[african_music] Erlanger writes: "How Socialist is Francois Hollande? And what does it mean to be a Socialist these days, anyway?"


Socialism simply means a political system that prioritizes interest of "all" the people. (Pro: choice of the people; Con: people have conflicting choices).

Capitalism simply means a political system that prioritizes interest of the individual and organized groups. (Pro: choice of the individuals; con: individuals are not equally strengthened or equally powerful to make decision or act)

Communism simply means a political system that prioritizes interest of the state. (Pro: can't argue with the state; con: can't argue with the state, plus the state is run by a clan of loyalist.
These are the simplest ways of understanding and differentiating these political systems. If you observe carefully, you will see that every country and every state has a bit of the each system, except leaning towards one more than another. This is often due to the cultural heritage of the country or the experience of its development into what it is. This is why changing these systems are always difficult and often result into dramatic and unnecessary wars

Here is a simple example of the differences between the political systems in practical experience. First principle: two things that agree with a third thing agree with one another. Take for instance, two people (roommates) in a room. One likes the window open the other does not.

In Socialism, they will consider each other's interest (why open and why not) they will look for a compromise, maybe half open - half closed. Long process... and can sometimes result in an impasse.

In capitalism, one of the roommates can open the window when it wants if he/she can open the window as much as he/she wants and the other roommate has to suck up to it or choose to oppose it. Likewise, other roommate can close the window if he or she can whenever he/she wants. They can also choose to compromise, but each reserves the right to execute their pursuit of happiness without compromise self interest.

In Communism the option to open or close the window is not up to the roommates. If the state deems it bad to open the window, it states close. And if one of the roommate ones the window, a neighbor will tell on them because it is a disservice to the state.

Of cause, these are the basic principles but they are all out applicable rules. Politics and politology can be fun, especially if we make our journals less ambiguous. So, let's simplify. The question now is Francois Hollande a good leader for France or not? Actually that question has already been answered by the French people. They think he is.

So sit back chief and enjoy life, especially if you do not have much value to add. Europeans have much bigger problems hanging over their head as like the sword of Damocles. Hahaha... the wave has just begun and this is a huge test of humanity. They can no longer afford the standard of living they had established so well over the years. Little countries are growing up around the world and they are running their own businesses (principles of excluded middle). This is the end of easy access to wealth... The new term of endearment is true love and we are watching it unfold. And France has taken a bold step by electing Hollande.

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