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Its funny how stuff like that lingers in your mind for years. I had no
idea where Ritchie had snagged that snippet, but as soon as you
mentioned it, I knew what you were referring to.
I'd heard/read stuff about him liking alot of classical music, music
from Eastern Europe (bavarian radio stations for example), and these
days he's playing some great music from the Renaissance period with
Blackmore's Night.
Yer welcome regarding the information that I stumbled upon, thank you
for asking the question!

On Tue, 31 Jul 2012 02:37:23 -0000, thermal122000 <> wrote:
Clint got it!! I always thought this piece was something from Bach
because Ritchie always had a fondness for classical music, and Bach in
particular. It is indeed by Hugo Alfven, and called "Swedish Rhapsody
N° 1, Op. 19 'Midsommarvaka'" known to many as simply "The Swedish
Rhapsody". For those who are interested, he was a Swedish composer,
conductor, violinist and painter. He lived from 1872 to 1960, and this
was the piece he was best known for, and is considered one of the best
known compositions from Sweden, written by Alvfen in 1903. I consider
Ritchie Blackmore's version of it the best, with absolutely no offense
intended to the composer, or others who have done this piece of music
> I base my opinion on the fact that, in my opinion, he inflected it
> with such perfect nuance that, at only ten seconds long, is thrown
> off by Blackmore with such ease, as if it were nothing more than a
> nursery rhyme. Yet every last tone that comes from his guitar is just
> simply flawless. Many many thanks to Clint for running this piece of
> rock/classical history down and answering a riddle that has stumped
> me for so long! Thanks also to those who took a crack at it. Please
> give this remastered version of Deep Purple's "Made in Japan" a
> listen, dial in to the riff that starts at 55:10 and I hope you agree
> that it's one of the coolest guitar licks ever done! Thanks
> everybody, and thanks again Clint!
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