[oddmusic] Yerbomatófono - kazoo or not kazoo?


I can't understand most of the Spanish in this video, but the yerbomatófono appears to be a maté gourd (south american tea cup sort of thing made from a gourd), cut in half and then stuck back together with tape hinges. When you sing / hum? into the opening, the two halves of the gourd vibrate against each other to make a kazoo-like sound. It looks like finger pressure is also necessary to keep the thing in its operating range.

So, it kind of fulfills Motley's criterion - you sing into it rather than blowing - but it has no membrane, which I think of as an essential part of a kazoo. What say you, kazoologist?


Check out more videos by Les Luthiers - I just discovered them today, and they've made all kinds of crazy stuff, like the Bolarmonio, a bunch of rubber balls attached to reed horns, like an array of bicycle horns, but surprisingly expressive and pleasant sounding.

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