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British heavy metal legends IRON MAIDEN established the Clive Burr MS Trust Fund in 2002 to benefit their former drummer, Clive Burr, who is suffering from multiple sclerosis — a disease of unknown cause. The disorder is causing him intermittent numbness and can affect his balance. At present there is no known cure for MS, although he is helping test new drugs in the hope that his body response may contribute to a cure.

There is no longer a web site or readily available information on The Clive Burr MS Trust, but the band continues to raise money for it periodically.

"The fans know about it and they contribute to it, and every now and again we'll do a show and just donate all the money," MAIDEN bassist Steve Harris tells SamaritanMag.com. "When we need to top it up, we do something."

Another person that benefited from the fund was Harris's childhood friend Ralph, who was given a modified vehicle able to carry his wheelchair.

"We went to school with him, my oldest friend since I was 5 years old, so we helped him, but we don't normally talk too much about it," the bassist said.

"Some of them get [MS] very mildly," Harris added, "but unfortunately the friend I was talking about has it really really bad. He's in a wheelchair for a long time and Clive is getting worse."

Clive joined IRON MAIDEN at the very end of December 1979 and played on the first three albums — "Iron Maiden", "Killers" and "Number Of The Beast" — and toured extensively with the band over this groundbreaking period before leaving in early 1983.
According to The Australian, legendary guitarist Slash has agreed to help Steve Irwin's father, Bob Irwin, launch the Bob Irwin Wildlife Conservation Foundation in Brisbane, Australia on Wednesday, August 22.

Slash himself became well-known during his days with GUNS N' ROSES as the owner of numerous snakes, although he told The Pulse Of Radio he had to dial it down when he became a father. "I used to have a plethora of snakes, but we got rid of everything right before my first son was born because you have 80, you know, life-threatening snakes around and a baby, you know, who's going to grow up to be a toddler that's gonna get into everything," he said. "You know, I got sort of cold feet about the whole thing."

Slash was honored last year by the Los Angeles Zoo for his contributions to the wildlife center and is also a trustee on the board.
Imagem Music USA (IMU) has signed a worldwide, multi-year administration agreement with songwriter and MÖTLEY CRÜE member Mick Mars, whose signature guitar sound has become a staple of American rock music.

Critics, recording artists and musicians around the globe have hailed Mars as one of the world's greatest guitar players. Mars co-wrote some of MÖTLEY CRÜE's greatest hits, including "Girls Girls Girls", "Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)" and "Dr. Feelgood".

"Owning my own publishing is something that I am very proud of," Mars says. "I am happy to bring Richard Stumpf and everyone at Imagem on board to administer those rights worldwide."

"Mick defines an era of musical history and to me is the Godfather of Sunset Strip guitar rock," said Richard Stumpf, President of IMU. "He is rooted in, and has a continued passion, for the blues and his riffs are legendary. It is a great honor to welcome such a creative force to the Imagem Music family."

Mars's signature guitar sound has become a staple of American music and Mars has been deemed one of the world's greatest guitar players from critics around the globe to many recording artists and musicians who credit Mars as an influence, which include such notables as Slash, Joe Perry from AEROSMITH, Carmine Apice, Alice Cooper, BUCKCHERRY, and Marilyn Manson, just to name a few.

In August 2008, Cherry Lane Music Publishing Company, Inc. published "Hooks That Kill - The Best Of Mick Mars & Mötley Crüe", a collection of Mick Mars-approved notes and guitar tabs for 15 songs from the legendary guitarist of MÖTLEY CRÜE. It included:

* Dr. Feelgood
* Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)
* Girls, Girls, Girls
* Kick Start My Heart
* Hell on High Heels
* Looks That Kill
* Primal Scream
* Smokin' in the Boys Room
* Wild Side
THE CULT singer Ian Asbury has commented on on a Facebook post, since deleted, where someone claiming to be KILLING JOKE frontman Jaz Coleman announced that KILLING JOKE was canceling a tour with THE CULT and THE MISSION. "Their songs suck!" the post said. Coleman now claims he never wrote the message and says it was the work of an "impersonator." Still, Coleman says, it now "looks like this has caused a right ding dong and … it's impossible to continue this tour under the circumstances". In a statement posted on his Facebook page, Coleman wished both "THE CULT and THE MISSION the best of luck on the tour, and to find out who has been impersonating him."

Speaking to The MusicNerd Chronicles, Astbury said, "We made a decision to try to let everything settle before we say what we want to say. We simply decided to sit back for now. Apparently, the webmaster from KILLING JOKE's web site wrote the statement on their behalf; the band immediately issued an apology. Jaz wasn't even in the country when all of this went down. But the fact of the matter is as people are taking sides, nobody cares about Jaz Coleman and nobody cares about Ian Astbury. It is easy to get caught up in the triviality of it all. For now, I will tell you that we've given KILLING JOKE the opportunity to get their house in order. I have friends that are friends with Jaz and so I felt it was right to offer a little cultural diplomacy."
MEGADETH has once again tapped Johnny K (full name: John Karkazis), who has previously worked with DISTURBED, SEVENDUST, MACHINE HEAD and STAIND, to produce the band's new album, tentatively due in early 2013.

According to MEGADETH mainman Dave Mustaine, Johnny "is arriving tomorrow to start pre-production" on the new CD. He adds, "This should be a very interesting record."

Mustaine recently told NME about the direction of MEGADETH's new material, "Some of it's a little darker, some of it's a little faster. Being in this position right now, not knowing where we're gonna go or what we're gonna do, it's kind of like the world's ours to do what we want. Are we gonna go back to the speed and thrash metal roots that made us who we are? Are we gonna experiment and rely on the melody that we've discovered in MEGADETH songs?"

Mustaine also spoke about how he likes to keep MEGADETH's music more melodic than that of most thrash bands. "We've tried to do that in MEGADETH, have a little melody so that it's not just the same old grinding music like everybody else has," he said. "We're just happy to get going and get to the studio."

Johnny K produced MEGADETH's last album, 2011's "TH1RT3EN", which was recorded at Mustaine's Vic's Garage studio in San Marcos, California. Mustaine previously stated about the recording process for "TH1RT3EN", "We've got a great new partner with Johnny K. I mean, I was satisfied with our last co-producer, with Andy Sneap, and Andy really took us — and he even admits — as far as he could take us, and it was great because we wanted to go back to the big leagues where we were, and we feel that Johnny is, obviously, a big-league producer; not that Andy isn't — don't get me wrong. But we feel that this record is definitely one of our best. It's a great feeling, because, you know, finishing some of the last record, I can honestly say, in my heart I knew that it wouldn't contend with some of the great records in the past, just because of the timing, the label that we were on and stuff like that. Lineup changes and stuff… But I really think that everything just lined up for this record."

"TH1RT3EN", sold 42,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to land at position No. 11 on The Billboard 200 chart.

The CD marked the recorded return of bassist David Ellefson who was part of the band's classic lineup from 1983 to 2002. In a move that delighted the band's legion of diehards, Ellefson returned to performing live with MEGADETH in early 2010 and has remained a fixture on the stage ever since. This was the first time Ellefson has played on a MEGADETH record since 2002's "Rude Awakening".
While on tour with MEGADETH, Hartke artist David Ellefson will appear at a Hartke-sponsored clinics in Santiago, Chile and Mexico City, Mexico. David will demonstrate why he uses Hartke's LH1000 amplifiers and HyDrive 810 cabinets, as well as hold meet-and-greets/signings with audience members at the following locations:

Saturday, September 8 at 12:00 p.m. (noon)
Megatienda / Audiomusica
Av. Chile Espana #393
Nunoa, Santiago, Chile
Co-sponsored by Audiomusica

Tuesday, September 18 at 4:00 p.m.
Music Club
Bolivar 86, Col. Centro
Del. Cuauhtemco, Mexico D.F.
Co-sponsored by Hermes Music

In addition to numerous gold and platinum records and eight Grammy-nominated works, David is the author of the book "Making Music Your Business" and has two metal bass guitar instructional DVDs through Rock House Method entitled "Metal Bass Vol. 1" and "Vol. 2". He is also a featured bass clinician, keynote speaker and panelist on the subject of music and the music industry.
Singer Mike Patton of the reactivated influential alt-metal act FAITH NO MORE recently told Australia's News.com.au that he and his bandmates have no plans to work on new material anytime in the near future. "We're pretty happy with just touring," he said. "There was talk, 'Should we write new stuff?' and we all looked at each other and said 'Nahhh, fuck it.' We did work up one new little thing [a song with the working title 'Matador', performance footage of which can be seen below] and that was really energizing."

Patton previously told RollingStone.com about the prospect of recording new music with FAITH NO MORE, "Reunions can be done very distastefully I think, and we were all very worried about that. But I think we were all very surprised with how good it felt. It's a tired old script: band splits up, gets hard up for cash, goes on tour and records a shitty record. We don't want to be part of that kind of history."

FAITH NO MORE made a comeback in June 2009 with a headlining performance at the Brixton Academy in London, England and has played sporadic shows for the past three years.

FAITH NO MORE's last LP, "Album Of The Year", came out in 1997.
DOWN will spend today and tomorrow filming a video for the new song "Witchtripper". The track, which is now available for purchase from iTunes, comes off the band's first in a series of four EPs to be released over the next few years (with a year between EPs), each touching on a different aspect of the band's sound.

The first six-song EP, "Down IV Part I - The Purple EP", which heralds the sound of DOWN going back to its roots, with influences from BLACK SABBATH, SAINT VITUS and WITCHFINDER GENERAL, will be released on September 18. It will be followed by the second collection of songs early next year, around the time of a planned U.S. tour. EPs three and four are scheduled for later in 2013.

The cover artwork for "Down IV Part I - The Purple EP" can be seen below.

"I have not really put too much pressure on myself with DOWN, and I think that's the best approach," vocalist Philip Anselmo tells RollingStone.com. "Right now I'm looking forward to the public's consumption and letting them hear it. I'm not sure if it's gonna break any ground. I never put any expectation on any friggin' record I do. We didn't overanalyze anything. We just let the songs kind of unfold, and once it felt right, there was no reason to go back."

"I do believe that we have delivered a record that will be accepted and hopefully enjoyed by the DOWN horde — if you will," says Anselmo. "If you're looking for a DOWN record, it's very pure and real."

Lyrically, the EP goes beyond just personal experiences, and explores themes that include the faith of mankind, the imperfection of mankind and cultural belief systems.

"DOWN gives me the platform to be poetic and paint imagery with lyrics," says Anselmo. "That's the approach I took. They complement the music and create an ominous feeling. Ultimately, when people consume the words, it's always their interpretation that matters. I could be image-conscious though when I wrote. It's not so gut level or street. The darker shit is some of my favorite."

When asked about DOWN's plans to release four separate EPs, Anselmo recently said, "That's the idea right now, but I think that after you work on a body of music, you need to reload, you need to refresh, you need to clear your head. Get that, digest it, get it out of your system, and then decide what direction you're going to go. It's a good idea and I think we should see it through. But there's no way we can rush it. Because I think if it is a series of four, each one should be unique, and that… We've shown flexibility — we have songs like 'Bury Me In Smoke' and then we have songs like 'Stone The Crow'… acoustic pieces and what-not… We have all that. So we've touched on many, I guess, dynamics, so… I would expect each EP to have its own life."

Anselmo previously described DOWN's new EP as "very stripped down. Nothing flashy. Straight to the point… really just DOWN music. If you liked the first record, the demos… something like that… This record, we're pretty dead straight and honest and on the money as far as making it as simple and direct as possible and I think we did that. . . It has that practice-room vibe to it. We didn't really try and fucking slick it out and anything. We went the more raw route, as far as an approach."

"Down IV Part I - The Purple EP" track listing:

01. Levitation
02. Witchtripper
03. Open Coffins
04. The Curse Is A Lie
05. This Work Is Timeless
06. Misfortune Teller
According to Talking Points Memo, TWISTED SISTER frontman Dee Snider has slammed Paul Ryan, who was tapped last week to run for vice president on the Republican ticket alongside presumptive presidential nominee Mitt Romney, for using the band's 1984 hit "We're Not Gonna Take It" as intro music at a rally yesterday in Pennsylvania.

"I emphatically denounce Paul Ryan's use of my band TWISTED SISTER's song 'We're Not Gonna Take It' in any capacity," Snider said. "There is almost nothing he stands for that I agree with except the use of the P90X."

P90X, or Power 90 Extreme, is a commercial home exercise regimen, known for being intense. It is designed to take 90 days, and consists of a training program which uses cross-training (weight training, martial arts, yoga and old-school calisthenics) and periodization, combined with a nutrition and dietary supplement plan.

"We're Not Gonna Take It" and "Stay Hungry" were the biggest hit single and album, respectively, in TWISTED SISTER's career. Snider said "We're Not Gonna Take It" is now part of America's cultural fabric.

"It's become like a folk song. It's a traditional song now. It has a simple message that's applicable to everything from sports teams to politics. I even once heard about the song being used by people protesting the development of commercial property," he said.

The song's lyrics say in part "Oh you're so condescending/Your gall is never ending/We don't want nothin'/Not a thing from you."
SiriusXM satellite radio today announced that guitar icon Zakk Wylde, founder of BLACK LABEL SOCIETY and former guitarist for OZZY OSBOURNE, will host a new weekly sports talk series available to SiriusXM listeners nationwide.

"Wylde On Sports" — which Wylde will host alongside veteran sports talk personality Ken Thomson — will debut September 4 and air every Tuesday night (9:00 – 11:00 p.m. ET) for six weeks on SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio, SiriusXM's 24/7 fantasy sports channel. SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio airs on channel 87 on XM and channel 210 on Sirius Premier and is also available on the SiriusXM Internet Radio App and online at SiriusXM.com.

Wylde, who grew up in New Jersey and is a lifelong New York Giants fan, will take calls from fantasy football players around the country, discussing roster moves and potential trades and previewing the coming weekend's games. Throughout the series, Wylde will also be joined on the show by celebrities and special guests from the worlds of entertainment and sports.

"I'm excited to join my brother-in-law Ken Thomson every Tuesday night on SiriusXM to recap all of the awesome NFL action, and to find out what in the Wylde world of sports is going on," states Wylde. "We'll be hosting an amazing cast of characters from the worlds of sports, music, movies, television & your local bowling alley as we get 'Wylde On Sports'! Yay! Go Team!"

Wylde recently participated in the annual SiriusXM Celebrity Fantasy Football Draft, held in New York's City's Times Square. He'll compete this season in a league that also includes teams managed by Jacksonville Jaguars All-Pro running back and 2011 NFL rushing leader Maurice Jones-Drew, comedians Artie Lange and Nick DiPaolo of "The Nick & Artie Show", WWE star Mike "The Miz" Mizanin, actor George Wendt, Playboy Playmate and Playboy Radio host Pilar Lastra and others.

To see Wylde's picks and follow the league, or for more info on the SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio channel, visit www.siriusxm.com/fantasysportsradio. Follow the channel on Twitter @SiriusXMFantasy.
"The Classic Metal Show" recently conducted an interview with JACK RUSSELL'S GREAT WHITE vocalist Jack Russell. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

On whether the reason he fell into a harder run with partying was due to the heavy emotional baggage that came along with dealing with the after-effects of the Station Fire incident:

Jack Russell: "You know, I have to admit that it has a lot to do with it. I've been through numerous counselling sessions about that. That was put on my shoulders. And at first, I made comments like, "Well, I've got big shoulders" and stuff like that, but in the end, nobody can handle something like that. It was a tragedy...so many people lost their lives. The ripple effect of that... you can't even imagine how big that is. And every time someone wants me to talk about the fire, I just can't anymore, because no matter what I say, I hurt somebody's feelings. I piss somebody off. I don't say something right, or somebody doesn't think I'm remorseful when I should be. You know, this was really, really hard on me. And I'm not saying that it wasn't hard on anybody else, too, because certainly it was harder on most people than it was on me. Nobody got out of that place unscarred, physically or mentally or psychologically or spiritually. It was a really horrible ordeal, and I'm sorry it ever happened. But there was nothing I could have done about it. And if there was, I would have."

On whether he can foresee ever repairing his friendship and working relationship with his former GREAT WHITE bandmates:

Jack Russell: "You know what? I like to think that time heals all wounds. I've been trying to keep my mouth shut. We all had a few things to say initially, and I said, 'OK, look, let's just shut it down with the words now.' And I was watching this video [interview with my former GREAT WHITE bandmates] the other day, and they're still going on and on and on, saying stuff like, 'Jack wasn't involved in the songwriting.' It's like, OK, well, I've got more songwriting credits than anyone else, so figure that one out. Then Mark [Kendall] was saying, 'Well, Jack's name must not mean much or he wouldn't have to use 'Jack's Great White.'' And I'm thinking, 'Well, why don't you go out as 'Mark Kendall' and we'll see how good you do.' Then the interviewer asks them, 'Since you guys own the trademark, how come it's such a hassle with the court and everything?' and they just kind of him and hawed. And I'm thinking, 'Guys, c'mon, you don't own the trademark, and that's why we're going to court.' Then they were about how their publicist is doing such a great job of keeping things from being confusing with all the advertisements. There was just one show in New Mexico where [the ad] had eight pictures, and they were all with me. So it's like, 'Guys, just shut up! You're not getting anything right, so just don't talk about Jack at all. Please!' That's all I want to say about that, But as far as wanting to get back together again, well, if they stop being idiots, who knows? But every time they open their mouth, they stick their foot in it. I'm just getting tired of it, man. I just want it all to go away. I want the lawyers to handle it, and the courts to handle it, and I just want to sit in my house, my boat, whatever.

On whether he feels that his value as JACK RUSSELL'S GREAT WHITE is diminished with the other version of GREAT WHITE out there:

Jack Russell: "Well, absolutely, because people still don't understand…. Not everybody reads all the Internet tabloids and all that kinds of stuff. They have regular jobs and they don't get on Facebook. They see GREAT WHITE playing at so-and-so. 'Oh, yeah, I love those guys.' They hear the songs on the radio and they don't know that there's some other dude singing. They go out [and see the show] and they go, 'Guys, sounds really not good. What happened? Oh, it's another singer. Oh, wow.' And by the time, it's too late then. It's important. And they say they're taking care of all this stuff to make sure people know. That's the only reason I didn't just take the nameGREAT WHITE when I left. And I didn't… And this is the thing… See, I didn't leave. And that is the big misnomer here. When I made my first press release, I said I'm taking the name of the band I started and moving on. At that time, I was the president of the corporation Shark Touring, which was the corporation that ran GREAT WHITE, that paid the bills. I was the CEO, and Mark was the vice president' we were the only two officers and members of the organization. Michael Lardie and Audie Desbrow and everybody else, they were all just hired musicians. So I fired them all. When I said, 'I'm taking the name,' that means, 'You're fired.' But they didn't wanna be fired, and neither did the manager, because that's his gig. . . I'm just so upset because every time I turn around, there's one more thing in the press, and it's not correct. I'm so sick of hearing Michael Lardie talk about how I didn't write any songs. Gee, Mike, I've got more [songwriting credits] than anybody. It's like, c'mon, man, tell your wife to quit writing what you're supposed to say and just be a man.
Legendary cult rock act PENTAGRAM will play a very special set for the first Power Of The Riff - East festival on September 1 in Brooklyn, New York. The band will perform its Decibel magazine "Hall Of Fame" album, "Relentless", in its entirety for the first time since the early 1980s. PENTAGRAM will also play other beloved songs spanning the group's career, including tracks from their most recent album, "Last Rites". The influential doom legends will also support DOWN in Phillaldephia and Maryland.

In other news, fans can finally get their hands on the PENTAGRAM documentary "Last Days Here", winner of the "Best Music Documentary" at the International Documentary Film Festival. The film is available from Amazon.com, iTunes, Best Buy, and other online and physical retailers. "Last Days Here" is also available for viewing via Netflix (DVD and streaming).

PENTAGRAM's classic "Death Row"-era line-up and the band's debut album, "Relentless" (1984), was inducted into Decibel magazine's Hall of Fame in 2010. Guitarist Victor Griffin's invention of the "Drop B" tuning is first heard here. This heavy-handed hallmark went on to influence handfuls of players and defined a subgenre.
THE SMASHING PUMPKINS will perform "The Celestials" from their current album "Oceania" this Thursday, August 23 on the "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno", their first national television performance since the album's release.

The band is coming off a successful tour of Australia, New Zealand and South Korea that ran from July 26 to August 14. They headlined festivals and, at their own shows, performed the acclaimed "Oceania" in full, followed by a set of classics and deep cuts.

Although the material on "Oceania" is part of the PUMPKINS' in-progress 44-song cycle, "Teargarden By Kaleidyscope", frontman Billy Corgan told The Pulse Of Radio why he decided to carve "Oceania" out as its own album. "We decided to release 'Oceania' as a standalone project because we'd been doing a song at a time as part of the 'Teargarden By Kaleidyscope' project, and we found that because of the voracious nature of the Internet, our songs were being swallowed up so fast that people didn't even know that they'd come out," he said. "So when we looked at it, we said, what can we do that will garner at least some length of attention? An album, of course, would do that, at least for that one hour hopefully."

"Oceania" follows up 2007's comeback album "Zeitgeist" and is the first PUMPKINS record to feature the current lineup of Mike Byrne on drums, Nicole Fiorentino on bass and Jeff Schroeder on guitar.
"Blood", the fourth album from Southern California's IN THIS MOMENT, sold around 20,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 15 on the Billboard 200 chart.

The band's previous CD, "A Star-Crossed Wasteland", opened with 10,500 units back in July 2010 to land at position No. 40.

The band's sophomore effort, "The Dream", registered a first-week tally of more than 8,000 copies back in October 2008 to land at No. 70.

Released on August 14 via Century Media Records, "Blood" was once again produced by Kevin Churko, who has previously worked with OZZY OSBOURNE and FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH, among others.

IN THIS MOMENT began work on the new album just a few months following the departures of drummer Jeff Fabb and guitarist Blake Bunzel, who left the band late last year in order to join the backing group of "American Idol" finalist James Durbin. Fabb and Bunzel have since been replaced by Tom Hane (THYATEIRA) and Randy Weitzel (FLATLINE, 3/13, AMERICAN MASSACRE), respectively.

"Blood" track listing:

01. Rise With Me
02. Blood
03. Adrenalize
04. Whore
05. You're Gonna Listen
06. It Is Written
07. Burn
08. Scarlet
09. Aries
10. From The Ashes
11. Beast Within
12. Comanche
13. The Blood Legion
14. 11_11
This October, gothic boutique publisher Seraphemera Books & Music will reveal a little bit more of the history from Helsinki, Finland-based gothic metallers THE 69 EYES than many are aware... or might like to know.

Pieced together from a secret story hidden in six of the band's songs, and certainly confirmed from hints dropped in countless articles and quotes, Book 1 brings you the tale of the formation of THE 69 EYES that you would never find on Wikipedia or in the bio section of any record company's web site.

"When we released our first-ever seven-inch single in 1990, it had a four-page mini comic book enclosed," commented THE 69 EYES lead singer Jyrki69. "In that comic, THE 69 EYES were represented as a vampire rock band and the daughter of Van Helsing came to pay me a visit to the backstage — armed with a wooden stake! Now some two decades later we will finally have our own comic book. The song remains the same — according to a folklore we are real vampires. How else could we have played this long?"

The story follows the vampire Jyrki and his pursuit of the lover (Gothic Girl) he has been seeing in his dreams. So, too, is his mysterious lover searching and beckoning he, to her (Christina Death).

After years of his searching, Jyrki finds her in Los Angeles, and in his longing and desire agrees to grant her wish of becoming a vampire (Crashing High). However, the lovers, then reposed in the romanticism of Paris, begin to take different paths. Jyrki, hoping his humanity could be restored by Christina, watches as her love grows only for the darkness and the blood of her victims. And when the lovers discover they are being hunted by a zealous religious order who are determined to eradicate those they deem apocryphal to their divine grace (Wings & Hearts), everything changes, and much seems lost.

Years pass and Jyrki receives word that Christina has settled in New Orleans but she has fallen into a lifestyle that has nearly destroyed her. Jyrki, who has spent the years tracking those who dared to hunt him, goes to the French Quarter in hopes of saving Christina (Kiss Me Undead) and rekindling their romance...even knowing the hunters will follow. Together again, their passion soars, but their whereabouts are revealed, leading to a climactic night in the famous St. Louis #1 cemetery (Dead N' Gone).

The series includes storytelling from Kurt Amacker (Dead Souls, Tad Caldwell and the Monster Kid) and Marc Moorash (More To Follow, co-editor Garbanzo Literary Journal). Artists include Lora Gray, Ben Hansen, Ava Dawn Heydt, Nestor Ruiz, Enric Simon and Blake Wilkie.

Books 2 and Book 3 will follow in November and December, respectively.
United Stations' nationally syndicated radio show "HardDrive" has announced the 2012 "HardDrive Live Tour" featuring TREMONTI and MAN THE MIGHTY. The fourth annual trek will begin in Flint, Michigan on September 20, and is scheduled to hit thirteen cities across North America. TREMONTI with CHARM CITY DEVILS will be doing two warm-up dates, "The Road To HardDrive", on September 11 in West Greenwich, Rhode Island and September 12 at the Highline Ballroom in New York City.

"HardDrive" host Lou Brutus will be on-hand for some of the dates.

A national promotion will be launched on both HardDrive and HardDrive XL in the coming weeks.

Local radio affiliates will be giving away tickets, meet-and-greet passes and chance to win a Mark Tremonti PRS guitar.

The "HardDrive Live Tour" is produced by Mike Childs and Ledge Entertainment in association with "HardDrive".

"The Road To HardDrive":

Sep. 11 - West Greenwich, RI @ Rock Junction (with CHARM CITY DEVILS)
Sep. 12 - New York, NY @ Highline Ballroom (with CHARM CITY DEVILS)

"HardDrive Live Tour":

Sep. 20 - Flint, MI @ The Machine Shop
Sep. 21: Lancaster, PA @ The Chameleon Club
Sep. 23 - Chicago, IL @ House of Blues
Sep. 25 - New Britain, CT @ Club INT
Sep. 26 - West Chester, PA @ The Note
Sep. 28 - Orlando, FL @ The Beacham Theater
Sep. 29 - Atlanta, GA @ Vinyl
Sep. 30 - Birmingham, AL @ Club Zydeco
Oct. 02 - Nashville, TN @ Exit In
Oct. 03 - Kansas City, MO @ The Beaumont Club
Oct. 05 - Shreveport, LA @ The Riverside Warehouse

Additional tour dates include:

Oct. 06 - KTBZ's Buzzfest, Woodlands, TX – Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion
Oct. 07 - KISSfest 2012, San Antionio, TX – Sunken Gardens Amphitheatre

Mark Tremonti's debut solo album, "All I Was", sold more than 12,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 29 on The Billboard 200 chart. The CD was released on July 17 via Fret 12 Records, a company Mark started with his brother, Daniel Tremonti, and Tom Stanley.

With two bands and a solo career, The Pulse Of Radio asked Tremonti how he knows which project the songs he writes are best suited for. "I've just gotten this filter, this intuition that tells me what songs go to which band, and with my solo stuff, the rhythm section is so different from the other bands, I think it really stands apart," he said. "I think it's a little more aggressive than both the other bands, but you just have to hear it, I guess."

His solo band, also billed TREMONTI, features ALTER BRIDGE and CREED bassist Brian Marshall in the lineup along with guitarist Eric Friedman and drummer Garrett Whitlock.
San Francisco Bay Area thrashers KILL RITUAL have inked a worldwide deal with Scarlet Records. The band's debut album, "The Serpentine Ritual", will be released on October 30. The CD was recorded and engineered by KILL RITUAL lead guitarist Steve Rice at Fang Studios in San Mateo, California and Fossil Sound in San Jose, California. The mix and the mastering were handled by Andy La Rocque of KING DIAMOND fame at his Sonic Train Studios in Varberg, Sweden. La Rocque also makes a guest appearance on the CD with the ending solo on the track "Coat Of Blood".

KILL RITUAL recently filmed a video for the first single, "Old School Thrasher", on July 13 at Soundwave Studios in Oakland, California. Mike Sloat (MACHINE HEAD, TESTAMENT) is handling the production, directing and editing.

The "The Serpentine Ritual" cover art was designed by Jobert Mello for Sledgehammer Graffix (SABATON, PRIMAL FEAR).

Commented Rice: "Well, the KILL RITUAL debut will at last see the light of day and we are psyched to have Scarlet Records on board for the release of the CD. The label has a ton of great bands on their roster and excellent distribution worldwide, so we can reach as many metal maniacs as possible. Get ready for some San Francisco Bay Area thrash and roll!"

"The Serpentine Ritual" track listing:

01. The Serpentine Ritual
02. Torn Down
03. Time To Kill
04. Ambush
05. Old School Thrasher
06. Coat Of Blood *
07. Cold Hard Floor
08. Law Of The Land
09. Prisoner Of The Flesh
10. My Neighborhood (bonus track)

* Featuring guest solo by Andy La Rocque
PAPA ROACH was forced to cancel its appearance last night (Tuesday, August 21) at the Grand Rapids, Michigan stop of the Rockstar Energy Uproar Festival tour due to singer Jacoby Shaddix's ongoing vocal issues.

Christian hard rockers P.O.D., who have been headlining the second stage during the Uproar trek, revealed the news in a tweet, explaining that they were asked to step up to the main stage yesterday to make up for PAPA ROACH's absence.

They wrote, "Headed to Grand Rapids. Papa Roach dropped off today's show so we're covering their slot last minute. Prayers 4 Jacoby to heal his vocals."

PAPA ROACH has yet to comment on the Grand Rapids concert cancelation or offer an update on Shaddix's condition.

Shaddix admitted in a recent interview that he has been suffering from throat problems. Speaking backstage at a show in Allentown, Pennsylvania, Shaddix said, "I went to a vocal specialist. I have what's called a node that's forming on my vocal cord, so it's like a callus on my vocal cord, and so it's fucking with my top range of my vocals for the last week, so I've actually been pretty bummed out." He added, "I took some steroids, and that'll help the swelling and hopefully that'll help it go away. But if it doesn't get better, it's one of those things where you have to get surgery and do the whole thing."

Shaddix was hopeful that the problem would be better in time for the band's stint on the Uproar Festival tour, which kicked off on August 17 in Bonner Springs, Kansas.

"I think I'll be all right," he told Loudwire earlier this month. "I've got a speech and vocal therapist at the current time to learn how to sing through this and work through this and take care of myself. Really, it's just a matter of having a little bit more discipline than I'm used to, you know, as far as vocal rest and warm-ups and cool-downs and all that kind of stuff."

The Uproar Festival also features SHINEDOWN, STAIND, REDLIGHT KING, ADELITAS WAY and others.

The vocal scare is the latest in a series of struggles for Shaddix, who has also dealt with marital strife and recurring addiction issues in the past year or so. He told The Pulse Of Radio that all his problems found their way into the new PAPA ROACH album. "I was a mess. I'm a mess," he said. "You know, I was in the process of getting sober again and I just, you know, I'm a wreck. I'm a rock 'n' roll freight train. I'm a VH1 story. It came through on the record, you know, so there's desperation, there's hope, exhilaration, there's empowerment...it's a myriad of emotions. You know, there's songs on this record that I listen to and I'm just — they hit so deep to me, I'm like, 'God, I don't even want to listen to that song right now.'"

The band's new studio set, "The Connection", is due out on October 2. First single "Still Swingin'" arrived late last month.
"Sin And Bones", the new album from FOZZY — the band featuring WWE wrestling superstar Chris Jericho and STUCK MOJO mastermind Rich "The Duke" Ward — sold around 3,400 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 143 on the Billboard 200 chart. The CD landed at position No. 1 on the Top New Artist Albums (Heatseekers) chart, which lists the best-selling albums by new and developing artists, defined as those who have never appeared in the Top 100 of The Billboard 200.

FOZZY's previous album, 2010's "Chasing The Grail", opened with around 2,200 units to enter the Heatseekers chart at No. 6.

"Sin And Bones" was released on August 14 (one day earlier internationally) via the group's new label, Century Media Records.

"Sandpaper", the lead single from "Sin And Bones", features a guest appearance by AVENGED SEVENFOLD lead singer M. Shadows. The song was released via iTunes on July 17.

"Sin And Bones" track listing:

01. Spider In My Mouth
02. Sandpaper
03. Blood Happens
04. Inside My Head
05. Sin And Bones
06. A Passed Life
07. She's My Addiction
08. Shine Forever
09. Dark Passenger
10. Storm The Beaches

Speaking to U.K.'s Metal Hammer magazine, Jericho stated about how the new album title came about, "It's actually pretty funny. It's such a deep title and it can mean a lot of things. But how it really came about was Rich was texting me, saying, 'Man, I've gotta eat something on this tour. I'm all skin and bones.' And 'skin and bones,' he missed the [letter] 'k' and it came out [as] 'sin and bones.' And I showed it to him. I go, 'Dude, what do you think of this as an album title?' And he was like, 'Yeah, it's perfect.'"

In an interview with Sophie K of Total Rock at this year's Download festival, which was held June 8-10 at Donington Park in Leicestershire, United Kingdom, Jericho said about FOZZY's new CD, "Every artist says this, but it's definitely the best thing we've ever done. It kind of takes the FOZZY concept of what we do best, which is very heavy with very melodic choruses and a lot of harmonies. We're just super-proud of it. We worked on it for the last eight months."

He added, "We said we wanna make this like our 'black' album where all the songs kind of fit the same vibe. They're kind of darker lyrically, darker songs, but still catchy and hooky. So I'm really proud of the lyrics that I wrote for this. When I write lyrics, I give them to Rich Ward, and he takes them and writes riffs and songs based around what he feels the tone of the songs are. And I guess the lyrics I wrote are very dark, because it's a very dark record."

When asked if the "darker" vibe of the new album is reflection of personal things that might have gone on in his life, Jericho said, "I don't think so. I've just always been more attuned to that. Like, I write by songtitles. I read somewhere something about somebody woke up with a spider in their mouth. And I was like, 'Spider In My Mouth'. That's like the best title I could ever think of. So I wrote a bunch of lyrics that kind of fit that vibe. So a songtitle will lead… The first single is called 'Sandpaper'. And it's not about a piece of paper that you rub on your face that chafes you, it's just about an abrasive type of a feeling that you might have toward somebody. So it's just stuff like that. But we still sing it with a smile on our faces."

Speaking about some of the individual songs that make up the new FOZZY album, Jericho said, "We've been playing 'Sandpaper' live, and right off the bat people are bobbing their heads. So people can get into it right away, which is cool. I mean, there are so many great songs. There's another song called 'She's My Addiction', which is kind of a more [THE ROLLING] STONES-y, GUNS N' ROSES-type thing, but also very dark. Phil Campbell played a solo for it, from MOTÖRHEAD; he's been a very good friend of the band. There's a song called 'Inside My Head'. There's an 11-minute song about D-Day called 'Storm The Beaches'. 'Blood Happens'… that's a heavy one."

Elaborating further on how the "Spider In My Mouth" songtitle came about, Jericho said, "I read it in a Stephen King book. It said, 'He couldn't have been more disgusted if he woke up with a spider in his mouth. And I was like, 'Ahhh… Dude, how heavy is that?' And I wrote it down in my little songtitles book and about a year or two later, I went back and I looked through and it was like, 'Boom, I could do something with that.' So…"
Guitarist Joshua "Josh" James has announced his departure from Jacksonville, Florida's EVERGREEN TERRACE in order to continue playing full time with STICK TO YOUR GUNS.

Commented James: "In 1999, a few friends and I started EVERGREEN TERRACE. The band has been a huge part of my life, but it's time for me to move on.

"Earlier this year, I joined STICK TO YOUR GUNS, and I couldn't be more stoked. It's been a natural and exciting progression for me. I really believe in the band and the message.

"Thanks to everyone who has supported me and EVERGREEN throughout the years. I'm leaving with some great memories.

"I wish EVERGREEN TERRACE the best of luck and hope to see you all at a STICK TO YOUR GUNS show."

EVERGREEN TERRACE's latest album, "Almost Home" (2009), sold around 2,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release. The CD landed at position No. 17 on the Top New Artist Albums (Heatseekers) chart, which lists the best-selling albums by new and developing artists, defined as those who have never appeared in the Top 100 of The Billboard 200.
Belgian sorcerers AMENRA have completed work on their fourth full-length album, "Mass V", at La Chapelle studio with producer Billy Anderson (EYEHATEGOD, NEUROSIS, OM, SWANS) for a November 26 European release via Neurot Recordings.

Video footage of the recording process cane be seen below.

The "Mass V" record-release show will take place on December 22 in Belgium.

AMENRA has pulverized audiences abroad since the turn of the 21st century via an arsenal of split and mini-releases, as well as three full-length albums to date. They have proven themselves in the live setting as well, having toured with the likes of NEUROSIS, CONVERGE, PELICAN, STARKWEATHER, BATTLEFIELDS and countless others, and via notable performances at massive festivals, including Roadburn, Eurosonic and more.
Greek Satanic blackened thrash outfit SATAN'S WRATH will release its debut album, "Galloping Blasphemy", on September 25 (one day earlier interntationally) via Metal Blade Records.

The track listing for the CD is as follows:

01. Leonard Rising - Night Of The Whip
02. Between Belial And Satan
03. One Thousand Goats In Sodom
04. Hail Tritone, Hail Lucifer
05. Galloping Blasphemy
06. Death Possessed
07. Death To Life
08. Slaves Of The Inverted Cross
09. Satan's Wrath

Formed in 2011 by multi-instrumentalist Tas Danazoglou (vocals, drums and bass) and Stamos K (guitar), SATAN'S WRATH deal in a style of heavy metal music which harks back to the times when the death, black and thrash genres were all considered one in the same, and only leather, spikes and bullets were real!

According to a press release, "Galloping Blasphemy" contains "relentless blasphemy, unholy sacraments of evil made by dwellers of the twilight, horrors that will make priests vomit in agony, abominations that the prophecies of old kept hidden!!! SATAN'S WRATH is the only band in the world in communication with thy master through ceremonial black magic and necromantic rituals."
Dutch death metal veterans THANATOS have inked a deal with Century Media Records for the re-release of the band's back catalogue.

In the scope of the label's massive Death Certificate campaign, the first two THANATOS albums will be made available again: the classic debut, "Emerging From The Netherworlds", as well as the equally great second release, "Realm Of Ecstasy", both boosted with extra tracks (CD only), new layouts, liner notes, lyrics and a killer re-mastered sound by Dan Swanö. Both albums doubtlessly range among the classic releases of the heyday of death metal in the late '80s/early '90s.

"Emerging From The Netherworlds" track listing:

01. Dawn Of The Dead
02. Outward Of The Inward
03. Bodily Dismemberment
04. Internal Deceit
05. The Day Before Tomorrow
06. War
07. Rebirth
08. Progressive Destructor
09. Impostors' Infiltration
10. Omnicoitor / Dolor Satanae
11. The Meaning Of Life
12. War (demo)
13. The Meaning Of Life (demo)
14. Bodily Dismemberment (demo)
15. A-Thanasia (demo)

Tracks 12-15 are taken from the "Omnicoitor" demo (only on the CD version)

"Realm Of Ecstasy" track listing:

01. And Jesus Wept
02. Tied Up, Sliced Up
03. Realm Of Ecstasy
04. Mankind's Afterbirth
05. In Praise Of Lust
06. Perpetual Misery
07. Human Combustion
08. Reincarnation
09. Terminal Breath
10. And Jesus Wept (demo)
11. Tied Up, Sliced Up (demo)
12. Realm Of Ecstasy (demo)
13. In Praise Of Lust (demo)
14. Human Combustion (demo)

Tracks 10-14 are taken from the "Demo 1992" pre-productions tape (only on the CD version)

Both "Emerging From The Netherworlds" and "Realm Of Ecstasy" will be released on LP (180g vinyl, printed inner sleeve) and CD. The CD version will be made available for mid-price right from the start.

THANATOS's "Angelic Encounters", "Undead.Unholy.Divine" and "Justified Genocide" albums will be re-released in 2013.
GOD SEED, the Norwegian band featuring former GORGOROTH members King (bass; real name: Tom Cato Visnes) and Gaahl (vocals; real name: Kristian Espedal), will release its debut album, "I Begin", on October 30 in Europe and October 23 in North America via Indie Recordings. The CD was written, arranged and recorded between the fall of 2009 and May 2012. The group laid down ten new songs which "will show the band from a different side but well-rooted in what Gaahl and King are known for in the past," according to a press release.

GOD SEED earlier in the year announced its new lineup. It is as follows:

* Tom Cato Visnes (a.k.a. King) (TEMPLE OF THE BLACK MOON, OV HELL, GORGOROTH) - Bass
* Kristian Espedal (a.k.a. Gaahl) (GORGOROTH, TRELLDOM, WARDRUNA) - Vocals
* Stian "Sir" Kårstad (TRELLDOM, DJERV) - Guitar
* Kenneth Kapstad (MOTORPSYCHO) - Drums
* Geir Bratland (DIMMU BORGIR) – Keyboards, Noise
* Lust Kilman (THE BATALLION, GRIMFIST) - Guitar

Commented King: "All members of GOD SEED have been carefully picked for their musical skills and devoted personalities. We aim to release an album which will sound different than what we have done in the past. The new members have been very important for creating a sound that hopefully will come across as unique and defining the new GOD SEED sound. From this moment, GOD SEED should not be viewed as a duo anymore, but as a band with six members."

GOD SEED's "Live At Wacken" DVD and CD was released on January 27 in Europe and January 31 in North America via Indie Recordings.

"Live At Wacken" includes footage of the group's infamous live show from the 2008 edition of the Wacken Open Air festival in Wacken, Germany where they performed on the main stage in front of 75,000 screaming fans. The effort features session players Nick Barker (drums) and Ice Dale (guitar) alongside King and Gaahl.

GOD SEED came to life after Gaahl and King lost a court battle in early 2009 against guitarist Infernus (real name: Roger Tiegs) over the rights to the GORGOROTH band name.

Commented King: "GOD SEED represents a more spiritual side to us than what GORGOROTH did. GOD SEED represents the will to grow; the will to be the super man, so to speak. I think it's a suitable name for what we will represent in the future. I am also aware of the fact that we use the word 'God' in the name. It will challenge the weak-minded in the respect that we in the past used the word Satan a lot, but it's all about the same thing. The God within man, and the God within nature. I never believed in a Christian force named Satan. I believe in the God within man."

Gaahl left GOD SEED in 2009 because he chose to retire from metal music, but has since rejoined the group.

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