRAX's Charlie Benante on this summer's entire Mayhem run while Charlie was recovering from a minor hand injury.

Asked how it felt to be playing so many shows without Benante, Belladonna said, "It's always different when you've got somebody in there that's not in the band. [But] Jason's doing a great job. We can't say enough about how we've gotten along as far as getting the set down; he knows the songs. I haven't seen anything that's been troubling. No one's really had any complaints… that kind of stuff. We wouldn't offer [the gig to] someone that might not be able to do the job. Yeah, it's fine. But we miss Charlie and we wish he was around."

Regarding whether fans can expect to see Benante back behind the kit for ANTHRAX anytime soon, Joey said, "I don't know. I'm not sure. I haven't really had any contact with him that much. I know he's healing and all that stuff. So I'm sure he'll figure it out one way or the other. And [in the meantime], we'll just go business as usual."

ANTHRAX recently spent time in the studio recording several cover versions of some of their favorite rock classics, to be included with the upcoming re-release of the band's latest album, "Worship Music". The band's guitarist, Scott Ian, said in a recent interview with Artisan News, "The drums are done and some of the guitars are done, but we're trying to finish off these last two songs — 'Smokin'' from BOSTON and 'Anthem' from RUSH."

In addition to the RUSH and BOSTON covers, ANTHRAX is also recording its versions of AC/DC's "T.N.T.", JOURNEY's "Keep On Runnin'" and BLACK SABBATH's "Neon Knights". The latter song is expected to appear on the upcoming Ronnie James Dio tribute album which is being assembled by the singer's widow and longtime manager Wendy Dio.
ANTHRAX has been confirmed for next year's edition of the Bloodstock Open Air festival, set to take place August 9-11, 2013 at Catton Hall in Walton On Trent, Derbyshire, England. More acts will be announced soon.

ANTHRAX recently spent time in the studio recording several cover versions of some of their favorite rock classics, to be included with the upcoming re-release of the band's latest album, "Worship Music". The band's guitarist, Scott Ian, said in a recent interview with Artisan News, "The drums are done and some of the guitars are done, but we're trying to finish off these last two songs — 'Smokin'' from BOSTON and 'Anthem' from RUSH."

In addition to the RUSH and BOSTON covers, ANTHRAX is also recording its versions of AC/DC's "T.N.T.", JOURNEY's "Keep On Runnin'" and BLACK SABBATH's "Neon Knights". The latter song is expected to appear on the upcoming Ronnie James Dio tribute album which is being assembled by the singer's widow and longtime manager Wendy Dio.
Classic rock program "Radio Fireball" in Jönköping, Sweden recently conducted an interview with TESTAMENT guitarist, founder and main songwriter Eric Peterson.

Asked about what he sees for the future of TESTAMENT's current lineup, beyond the band's new album, "Dark Roots Of Earth", and tour, Eric said, "There's definitely some politics in the band now. I think if the record does good — which I think it will — it'll see TESTAMENT be doing another record. There's some people in the band that are, you know, I think aren't a hundred percent there unless, you know, it keeps going good. That's pretty extreme, but, like for me, I'm down for whatever. I started the band, I'm totally into it. This is what I do. I think, you know, if TESTAMENT sees darker days, I don't know if this lineup would stick."

"Radio Fireball"'s entire interview with Peterson will air today (Monday, August 13) at 6 p.m. CET and can only be heard in the Jönköping area.

"Dark Roots Of Earth" sold more than 20,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to land at position No, 12 on The Billboard 200 chart. The CD arrived in stores on July 31 via Nuclear Blast Records.

TESTAMENT's previous studio album, "The Formation of Damnation", opened with 11,400 units back in May 2008 to debut at position No. 59.

"Dark Roots Of Earth" was produced, mixed and mastered by acclaimed British producer Andy Sneap (ARCH ENEMY, NEVERMORE, ACCEPT, EXODUS). Special bonus tracks were recorded, mixed and mastered by Juan Urteaga (MACHINE HEAD, EXODUS, TED NUGENT, NIGHT RANGER) at his Trident Studios. The cover artwork for the effort (see below) was painted by Eliran Kantor, who has previously worked with ATHEIST, SIGH, ANACRUSIS and GWAR, among others.
"Dark Roots Of Earth", the new album from San Francisco Bay Area metal veterans TESTAMENT, has registered the following first-week chart positions:

#21: Austria
#62: Belgium
#86: Belgium (Flanders)
#40: Belgium (Walloonia)
#12: Canadian
#4: Germany
#4: Finland
#13: Ireland
#32: Netherlands
#10: Switzerland
#57: United Kingdom
#12: USA

"Dark Roots Of Earth" sold more than 20,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release. The CD arrived in stores on July 31 via Nuclear Blast Records.

TESTAMENT's previous studio album, "The Formation of Damnation", opened with 11,400 units back in May 2008 to debut at position No. 59.

"Dark Roots Of Earth" was produced, mixed and mastered by acclaimed British producer Andy Sneap (ARCH ENEMY, NEVERMORE, ACCEPT, EXODUS). Special bonus tracks were recorded, mixed and mastered by Juan Urteaga (MACHINE HEAD, EXODUS, TED NUGENT, NIGHT RANGER) at his Trident Studios. The cover artwork for the effort (see below) was painted by Eliran Kantor, who has previously worked with ATHEIST, SIGH, ANACRUSIS and GWAR, among others.

Commented guitarist Eric Peterson: "Thanks to the TESTAMENT legions for making us shine this first week. Horns up!"

Added vocalist Chuck Billy: "I want to express my eternal gratitude to everybody who supported the 'Dark Roots Of Earth' album and for making our hopes, dreams and hard work a reality. I am forever grateful."

Stated drummer Gene Hoglan: "It is with great pleasure that I share this honor with the TESTAMENT family and their legions of fans worldwide. The highest-charting debut the band's and label's history! That is due not only you the fans, but also the extremely hard work by the worldwide offices of Nuclear Blast. Their efforts have paid off greatly and are most appreciated. Now that's how you run a campaign."

Said bassist Greg Christian: "I'd like to give a big 'thank you' to all the people that helped bring this about. Thank you to everyone at Nuclear Blast for all the hard work putting this campaign together. And definitely a big thank you goes put to all the fans. You all made this possible. Cheers!"

Added guitarist Alex Skolnick: "Our first-week chart activity, which includes a #12 Billboard debut, is the type of thing that has long seemed elusive to this band. But this time, thanks to a great team (our label, our management and of course, our awesome fans), it's on. Thank you all!"
To the relief of family and friends, KILLING JOKE frontman Jaz Coleman appeared yesterday (Sunday, August 12) from his retreat in the Western Sahara bemused by all the fuss of his disappearance. "I've been finishing my book and writing the score for my new project, 'The Nirvana Symphonic'. [laughs] What's all the fuss about then?"

Coleman had apparently been living a nomadic existence for the last month in the desert in order to concentrate on finishing his two current projects.

"Nirvana" will likely become a TV show and a concert in Seattle in 2013 and the book and an exclusive Coleman album will be packaged together and available for order as early as next week.

International media picked up on the story last month, sending it global, from the press release announced by the band on the KILLING JOKE official Facebook page questioning his whereabouts. Fans from around the world have been more than proactive in their opinions — from random sightings in Christchurch New Zealand, to past recollections of his elusive behaviors in Iceland.

Coleman also commented on a Facebook post, since deleted, where someone claiming to be the singer announced that KILLING JOKE was canceling a tour with THE CULT and THE MISSION. "Their songs suck!" the post said. Coleman claims he never wrote the message and says it was the work of an "impersonator." Still, Coleman says, it now "looks like this has caused a right ding dong and … it's impossible to continue this tour under the circumstances". In a statement posted on his Facebook page, Coleman wished both "THE CULT and THE MISSION the best of luck on the tour, and to find out who has been impersonating him."
According to Billboard.com, it appears singer Geoff Tate is preparing to tour with his own version of QUEENSRŸCHE following his split with the band's original members, guitarist Michael Wilton, drummer Scott Rockenfield and bassist Eddie Jackson. Tate's personal web site, GeoffTate.com, was recently upgraded with a new banner that reads "Geoff Tate: The Voice Of QUEENSRŸCHE." He is also billed on the web site for booking agency Monterey International as "QUEENSRŸCHE Starring Geoff Tate: The Original Voice." The band's lineup isn't listed. A request from Billboard to Monterey to verify Tate's responsible agent was not returned by press time.

Wilton, Jackson, Rockenfield and Parker Lundgren (guitar) announced on June 20 that they were parting ways with Geoff Tate and recruiting La Torre of CRIMSON GLORY as his replacement.

Wilton, Jackson and Rockenfield defeated Tate's motion for a preliminary injunction on July 13 that would have kept them from touring and operating under the band name,

Tate and his wife, Susan, QUEENSRŸCHE's former manager, filed a lawsuit against Geoff's ex-bandmates on June 22 in King County Superior Court over whether he should be awarded the QUEENSRŸCHE name after being dismissed from the group in June. Their complaint states Rockenfield, Wilton and Jackson wrongfully fired the singer and are tarnishing the group's brand by attempting to move forward without him.

If the case goes to trial, the date is set for November 18, 2013.

In the meantime, Wilton, Jackson and Rockenfield, along with Lundgren and La Torre have launched a new web site at QueensrycheOfficial.com.

The new QUEENSRŸCHE lineup made its official live debut as the headliner of the last day of this year's Halfway Jam, which took place July 26-28 in Royalton, Minnesota.

Lundgren was briefly married to Geoff's stepdaughter Miranda; they have since divorced.
Former SKID ROW singer Sebastian Bach spoke to Amber Lee of the Wisconsin rock radio station 93 Rock about guitarist Nick Sterling's recent claim that he was sitting out shows on Bach's current North American tour due to an apparent business disagreement.

The 22-year-old Sterling, who played guitar, and co-wrote many of the songs, on Sebastian's latest album, "Kicking & Screaming", took to his Facebook page on August 2 to announce that he was not going to be performing with Bach later that night at Club Nokia in Los Angeles because "there were some contractual issues that we just couldn't work out." He added, "No hard feelings."

Bach was joined at the Club Nokia concert by a couple of guest guitarists, including Jinxx (BLACK VEIL BRIDES) and Brent Woods (WILDSIDE, VINCE NEIL). The following night's show at the Pacific Ampitheatre in Costa Mesa, California, where Sebastian played as the support act for CINDERELLA, featured Woods on second guitar.

Asked if Sterling is going to be back in Sebastian's band in time for the band's August 13 performance at Oneida Bingo & Casino in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Bach told 93 Rock, "He will not be back for Monday, and he's not sitting out any shows."

He continued, "We did a big broadcast on AXS TV that we worked really, really hard on. It was a very big deal that we were on television from coast to coast all across the United States of America. Everybody that was involved in the broadcast had to sign a release so we could film it and they would agree to be part of the broadcast and the DVD coming out. Everybody [else] signed it. I talked to Nick two days before the show and he still hadn't signed it. And I'm like, 'Dude, we're filming this in two days. You have to sign this.' And he guaranteed to me on the phone that he would sign it and be a part of it, and then when we got to soundcheck, he wouldn't sign the release. So we could not film the show with him; he wouldn't let us. He wanted all these sorts of demands that nobody else in the band wanted that were completely unreasonable.

"If someone is not happy in my band, I will be the first one to show them the door and say, 'Don't let it hit you in the ass on the way out. If you're not happy and you're not part of the team and you're not interested in being successful or being professional, then get out of my band.

"I've been doing this for 25-30 years and all I ask is that somebody is a professional in my band and has it together on stage and doesn't wreck it for the rest of us, which is what he did in L.A. the other day."

He added, "I am very sad about it. I love playing with him on stage… I love the album that we made. I completely love the music that we made, and I hope to make music in the future with him. But the fans out there should know how rare and special albums are. It's not a joke when you get musicians together that all believe in the same purpose and goal and work together to achieve that goal. I'm so proud of the record that we made. I don't know what the future will hold, but everybody should listen to that and realize that we captured a very cool, unique moment in time between me and him. I could not be more proud of the record.

"I wish Nick all the best. I hope he can figure out how to be the type of man, as a human being, to other people as the incredible musician as he is on stage… He's an amazing, amazing guitar player, but if you can't honor your word and can't be a team player and consider all the other musicians on stage and the business side of things and how much effort people put into doing a live broadcast across the country, and then you just [decide not to] do it, like, an hour before the show, I don't wanna play with you anymore. And that's the way it is. I'm not into fightning all the time. So if you wanna fight with me, it's not gonna last too long. [laughs]"
Andrew Klein and Steven Rosen, authors of the new book about legendary guitarist Randy Rhoads, simply entitled "Randy Rhoads", will take part in a book signing and question-and-answer session on Saturday, September 8 at Book Soup (8818 Sunset Blvd.) in West Hollywood, California.

The schedule for the event is as follows:

* 3:00 p.m.: Music — Special guest Randy Chambers, noted musician and Randy Rhoads tribute artist

* 3:30 p.m.: Raffle/Grand prize give-away (surprise guest to raffle off the prizes!)

* 4:00 p.m.: Book signing, question-and-answer session

"Randy Rhoads", is available from Velocity Publishing Group.

Before his tragic death at the age of 25, Randy Rhoads was on a fast track to being hailed by critics and public alike as the greatest rock guitar player of all time. Over a short two-year period, Randy recorded two seminal multi-platinum albums with Ozzy Osbourne, which are heralded today as among the most noteworthy recordings in hard rock music history. Through his jaw-dropping six-string work on songs such as "Crazy Train", "Mr. Crowley" and "Flying High Again", Randy Rhoads achieved legendary status as a guitar icon and his artistic legacy continues to grow with each passing year.

A brilliant guitar virtuoso, Randy's masterful ability of bridging rock and classical techniques helped him forge a groundbreaking style of guitar playing. In 1981, Guitar Player magazine honored Randy by selecting him as best new talent of the year. Humble and self-effacing, Randy refused to rest on his laurels. Instead, being bestowed with this prestigious award motivated him to strive for greater creative heights. Tragically, Randy's life ended much too soon when on the morning of March 19, 1982 he was killed in a small private plane that careened into the garage of a plantation home in Leesburg, Florida.

Randy Rhoads' ascendancy to super-stardom was inevitable. Tirelessly honing his craft, he was a devoted student of his instrument, endlessly practicing and perfecting his skills. His days were spent as a guitar teacher and by night he solidified his rising reputation as the "next big thing" on the Hollywood club scene. His big break arrived when he assumed the lead guitar slot in Ozzy Osbourne's solo band. Soon the entire music world would be dazzled by his spectacular flights of fiery fretboard sizzle, swiftly recognizing the merits of this burgeoning guitar genius.

With his dynamic six-string wizardry, Randy Rhoads invented an exciting and technically advanced style of explosive hard rock guitar playing that dominated the '80s music scene. Decades later, his massive influence continues to shape, educate and inspire first, second and third generation players and music fans that marvel at his extraordinary musicality and stunning instrumental prowess. Today, Randy's legendary status as a guitar hero is assured, joining the pantheon of rock's Mt. Olympus where he stands proudly alongside such revered guitar heroes as Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, and Ritchie Blackmore.

No one-trick pony, Randy was well versed in a multitude of musical genres seamlessly cross-navigating rock, blues and classical. In fact, his immense love of classical music continued to be a driving force in his life. Until his untimely death, he continued to take classical guitar lessons in an effort to break new ground as a player.

Today, mythologized and immortalized, Randy Rhoads has become a veritable pop culture institution. Paying homage to his pioneering ability, Marshall Amplifiers created a custom amplifier that bears Randy's name and signature sound. Action figures and sculptures with Randy's likeness have become highly sought after collector's items, while Jackson Guitars have sold millions of Randy Rhoads model guitars, pleasing the late guitarist's loyal legion of dedicated followers. His image graces innumerable music magazine covers annually.

Finally, after years of anticipation, comes the release of "Randy Rhoads", a biography written by Steven Rosen and Andrew Klein, which vividly documents Randy's life and career. Teeming with hundreds of rare photographs and memorabilia, the book chronicles an oral history of Randy's remarkable life through those who knew him best. Packed with countless emotional and poignant stories about the guitar icon, the book weaves a powerful tapestry of colorful memories about his life, which help provide deeper insight into Randy, the man, the myth, the legend. His life is a lasting testament to his supernatural talent and quiet humility.
Despite the fact that is facing a possible manslaughter trial in the Czech Republic over the death of a fan that occurred at a LAMB OF GOD show more than two years ago, the band's frontman, Randy Blythe, says that he has no plans to change the way he will act onstage in the future. "What else am I going to do?" he tells Revolver magazine. "We don't have a big production set up or anything. We don't have purple dragons that fly out of the sky and breathe fire. We're just a bunch of dudes who get up there and rock and roll."

He continues, "This incident that occurred, it was an unfortunate occurrence. A tragedy. And there's a lot of details that need to be clarified that came out of this, and hopefully they will in court. But it's not going to change the way we do things, because I didn't do anything wrong. So why should I change what I'm doing? They're saying I committed a crime of intent, like I went out and hurt someone. That's total bullshit. Why would I try and hurt fans of my band? That's ridiculous. So no.

"If anything good comes out of this, as far as a change to how we operate, I would hope it would be a more far-reaching thing than just my band," he says. "I would hope it would raise the awareness for the need for adequate security, not just for the band but for the audience as well. Most of the time, none of this stuff is an issue because security is entirely adequate. Security knows how to keep the kids from getting hurt while letting them have a good time. To the outside world, to people who aren't in our scene, it all looks like a great big violent mess. They don't know that everybody's just having a good time. There is a very big need for security, though, to ensure — especially if kids are going to be crowdsurfing and coming over the barricade and stuff — there's got to be guys there to catch them. So if anything good comes out of these, I hope we will lessen any injuries incurred by concert-going folks."

According to Blythe, he wasn't aware of how much people were talking about him in the United States while he was imprisoned in the Czech Republic. "There was no Internet, [and] I can't read Czech papers," he says. "The mail there was very slow because it went through censors.

"I got a postcard from a guy in Seattle who had just signed with Metal Blade, who I think he had to be in Prague, because it was mailed from there," he says. "And then I got a nice letter from this guy from Tennessee; he and his wife, and he had enclosed a couple Internet clippings. My friend, [TESTAMENT guitarist] Alex Skolnick, had done a blog about me. It was just a couple of cool things just to let me know that people were thinking about me. And that was really hugely important. . . Beyond that and my lawyer, I saw my wife once, and my American lawyer was over there for a couple of days. I had two or three meetings with him. They said that people were speaking up, but I really had no idea of the amount of support I had. It was pretty crazy. I couldn't read any of the Czech papers, which were not very supportive of me.

"One day I walked out into the yard for a walk and a prisoner came up to me and said [with an accent], 'Ozzy Osbourne says good for you.' And I'm like, 'Wow.' Because it was in their paper, but that's about it."

He continues, "I know MUNICIPAL WASTE. Phil Hall, the bass player, his brother, I skateboard with him. And he saw me yesterday and said they were in Prague and they tried to go visit me, since they're from Richmond. But you've got to have all of this shit written in advance and you've got to write this form and the guard yelled at me that I hadn't written it right for people to come visit. It's got to be at least a week in advance and you get only one visit every two weeks. So I was kind of isolated."

Asked how he handled the loneliness, Blythe tells Revolver, "I really try to stay in the moment. When I went to prison, I was like, OK, you can either just sit here and feel sorry for yourself or you can try and make the most of your time. And I just didn't allow myself to feel sorry for myself. If I did, I quickly mentally kicked myself in the ass and said, don't be such a sissy.

"Dude, I toured Auschwitz about a month before I went to this prison. I walked around Auschwitz and Birkenau all day long by myself, listening and reading at all these places where all these people were killed in this one tiny area. That puts stuff in perspective. I also try to remain grateful for what I had. I had food, clothes and shelter.

"We recently toured places — I've been to some pretty brutal places on tour on my days off where you see people starving in the streets. And in our media, of course, there's all sorts of crazy shit going on in the Middle East. Our soldiers are getting shot at in Afghanistan and Syria's blowing up. If you think about all these things, I wasn't in such a bad place and I just reminded myself of that. I could eat, I wasn't freezing or sweating to death, and nobody was shooting guns or throwing grenades at me. So I was like, I'm just going to sit here and make the most of my time and read and write. And learn a little bit."
Former THE HAUNTED frontman Peter Dolving has posted a lengthy statement on his Facebook page in which he attempts to explain his reasons for leaving the band in February of this year. He writes in part, "I left THE HAUNTED back early this spring because I had fucking had it with dysfunctional bullshit.

"The day the Björlers [guitarist Anders Björler and bassist Jonas Björler] decided to tell tell us about the AT THE GATES 'farewell tour' (the farewell tour now on its third year), we were releasing and promoting 'Versus'.

"They told us that they would only do 14 shows. They are still touring....

"They have really cashed in to the fullest. Good for them. It's good to have money in a capitalist world.

"[Guitarist Patrik] Jensen is the one who saw clearly what was up.

"The moment they told us, his response was, 'You know this is going to kill THE HAUNTED.' The twins were both extremely defensive about it, and now we know why. They were lying out their ass.

"Jensen ain't no dumb-ass. He made another WITCHERY record, toured like a sonofabitch with his project and got a degree in the meantime.

"Good for him.

"It's good to have a degree in a capitalist world.

"I caught on slower, but I figured it was fucking ridiculously slow that making 'Unseen' took 2 years. I must have written 40 fucking songs for that record. Every time I presented something, it wasn't 'played well enough to really hear what's going on' or 'it's not THE HAUNTED.' Jonas presented some amazing ideas. But there was no heart.

"I am not a very cheerfulful person. I prefer working to hanging out. Because I love my work more than I love people. I don't lie or pretend it's any other way. But anyone who knows me will testify that I am not a lying, unloyal, uncaring, indifferent fucking prick whose emotional incapacities render me void of treating people respectfully.

"Rock and roll for me is about love, hate, life and how we live it. It's vivid, aware, right here. Indifference and shutting each other off is the diametric opposite. Watching your back because you care more about your pension plan than your fellow travellers, avoiding confrontations because one is lazy and a coward, etc., is just not fucking cutting it.

"They broke my fucking heart."

Read Dolving's entire statement at this location.

Previously a vocalist for MARY BEATS JANE, Dolving joined THE HAUNTED in 1997 and sang in their debut self-titled album. In 1998, he left the group to concentrate on a band called ZEN-MONKEY but returned in 2003 following the departure of Marco Aro (the vocalist which took over Dolving's spot after Peter's 1998 exit). He has since appeared on the studio albums "Revolver" (2004), "The Dead Eye" (2006), "Versus" (2008) and "Unseen" (2011).

THE HAUNTED's seventh studio CD, "Unseen", sold around 1,200 copies in the United States in its first week of release. The effort landed at position No. 33 on the Top New Artist Albums (Heatseekers) chart, which lists the best-selling albums by new and developing artists, defined as those who have never appeared in the Top 100 of The Billboard 200.

"Unseen" was released on March 29, 2011 via Century Media Records. The CD was once again recorded with longtime producer Tue Madsen (MOONSPELL, DARK TRANQUILLITY, GOREFEST, SICK OF IT ALL) at his Antfarm Studio in Århus, Denmark.
Former THE HAUNTED frontman Peter Dolving has launched a new "touring entity" which will perform songs from all of his past and present projects, including MARY BEATS JANE, THE HAUNTED, ZEN MONKEY and BRINGTHEWARHOME.

Dubbed HOUSE OF DOLVING, the new band — which will be "up and rolling by November," according to the singer — will consist of the following musicians:

* Peter Dolving (THE HAUNTED, MARY BEATS JANE) - Vocals
* Johan Reivén (LOK, IN A PIGS EYE, THÅSTRÖM) - Bass
* Thomas Brandt (LOK) – Guitar

Regarding the HOUSE OF DOLVING band name, Dolving said, "[It] sounds kinda cheesy and pretentious. But I like it. And it the only way that can offer a way to explain/present what the hell I/we are doing."

He added, "When you see HOUSE OF DOLVING on the bill, that means you can expect some of the best and coolest live musicians performing with me, and sometimes without me, playing really fucking good music."

Previously a vocalist for MARY BEATS JANE, Dolving joined THE HAUNTED in 1997 and sang in their debut self-titled album. In 1998, he left the group to concentrate on a band called ZEN MONKEY but returned in 2003 following the departure of Marco Aro (the vocalist which took over Dolving's spot after Peter's 1998 exit). He has since appeared on the studio albums "Revolver" (2004), "The Dead Eye" (2006), "Versus" (2008) and "Unseen" (2011).
Ephrata, Pennsylvania-based quintet TEXAS IN JULY will release its third, self-titled full-length album on October 9 via Equal Vision Records. The CD was recorded at The Machine Shop Studios in Belleville, New Jersey with producer Will Putney (FOR TODAY, CHIODOS). A single, "Bed Of Nails", will precede the full-length effort on September 11 via digital retailers such as iTunes and Amazon.com.

"This track is collectively one of our favorite songs that we have ever written as a band," explains TEXAS IN JULY lyricist/bassist Ben Witkowski. "For the most part, 'Bed Of Nails' was written in the studio. It came together so smoothly and, surprisingly, pretty early on in writing/recording process and quickly became a favored track. We think of it as our hybrid song — it has many contrasting musical parts, as well as a heavy hitting vocal chant near the tail of the song. I really think people are going to be pleased to hear this song. I would love to see this track become our next 'Hook Line And Sinner'. It's very memorable, and feels like the perfect track to be released as the first listen for the upcoming record."

The new album features several guest artists: drummer Matt Greiner of AUGUST BURNS RED, vocalist Dave Stephens of WE CAME AS ROMANS, and vocalist Chadwick Johnson of HUNDREDTH.

"Texas In July" track listing:

01. Initiate
02. Cry Wolf
03. Shallow Point
04. Without A Head (ft. Chadwick Johnson)
05. Bed Of Nails
06. Repressed Memories
07. C4 (ft. Dave Stephens)
08. Crux Lust
09. Paranoia
10. Black Magic
11. Cloudy Minds (ft. Matt Greiner)

TEXAS IN JULY's Equal Vision Records debut, "One Reality", was released in April 2011. The album premiered at No. 3 on the Billboard New Artist/Heatseekers Chart and also placed on the Billboard 200, Rock, Independent, and Hard Rock charts. TEXAS IN JULY has been on the road non-stop for the past year, including three European headliners, massive tours with the likes of AUGUST BURNS RED, WE CAME AS ROMANS, FOR TODAY, SILVERSTEIN and NORMA JEAN, and performances at renowned music festivals around the world such as New England Metal And Hardcore Festival, Graspop Metal Meeting, Summerfest, Cornerstone Festival and The Bamboozle.

TEXAS IN JULY is comprised of Alex Good, Adam Gray, Ben Witkowski, Christian Royer and Chris Davis.
Romanian female-fronted metal band MAGICA will release its sixth album, "Center Of The Great Unknown", on October 12 via AFM Records. The CD's cover artwork was created by Claudio Bergamin and can be seen below.

According to a press release, "Fans can look forward to a diverse and powerful album, again very much effected by Ana's [Mladinovici] outstanding vocals and the guitar work of Bogdan Costea."

MAGICA's fifth album, "Dark Diary", was released in May 2010 via AFM Records. The CD was produced and mixed by Ronny Milianowicz (DIONYSUS, SAINT DEAMON, WOLF), while the mastering was handled by Jens Bogren (SYMPHONY X, PARADISE LOST, OPETH).


Ana Mladinovici - Vocals
Bogdan Costea - Guitar
Emy Burcea - Guitar
Tiberiu Dutu - Bass
Sebastian Natas - Drums
Melodic metal band ARTIZAN has finished recording the title track of its new album, "Ancestral Energy", featuring a guest appearance by former ICED EARTH singer Matt Barlow.

"Ancestral Energy" will be released in April 2013 via Pure Steel Records.

Commented ARTIZAN founder/drummer Ty Tammeus: "Matt absolutely blew us away! He walked up to the mic and nailed the entire piece that we wrote for him — amazing. We can't wait for the fans to hear 'Ancestral Energy'."

A photo of Tammeus and Barlow at Tampa, Florida's Morrisound Studios during the recording sessions for the new CD can be seen below.

The song "Ancestral Energy" reveals an intriguing back story for the original ARTIZAN track "Curse Of The Artizan", which was released in 2011. Matt performs the voice of the Artizan's ancestors.

Commented Barlow: "If you have followed what ["ARTIZAN] has recorded previously, you know that they are very much into 'storytelling' and that's something that has always interested me in this genre. As another benefit, I get to work with producer Jim Morris again as he puts the guys through their paces at Morrisound Recording."
Mulinational metallers RAVEN LORD have tapped Fredrik Nordström of Studio Fredman in Gothenburg, Sweden to mix their album. Nordström is a well-known producer and sound engineer who has previously worked with such acts as AT THE GATES, ARCH ENEMY, NIGHTRAGE, IN FLAMES, DREAM EVIL and OPETH. The CD mixdown will take place the last week of August.

"We were looking for the best of the best to give our debut product the final mix it deserves," says RAVEN LORD singer Csaba Zvekan.


* Stefan Lindholm (VINDICTIV) - Lead Guitar
* Jamie Mallender (TONY MARTIN) - Bass
* Pontus Larsson (VINDICTIV, FIRECRACKER) – Keyboards

Commented Mallender: "Make no mistake, we have made an album that's gonna smack you in the face with both fists! This is the record that has been missing from the metal scene for far too many years. But, despite the obvious anger and power of this music, there's a lot of melody and harmony in there and we wanted to bring in a keyboard player that loved metal, to complement the melodic side, but not water things down or get too Wakeman on our asses. Meet Pontus Larsson, who has filled this role perfectly, he's done exactly what we wanted him to and we are absolutely thrilled to have him onboard."

Added Larsson: "I was in the studio recording an album with VINDICTIV when I was asked to join RAVEN LORD. I was kind of busy, but after I listened to the songs and checked out the band members, it only took me 1 second to say yes! I'm proud to be a part of the band! It's great to play with all these talented musicians."

RAVEN LORD was also searching for a world-class, powerhouse drummer with the right chops and staggering technical ability to make a truly devastating rhythm section statement with this album. Enter Henrik Hedman, from Järvsö, a small village in the southern part of Norrland, Sweden, who has previously played with the bass guitar virtuoso Magnus Rosén (ex-HAMMERFALL).

Overjoyed at the new addition, Zvekan had this to say: "Henrik Hedman's future is pretty clear he will be a big player in the music industry. We are fortunate to have him on board with RAVEN LORD!"

Hedman is just as excited about the alliance: "I feel a great honor and exaltation at having been invited to the RAVEN LORD family. My fellow musicians are all wonderful people, extremely talented in their art and the creativity is overwhelming! No bullshit, this is an old dream come true! The RAVEN has spread its wings, and it's heading your way! The RAVEN LORD of Thunder."
CHTON, LEGIONES and CLEAVER are the first confirmed bands for the tribute concert to BATHORY mainman Thomas "Quorthon" Forsberg, set to take place on November 17 at Fru Lundgreen in Trondheim, Norway.

For more information, visit Facebook.
Victory Records has announced the signing of the St. Louis, Missouri-based metalcore outfit TEAR OUT THE HEART.

TEAR OUT THE HEART formed in 2011 and unanimously agreed that when this lineup had gotten together in one room, it was instant energy and everything just clicked.

TEAR OUT THE HEART combines sinister vocals with elements of hardcore and metal that creates malicious guitar riffs along with monstrous breakdowns that will have you hooked instantly. Their music can be compared to the likes of BRING ME THE HORIZON, OF MICE & MEN and AS I LAY DYING.

TEAR OUT THE HEART are highly ambitious and have set major goals for their future. The group plans to record a debut full-length album and shortly after take over the world one show at a time.


Tyler Konersma - Vocals
Josh Spohr - Guitar
Mattieu Murphy - Guitar
Isaac Etter - Bass/ Vocals
Matt Epstein - Drums
Stockholm, Sweden-based metal outfit FACESHIFT is recording its second album for a tentative 2013 release via an as-yet-undetermined record label.

A couple of tracks that will appear on the new CD were mixed by Lars Chriss (LION'S SHARE) and they "showcase the band's crushing blend of massive riffs, earthquake drums and powerful, melodic vocals," according to a press release.

FACESHIFT's rhythm guitarist and bass player are both death metal musicians (ETERNAL OATH and GODPHOBIA), the drummer plays in one of Sweden's top prog metal bands (SEVENTH WONDER), the vocalist brings a melodic/power element to the table while the lead guitarist adds a really bluesy touch to the mix. "Combining all those influences could have proven a huge challenge, but in fact, once we started writing these new songs, everything fell right into place from the get-go," explains drummer Stefan Norgren. "The result is a handful of damn heavy, riff-driven tracks, with BIG choruses and tons of cool vocal harmonies. I'd say FACESHIFT will be well received by fans of such diverse bands as PANTERA, MUSTASCH, ALICE IN CHAINS, SYMPHONY X and DIO alike."

Labels interested in releasing the new FACESHIFT album can contact the band via Facebook.
Sacramento, California-based experimental post-hardcore outfit A LOT LIKE BIRDS has inked a deal with Equal Vision Records.

Whether they're swinging from the rafters, climbing up venue walls, joining in on spontaneous mid-set crowd surfs, launching guitars 25 feet in the air, or simply focusing on the music, the dynamic six-piece band is quickly becoming known for their roaring live sets filled with in-your-face intensity. Standing at the forefront of their bold performances are dual vocalists Cory Lockwood and Kurt Travis, who seamlessly intertwine, layer and harmonize, while interchanging singing, screaming and spoken-word duties. Guiding the melodies along with the alternating of intricate riffs and airy, ambient wails are guitarists Michael Franzino and Ben Wiacek, as well as the flowing rhythms of bassist Michael "Butter" Littlefield and drummer Joe Arrington.

In fall 2011, A LOT LIKE BIRDS released "Conversation Piece", the band's sophomore effort and first release with the current six-piece lineup. The eleven-track album was recorded at Interlace Audio Recording Studio in Portland, Oregon with producer Kris Crummet (CLOSURE IN MOSCOW, FEAR BEFORE, DANCE GAVIN DANCE). "Conversation Piece" features poetically delivered and emotionally driven lyrics powered by compelling dual vocals, with an emphasis on solid song structure and storytelling.

"Written word shaped me more definitively than any other interest in my life," says Lockwood. "I've been writing creatively my entire life without any real direction, outside of obsessively discovering new stories inside of myself and dragging them out. Music gave me a way to combine story and emotion and poetry with another love — performance."

He added, "When Travis and I met...we instantly bonded with each other and started to test each other's role and how best to complement each other musically. It didn't take too long for us to finish each other's lyrics if we were struggling with something or figure out a cohesive call-and-response section or harmony. And best of all, we decided not to separate each other into different corners of the musical ring. He screams at times and I sing at times. There's such an amazing amount of room for us to create together, as long as we ignore the standard limitations of a duo like that."

A LOT LIKE BIRDS' constant musical evolution and entrancing live shows, combined with their down-to-earth personalities, proved to be just the right fit for Equal Vision Records.

"Signing to Equal Vision used to just be a daydream for most of us," explains Lockwood. "When we were growing up and still playing in previous bands, Equal Vision was putting out CDs by incredible artists that we admire, like BEAR VS SHARK, THE FALL OF TROY and CIRCA SURVIVE."

"We are all very happy about it...there honestly couldn't be a better home for us and what we want to do," Franzino adds. "It means the world to be on EVR and we can't wait to see what comes of it."

The band will soon begin the writing process for its debut Equal Vision release, with tentative plan to enter the studio in early 2013.
New Jersey metallers ATTACKER will enter the studio on September 8 to begin recording their as-yet-untitled new album for an early 2013 release. The CD will feature recently recruited singer Bobby "Leatherlungs" Lucas (SEVEN WITCHES, OVERLORDE, MORBID SIN) and bassist Jon Hanemann, who replaced Lou Ciarlo in April.

Tracks to appear on the forthcoming ATTACKER album;

01. Giants Of Canaan
02. Trapped In Black
03. The Hammer
04. Born Into Battle
05. Black Winds Rising
06. Steel Vengeance
07. Curse The Light
08. Sands Of Time
09. Washed In Blood
10. Chronicle 1 (The Reformation)

ATTACKER recently posted a a seven-minute video clip featuring snippets of several songs which will be featured on the new CD. The tracks were recorded live at the group's rehearsal studio on July 29.

Lucas in April laid down his vocals on the track "Steel Vengeance" (formerly "Condemned"). The song, which has never appeared on an ATTACKER album, was previously released as an extremely limited-quantity single for the band's 2008 Keep It True X festival appearance.
SLIPKNOT frontman Corey Taylor told DesMoinesRegister.com in a new interview that the death of bassist Paul Gray in May 2010 from an overdose of drugs brought the other members of the band closer together and helped them reconnect after they grew apart through years of touring and success.

"We had all stretched ourselves into different lives for the most part, and then we lost Paul," Taylor said. "It was such a shock to us that it made us sit up and look at what we were doing with our lives and how we were toward each other. We were so close in the beginning, then for whatever reason we all drifted apart here and there.

"Losing someone like that, a great friend and an amazing brother — someone who is so important to the band in so many ways — you start to look at what you take for granted."

Although the surviving members of SLIPKNOT had no idea how they would proceed after Gray's passing, "once we all got on the same page and started taking little steps — starting with the Sonisphere shows last year — it really brought us all together stronger than we have been in a long time," Taylor said. "We all pulled our heads out of our asses, and thank god, because at the end of the day we're all we've got."

Gray made his final recorded appearance on SLIPKNOT's 2008 album, "All Hope Is Gone", which was certified platinum by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) on in August 2010 for shipments in excess of one million copes in the United States — the band's fourth consecutive full-length release to achieve the milestone.

Taylor attributes the band's success to the fact that "[we make] SLIPKNOT music; we always have, and I don't think that's ever going to change," he told DesMoinesRegister.com.

"I think we kind of developed our own little corner. If someone is asking me what type of music we make, I don't really know, because you could probably find about a zillion different genres of music," he said. "We carved our own niche. I'm kind of proud of that, that we're unique. We've gotten where we are by doing our own thing and never compromising."

According to Taylor, he and drummer Joey Jordison have begun writing material for SLIPKNOT's fifth album, which is unlikely to see the light of day until 2014 — after Corey and guitarist Jim Root have completed the touring cycle for the new CD from their other band, STONE SOUR.

"Our goal for the next [SLIPKNOT] album is that when it happens we want to make sure everyone in the band gets to say something. It's too important not to," Taylor said. "It's obviously going to be in the spirit of Paul, and I think everyone in the band needs to say something for him."
Swedish extreme metallers SHINING have set "Redefining Darkness" as the title of their eighth full-length album, due later this year via Spinefarm Records.

Unlike all previous SHINING efforts, "Redefining Darkness"'s title will not be prefaced with a number.

Commented SHINING founder and frontman Niklas Kvarforth: "The use of numbers to describe our albums is no longer something that SHINING is interested in doing.

"The new album is without a doubt the darkest thing I have ever done or heard. People will be upset, for sure — and hopefully its divine genius will destroy the lives of thousands."

SHINING recently announced the addition of two new touring members — Euge Valovirta on guitar and Rainer Tuomikanto on drums.

Some of you might have already spotted Euge on SHINING's previous gigs in Germany and Finland. Not only is he known to be one of the greatest guitarists in Finland, but, along with Peter Huss, he is also one of the most versatile players SHINING's live touring has ever witnessed.

Rainer is mostly known of his innovative approach to drumming; combining elements of bombastic groove, hard-hitting solid beats and lightning-fast execution to unbelievably energetic live performances.

Rainer made his live debut with SHINING on June 15 at the Metaltown festival in Gothenburg, Sweden.

SHINING in May released an EP of cover songs with a choice of material that came as a surprise to many of the band's fans. The four-track EP, titled "Lots of Girls Gonna Get Hurt", includes tracks from KATATONIA, KENT, IMPERIET and POETS OF THE FALL.
Perttu Kivilaakso (pictured below; APOCALYPTICA) will guest on MAIDEN UNITED's forthcoming album, "Across The Seventh Sea". Perttu will play cello on the songs "The Evil That Men Do" and "Infinite Dreams".

MAIDEN UNITED is the all-acoustic IRON MAIDEN tribute project featuring Damian Wilson (THRESHOLD, HEADSPACE) and Ruud Jolie (WITHIN TEMPTATION).

Commented Jolie: "We are all very excited about Perttu playing the cello on two songs of the new album. His great playing adds a very nice color to our sound."

"Across The Seventh Sea" is scheduled to be released on September 28 on CD, iTunes and limited-edition black-and-blue transparent vinyl.

"Across The Seventh Sea" track listing:

01. Seven Deadly Sins
02. Only The Good Die Young
03. 2 Minutes To Midnight
04. Prowler
05. Flash Of The Blade
06. Children Of The Damned
07. Infinite Dreams
08. 22 Acacia Avenue
09. The Evil That Men Do
10. Wasted Years

The cover artwork for the CD was once again created by Blacklake, who also worked with MAIDEN UNITED on their first studio album, "Mind The Acoustic Pieces".

MAIDEN UNITED's debut album, "Mind The Acoustic Pieces" (2010), was described as "an acoustic re-imagining of the entire classic IRON MAIDEN album "Piece Of Mind" with new arrangements."

Contributing artists:

* Damian Wilson (THRESHOLD, HEADSPACE): Vocals
* Ruud Jolie (WITHIN TEMPTATION): Guitar
* Joey Bruers (UP THE IRONS): Bass
* Marco Kuypers (CLOUDMACHINE): Piano
* Mike Coolen (WITHIN TEMPTATION): Drums

For more information, go to www.MaidenuniteD.com.
It is said that great art has the power to take us outside of ourselves and bring us closer to ourselves simultaneously. Few bands have accomplished this rare feat on a more profound and consistent basis than NEUROSIS. For nearly three decades, their music has touched the hearts and minds of young men and women seeking contact with something beyond the physical world, something intangible, something that expresses the inner tumult of the human condition in a way that transcends time and space. Something that not only provokes questions but maybe even hints at answers.

Since 1985 this matchless force has surpassed the boundaries of any genre, never ceasing to mutate and progress their songwriting and sonic delivery, and never failing to mesmerize audiences both in the studio and onstage. And as the anticipation from their diehard fanbase reaches a boiling point, this week NEUROSIS unveil the title of their eleventh full-length studio creation, which will manifest itself as "Honor Found In Decay".

The follow-up to their acclaimed 2007-released "Given To The Rising" album, the music on "Honor Found In Decay" is both torturous and transcendent. It is the ongoing exposition of a vast internal dialogue that seems to carry the weight of eons. With the right kind of ears and eyes, it can seem like the trials and tribulations of mankind are being channeled through five individuals: Steve Von Till, Scott Kelly, Noah Landis, Jason Roeder and Dave Edwardson. And yet? They will be the first ones to tell you that they are just regular people trying to make sense of the world around them. Aided by Josh Graham, their resident visual guru, they transmit their interpretations through multiple sensory planes. The degree to which NEUROSIS allows them to step out of their everyday lives is the distance between one and zero, the distance between thinking and doing, the distance between this minute and the one that may or may not follow. Which is to say: NEUROSIS takes them outside of themselves and brings them closer to themselves. Simultaneously.

This next chapter in the evolution of NEUROSIS will see worldwide release through the band's own Neurot Recordings this autumn: in Germany on October 26, in the U.K. on October 29, and in North America on October 30.

Further details on "Honor Found In Decay" will be made available over the coming weeks.


Scott Kelly - Vocals/Guitars
Steve Von Till - Vocals/Guitars
Dave Edwardson - Bass
Jason Roeder - Drums
Noah Landis - Keyboards
Josh Graham - Visual Effects, Art
Swedish melodic metallers AMARANTHE will enter the studio on September 24 to begin recording their sophomore album for an early 2013 release. The follow-up to last year's "Amaranthe" will once again be recorded at Hansen studios in Ribe, Denmark with producer Jacob Hansen.

Commented AMARANTHE guitarist Olof Mörck: "So it is finally revelation time! In between our constant and never-ending touring, we have tirelessly been working on our next album, which is really starting to come together. We have lived and breathed the same 12 songs from the first album every day for a year now, and to introduce a number of completely fresh tracks will really lift AMARANTHE to the next level! The theme and atmosphere of the album is futuristic and ultra modern, something underlined by the first teaser poster. The music itself will be instantly recognisable as AMARANTHE, but there is definitely a new and unique twist to the songs.

"People often ask us if there is a big pressure to follow up such a successful album, and always say 'no, not one bit.' Not when you sit down and listen to new tracks such as 'Invincible', 'Burn With Me' and 'Stardust'. We simply cannot wait to hit the road all over the world with these new babies!"

A seven-minute video clip featuring highlights from AMARANTHE's appearance at this year's Wacken Open Air festival, which took place August 2-4 in Wacken, Germany, can be seen below.

AMARANTHE's self-titled debut album was released in Europe in April 2011 via Spinefarm Records.

AMARANTHE is the project featuring Olof Mörck (NIGHTRAGE, DRAGONLAND), Jake E (ex-DREAM EVIL, DREAMLAND), Andy Solveström (WITHIN Y, EVILDOER, CIPHER SYSTEM), Morten Lowe Sorensen (THE ARCANE ORDER, SUBMISSION) and Johan Andreassen (ex-ENGEL).

AMARANTHE vocalist Elize Ryd has been filling the female singer spot on KAMELOT's European, South and North American tours.


* Olof Mörck (NIGHTRAGE, DRAGONLAND) - Guitar, Keyboards
* Jake E (ex-DREAM EVIL, DREAMLAND) - Clean Vocals
* Andy Solveström (WITHIN Y, EVILDOER, CIPHER SYSTEM) - Screams
* Morten Lowe Sorensen (THE ARCANE ORDER, SUBMISSION) - Drums
* Johan Andreassen (ex-ENGEL) - Bass
* Elize Ryd - Female Vocals
LIMP BIZKIT frontman Fred Durst says that his band hasn't done any extensive touring in U.S. for a number of years because he has become disillusioned by the ever-changing taste of the American audiences.

"We don't play back home," he tells U.K.'s Kerrang! magazine. "We've boycotted America for many years now. I don't know, I just don't wanna go out like that. We did a few radio shows in 2010 for a friend and that was it. We haven't properly toured America since 2006. The reason? We just don't know what's going on in America. It's all about the new catchy thing and that's always changing."

He continues, "America is driven by record sales. It's the home of corporations. We're just LIMP BIZKIT, so we don't know how to do anything but LIMP BIZKIT.

"But here's the deal: say in 2000, there were 35 million people who connected to this band. Twelve years later, lots of those people have moved on. We were a moment in time and it's over."

LIMP BIZKIT last year parted ways with Interscope, the label that released all of the band's records thus far through its subsidiaries Flip, Geffen and Suretone Records.

2011's "Gold Cobra" was LIMP BIZKIT's first CD to feature the original lineup of Fred Durst (vocals), Wes Borland (guitar), Sam Rivers (bass), John Otto (drums), and DJ Lethal since 2000's "Chocolate Starfish And Hot Dog Flavored Water".

Earlier this year, LIMP BIZKIT signed a new deal with Cash Money, Lil Wayne's longtime record company.
Indian metallers KRYPTOS will release their third album, "The Coils Of Apollyon", on September 21 via AFM Records.

According to a press release, the CD was released in India "to huge critical acclaim with fans salivating at the bands '80's metal/thrash barrage. If JUDAS PRIEST, IRON MAIDEN, MERCYFUL FATE, KREATOR and CORONER all sacrificing themselves at a giant occult orgy is right up your alley, then this is the only album you should be picking up this year. With nine tracks armed to the teeth with ripping solos, catchy riffs and devastating production 'The Coils Of Apollyon' will make you tighten those bullet belts and raise the devil horns long into the night."

Commented KRYPTOS frontman Nolan Lewis: "This is a real high point for us to sign with one of the best metal labels in the world and one that is extremely committed to heavy metal. We can't wait to hit some grimy bars here in India to celebrate. We are incredibly thrilled to be on the same label as some of our favorite bands growing up, like the mighty HELSTAR and the legendary ONSLAUGHT. Something like this has been a long time coming and after over a decade of sticking to our guns our conviction is finally paying off."

He adds, "Watch out, posers. We're bringing a leather fist to your face."

"The Coils Of Apollyon" track listing:

01. The Mask Of Anubis
02. The Coils Of Apollyon
03. Serpent Mage
04. Nexus Legion
05. Eternal Crimson Spires
06. Spellcraft
07. Starfall
08. Vision Of Dis
09. The Isle Of Voices

Israeli metallers BETZEFER have finished recording their third full-length album, "Suicide Hotline".

A teaser from these as-yet-unmixed sessions has been released, along with a plea by BETZEFER frontman Avital Tamir for assistance in funding the mixing process.

A project site for the fundraising efforts has been launched at indiegogo.com/betzefer.

BETZEFER's latest album, "Freedom To The Slave Makers", was released in February 2011 via AFM Records. The CD was recorded with acclaimed producer Warren Riker (DOWN, CYNIC, LAURYN HILL, SANTANA).

BETZEFER's debut album, "Down Low", was released in 2005 via Roadrunner Records. The band's energetic brand of metal was previously described as a mixture of SEPULTURA and PANTERA and was said to be "packed with aggression."

Prior to issuing "Down Low" through Roadrunner, BETZEFER released three EPs: "Pitz Aachbar" (2000), "Some Tits, But No Bush" (2001) and "New Hate" (2003).


Avital Tamir - Vocals
Matan Cohen - Guitar
Roey Berman - Drums
Rotem Inbar - Bass
THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER and WINDS OF PLAGUE have been added to CANNIBAL CORPSE's previously announced European co-headlining tour with DEVILDRIVER.

The dates are as follows:

Feb. 09 - Teatrie Oulu - Oulu, Finland
Feb. 10 - Pakkahuone - Tampere, Finland
Feb. 11 - Nosturi - Helsinki, Finland
Feb. 13 - Göta Källare - Stockholm, Sweden
Feb. 14 - Bewhouse - Gothenburg, Sweden
Feb. 15 - Amager Bio - Copenhagen, Denmark
Feb. 16 - Train - Århus C, Denmark
Feb. 17 - Gruenspan - Hamburg, Germany
Feb. 19 - 013 - Tilburg, Netherlands
Feb. 20 - Essifabrik - Cologne, Germany
Feb. 21 - Substage - Karlsruhe, Germany
Feb. 22 - Musichall - Geiselwind, Germany
Feb. 23 - Trix - Antwerpen, Belgium
Feb. 24 - Le Bataclan - Paris, France
Feb. 26 - Alcatraz - Milan, Italy
Feb. 27 - Les Docks - Lausanne, Switzerland
Feb. 28 - Komplex 457 - Zurich, Switzerland
Mar. 01 - Sudbahnhof - Chemnitz, Germany
Mar. 02 - Garage Club - Ostrava, Czech Republic
Mar. 03 - Columbia Club - Berlin, Germany
Mar. 05 - Backstage - Munich, Germany
Mar. 06 - Garage - Bous, Germany
Mar. 07 - Forum - London, United Kingdom
Mar. 08 - Rock City - Nottingham, United Kingdom
Mar. 09 - HMV Ritz - Manchester, United Kingdom
Mar. 10 - ABC - Glasgow, United Kingdom

CANNIBAL CORPSE's twelfth studio album, "Torture", sold 9,600 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 38 on The Billboard 200 chart. The band's previous CD, "Evisceration Plague", also opened with 9,600 units to land at No. 66. That was more than 50 percent higher than the opening tally of CANNIBAL CORPSE's 2006 CD, "Kill", which entered the chart at No. 170 after shifting more than 6,000 copies.

"Torture" was again produced by HATE ETERNAL's Erik Rutan at his own Mana Recording Studio in St. Petersburg, Florida as well as Sonic Ranch in Tornillo, Texas, and features the maniacal cover art by longtime CANNIBAL CORPSE artist Vincent Locke.

While "Torture" marks the latest progression in the band's sound, it also witnesses a return to what drummer Paul Mazurkiewicz accurately terms "the frenzied attack of 'Butchered At Birth' (1991) or 'Tomb Of The Mutilated' (1992)," infusing the band's advanced musicianship with the raw savagery that haunted their earlier releases, and in the process conceiving the definitive CANNIBAL CORPSE record.

DEVILDRIVER recently inked a worldwide deal with Napalm Records. The band's next album is tentatively scheduled for a release in 2013.

In a March 2012 interview with Peek From The Pit, DEVILDRIVER frontman Dez Fafara stated about the progress of the songwriting sessions for the band's sixth album, "We continue to make our records diverse, which is cool. Every record is different with DEVILDRIVER, so I think we're gonna surpass what we've done in the past. And then going into the 'brutal' question, it's like, man, everybody is as brutal as everybody now. So we wanna have some diversity and we wanna have some moments and some clarity within the songs. I think the thing we're really focused on is songwriting. We don't have a producer chosen, we don't have the [studio] time [booked]. We don't even know if we're gonna release a record in 2013, maybe 2014, or maybe fall of 2013; we're not sure. So there's all this stuff up in the air. But what we do know is we're having a good time writing and exchanging feelings on the songs. . . It's gonna be a very important record in our career, so we're gonna take time and we're gonna craft it."

Quorthon was found dead in his apartment in Stockholm, Sweden on June 7, 2004. The 39-year-old, widely considered to be one of black metal's founding fathers, reportedly died of heart failure.

"Voices From Valhalla", a BATHORY tribute double CD, was released earlier this year via Godreah Records.

Rare video footage from the DVD that accompanied BATHORY's career-spanning box set, "In Memory of Quorthon", can be viewed below in three parts.

Released in June 2006 via Black Mark, "In Memory of Quorthon" contains three CDs, one DVD, a book and a poster. Börje "Boss" Forsberg — owner of Black Mark Records and father of late BATHORY mainman Thomas "Quorthon" Forsberg — had previously stated that the package would contain "Quorthon's and BATHORY's complete musical history."

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