Re: [Classic_Rock_Forever] Deep Purple Mystery Solved!!


I'm thinking that Deep Purple was one of the first rock groups that I
liked right from the beginning, and were probably within the first 10
albums I ever bought, or had access to through a brother who has a
similar fixation on music.
Sentimental favourite is still 'Who Do We Think We Are'.

On Tue, 31 Jul 2012 09:40:36 -0600, LM <> wrote:
Yep - had that lick in my head all these years, and actually never
> considered Deep Purple a real top-notch band. As I see some of the
> videos from concerts past, the massive talent from Jon Lord (RIP) the
> massive talent and massive ego of Blackmore and others from the
> various lineups is really very impressive. These were a bunch of
> incredibly talented musicians, deserving to be among the top tiers in
> rock history. Thanks Clint - and Rock On. Larry
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