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AEROSMITH's 15th studio album, titled "Music From Another Dimension", will arrive on November 6 via Columbia Records. The CD was helmed by producer Jack Douglas, who previously worked with AEROSMITH on classic early albums like "Toys In The Attic" and "Rocks" as well as on 2004's "Honkin' On Bobo".

When asked if the new album is full of rockers, AEROSMITH frontman Steven Tyler told RollingStone.com, "No. I wrote a song called 'Beautiful', and it was looked upon by the other guys as not AEROSMITH. It's off the beaten path. But anything that I question these days, I just go, 'Fuck it, let's do it.' And there's another full-bodied melody song called 'It Could Have Been Love'. I can't get away from it. My dad went to Juilliard and played a Steinway, and when you've been given the gift of music, you've got to play to your muse. Otherwise it's gonna bite you in the ass. [laughs]"

On the topic of whether all of AEROSMITH's members contributed to the songwriting process for the new CD, Tyler said, "Yeah! The band has really come to the table, and I'm so fucking proud of that. Joe Perry brought astounding stuff. [Drummer] Joey Kramer wrote one. [Guitarist] Brad Whitford plays some fantastic leads. [Bassist] Tom Hamilton wrote a couple of great songs that we put on the album, where in the past his songs have been shunned."
A vital part of rock history, British heavy metal legends JUDAS PRIEST have spent four decades writing classic songs and putting on spectacular live shows. During this period, the band has sold in excess of 30 million albums, and played to countless millions of fans across the globe. In 1982, they released their eighth studio album, "Screaming For Vengeance", containing their hugely successful "You've Got Another Thing Comin'", the single which proved that metal could get mainstream radio airplay in the U.S. — leading the way for a whole generation of new metal bands.

To celebrate the 30-year anniversary of this epic release, JUDAS PRIEST present you with "Screaming For Vengeance – Special 30th Anniversary Edition", containing not only the remastered original album plus bonus tracks, but also a live DVD from the 1983 US Festival show, filmed in San Bernadino CA on May 29, 1983.

The US Festival was intended to be a celebration of evolving technologies; a marriage of music, computers, television and people — organized by Steve Wozniak, formerly of Apple.

The "Screaming For Vengeance – Special 30th Anniversary Edition" live DVD was filmed at the second, and what turned out to be last, US Festival in 1983. The Sunday was the Heavy Metal Day. "It was the day new wave died and rock 'n' roll took over." It set the single-day concert attendance record for the U.S. with an estimated 375,000 people.

JUDAS PRIEST had this to say about this memorable day in metal history: "On the day that we performed, we flew in by helicopter — and the first sight we saw was that of thousands of abandoned cars piled up around the crests of the hills that surrounded the festival arena, which as we went over took our breath away. For there below us, spread throughout hundreds of acres was a massive crowd — over three hundred thousand strong! The summer heat was raging and combined with the hot Santa Ana winds made for a scorching metal furnace on stage."

CD track listing:

01. The Hellion
02. Electric Eye
03. Riding On The Wind
04. Bloodstone
05. (Take These) Chains
06. Pain And Pleasure
07. Screaming For Vengeance
08. You've Got Another Thing Comin'
09. Fever
10. Devil's Child

Bonus tracks:

11. Electric Eye (live) *
12. Riding On The Wind (live) *
13. You've Got Another Thing Comin' (live) *
14. Screaming For Vengeance (live) *
15. Devil's Child (live)
16. Prisoner Of Your Eyes

* Live from the San Antonio Civic Center - September 10, 1982

DVD track listing:

US Festival Show - San Bernadino, California - May 29, 1983

01. Electric Eye
02. Riding On The Wind
03. Heading Out To The Highway
04. Metal Gods
05. Breaking The Law
06. Diamonds And Rust
07. Victim Of Changes
08. Living After Midnight
09. The Green Manalishi (with the two-pronged crown)
10. Screaming For Vengeance
11. You've Got Another Thing Comin'
12. Hell Bent For Leather

* Plus booklet featuring photos from Mark Weiss and sleeve notes written by Eddie Trunk (long-standing and well-respected U.S. rock journo, author, radio and TV presenter)

"Screaming For Vengeance – Special 30th Anniversary Edition" will be released on September 4 (one day earlier internationally) via Sony Music.
IRON MAIDEN frontman Bruce Dicksinson recently launched an aircraft maintenance business, Cardiff Aviation Ltd, which is based at the Twin Peaks Hangar at St Athan, Vale of Glamorgan in Wales, United Kingdom. Dickinson, a qualified commercial pilot, and his company are leasing the 132,000 square-foot hangar from the Welsh government.

According to WalesOnline, the first aircraft to arrive for servicing at the facility will be a McDonell Douglas MD-11. The wide-body aircraft most easily identified because of a third engine mounted at its tail is used by an African operator.

Dickinson is currently on tour with IRON MAIDEN in North America, but Cardiff Aviation's new executive chairman Mario Fulgoni said the singer was still finding the time to be involved in the business, holding meetings with potential customers in the U.S. and keeping in close touch with developments in South Wales.

"Bruce is on the phone and the band starts playing and he says, 'I have to go now,'" said Fulgoni. "I am planning to meet up with him in the States soon to talk to some major aircraft companies."

According to Barry & District News, the first piece of equipment into the hangar at St Athan was a Boeing 747-200 flight simulator. The B747 is one of the world's biggest aircraft and the simulator will be used to train experienced pilots undergoing annual refresher training, as well as pilots new to professional aviation.

Dickinson, who currently trains pilots on a variety of aircraft flight simulators at other U.K. locations, said, "This is a big, serious piece of kit which involved a police escort on oversized trucks to transport it from the Gatwick area where it had previously been used to train pilots flying Virgin Atlantic's Boeing 747s. It is now being installed in our St Athan HQ Ð known as Twin Peaks Ð and we already have agreements in place for training and type-rating courses from the day the simulator comes online, with pilots and students coming not just from the U.K., but from around the world."
Legendary rock band KISS has tapped Ortsbo, the world's leading real-time experiential communications platform, to create the first globally social fan engagement platform, broadcasting fan communications worldwide for the band's 40-city summer tour with MÖTLEY CRÜE. Reaching fans in 53 languages, the platform will aggregate more than 17 social networks in a central platform, with instant translation and real-time integration to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Flickr, Vevo, and more. The launch will effectively transform in-venue fan engagement during a live music performance into a global, social and merchandising experience.

A world first in music and fan communications, Ortsbo's revolutionary multilingual social network aggregator will enable the tour's on-site team, concert-goers, KISS members and fans worldwide to converse across language barriers, continents and all the top social networks. Built to transform the way audiences, musicians and staffers share live and static entertainment experiences, the new hub will serve as a global base for KISS fans, tour attendees and viewers around the world. Gathering data and statistic in real-time, the service will also collect invaluable information on its back end for further refinement, development and perfection of the platform while creating unprecedented, niche audience information for advertisers and marketers to potentially tap as well.

Combining all forms of multimedia, chat and e-commerce, users can share photos, video, text, tweets, links and purchase merchandise in one all-inclusive portal, in the language of their choice. The ultimate international experience for music and concerts, Ortsbo's platform will centralize the global fan base of one of the most-renowned rock bands for a new experiment in defining a social music experience. The full experience will intend to create a heightened fan loyalty coupled with a game-ified communication experience in one powerful online home.

"We're giving our fans a more powerful and meaningful way to communicate and engage with us while on tour. Every member of the KISS Army brings pride and power we share and with Ortsbo's technology we can reach anyone, anywhere, in any language through one single place on the web," said Paul Stanley of KISS. "No matter where our fans are or what native language they speak, now all of them can be part of the tour plus purchase tour merchandise through one easy platform."

"This unrivaled approach to combining more than a dozen social networks, real-time translation of 53 languages and fans of KISS around their summer tour with MÖTLEY CRÜE may set a new standard in socially-powered music fandom," said David Lucatch, CEO of Ortsbo. "We are proud to elevate the sharing and socializing of music fans – the strongest form of emotionally-empowered communications — to a level never seen before."

In addition to the hub, Live Nation has been tapped as a partner to power fan shops and merchandise sites with Ortsbo translation technology, bringing a gambit of must-have KISS items to a global audience in their native tongues. This end of the program enables globalized merchandising opportunities and expanded revenue opportunities for other partners, manufacturers, providers and more.
According to Press Of Atlantic City, METALLICA's Orion Music + More festival sold 23,571 tickets for shows June 22 and 23 at the popular Atlantic City, New Jersey concert venue Bader Feld. METALLICA headlined both nights of Orion Music + More and played "Ride The Lightning" in its entirety the first night and "The Black Album" in its entirety the second.

The band's setlist for the June 23 concert was as follows:

01. Hit The Lights
02. Master Of Puppets
03. The Four Horsemen
04. Sad But True
05. Hell And Back
06. The Call Of Ktulu
07. Creeping Death
08. Escape
09. Trapped Under Ice
10. Fade To Black
11. For Whom The Bell Tolls
12. Ride The Lightning
13. Fight Fire With Fire
14. Nothing Else Matters
15. Enter Sandman


16. Battery
17. One
18. Seek & Destroy

The band's setlist for the June 24 concert was as follows:

01. Hit The Lights
02. Master Of Puppets
03. Fuel
04. For Whom The Bell Tolls
05. The Shortest Straw
06. The Struggle Within
07. My Friend Of Misery
08. The God That Failed
09. Of Wolf & Man
10. Nothing Else Matters
11. Through The Never
12. Don't Tread On Me
13. Wherever I May Roam
14. The Unforgiven
15. Holier Than Thou
16. Sad But True
17. Enter Sandman


18. Blackened
19. One
20. Seek & Destroy

Orion Music + More featured multiple live music stages plus a lifestyle element that reflects each of METALLICA's bandmembers' many personal interests.

When asked why METALLICA would want to do their own festival, guitarist/vocalist James Hetfield said in a recent interview, "First of all, because we can. Why wouldn't you? We're just trying to bring a little more of a mix to what is going on. . . . I think the Europeans are able to look at a festival more as an event than 'my favorite band is playing.' We're not necessarily trying to reproduce that in the States, but we'd like to bring a little taste of that here."

Speaking about the future of the Orion Music + More festival, Hetfield said, "I would love it to be an annual thing and become an established festival that people can come to and know it's going to be good, no matter what. It'll be a fun place to be and hang and see some of the other things that are going to be happening, whether it's a car show or the movie tent that Lars [Ulrich, drums] is doing or Kirk's [Hammett, guitar] haunted mansion. . . . If it ends up staying in Atlantic City, who knows, it could move. It could end up being three days, it could just be one. It really depends on how it goes this time."

METALLICA drummer Lars Ulrich told The Pulse Of Radio that he's curious to see how the festival goes over. "I feel that this will work," he said. "I know I'm gonna have a great time. [laughs] Whether anybody else thinks it's gonna work, you know, we'll find out. And if it does work, obviously we would love to bring it back to the southern Jersey Shore every year. I think it has a shot at working, and if it does, then we would love to just keep making it cooler and cooler every year."

On the topic of the diversity the Orion Music + More bill, Ulrich told RollingStone.com, "I always think that our fans are as open-minded as I am, as METALLICA is, and sometimes in the past we've been proven wrong. And that's OK, I'm not going to sit and tell people what they should or shouldn't embrace. I don't walk around and think they're all METALLICA fans, I think they're all festival fans, music fans, people out for the experience. I hope our fans are going to be open and supportive of everybody that's here, and if they're not, I'm going to find them and kick their ass."
Rob Hanson of Leader-Telegram recently conducted an interview with former SKID ROW singer Sebastian Bach. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

Leader-Telegram: After a decade working with SKID ROW, what's it been like in the past decade writing all your own stuff?

Bach: It's easier ... because I don't have to have a meeting with everybody about the color of the T-shirts or what the bag tags are going to look like. If it's my solo band, I get to make all the decisions. In SKID ROW, that's the only reason we broke up, because we're all very headstrong. But I do the same thing I did onstage with those guys. That's what I do. I don't change what I do depending on who I'm playing with. I'm myself. I don't know what else to be.

Leader-Telegram: I read recently in Rolling Stone you would be open to the idea of a SKID ROW reunion for the fans, but your former bandmates aren't quite on board. What's the deal with that?

Bach: Well, you would have to ask them why they're happy ... you know ... doing what they're doing with the name of the band. But we were offered some big shows that they didn't want to do. So, all I can do is if somebody offers me something either say "yes" or "no." It's very easy for me to walk on a stage singing my own songs, so for the fans I would do that. But there's no update.

Leader-Telegram: So what's in the future here for you? Are you planning another record or do some more TV?

Bach: I really need to take care of things in my personal life. I lost my home in a hurricane (Irene) and I've been living out of a suitcase ever since then pretty much and I'm really sick of that. So I really need to do some stuff. Like, I don't have a recording studio anymore, which I had in my house where I made all of my last albums. So that really messes me up. My record label wants another record right away, but it's going to take a while for me to have 13 more songs that I want to put my name on. It's not an easy thing or a quick thing.
Members of MEGADETH, SHINEDOWN, KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, TRIVIUM, LAMB OF GOD and DEVILDRIVER spoke at this year's Download festival about the recent Roadrunner Records "restructuring" under parent label Warner Music Group, which resulted in roughly 36 staff members worldwide being let go and several regional offices being closed (including the office in the U.K.). Check out what they had to say below. Also available is footage of the U.K. staff of Roadrunner Records being presented with the Inspiration award at this year's Metal Hammer Golden Gods awards on June 11 at Indigo2 in London, England.

In the U.S., Roadrunner is continuing to operate as a standalone frontline label, although 16 staffers in the States have lost their jobs, according to Billboard.biz. In addition, Roadrunner Records founder/CEO Cees Wessels left the label 17 months after the completion of its sale to the Warner Music Group.

Initially founded in the Netherlands in 1980, Roadrunner Records earned its place as one of the most prominent international independent record labels. The Roadrunner catalog boasts early releases from such seminal artists as KING DIAMOND, TYPE O NEGATIVE, SEPULTURA and ANNIHILATOR. More recently, the label has experienced unprecedented success with multi-platinum artists NICKELBACK and SLIPKNOT, gold-certified STONE SOUR and KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, as well as modern heavy hitters TRIVIUM and MACHINE HEAD.

Bands on U.K. office of Roadrunner closing down:
FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH guitarist Jason Hook (pictured below) is one of a number of musicians who have come out in support of LAMB OF GOD frontman Randy Blythe, who is facing manslaughter charges in the Czech Republic.

Blythe, 41, is accused of causing the fatal injury that occurred at LAMB OF GOD's May 24, 2010 show in Prague. The singer allegedly either pushed or struck a 19-year-old fan named Daniel N. — a guitarist in a local metal band — and that person died almost a month later of bleeding in the brain.

Randy has been charged with causing "bodily harm of the fourth degree, resulting in the death of a fan" and faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted.

Speaking to Loudwire, Hook said, "I think it stinks. I'm reminded how scary life can get and how quickly things can go south. I saw the video [of something that could have been the alleged incident] and Randy wasn't even looking at this kid. He was singing to the crowd. Anytime someone comes up on stage, it's pretty much you get what you get. It's not like Randy took a heavy object and smashed this guy on the head. Randy was just singing, the guy came up behind him and it looks like he kind of just shoved him off the stage. That's my take on it. It seemed like a completely innocent maneuver. The fact that the guy perhaps landed on his head and died several weeks later as a result of a bad accident, my guess is they'll get it figured out and he'll get off. It doesn't seem like there was any intentional malice there."
Vocalist James LaBrie  of progressive metal giants DREAM THEATER is one of a number of musicians who have come out in support of LAMB OF GOD frontman Randy Blythe, who is facing manslaughter charges in the Czech Republic.

Blythe, 41, is accused of causing the fatal injury that occurred at LAMB OF GOD's May 24, 2010 show in Prague. The singer allegedly either pushed or struck a 19-year-old fan named Daniel N. — a guitarist in a local metal band — and that person died almost a month later of bleeding in the brain.

Randy has been charged with causing "bodily harm of the fourth degree, resulting in the death of a fan" and faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted.

Speaking to Tri-State Rock, LaBrie said, "I've done that several times in the past, where someone's gotten on stage and you just, you know, eventually… In fact, you can go on YouTube and you can see where one time I literally [got hold] of the guy and [threw] him offstage and the guy went flying. And he hit the barricade and he was lucky enough to have somebody pretty much catch him to cushion the fall a bit. But, I mean, it happens, and you get caught up in the moment. And first and foremost, as cool as it might seem, jumping around with the band… You're caught up in the moment, you're into the music, your adrenalin is pumping, [but at] some point, it's like, 'Hey, man, get off the stage, this is our thing.' And it's not even meant as a vindictive or a menacing act, like, 'You know what?! I'm gonna knock you out.' It's more like, 'Goodbye. Get out of here.' So I think it's really unfortunate that [Randy's] gonna be held liable for this, for something that, absolutely those were not his intentions. It was a freak accident, and the guy [alleged victim], getting up three times… You'd think after the first time he'd get the message. The first time, that's cool, it's fun. Now let the band do their thing. I really can't see this going through. I can't see [Randy] being charged, and if he is charged, I think that's completely wrong. So what does that mean now? Does that mean we've gotta put up a 15-foot gate in front of the fans now so that there's no risk of that? Because they're gonna have to do something. If Mr. Blythe gets charged, then what are you gonna do to insure that we're not put into a situation like that that we have to answer for, just because someone else got a little too excited? I don't know. I hope that this is taken care of. I'm sure… There's no doubt that they would have legal representation at this point and they're discussing the matter. But I don't think this is right. This is gonna open up a whole can of worms. Like I said, what are you gonna do to insure us that it will never happen again in the future? And then what's the sense? Then [it's gonna] become more like a freakshow as far as I'm concerned. . . I'm rooting for him. I seriously can't see that charge being followed through."
LAMB OF GOD frontman Randy Blythe's Czech attorney Martin Radvan spoke to Radio Prague about the singer's arrest in Prague last month on manslaughter charges.

Blythe, 41, is accused of causing the fatal injury that occurred at LAMB OF GOD's May 24, 2010 show in Prague. The singer allegedly either pushed or struck a 19-year-old fan named Daniel Nosek — a guitarist in a local metal band — and that person died almost a month later of bleeding in the brain.

In a closed session, which was originally scheduled for July 19 but took place earlier than planned, a panel of municipal judges reportedly dismissed the Prague State Attorney's Office complaint against Blythe's release on bail. In addition, the court increased Blythe's bail from $200,000 — which has already been paid — to $400,000, which is said to be equivalent to twice Randy's annual income.

"We are now waiting for his release because the band has already collected the additional 200,000 dollars, and only due to long travel time between the Prague Municipal Court and the court for Prague 8, we are still waiting," Radvan said. "Otherwise, he should have already been released."

When asked if Blythe will have to stay in the Czech Republic or if he will be allowed to leave the country upon his release from jail, Radvan said, "Everything indicates that he will be allowed to travel home. But he will have to come back either for further investigation or the trial, and that's what he wants to do. As a world-renowned artist, in a specific genre of music of course, he cannot afford to simply disappear. This is a wrong assumption by the Czech police and the Prague municipal prosecutor who still believe there is a possibility he will disappear and never show up again. But there would be posters with his picture all around the world, and if he wants to continue performing, he will have to return. And he wants to return because he believes he is not guilty of anything he has been charged with."

On the topic of why no one made any attempt to approach them after the incident — not even the police or the family members of the fan — in the two years following the concert in question, Radvan said, "I really don't know. Let me put it this way: nobody was expecting that, unfortunately, this young man Daniel Nosek would die a month after the concert. His father then spoke to the police who launched an investigation and called several witnesses who were at that concert. They also approached the U.S. Department Of Justice and asked them to take part in the investigation, which the department refused to do. Refusing to do so, they did not notify anyone from the band or the management, so no one really knew that investigation was underway, which I think is not something the U.S. Department Of Justice can be proud of."

On how Randy Blythe is coping with being in jail and whether it's true that he is teaching his Mongolian cellmate English and picking up some Mongolian in return:

Radvan: "Randy Blythe is an intelligent man, he writes songs and now in jail, he has started writing a book. As regards his Mongolian 'neighbor,' Mr. Blythe is not really learning Mongolian from him all the time; we just bought the guy a book of Sudoku so that Randy has a little more time to do things he wants to do."

On whether Randy has complained about the conditions in jail:

Radvan: "Not at all. He says he is being treated in a fair way, and he has no complaints whatsoever about the guards or anybody in the Pankrác prison. He realizes he cannot do anything about the fact that the prison is old... it's not a place where he would like to spend more time, but well, that's how it is."
DROWNING POOL has tapped singer Jasen Moreno from fellow Texas band THE SUICIDE HOOK to be the band's fourth and newest frontman. Moreno made his live debut as a member of the band on July 8 at a club in Ardmore, Oklahoma. Moreno replaces vocalist Ryan McCombs, who exited the group at the end of 2011 after a six-year stint in the lineup.

DROWNING POOL guitarist C.J. Pierce told The Pulse Of Radio recently how they ended up recruiting Moreno. "We got a lot of submissions in for singers," he said. "For a minute there, I wasn't sure what we were gonna do. I didn't want to go through this whole singer thing again. And we had a guy walk in, he learned every song off every one of our CDs. He's a really super, super cool guy, and we went in the room and in three months we wrote 17 songs together."

DROWNING POOL has been recording its fifth studio album since early spring, with the disc tentatively due for release in October.

Pierce said in an interview conducted last May that the new album "is heavier, there's more metal on it, there's a lot of double bass, a lot of guitar solos . . . stepping up a notch."

Pierce said late last year that the decision to part with McCombs came about because "[We've] grown apart, especially in the last three years . . . we kind of had it in the back of our heads that [McCombs] may not be in it for the long haul."

McCombs sang on two studio efforts by DROWNING POOL, 2007's "Full Circle" and 2010's self-titled fourth album.

He joined the band in 2005 and provided some stability on the microphone after the group's first two albums featured two different vocalists.

Original frontman Dave Williams died on tour in 2002 after singing on the band's debut, "Sinner". He was replaced by Jason "Gong" Jones, who also contributed to one record, "Desensitized", before being shown the door in 2004.
Joe Lynch of Fuse.TV recently conducted an interview with MÖTLEY CRÜE drummer Tommy Lee. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

Fuse.TV: So you're going on tour with KISS, which is incredible. You guys had a few shows with them back in 1982. What do you remember most about that time?

Tommy: I just remember it being really quick: I was so bummed! I was like, "Wait, that's it?" I was so dead-set on seeing what they really looked like. That was my thing. I was like, "Oh man, I'm finally gonna be able to see what these dudes look like in soundcheck and shit," you know? And, of course, I never got to see that because when they did walk into soundcheck they had a scarf on their face or they were covered up, so I never did get to see what they looked like. In one way I was bummed, but in another way I was like, "That's fuckin' cool." You know what I mean? Just that surprise and mystery of it all is what I was infatuated with. More than the show or the music or learning anything it was just like, "What do they really look like?"

Fuse.TV: Recently you wrote on Facebook asking fans to stop asking for pictures in your free time. Since you posted that, have you been hassled any less?

Tommy: It's weird listening to everybody's reaction. I've seen a bunch of people going, "I totally agree, I get it," and then you got others saying, "You're a fuckin' douchebag, fuck you!" I've seen 'em both and I don't spend a whole lot of time on it because I just needed to say what I needed to say. It's so funny because no matter what you say, fans only read and hear what they want. I swear to God, I could've reworded it eight different ways and the people who were hatin' on me would still only read and see what they wanted to. That letter wasn't addressed to fans. I mean, I did address the fans, but the whole thing started with me saying, "Fuck, I'm so over taking pictures with randoms and meeting randoms." I'm not talking about fans, I'm talking about people that don't even know who the fuck you are; they just want a picture with you. That's how this all started. My point was, everybody has a fucking camera in their phone these days. In the past, if someone wanted a picture with you and they had a camera on them it was like, "Fuck yeah, let's rip a picture, this is cool!" And now everybody has a fucking camera, so if you stop and take a picture with a fan, somebody sees that and you got yourself a fuckin' 30-minute or one-hour meet-and-greet, my friend. And some people don't even know who you are. They don't even know your music but they've seen you on TV. So here you are, just trying to sneak into Starbucks for a quick coffee, and it turns into a fuckin' meet-and-greet at a record store.

Fuse.TV: I can see that.

Tommy: And that was my point, I swear to God. You know, God bless their little cotton socks, certain people only read what they want to hear and they're like, "Fuck you, you fuckin' owe everything to your fans! You're a fuckin' douchebag!" And I was like, "You guys are not even getting this." So to tell you the truth, at the end of the day, I really don't care. I said what I needed to say and hopefully the people who got it, got it.
Original WHITESNAKE guitarist Bernie Marsden (pictured below) has released the following statement regarding the passing of former DEEP PURPLE keyboardist Jon Lord:

"June and July have been very busy, but all has been brought back to base with the loss of my great friend and colleague Jon Lord on Monday 16th July. Jon Lord was to many millions of people THE keyboard player in the great days of DEEP PURPLE, and so he was. But he was so much more than a musician.

"I first met the great man in 1976; I was auditioning for a gig with his new band PAICE, ASHTON AND LORD. I had seen the demise of PURPLE, attending gigs with both Ritchie [Blackmore] and Tommy Bolin, and so when I received a call from Cozy Powell regarding the new band I went for it. I went to an old cinema in West London, owned by ELP, Manticore. There I was ushered into a waiting room with about a dozen other guitar players, that story is not for this time, but is of interest.

"I entered the heady world of DPO, Jon was waiting in the room, smiling, strong handshake and a grin when he said, 'You do exist then.' I had been rather slow in following Cozy's instructions, ouch! Ian Paice was a few feet away, raised his hand to say hello, Tony Ashton was opposite Jon, two keyboards set up, and one was Jon Lord, now I knew this was going to be different.

"I had been listening to the guitar players going in before me, all pretty much trying to be Ritchie Blackmore, and failing! I thought I was on the right track when we played 'How Long' by Ace, Ian knew the groove, I sang it and Jon said to begin, after a couple of verses Jon stopped the proceedings. He came over to me and asked me to show him the changes in the bridge of the song, the great Jon Lord asking me to show him. I state this to show what a man he was, he could have worked out, probably had already, knew the changes backwards, but by asking me he instilled huge confidence in me.

"I played a lot of rhythm guitar, waiting for a nod from Jon to solo, took my time and tried to be as cool as I could. Bear in mind I am playing with Jon, and Ian Paice, this was quite a definitive moment for me. We played another couple of grooves, Ian came over and introduced himself, and Ashton kissed me on the forehead!

"Jon just smiled, said 'thank you for coming down' and that I would be hearing from them. He asked me if I knew any DEEP PURPLE songs, I thought I was about to lose the gig, I said, 'Not really, I know a bit of 'Dance On The Water'.' He looked me in the eye, 'Smoke On The Water'.' he said, 'Sorry,' I said. They did call the next day.

"Jon Lord, great musician, raconteur, writer, funny, intelligent, gifted, family man, friend for life.

"Love to Vicky, Amy and Sara Lord.

"Rest in peace, my friend."

Jon Lord died on Monday (July 16) at age 71 after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. Lord, who was known for his keyboard virtuosity and his reinvention of the Hammond B-3 organ sound, co-wrote such PURPLE classics as "Smoke On The Water" and "Child In Time", among others. Lord and drummer Ian Paice were the only original members to last through the band's initial run from 1968 to 1976. He was on board for their 1984 reunion and stayed on through to his 2002 retirement from the band, after which he's worked primarily in the classical field.

Over the course of his career, Lord also worked with the ARTWOODS, FLOWER POT MEN, PAICE, ASHTON AND LORD, WHITESNAKE and good friend and neighbor, George Harrison.
Swedish melodic metal five-piece FULLFORCE is currently recording its second album. The new CD will be entitled "Next Level" and will be released in October via SPV/Steamhammer. The cover artwork will once again be created by Rainer Kalwitz, who previously worked with PRAYING MANTIS and METAL CHURCH, among others.

"Next Level" will be mixed and mastered at Roastinghouse Studios in Malmö, Sweden by Anders "Theo" Theander. The CD will contain 13 songs of "melodic, heavy" metal and the band is really excited it, according to a press release.

FULLFORCE's current lineup include new guitar ace Stefan Rosqvist, who replaced CJ Grimmark a few months ago.


Mike Andersson - Vocals
Stefan Elmgren - Guitars
Stefan Rosqvist - Guitars
Tommy Larsson - Bass
Anders Johansson - Drums

FULLFORCE's debut album, "One", was released in June 2011 via SPV/Steamhammer.
Finnish power metallers THAUROROD have parted ways with singer Michele Luppi and are seeking a replacement.

Commented the band: "Unfortunately, we have had to let Luppi go as he doesn't have enough time for THAUROROD and we just see it impossible to go on with him. He is a phenomenal vocalist and we wanted to give him time to complete his duties with THAUROROD. Finally we realized that a right thing to do is to continue with someone more motivated who shares the same passion and hunger to go on with THAUROROD as the rest of the band."

Requirements for THAUROROD's new vocalist/frontman:

01. You have great singing skills.
02. You want to achieve the same goals as we as part of the band and you are willing to work for it as the rest of the group!
03. You have to be awesome on stage.
04. You have to be a nice guy so you get along with us and with others and it's easy to work with you.
05. You are able to tour at least few months in a year.
06. You are about 20-35-year-old man.

Interested singers should send MP3 audio files or video to info@thaurorod.com before August 31.

THAUROROD's debut album, "Upon Haunted Battlefields", was released in Europe on September 24, 2010 via NoiseArt Records and Rock The Nation.
Swedish metallers DEATHDESTRUCTION have announced the addition of singer Tony Jelencovich to the group's ranks.

Commented the band: "Tony is a friend to the band, and he has truly made a mark in the Gothenburg scene with bands like B-THONG, TRANSPORT LEAGUE and MASSIVE AUDIO NERVE. He's also worked with bands like MNEMIC and the Russian band ICON IN ME.

"Tony has everything we look for in a lead singer and a frontman, so the choice was just so easy when we had to find ourselves a new singer. We're totally stoked about what he will contribute to DEATHDESTRUCTION! This is going to be so fucking good, people!!"

Added Tony: "I'm really happy & excited to be the new singer and frontman in DEATHDESTRUCTION! This is now, and the new tracks will swing, groove and be hard like God's own dick!!!"

Vocalist Jimmie Strimell quit DEATHDESTRUCTION. last month in order to focus on his other band, DEAD BY APRIL.

DEATHDESTRUCTION last year inked a deal with the Swedish branch of Sony Music Entertainment. The band's three-song EP, "Fuck Yeah", was released in April 2011 and was followed by the group's self-titled debut album in August. The CD was recorded at IN FLAMES' IF Studios with producer Roberto Laghi (IN FLAMES, HARDCORE SUPERSTAR, LOK, SONIC SYNDICATE).


* Henrik Danhage (ex-EVERGREY) - Guitar
* Fredrik "Loppan" Larsson (HAMMERFALL) - Bass
* Jonas Ekdahl (ex-EVERGREY) - Drums
With a pedigree that boasts all three members of New York's cult doom act UNEARTHLY TRANCE, plus founding ELECTRIC WIZARD and RAMESSES bassist/guitarist Tim Bagshaw, SERPENTINE PATH should immediately top any doom metal fan's want-list.

Due on September 11 via Relapse Records, SERPENTINE PATH's self-titled debut is described in a press relase, as "an absolutely crushing album which both references and reinterprets its members previous bands but with a decidedly more punishing death metal approach. . . [It] combines vicious vocals with punishingly killer riffs to create unparalleled evil that's equal parts 'Paranoid' [BLACK SABBATH] and 'Severed Survival' [AUTOPSY]."
SERPENTINE PATHTim Bagshaw on guitar, Jay Newman on bass, Darren Verni on drums and Ryan Lipynsky on vocals — released its debut seven-inch single, "Depraved", earlier this year via Parasitic Records.
Norwegian progressive extreme metallers ENSLAVED will release their twelfth studio album, "RIITIIR", in Europe on September 28 and in North America on October 9 via Nuclear Blast Records.

"It has been only two years since we last released an album [2010's award-winning 'Axioma Ethica Odini'], and we've been touring Europe and North America several times since then," reflects ENSLAVED guitarist, songwriter, and founding member Ivar Bjørnson. "Some might think that this schedule, and the fact that we celebrated our 20th anniversary last year, should result in some time off in the end. Nah. Like a space vessel that gains momentum by entering slingshot-orbits on its way through space, we seem to gain speed, direction, and strength on our journeys, through new releases and subsequent tours.

"Describing the sound on the new album is both easy and hard," Bjørnson continues. "It is easy because it sounds like ENSLAVED, whatever that means. It is hard because there are so many layers and different focal points. I have a feeling that it has a deeper complexity than our previous efforts, but at the same time, I do find it more catchy and moving. Then again, I am the opposite of objective in this, so again I'll leave it up to the people outside the band to make up their mind."

The track listing for the "RIITIIR" European and North American digipak is as follows:

01. Thoughts Like Hammers
02. Death In The Eyes Of Dawn
03. Veilburner
04. Roots Of The Mountain
05. Riitiir
06. Materal
07. Storm Of Memories
08. Forsaken

The track listing for the "RIITIIR" 2LP double-gatefold is as follows:

Side A:

01. Thoughts Like Hammers
02. Death In The Eyes Of Dawn

Side B:

01. Veilburner
02. Roots Of The Mountain

Side C:

01. Riitiir
02. Materal

Side D:

01. Storm Of Memories
02. Forsaken

The cover artwork for "RIITIIR" was once again created by Truls Espedal and can be seen below. He stated about his latest collaboration with the band, "ENSLAVED's music is constantly evolving and expanding, and we early on decided that the artwork should reflect this. From my first collaboration with the band on [2001's] 'Monumension' and forward, we have slowly merged different aspects into the work; what we wanted to do now was to further expand and change things up a bit, without losing the connection to earlier work. It still has a strong sense of symbolism, symmetrical compositions and references to Norse art. But there is an even bigger emphasis on realism on 'RIITIIR', which hopefully adds atmosphere to the finished work."

ENSLAVED's last two CDs — "Vertebrae" (2008) and "Axioma Ethica Odini" (2010) — were released via Indie Recordings in Europe and Nuclear Blast in North America.
New York-based melodic metal band WICKED MARAYA, which released three albums in the 1990s ("Cycles" in 1994, and two albums under the MARAYA name, "No Hope For Humanity...?" and "Counterculture"), recently unearthed masters from its unreleased 1991 album "Lifetime In Hell" and plans to make it available in the near future via an as-yet-undetermined record. The effort, which was recorded by veteran metal producer Jim Morris (who produced albums for SAVATAGE, ICED EARTH and CRIMSON GLORY as well as "Cycles" and "No Hope For Humanity...?") at Morrisound Studios, features nine tracks including an early version of the songs "Johnny" and "Tomorrow", which were later re-recorded for "Cycles" and "No Hope...". The band, still new to the scene at the time and not having had proper contacts, never found a suitable label to release the record, and thus by 1992 it had already begun demoing songs with Morris for what would become the "Cycles" record. Once the band found a label deal for "Cycles", the "Lifetime In Hell" record was simply shelved.

The members of WICKED MARAYA are collaborating on new music for the first time in over a decade and plan to record two brand-new tracks (in the "Cycles" vein) which will be added to the re-release of "Lifetime In Hell" as bonus tracks.

A preview track from the album, "Sounds Of Evil", can be heard using the SoundCloud player below.

In other news, WICKED MARAYA has also begun launching its back catalog digitally, on all platforms, beginning with "Cycles", which will be available in early August, and followed closely by "No Hope For Humanity" and "Counterculture".


Lou Falco - Vocals
John Iadevaio - Bass
Michael Iadevaio - Guitar
Dan Malsch - Guitar
Mike Nack - Drums

For more information, visit www.facebook.com/WickedMaraya.
French progressive metallers SPHERIC UNIVERSE EXPERIENCE will release their fourth album, "The New Eve", on September 11 via Nightmare Records. According to a press release, the CD sees the band "succeed[ing] where most have failed; growing as a band musically and creatively from one album to the next. With 'The New Eve' the band take yet another huge step forward creating one of the most compelling melodic prog metal releases of 2012, bringing freshness again to the ever expanding genre."

SPHERIC UNIVERSE EXPERIENCE began in 1999 when guitarist Vince Benaim decided to create a progressive metal band with a few friends. In summer of 2004, S.U.E. signed a worldwide record deal with the French label Replica Records as well as an American licensing deal with Nightmare Records. In 2005 the band released their debut album, "Mental Torments".

In 2007 S.U.E. released "Anima", a strong follow-up building on what they created and achieved with their debut. Like their previous album, those around the band helped them achieve their vision.

2007 and 2008 saw the band perform at two ProgPower festivals: ProgPower Scandinavia in 2007 and ProgPower USA in 2008. Their shows captivated the audience expanding SPHERIC UNIVERSE EXPERIENCE's fan base while exposing them to more fans of the genre. While touring with U.K. progressive metallers THRESHOLD, the band found time to write and record their third album entitled "Unreal". The CD was released worldwide in May 2009. "Unreal" saw the band expanding and strengthening their sound even more. With "Unreal", the band added another notch to their belt of spectacular sound of technical and melodic metal.

"The New Eve" track listing:

01. Shut Up
02. The New Eve
03. Escape
04. Never Heal
05. Angel
06. The Day I Died
07. In This Place
08. Self Abuse
09. My Heart On The Cross
HALFORD guitarist "Metal" Mike Chlasciak will release a digital-only EP, "This Is War", next month. The offering named after the second single from Mike's upcoming solo album, "The Metalworker", will also feature additional tracks from the full-length CD.

"This Is War" will be released on Tuesday, August 14 via Chlasciak's own imprint CMM Entertainment and will be available via iTunes, Amazon MP3 and most other major digital distributors.

"This Is War" track listing:

01. This Is War
02. Tonight We Ride (Instrumental)
03. Hell No!
04. M Is For Metal (Instrumental)

"The Metalworker" features Chlasciak and vocalist Carlos Zema (OUTWORLD, VOUGAN) alongside Kevin Talley (DAATH, CHIMAIRA, HATE ETERNAL, SIX FEET UNDER) on drums and Mike LePond (SYMPHONY X) on bass.

Produced by Mike, "The Metalworker" was mostly recorded at Mike's House Of Metal Studios in New Jersey and mixed by Orlando Villasenor at Dead Room Studio in San Antonio, Texas. Artwork was provided by Guilherme Sevens of Sevens Design Studio (ADAGIO, PAINSIDE).

"I am looking forward to releasing 'This Is War' in just a few weeks," says Mike. "It is a four-song collection of uncompromising metal that also features some definite straight-up sick guitar shred. You have two songs that Carlos sang on, one of them being 'This Is War', while 'Tonight We Ride' and 'M Is For Metal' are great, over-the-top, heavy guitar-hero instrumental tracks."

In other news, in the prog-rock special September issue of Guitar World magazine (Steve Vai/Tosin Abasi cover) you can find the latest installment of Mike's "Metal For Life" guitar column called "Pick Your Power Metal". In this column, Mike shows metal guitarists a wide variety of pick-hand techniques, from using all downstrokes the alternate picking to economy picking and more. The lesson offers guitarists a systematic approach to building up an arsenal of techniques that will allow them to play with more expression, control and power.
Nuclear Blast Records has issued the following statement regarding the label's recent lawsuit with the BitTorrent network over illegal music downloads of an album by Oakland, California-based extreme metallers ALL SHALL PERISH:

"Nuclear Blast and SKP Enforcement UG, who are experienced in tracking illegal downloads and the file sharing of music, recently decided to cooperate with World Digital Rights to fight against file-sharing piracy in the USA. In the United States, the providers are obligated by law to hand out the IP addresses of the computers from which the downloads / file shares were generated. By collecting this information, these companies are also acting in the interest of our artists, which is essential to the future of both our bands and the label.

"To be able to recoup the investments both parties have made is crucial in order to produce new music and to survive in this business. Nuclear Blast, SKP Enforcement, and World Digital Rights want people to be aware that the peer-to-peer file sharing is illegal and hurts the bands and record companies they love.

"That said, Nuclear Blast also respects bands such as ALL SHALL PERISH that do not wish to pursue file sharers. ALL SHALL PERISH was not consulted about this course of action and did not wish to participate in it whatsoever. When they learned about it, they immediately asked us to cease all legal action against their fans, file traders or otherwise, as soon as they learned this action had been taken in their name. Therefore, Nuclear Blast and World Digital Rights decided recently to stop legal actions against the file sharing with songs from the band ALL SHALL PERISH.

"In all other cases, the parties involved pursue those violating copyright laws to avoid the financial loss they incur and to protect the value of their copyrights.

"Nuclear Blast counts on the loyal fans which have been supporting the label and our bands for over 20 years now. Every sale helps support metal and the people that work hard to bring metal to the masses. For those that continue to buy music legally, that is something every loyal fan can be proud of."

According to TorrentFreak.com, the above-mentioned lawsuit was brought on behalf of Nuclear Blast against individuals alleged to have downloaded ALL SHALL PERISH's latest album, "This Is Where It Ends". The lawsuit was not only brought without the band's permission, but also without their knowledge.

"The band wasn't consulted whatsoever and none of us have ever heard of this company," ALL SHALL PERISH manager Ryan Downey told TorrentFreak.com.

ALL SHALL PERISH's fourth full-length album, "This Is Where It Ends" sold around 8,400 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 50 on The Billboard 200 chart. The band's previous CD, "Awaken The Dreamers", opened with 5,000 copies back in 2008 to land at No. 126.

"This Is Where It Ends" was released in July 2011.

In December 2008, the Recording Industry Association Of America (RIAA) abandoned its litigation campaign against file sharers after having targeted some 18,000 individuals, usually naming dozens or hundreds of defendants per suit.

Most of the defendants settled out of court for a few thousand dollars rather than risk Copyright Act fines of up to $150,000 per purloined music track.
Canadian metallers THREAT SIGNAL have issued the following update:

"Get stoked for a more progressive side of THREAT SIGNAL! We just finished demoing a song that clocks in at about eight minutes! The only way to describe this [forthcoming THREAT SIGNAL] album so far is....epic. We can't wait for you guys to hear this stuff!"

THREAT SIGNAL's third, self-titled album, was released last October via Nuclear Blast Records. The CD was recorded at Planet Z studios in Hadley, Massachusetts with producer Chris "Zeuss" Harris (CHIMAIRA, HATEBREED, ALL THAT REMAINS, THE ACACIA STRAIN, BORN OF OSIRIS, SHADOWS FALL).
Goregrind roadhounds EXHUMED will bring their hymns of repugnance to the live arena again on this year's edition of the Summer Slaughter tour, set to commence tomorrow at the House Of Blues in Los Angeles. This run will mark the return of former bassist Bud Burke, who will take the place of Wes Caley on guitar.

Comments EXHUMED frontman Matt Harvey: "We're psyched to welcome Bud Burke back in the ranks of EXHUMED, this time on lead guitar. For those of you who knew him as our bassist (from '99 - '04), you will be pleasantly surprised when he melts your face onstage with the band for the Summer Slaughter tour. Rob [Babcock], Mike [Hamilton] and I are all excited to have someone with killer chops and a deep history with the band on board. We look forward to coming to your town, drinking all your beer and then making fun of your record collection as usual!

"After the Canadian Ritual tour with THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, we made the decision to part ways with guitarist Wes Caley, and Bud was the perfect person to step in on lead guitar. I know Wes' new project, DOWNFALL, is currently in the works and will be awesome and we wish him the best. In the meantime, we'll see all your drooling, sweaty faces on the road!"

EXHUMED is continuing to tour in support of its latest album, "All Guts, No Glory", which sold around 900 copies in the United States in its first week of release. The CD debuted at No. 32 on the Top New Artist Albums (Heatseekers) chart, which lists the best-selling albums by new and developing artists, defined as those who have never appeared in the Top 100 of The Billboard 200.

"All Guts, No Glory" was released on July 5, 2011 via Relapse Records. The follow-up to 2003's "Anatomy Is Destiny" was recorded at Arcane Digital Recordings in Arizona with engineer Ryan Butler (MISERY INDEX) and at Trench Studios with John Haddad (ABYSMAL DAWN, INTRONAUT). It was mixed and mastered at Mana Recording Studios by Brian Elliott (GRAVES OF VALOR). The album was also made available on deluxe, saw-blade shaped vinyl and as a limited-edition two-disc set.
Singaporean grindcore trio WORMROT has just wrapped up a mammoth six-week tour of Europe, which culminated in an unforgettable performance at Obscene Extreme festival in the Czech Republic.

Following the tour, the band has revealed that it will be taking a break from touring for a few years to attend to personal commitments. Contrary to rumors, however, WORMROT is not disbanding and will return with a new album in 2013 or 2014, with plans to tour again in 2015.

WORMROT vocalist Arif Rof has issued the following statement: "In regards to our post about taking a break on Facebook, some people misunderstood that we have broken up right after the recent tour. But that is definitely false information. We are taking a break from TOURING as we have other personal commitments to attend [to] this time around. It's definitely not because of what happened to us during the tour (ripped off, abandoned, etc.). That was part and parcel of touring. No big deal and it's probably a dead fucking issue now anyway. NONE of these relate to why we are taking a break.

"We played a couple of new songs on the tour from the next album. And still writing as we speak. So calm down, get your facts straight. All you need to know is that we are still very much alive and still writing new material for the upcoming album. We have been touring four years straight, every year. So we need a breather before we rage again across the globe. I said it before and I will say it again: WORMROT IS NOT DEAD. PERIOD."

WORMROT recently released the "Noise" EP on iTunes, including a unique cover of Texan indie rockers EISLEY's "Many Funerals".

WORMROT's latest album, "Dirge", is available now on limited-edition CD with an exclusive bonus DVD.

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