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"God Bless Ozzy Osbourne", the feature-length documentary about the life of the legendary heavy metal singer that Ozzy Osbourne's son, Jack Osbourne, co-produced, will air on July 13 on the U.S. cable network Showtime.

"God Bless Ozzy Osbourne" was released on DVD and Blu-ray last November via Eagle Rock Entertainment. During the documentary, Ozzy recounts his troubled youth, his early career with BLACK SABBATH and the impact of fame and addictions on his first marriage. Viewers also witness the second chapter of his life as a family man with Sharon, during which his addictions grew to a frightening level, as well as hear Ozzy and his children explain his attempts at staying clean, ultimately resulting in more than five years of sobriety. Music fans also see live performances from around the world, including rare behind-the-scenes clips of Ozzy on and off stage, in his dressing rooms pre-show, to his nights in a series of hotel rooms. Throughout "God Bless Ozzy Osbourne", audiences are given an inside look into the life of a rock star, from the good times to the bad.

"This is the most honest portrait of my father. I set out to tell the truth — regardless of how raw it might be — and I think we accomplished just that," said Jack Osbourne.

"God Bless Ozzy Osbourne" was co-produced by Jack Osbourne and is the first film released by Jack's production company, Jacko Productions. The documentary, which was originally titled "Wreckage Of My Past: The Ozzy Osbourne Story", was directed by Mike Fleiss and Mike Piscitelli.

"God Bless Ozzy Osbourne" premiered on April 24, 2011 at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City and received a positive review from Entertainment Weekly, which said, "What could have been a glossy, fawning tribute to the most visible face in heavy metal music history — especially considering it was co-produced by his son, Jack — actually turned out to be a remarkably evenhanded look at Ozzy's monumental musical influence as well as his less exemplary life as an addict and often-absent father."

Critic Joseph Brannigan Lynch added, "'God Bless Ozzy Osbourne' may not answer the question 'What makes Ozzy act so... Ozzy-like?', but it's hardly a fluffy tribute. This documentary succeeds in offering a balanced portrait of a man who made many mistakes over the course of his addiction-riddled life and also happens to be one of the most influential hard rock singers ever."

Lynch also wrote that the film "starts with Osbourne's poor childhood in the cramped quarters of inner-city Birmingham, England, and goes up to his long-sought sobriety following the end of the water-cooler fodder reality series 'The Osbournes'."

While the movie does not delve into certain aspects of Ozzy's life — such as his attempted strangulation of wife/manager Sharon years ago — frank interviews with his five children "portray him as an absentee father even when he was physically present due to his mind-numbing abuse of pills, cocaine and liquor," according to Lynch.

The film features interviews with many of Ozzy's family members, friend and colleagues, including Paul McCartney, the members of BLACK SABBATH and MÖTLEY CRÜE's Tommy Lee.
British heavy metal legends JUDAS PRIEST played the final show of their "Epitaph" world tour on May 26 at the Hammersmith Apollo in London, England. The sold-out concert was professionally filmed for a 2013 DVD release.

In a new posting on his Facebook page, PRIEST guitarist Richie Faulkner writes: "Had a sneaky listen to the recording of the Hammersmith show with Tom Allom. Rearrange these words: Face your off it's tear gonna."

The band's setlist was as follows:

01. Rapid Fire
02. Metal Gods
03. Heading Out To The Highway
04. Judas Rising
05. Starbreaker
06. Victim Of Changes
07. Never Satisfied
08. Diamonds & Rust (JOAN BAEZ cover)
09. Prophecy
10. Night Crawler
11. Turbo Lover
12. Beyond The Realms Of Death
13. The Sentinel
14. Blood Red Skies
15. The Green Manalishi (With The Two Pronged Crown) (FLEETWOOD MAC cover)
16. Breaking The Law
17. Drum Solo
18. Painkiller


19. The Hellion (taped intro) / Electric Eye

Encore 2:

20. Hell Bent For Leather
21. You've Got Another Thing Comin'

Encore 3:

22. Living After Midnight
The Hollywood Chamber Of Commerce has announced that Slash will be honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Tuesday, July 10 in front of Hard Rock Café on Hollywood Blvd.

"Slash is widely considered one of the greatest rock guitarists of all time," said Ana Martinez, producer of the Hollywood Walk Of Fame ceremonies, "We are proud to place his name among the stars on our fabled Hollywood Walk Of Fame."

In celebration of the star dedication, Slash will perform at a private acoustic performance and exclusive question-and-answer session with Slash and Myles Kennedy at Hard Rock Café Hollywood Blvd. after the ceremony. Fans will have the opportunity to win tickets to the exclusive show by listening to KLOS 95.5 starting June 25.

Hard Rock has created a limited edition pin to commemorate the historic occasion of one of rock n roll's most iconic guitarists receiving a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. Only 300 of these pins will be created and will be sold only at the Hard Rock Café Hollywood Blvd. with all proceeds benefitting the Los Angeles Youth Network and the Hollywood Historic Trust which maintains the iconic Hollywood Walk Of Fame.

Charlie Sheen, a neighbor and personal friend of Slash's who called himself a "Rock Star From Mars" when he underwent a public meltdown amid his firing from the CBS show "Two and a Half Men", will
For those of you living in the New York City area, DEF LEPPARD will perform live on the morning television show "Fox & Friends" (Fox News channel) Summer Concert Series on Friday, June 15.

All fans are welcome to stop by and see the band perform live. Please arrive at 7 a.m. Details below.

Fox & Friends outside stage:
1211 Avenue of the Americas (48th & 6th Avenue)
New York, NY
Showtime: 7-9 a.m.

To celebrate the summer of "Rock Of Ages", DEF LEPPARD has recorded new versions of "Pour Some Sugar On Me" and "Rock Of Ages". The songs are available worldwide on iTunes, Amazon, and all other digital music retailers.

DEF LEPPARD will make a return to the United States this June with a massive summer tour which will include fellow rockers POISON and LITA FORD.
In a recent interview with Australia's ToneDeaf, THE CULT guitarist Billy Duffy dropped information regarding the band's involvement in the current project from elusive filmmaker Terrence Malick. The film, titled "Lawless", will be set in the music scene of Austin, Texas, and is set to star big names such as Christian Bale, Ryan Gosling, Rooney Mara, Natalie Portman and Cate Blanchett. "[Malick] is using four songs off of the new album for the soundtrack and he has already filmed at SXSW with Rooney Mara, me and Ian backstage," reveals Duffy. "We are apparently supposed to do some more shooting with Christian Bale, who is the other dude in it. So that is a little bit of interesting film trivia… we are pretty honored to be involved; it is a pretty classy project."

Concert and backstage footage was shot in March at THE CULT's 25,000-capacity SXSW (South By Southwest) concert at Auditorium Shores in Austin, Texas for Terrence Malick's upcoming feature. Rooney Mara, one of the stars of the film, was at the Auditorium Shores show and shot onstage footage as well as improvised scenes backstage with members of THE CULT.

Left to right in photo below: Rooney Mara, Matthew McConaughy (who played congas on two of THE CULT's songs), THE CULT's Ian Astbury

THE CULT's new album, "Choice Of Weapon", sold around 11,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to land at position No. 34 on The Billboard 200 chart. The CD was made available on May 22 via THE CULT's new label Cooking Vinyl.

"Choice Of Weapon" is the follow-up to the critically acclaimed 2007 release "Born Into This", which opened with 12,600 units to debut at No. 70. Longtime THE CULT collaborator and producer Bob Rock (METALLICA, BUSH), who produced one of THE CULT's most successful albums, the platinum-certified "Sonic Temple", put the finishing touches on the foundations that were laid by co-producer Chris Goss (QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE, U.N.K.L.E., MASTERS OF REALITY).
Seattle progressive rockers QUEENSRŸCHE are scheduled to perform tonight (Monday, June 11) at USANA Amphitheatre in West Valley City, Utah as the support act for SCORPIONS. According to QUEENSRŸCHE singer Geoff Tate, "some of the members" of the band could not make tonight's show "for personal reasons." He adds, "Although I would have really loved for all of us to play together, it wasn't possible for them. I couldn't miss playing for one of the best rock audiences in the world and opening for one of my all-time favorite bands for anything. Thanks to my fans, and the SCORPIONS or your continued support and I plan to rock Salt Lake City today at the show."

RISING WEST, the new band featuring Michael Wilton, Eddie Jackson, Scott Rockenfield and Parker Lundgren of QUEENSRŸCHE, along with powerhouse vocalist Todd La Torre of CRIMSON GLORY, played its first two shows ever this past Friday (June 8) and Saturday, June 9 at the Hard Rock Café in Seattle, Washington. The band performed rare and classic hits from the first five QUEENSRŸCHE albums — from the 1983 EP through 1990's "Empire" — as well as a cover version of the IRON MAIDEN staple "Wrathchild".

Speaking to "The Men's Room" radio show, which airs on the Seattle station KISW 99.9 FM, Wilton stated about the formation of RISING WEST and the status of QUEENSRŸCHE, "We have some time off this year, so we put a project and this kind of turned into this monumental, epic band. And we're doing that as kind of a side thing away from QUEENSRŸCHE." He added, "We still very much are QUEENSRŸCHE, and QUEENSRŸCHE will be continuing on. We want to just have some fun, play some old 'RŸCHE, bring back some memories and just kick it."

Geoff Tate entered the studio on February 29 to begin recording his second solo album.

Tate released his first solo CD in 2002 on Sanctuary Records. Self-titled, the LP was a huge departure from the work he had previously done with QUEENSRŸCHE.

QUEENSRŸCHE's latest album, "Dedicated To Chaos", sold 8,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to land at position No. 70 on The Billboard 200 chart. The band's previous CD, the epic concept album "American Soldier", opened with 21,000 units back in April 2009 to enter the chart at No. 25. This was roughly half the first-week tally registered by QUEENSRŸCHE's "Operation: Mindcrime II" album, which shifted 44,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release back in April 2006 to debut at No. 14 on The Billboard 200 chart.

QUEENSRŸCHE's 2003 effort, "Tribe", sold 20,000 copies in the first week while 1999's "Q2K", opened with sales of 28,000.

QUEENSRŸCHE's top-selling album by far is 1990's "Empire", which was certified triple-platinum in October 1994 for sales in excess of three million copies in the United States. The original "Operation: Mindcrime" release (1988) attained platinum status in August 1991, while 1994's "Promised Land" reached the same plateau in December 1994.
Miranda Tate — stepdaughter of QUEENSRŸCHE singer Geoff Tate and daughter of the band's manager, Susan Tate, as well as the former wife of the group's guitarist Parker Lundgren — has addressed much of the criticism that is being leveled at her stepfather over QUEENSRŸCHE's recent musical direction and the circumstances that have led to an apparent falling out between Geoff and his bandmates.

As previously reported, QUEENSRŸCHE members Michael Wilton, Eddie Jackson, Scott Rockenfield and Parker Lundgren recently teamed up with powerhouse vocalist Todd La Torre of CRIMSON GLORY in a brand new band called RISING WEST. The group played its first two shows ever this past Friday (June 8) and Saturday, June 9 at the Hard Rock Café in Seattle, Washington, where they performed rare and classic hits from the first five QUEENSRŸCHE albums — from the 1983 EP through 1990's "Empire".

Several days prior to RISING WEST's live debut, the members of the group claimed in an online posting that they were "being denied access to [QUEENSRŸCHE's] Facebook page and website" while they were attempting to spread word about about RISING WEST's upcoming shows.

Earlier today (Monday, June 11), it was announced that QUEENSRŸCHE was canceling its appearance tonight at USANA Amphitheatre in West Valley City, Utah as the support act for SCORPIONS because "some of the members" of the band could not make the gig "for personal reasons." Rather than scrap the show completely, Tate decided to play the concert with his solo band, with which he has been touring for the past few months.

On Thursday, June 7, Miranda Tate — who has apparently been assisting her mother and stepfather in handling some of QUEENSRŸCHE's business affairs — posted the following message on Facebook:

"It's about time to get some truth on the table.

"1. No one...not Geoff or anyone else in QUEENSRŸCHE has posted on the Queensryche.com in months. Posting by all members was stopped at the same time. This was not Geoff's doing.

"2. Geoff and the other members of QUEENSRŸCHE can post any sort of event on the QUEENSRŸCHE Facebook just in the same fashion as they always have.

"3. Geoff is on the defensive and all the truth as to how hostile he has been treated will be known soon.

"4. Look back at who wrote the songs for QUEENSRŸCHE since Chris [DeGarmo, guitar] left. The heavy majority of the songs has been Geoff with an outside writer. This is due to very little to no material being submitted by the other members of the band.

"5. Geoff originally wanted to go in a different direction for the last QUEENSRŸCHE album... heavier. But for the first time in years the other guys were submitting songs. So Geoff used their material and 'Dedicated To Chaos' is what they together came up with. Don't believe me... check the credits.

"6. Geoff does the majority of the writing, the majority of the interviews, is there every day for the mix, produces with every producer while the other members are hardly ever in the room. I have watched this with my own eyes since I can remember. Geoff never complains and splits album sales royalties equally.

"7. Susan, as the band's manager, negotiated with outside writers (pissing them off) to give part of their publishing royalties to the other non-writing members of QUEENSRŸCHE.

"8. My family worked tirelessly and happily to keep QUEENSRŸCHE working.

"9. I e-mailed endlessly to get photos and words or anything to post (on the app or Facebook) for the fans from all the members in QUEENSRŸCHE and got little to nothing from any of them except Geoff.

"10. When our business attorney wrote an e-mail to the band stating how some of our employees did a fantastic job and thanking them... one of the other members of QUEENSRŸCHE (not Geoff) wrote back saying that he didn't want our employees thanked since they were being paid.

"11. No one has checked the fan club email or taken care of giving away one meet-and-greet pass since the Tates were stopped by the other members of the band from doing it. However, Geoff has honored the QUEENSRŸCHE fan club and given away meet-and-greet passes to his solo shows.

"12. Every fan club event was planned by my family for the last several years and Geoff happily attended all while other members complained.

"13. Every concept for every tour was voted on by the band (including the cabaret). All members of QUEENSRŸCHE happily split equally, all the money made from each tours although some (not Geoff) complained later when some of the tour concepts were received with less-than-open arms. Geoff stood by the creative decision and took the good with the bad.

"So before you think the man that worked the hardest by a long way for years and years is a tyrant then think again. You don't know the facts."

Shortly after Miranda posted the above message, Misty Rockenfield, wife of QUEENSRŸCHE drummer Scott Rockenfield, replied with the words "This is all a flat-out lie." This was followed by another online missive by Miranda, written in part as a response to some of the other questions raised by QUEENSRŸCHE fans on various Internet forums.

Miranda wrote: "The Facebook has always been run by an [administrator], NO member has ever had 'direct' access to the Facebook page. I used to update the QUEENSRŸCHE app. I sent countless emails to ALL members of the band asking for content and received little to nothing from everyone except [Geoff Tate]. This is the same with the Facebook page. Not one e-mail, text, phone call etc. has been made from any member of RISING WEST asking to promote their shows. Instead they came out with they are blocked from the site. Geoff Tate, on the other hand, sends his info to the admin to update with his events.

"The reasons that comments are banned is because too many people were writing profane things so instead of someone having to monitor posts 24/7 posts were banned for the time being.

"By Misty stating that 'this is ALL a flat-out lie' is untrue she is saying that the members don't vote, that passes are still being issued, etc. Many of the things I stated in my original post can be proven true by looking at CD credits, the fan club etc.

"Also most of 'Operation: Mindcrime 2' [QUEENSRŸCHE's 2006 album] was recorded in my basement — I was there every day so I saw first-hand who really shows up and did work everyday and that was [Jason] Slater [producer], Mike Stone [former QUEENSRŸCHE guitarist] and Geoff. The other members were not very involved and this was true for many recent endeavors as well. That being said, Misty's comment doesn't hold up.

"Also I know Geoff Tate is doing some interviews this week that will also give his point of view."
According to The Pulse Of Radio, PEARL JAM guitarist Mike McCready opened up in an interview with Fox News about his 25-year struggle with Crohn's disease, an autoimmune disorder that causes periodic inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract and symptoms such as severe abdominal pain or sudden diarrhea. McCready revealed "[It first started] when I was 21 years old. At first I thought it was food poisoning, but then there was a bunch of blood and mucus — and it kept happening for months."

McCready didn't know that he had Crohn's for some time, although he knew something was wrong that caused him pain and embarrassment. He explained, "There's a level of anxiety and depression with that, along with shame, anger and fear. Sometimes you might [just go], and you can't do anything about it, because it's completely painful, and you have to go in two to three seconds . . . it can be quite damaging in terms of going out in public or going on a date."

McCready admitted that he's had "big accidents" onstage with PEARL JAM in the past due to the disease. But he also credits his bandmates with helping through his struggles with Crohn's as well as drug addiction: "The band has stuck by me in those situations a hundred times. Stone [Gossard, guitarist] specifically has definitely kind of got me...I'm glad that I'm still in the band, I'm glad that I'm still alive in all these kind of situations, and Stone has been integral in keeping me in this thing, and as I think everybody else has been that way too, so I feel very positive to be in it. It is a close, cohesive unit when it comes to that."

McCready helped score a victory for Crohn's sufferers in 2009, when thanks to efforts by him and others, Washington state governor Chris Gregoir signed a bill into law mandating that businesses without public lavatories have to let people with inflammatory bowel ailments use their employee restrooms in an emergency.

The guitarist lobbied state legislators for passage of the bill, saying that many business owners were not sensitive to the plight of people with Crohn's or similar diseases and refused them access to private bathrooms.

McCready also regularly raises money and performs benefits for the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America.
Rob Cavuoto of Guitar International recently conducted an interview with Zakk Wylde (BLACK LABEL SOCIETY, OZZY OSBOURNE). A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

Guitar International: In your book ["Bringing Metal To The Children"], your antics are pretty insane coupled with all the drinking. Was it difficult during those times to stay focused and follow the BLACK LABEL mantra of Strength, Determination, Merciless, Forever (SDMF)?

Zakk Wylde: Not really. Even during the "Animal House" years when we were all drinking heavily, everybody always answered the bell when the time came. No matter what they did. If we drank like a bunch of Navy Seals, we answered the bell like a bunch of Navy Seals. There was never any of that whiny crap, "I don't wanna go on stage, I'm tired." If you have to be up at 8:30 a.m. and you are walking in the door at 6:00 a.m., you take a nap and get your ass up and ready to roll. That's just the way it goes. I'll give you a six-pack just so your body doesn't go into shock. [Laughs]. It will wean you down so you are good to go.

Guitar International: Was it difficult to quit drinking?

Zakk Wylde: If you wanna quit smoking, just fucking stop. If you wanna stop drinking, just fucking stop. It's that fucking easy! You just grow up and out of it. Hey, we don't throw rocks at cars anymore either. Enough is enough. When I wrote all the music over the years, I was never wasted. I was never fucking hammered until the end of the night when we were do doing our thing or when we had a 16-hour drive to the next city. I never got to the point where I didn't remember what we talked about or what crazy shit we pulled. People ask me, "What you are going to do when you get out on the road now?" I tell them, "Pretty much that same fucking thing I do now, just won't be drinking." [Laughs] "Hey, Zakk, what are you going to do when everyone around you is drinking?" I guess look at them and then watch the game or the fight or look at some ass when we're at Hooters." What am I going to do? flip the table at Ruth's Chris Steak House because someone is having a glass of wine? Someone told me, "Zakk it's a long road to sobriety and you're just fooling yourself." Well maybe for you because you're a weak sack of shit! I rule with General Patton and I got a set of balls. Everyone has so many lame motherfucking excuses, it's ridiculous. It's like when people ask Ozzy, "Do you regret all the partying?" How can he say, "Yeah, it was terrible; it ruined my whole fucking life." [Laughs] When artists quit whatever they are on, and they start to write, it's the lamest piece of crap. It's like, "Dude, you need a drink or a line because your music sucks and you're killing me." How can you say that THE BEATLES would have done "Sgt. Peppers" without all the stuff they were doing at that phase of their career with all that hippie shit.

Guitar International: Did you ever take the stage with Ozzy drunk and if so was he aware of it?

Zakk Wylde: There was a couple times at towards the end of my drinking that I maybe had one too many. I was never smashed on stage. I did notice it creeping into the BLS shows and when I was with Ozzy. After 20 years of playing with him, I'm sure he knew a few times. When it starts getting in the way of things, then you have to put a lid on it.
Slash's bassist Todd Kerns and drummer Brent Fitz have recorded a guest appearance on a song from the forthcoming solo album from former OZZY OSBOURNE/BADLANDS guitarist Jake E. Lee. Kerns states, "Anyone who knows anything is as excited about this album as I am! Gonna be rad."

Lee's new solo album is being recorded with the help of guitarist Ronnie Mancuso of BEGGARS & THIEVES, whose 2011 video, "We Come Undone", featured an appearance by Jake.

According to the All Music Guide, Lee helped Ozzy Osbourne score two of the most commercially successful releases of the singer's long and illustrious career — 1983's "Bark at the Moon" and 1986's "The Ultimate Sin". Lee eventually joined up with another former BLACK SABBATH singer (albeit briefly), Ray Gillen, and formed the LED ZEPPELIN/classic rock-esque outfit BADLANDS. Subsequently, Lee played briefly with a band called WICKED ALLIANCE before setting off on his own, issuing his solo debut, "A Fine Pink Mist", in August of 1996.

Jake E. Lee's "covers" album, "Retraced", was released in the U.S. in April 2005 via Shrapnel Records. All the songs were recorded in a "power trio" format ala BADLANDS and the tracks for the project were cover songs along that style (bluesy power rock).
According to JonLord.org, former DEEP PURPLE keyboardist Jon Lord's Concerto For Group And Orchestra, re-recorded by the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra and a selection of invited guests, is set to be released by Edel Records in September (ABC Records in Australia).

After more than 100 performances worldwide and numerous revisions, the new recording represents Jon's definitive version of the masterpiece, which in 1969 pointed his career in a new direction and laid the foundation for an astounding musical reputation and career.

Guests and soloists on the new recording include IRON MAIDEN's Bruce Dickinson, BLACK COUNTRY COMMUNION's Joe Bonamassa and DEEP PURPLE's Steve Morse along with Jon's "house singers" Steve Balsamo and Kasia Laska. It was recorded at Liverpool's Philharmonic Hall by Abbey Road Studio's crew. The recording was conducted by Paul Mann, whose in-depth experience with the piece includes conducting its 30th-anniversary resurrection at London's Royal Albert Hall in 1999 and the ensuing world tour with DEEP PURPLE.

The new release will be accompanied by a specially filmed documentary.
Drummer Ian Haugland of Swedish hard rockers EUROPE has issued the following updateL

"What a bummer at [U.K.'s] Download [festival]. We were forced to cancel the show due to the fucked up weather... We had a bad start already in the morning when the flight was two hours delayed from [Stockholm, Sweden's] Arlanda due to hurricane winds at Heathrow.

"When we got to Heathrow, we had a tourbus that picked us up to drive us to the festival. But because of the delayed flight, we manged to catch Friday traffic from London... I've never been in a worse traffic jam ever! The traffic jams I've been in in Tokyo (that are relly bad) felt like open highway. The trip that was plannd to take two hours took close to four hours!!!

"When we finally approached the festival site, our crew, in a last desperate act to try and make the show, left the bus and started running across the muddy fields towards the festival area. They made it there and started putting up our stuff, but since we were still trapped in the traffic, it was too late!

"It felt really shitty when we got there... so close but so far away.

"We feel really bad for all the fans that came to se us, but what can you do when the weather gods are in a shitty mood!? We managed to some interviews, though, and the festival promotors didn't blame us, so hopefully we can come back another year.

"Once again... Sorry to all you guys the went through mud and rain to see us at Download! Bummer."

EUROPE's ninth studio album, "Bag Of Bones", entered the official chart in Sweden at position No. 2.

"Bag Of Bones" was released in Europe on April 27 via earMusic/Edel. The CD, which features a guest appearance by blues-rock guitarist Joe Bonamassa (BLACK COUNTRY COMMUNION), was produced by Kevin Shirley, who has previously worked with IRON MAIDEN, JOE BONAMASSA, BLACK COUNTRY COMMUNION, BLACK STONE CHERRY and JOURNEY, among others.
STONE SOUR has set "House Of Gold And Bones" as the title of its fourth album, a two-part double concept effort which is being recorded at Sound Farm Studios, just outside STONE SOUR's home base of Des Moines, Iowa, with producer David Bottrill (TOOL, MUSE, STAIND). According to STONE SOUR singer Corey Taylor, part 1 will contain 12 songs and will be released in October via Roadrunner Records, with the second 12-track part to follow next year. Each disc will include one half of the story, the lyrics for which fans will have to visit the band's official web site. Taylor says, "Once I lock in the company who will help me put it together, there will be a comic book as well." Songtitles set to appear on the album include "Absolute Zero", "RU486", "A Rumor Of Skin" and "Taciturn".

When asked about the progress of the recording sessions for the fourth STONE SOUR album, Taylor told Kerrang! magazine at this past weekend's Download festival in England, "It's nearly done. We have about a week left of recording. I have a handful of vocals that I need to finish up. And then it's just going in and finishing up some guitars, some ear candy here and there. But it's fantastic. It's so immense. It's probably the biggest thing that I've tried to do. There's a lot of multimedia involved. There's a whole story that's gonna go along with the albums. And it's all under wraps right now. There's gonna be a bunch of big announcements next week that I'm gonna unleash on Twitter, and I'm just gonna start giving people more information, including the titles. But we're actually working on getting a comic together for DC Comics. We're trying to figure out how we can do it. And they've never done anything like this before, so it's gonna take some time. But hopefully… We're definitely gonna have a digital version up online and then probably a couple of months later the hard-copy version. So as a comic fan, I'm kind of losing my shit right now."

As previously reported, SKID ROW's Rachel Bolan laid down the bass tracks for the new STONE SOUR CD. He has described the material on the record as "fucking fierce."

Taylor recently told Revolver magazine about STONE SOUR's forthcoming CD, "Picture [PINK FLOYD's] 'The Wall' crossed with ALICE IN CHAINS' 'Dirt' with some good heavy blasts in there," Corey said. "The heaviest song is a total ass-kicker that sounds as if SLAYER and ANTHRAX had a baby. Then, there's a darker bluesy dirge that has the vibe of LED ZEPPELIN's 'In My Time Of Dying'. There's even a little industrial vibe. It's definitely going to blow people's fucking minds.

Taylor added that he came up with a very ambitious concept for the disc.

"The album is a morality play about a man who's standing at the crossroads of his life trying to figure out what to do next," he said. "He's going, 'Do I move foward and evolve? Do I become more responsible or do I run backwards and pilfer the basket of youth?' Sometimes it's romantic to live in the mistakes that you made when you were 20, and condemn yourself to perpetual adolescence."

Guitarist Josh Rand recently said that the CD will be "another progression for the band," adding. "Musically, we have always challenged one another to push things to our limits, and this record is no exception."

STONE SOUR parted ways with bassist Shawn Economaki earlier in the year. The band's guitarist Jim Root stated about the split, "A lot has happened in the past year… We need to move forward and [there will] be more detail when the time is right. He's still a great friend and we're in touch."

Economaki left STONE SOUR in April 2011 in the middle of the "Avalanche Tour" to deal with "personal issues." He was temporarily replaced by Jason Christopher, who has since joined Sebastian Bach's touring band.
"Bring Heavy Rock To The Land", the new studio album from Norwegian powerhouse vocalist Jorn Lande (MASTERPLAN, AVANTASIA), has entered the official Swedish chart at position No. 34. The CD was released on June 1 in Europe and June 5 in North America via Frontiers Records.

Following a three-year silence since the release of "Spirit Black", Jorn unleashes upon the world yet another slab of classic hard rock with metal elements.

"I think this album follows a similar Jorn tradition like those before, more heavy rock oriented than metal," says Jorn. "But, as usual, it's not one musical expression all the way through the album, but a variety of musical landscapes within the categories of rock and metal."

A winning formula should not change, so Jorn has again worked with Tommy Hansen at Jailhouse Studios in Denmark, who mixed the album, ensuring the right edge to the rich guitar and vocal sound that is now trademark to all JORN releases. The lineup sees the return of Jimmy Iversen on guitar who also appeared on "Spirit Black". The pairing with Tore Moren works really well and gives Jorn's sound the usual depth and solidity.

As usual, in addition to the original material, Jorn offers some interesting covers. This time, MASTERPLAN's "Time to Be King" and Christopher Cross' "Ride Like The Wind" are the ones to get the Jorn treatment.

"When we wrote 'Time To Be King', I heard a different and more rock-oriented arrangement in my mind," says Jorn, "so after the MASTERPLAN album was released, I couldn't stop thinking about how it would sound if it was recorded with this other arrangement. I don't know which one's better, I have ended up liking both versions. As for Christopher Cross, I have always loved 'West Coast'-oriented music and bands like 10CC, PAGES, SANTANA, LITTLE RIVER BAND, EAGLES and so on. So I thought 'Ride Like The Wind' would be a good song to do Jorn style. SAXON also released a version of this song in the '80s, and the arrangement we made ended up beeing a mix between the original version and SAXON's. It's also a fun song to sing and play."

Jorn Lande's strong and diverse voice and solid songwriting skills have now become legendary in the hard rock world. In a career spanning over close to 40 album releases, as frontman for ARK and MASTERPLAN, in addition to featuring on spectacular projects such as NOSTRADAMUS "The Rock Opera", BEYOND TWILIGHT "The Devil's Hall of Fame", Tobias Sammet's AVANTASIA and AYREON.

"If you buy a Jorn album today, you know what you will get," states Jorn Lande. You are guaranteed to get your adrenaline going with the riveting sound that has solid roots in classic hard rock/heavy metal music, such as DIO, BLACK SABBATH, RAINBOW and WHITESNAKE.

"Bring Heavy Rock To The Land" track listing:

01. My Road
02. Bring Heavy Rock To The Land
03. A Thousand Cuts
04. Ride Like The Wind
05. Chains Around You
06. The World I See
07. Time To Be King
08. Ride To The Guns
09. Black Morning
10. I Came To Rock
11. Live And Let Fly (bonus track)

The title track, "Bring Heavy Rock To The Land", was released as a single worldwide on May 14. A video for the song was directed by Thomas Tjäder (PRETTY MAIDS, IN FLAMES) and can be seen below. Jorn says, "The title track has really a strong Jorn trademark. It was a natural choice for a title track, I felt the same about 'Lonely Are The Brave' back in 2008. Sometimes one song's got the magic and you just know it. 'Bring Heavy Rock To The Land' is such a song and regardless of how the whole album is evaluated by critics, I feel that this song will live on and become an essential Jorn classic!"

Jorn will appear live at select shows in Europe during the summer.

JORN is:

Jorn Lande: Vocals
Willy Bendiksen: Drums
Nic Angileri: Bass
Tore Moren: Guitar
Jimmy Iversen: Guitar

Jorn Lande's "Live In Black" 2-CD/DVD set was released in August 2011 via Frontiers Records. The concert was recorded on June 10, 2010 at the Sweden Rock Festival in front of more than 25,000 people.

2010 was a significant year in Jorn's career. Besides releasing a tribute album to his hero Ronnie James Dio, Jorn was invited to perform, alongside Glenn Hughes, with HEAVEN & HELL at their final concert, which was held in July 2010 at the High Voltage festival in Victoria Park, London, England.

Just a few weeks earlier, Jorn appeared at the Sweden Rock Festival, in Sölvesborg and blew the crowd of more than 25,000 fans away.

"The special thing with 'Live In Black' is that it captures a very rough, uncut and spontaneous moment in the band's history," says Jorn Lande. "It was a hectic day, with many interviews and several TV appearances and I also had to do a short speech and statement regarding the great Ronnie James Dio's untimely passing a few weeks earlier. The whole festival became in the spirit of Ronnie, and it was very moving to see everyone there, including the artists honoring his memory."
The third annual Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Festival will kick off August 17 in Kansas City, Missouri, criss-crossing the U.S. before wrapping September 30 in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Tickets for most shows go on sale Friday, June 15 and are affordably priced between $15 and $75 (plus fees). Go to RockstarUproar.com for full details and to purchase tickets. In addition, exclusive Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Festival meet-and-greet and VIP packages will be available.

The Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Festival main stage will feature performances from multiplatinum rock bands SHINEDOWN, GODSMACK, STAIND and PAPA ROACH, along with breaking band ADELITAS WAY. In addition, the Ernie Ball Stage and Jägermeister Stage in the festival area will include performances from multiplatinum headliner P.O.D., as well as up-and-coming artists DEUCE, FOZZY, REDLIGHT KING, MINDSET EVOLUTION (winner of the 2011 Uproar Battle Of The Bands), IN THIS MOMENT, THOUSAND FOOT KRUTCH, CANDLELIGHT RED and a local Battle Of The Bands winner.

The current Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Festival tour dates are as follows:

Aug. 17 - Kansas City, MO - Capitol Federal Park at Sandstone *
Aug. 18 - Little Rock, AR - Arkansas State Fairgrounds (KDJE Radio Show) *
Aug. 19 - St. Louis, MO - Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre **
Aug. 21 - Grand Rapids, MI - Rock The Rapids (downtown) main stage bands only
Aug. 22 - Chicago, IL - First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre *
Aug. 24 - Holmdel, NJ - PNC Bank Arts Center *
Aug. 25 - Syracuse, NY - TBA
Aug. 26 - Mansfield, MA - Comcast Center *
Aug. 28 - Scranton, PA - Toyota Pavilion at Montage Mountain *
Aug. 29 - Buffalo, NY - Darien Lake Performing Arts Center **
Aug. 31 - Pittsburgh, PA - First Niagara Pavilion *
Sep. 01 - Saratoga, NY - Saratoga Performing Arts Center *
Sep. 02 - Bristow, VA - Jiffy Lube Live *
Sep. 05 - Simpsonville, SC - Charter Amphitheatre at Heritage Park *
Sep. 07 - Detroit, MI - DTE Energy Music Theatre ***
Sep. 08 - Noblesville, IN - Klipsch Music Center ****
Sep. 09 - Cleveland, OH - Blossom Music Center ***
Sep. 11 - Raleigh, NC - Time Warner Cable Music Pavilion at Walnut Creek ***
Sep. 12 - Atlanta, GA - Aaron's Amphitheatre at Lakewood ***
Sep. 13 - Tampa, FL - 1-800-ASK-GARY Amphitheatre ***
Sep. 15 - Houston, TX - Woodlands Pavilion ****
Sep. 16 - Dallas, TX - Gexa Energy Pavilion ***
Sep. 18 - Denver, CO - Comfort Dental Amphitheater *****
Sep. 19 - Salt Lake City, UT - USANA Amphitheatre ***
Sep. 21 - Spokane, WA - Greyhound Park and Events Center ***
Sep. 22 - Auburn, WA - White River Amphitheatre ***
Sep. 23 - Portland, OR - Sleep Country Amphitheater ***
Sep. 25 - Boise, ID - Idaho Center Amphitheater ***
Sep. 29 - Phoenix, AZ - Ashley Furniture HomeStore Pavilion ****
Sep. 30 - Albuquerque, NM - Hard Rock Casino Presents: The Pavilion ****

* THOUSAND FOOT KRUTCH will not be performing at this show
** FOZZY and THOUSAND FOOT KRUTCH will not be performing at this show
*** IN THIS MOMENT will not be performing at this show
**** IN THIS MOMENT and THOUSAND FOOT KRUTCH will not be performing at this show
***** FOZZY, REDLIGHT KING and IN THIS MOMENT will not be performing at this show
For their millions of fans around the world, SLIPKNOT are as much a culture and a way of life as they are a band. To completely engage with all of the perseverance, ingenuity, artistic integrity and holistic vision of SLIPKNOT's creative output in all of its forms, is to fully embrace every facet, and to find community in counterculture and true strength in survival.

SLIPKNOT is like no other band the rock scene has ever encountered and to celebrate two decades of game-changing existence, the band will release "Antennas To Hell", a "best-of" collection documenting its inimitable career, on July 24. The album is scheduled to be released via Roadrunner Records while the band is spending its summer as the main attraction of the 2012 edition of the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival, as well as curating and headlining the inaugural year of their very own festival, Knotfest.

The time is right for a "best-of" collection from the band, as it captures the first chapter of SLIPKNOT — a chapter where they've gone from unknown to the one of the biggest rock bands in the world — all on their own terms.

This summer's Mayhem and Knotfest outings celebrate the band and the life of late bassist Paul Gray, and will serve as "the end of the beginning" for SLIPKNOT — this summer's performances will be the fan's last chance to see them as they are now. Of course the band will continue — but just as inevitable with SLIPKNOT is the fact that the band will evolve — and the future is unwritten. "Antennas To Hell" serves as a companion to that celebration. The two-disc version of "Antennas To Hell" includes a bonus live CD that captures the band's 2009 performance at the legendary Download festival in the U.K. The live disc showcases the band playing a set of career spanning classics in front of 80,000 rabid fans. The journey from — "(sic)" — track 1 on their self-titled debut — to "Snuff" — the haunting No. 1 rock track from 2008's "All Hope Is Gone" — proves that. The album features fan favorites, live classics and well-known radio hits.

Furthering the immersion in the band's culture, this summer will see the release of the band's first ever mobile application, "Wear the Mask". Part mask builder, part social connector for fans, and 100% SLIPKNOT in its look and execution, the app brings the SLIPKNOT mindset into previously uncharted territory — the mobile devices of fans worldwide. "Wear the Mask" will be released simultaneously with "Antennas To Hell".

"Antennas To Hell" track listing:

01. (sic)
02. Eyeless
03. Wait And Bleed
04. Spit It Out
05. Surfacing
06. People = Shit
07. Disasterpiece
08. Left Behind
09. My Plague (New Abuse Mix)
10. The Heretic Anthem (live)
11. Purity (live)
12. Pulse Of The Maggots
13. Duality
14. Before I Forget
15. Vermilion
16. Sulfur
17. Psychosocial
18. Dead Memories
19. Snuff

Bonus CD: (sic)nesses: Live At The Download Festival, 2009

01. (sic)
02. Eyeless
03. Wait And Bleed
04. Get This
05. Before I Forget
06. Sulfur
07. The Blister Exists
08. Dead Memories
09. Left Behind
10. Disasterpiece
11. Vermilion
12. Everything Ends
13. Psychosocial
14. Duality
15. People = Shit
16. Surfacing
17. Spit It Out
"Phantom Antichrist", the new album from German thrash metal veterans KREATOR, has entered the German Media Control chart at position No. 5.

Commented KREATOR guitarist/vocalist Mille Petrozza: "Wow! 1000 thanks to our fans, because without you, this would never have been possible. Thank you for believing in us; you are the best! We'll see you on tour. Thank you for the support, for the likes, shares, preorders and everything! We really appreciate it! Keep it up! 2012 and 2013 will be the years of KREATOR."

Released on June 1 in Europe and June 5 in North America via Nuclear Blast Records, "Phantom Antichrist" was recorded at Fascination Street Studios in Örebro, Sweden with renowned producer Jens Bogren (OPETH, KATATONIA, SOILWORK, DEVIN TOWNSEND, AMON AMARTH).

The cover artwork for the standard edition of "Phantom Antichrist" was created by Wes Benscoter (SLAYER, DIO, BLACK SABBATH) and can be seen below.

The limited edition of "Phantom Antichrist" was made available as two-disc digipack, including a bonus DVD.

"Phantom Antichrist" formats:

- Jewel case CD *
- 2LP yellow vinyl *
- 2LP bi-colored vinyl (red/black): limited to 500 copies, hand-numbered *+
- 2LP picture vinyl **
- CD/DVD digi limited edition: 2 digipacks in a slipcase. **
- Limited mailorder edition: metallic box including CD/DVD digi limited edition, T-shirt, exclusive CD "Live In Wacken", poster, signing card, limited to 500 copies, hand-numbered **+

* = Featuring artwork by Wes Benscoter (DIO, BLACK SABBATH, SLAYER)
** = Featuring artwork by Jan Meininghaus
+ = only available at www.nuclearblast.de/shop

"Phantom Antichrist" track listing:


01. Mars Mantra
02. Phantom Antichrist
03. Death To The World
04. From Flood Into Fire
05. Civilisation Collapse
06. United In Hate
07. The Few, The Proud, The Broken
08. Your Heaven In My Hell
09. Victory Will Come
10. Until Our Paths Cross Again
11. Iron Destiny (Japan exclusive)

Limited-edition bonus DVD:

* Conquerers Of The Ice – The Making Of Phanom Antichrist
* Harvesting The Grapes Of Horror
* Live at Wacken Open Air in 2011 and 2008 (mixed by Klaus Scheuermann, edited by Marcel Schleif and Stephan Lier)

Wacken Open Air 2011:

01. Choir Of The Damned
02. Hordes Of Chaos
03. War Curse
04. Coma Of Souls / Endless Pain
05. Pleasure To Kill
06. Destroy What Destroys You
07. Phobia
08. Terrible Certainity / Reconquering The Throne
09. Flag Of Hate / Tormentor

Wacken Open Air 2008:

10. The Patriarch
11. Violent Revolution
12. People Of The Lie
13. Europe After The Pain

The "Phantom Antichrist" video can be seen below. The clip was helmed by Poland's Grupa 13, which has previously worked with BEHEMOTH, ELUVEITIE, SONATA ARCTICA and DECAPITATED, among others.

In a recent interview with Suicide Scriptures, Petrozza stated about "Phantom Antichrist", "We made sure that it contains all the trademarks that we're known for — crushing brutality, riffs that are very hard to play, lyrics that talk about things that I get angry about. You know, the full treatment, basically. We didn't try to do anything different. The only goal that we set for the band was we wanted to top everything that we'd done before and make this record an exciting record. That's always the main goal."

He added, "First off, we don't plan ahead too much. I take a long time to prepare the songs at home, in my little home studio, and then when I feel that have something lyrically and musically that I feel is good and exciting and powerful, then I play it to the other guys and then we discuss it. And we might come up with new ideas or we might arrange the songs differently, or we tear them apart and put them back together. It's a long process. We started this in the beginning of 2011, and we kept writing and rehearsing the songs until January 2012."

Regarding the lyrical themes covered on "Phantom Antichrist", Mille said, "Many things: injustice; the crisis in Greece; me thinking that religion is obsolete now in this day and age; personal things. I think the lyrics for 'From Flood Into Fire', they're very different, but it's very hard for me to explain what it's about. I want people to listen to it and leave room for their own imagination. I go to the movies all the time and I'm a big movie nerd, and I hate watching a 'making-of' [documentary featuring behind-the-scenes footage] before I go into a movie. So if I would explain the lyrics right now, [it would lose the magic]."

On the topic of the "Phantom Antichrist" artwork, Mille said, "I got in touch with [artist] Wes Benscoter in the middle of June last year and I gave him a couple of songtitles. And I told him that the album might be called 'Phantom Antichrist'. I already had the idea and I told him what the lyrics were about — it's all about the apocalypse, evil in the world… typical KREATOR topics that I always write about. I think he had 'Pleasure To Kill', and he knew about the band. I liked this AUTOPSY cover that he did, and then I found that he did a lot of great stuff for BLACK SABBATH, SLAYER and many, many bands. . . I talked to one of my colleagues that plays in a German band and he told me that he would draw, with a pencil, artworks and then he would give it to a professional artist. I don't have that much influence on the artwork. I think it's best to give an idea and maybe a title or something, maybe some music even… I think that's more of letting the artist be the artist. He needs to create the visual as we do with the music."


Miland "Mille" Petrozza – Vocals, Guitrar
Sami Yli-Sirniö - Guitar
Christian "Speesy" Giesler - Bass
Jürgen "Ventor" Reil - Drums
German thrash metal veterans DESTRUCTION have resumed work on their 30th-anniversary album for a November release via Nuclear Blast Records.

DESTRUCTION recently completed the North American "30th Year Anniversary Tour" with support from WARBRINGER, VITAL REMAINS (who were alternating each night) and PATHOLOGY.

Inspired by IRON MAIDEN, MERCYFUL FATE, MOTÖRHEAD and VENOM, DESTRUCTION was formed as KNIGHT OF DEMON in 1982. The band's original lineup included vocalist and bassist Marcel "Schmier" Schirmer, drummer Tommy Sandmann, and guitarist Mike Sifringer. They soon changed their name to DESTRUCTION and released a demo titled "Bestial Invasion Of Hell" in 1984.

"Day Of Reckoning", the latest album from DESTRUCTION, sold around 800 copies in the United States in its first week of release. The CD landed at position No. 58 on the Top New Artist Albums (Heatseekers) chart, which lists the best-selling albums by new and developing artists, defined as those who have never appeared in the Top 100 of The Billboard 200.

"Day Of Reckoning" was the first album to feature DESTRUCTION's new drummer Vaaver (INDUKTI, ex-UNSUN).
Jägermeister U.K. conducted an interview with Los Angeles theatrical rockers BLACK VEIL BRIDES at this year's Download festival, which was held June 8-10 at Donington Park in Leicestershire, United Kingdom. You can now watch the chat below.

BLACK VEIL BRIDES frontman Andy Biersack told NME this past weekend that the group hopes to complete the follow-up to "Set The World On Fire" by the end of August. He also revealed that GOLDFINGER's John Feldmann is assisting BLACK VEIL BRIDES during the recording sessions for the new CD, which is tentatively due in October. The singer said, "We've got three songs tracked. We've set ourselves a deadline of the end of August to finish it. We've got 20 to 25 songs written and we're narrowing it down now. It's going to be more of a punk rock record than anything we've done before. It's SOCIAL DISTORTION meets METALLICA." Biersack also confirmed that the album has a title, but declined to reveal it, explaining, "Of course we've got a title. I don't do anything unless I think about it six months in advance. We've got a title, we've got a story. It's a bit of concept record, there's a very serious story behind it. It's full of surprises."

BLACK VEIL BRIDES' new song, "Unbroken", appeared on the soundtrack to this year's movie, "Marvel's The Avengers". "Unbroken" is included on "Avengers Assemble", a 14-track compilation of music from and inspired by the film. "Avengers Assemble" was released on May 1.

BLACK VEIL BRIDES' latest EP, "Rebels", was released last December, exclusively through iTunes. The EP contains "Coffin", a new original track; a cover version of Billy Idol's '80s anthem "Rebel Yell", which BLACK VEIL BRIDES has been performing live; and a cover of KISS' "Unholy", featuring a guest guitar solo by Zakk Wylde. The EP, which boasts artwork by longtime BLACK VEIL BRIDES artist Richard Villa, also includes the six-minute director's cut of BLACK VEIL BRIDES' latest video, "Rebel Love Song", which hadn't been seen anywhere until now.
DUBLIN DEATH PATROL (DDP) — the band featuring TESTAMENT singer Chuck Billy and former EXODUS and LEGACY (pre-TESTAMENT) vocalist Steve "Zetro" Souza — will release two albums on the Mascot Records label, 2005's "DDP 4 Life" and 2011's follow-up effort, "Death Sentence", on August 14.

Billy originally teamed up with fellow Dublin, California ragers Willy Lange (RAMPAGE, LAAZ ROCKIT), Souza and three of the Billy brothers as well as some other local Dublin boys.

The seeds were planted in or about 1980 with a Bay Area thrash band called RAMPAGE, featuring neighborhood kids from Dublin, California — Chuck Billy, along with his brother Andy Billy, Greg Bustamante, Ernie Boehm and Willy Lange. The guys were about 18 years old and had all known each other since they were about five. They grew up listening to a variety of bands — from LED ZEPPELIN, KISS, AEROSMITH to THE DEAD KENNEDYS and THE SEX PISTOLS — and were influenced by the sounds of the late '70s and early '80s.

Souza recalled how the idea to reactivate the ultimate DUBLIN DEATH PATROL came to him: "Originally it was Willy's and Chuck Billy's idea. The first I heard of getting this project together was at a Raider pre-season game in 2005. Willy was telling me his idea of DDP and getting the old RAMPAGE guys together. But this version would have Chuck and I singing on every song and include different musicians that grew up in Dublin to play on this record. Well, I was right in."

After six months of writing, arranging and restructuring songs new and old. the guys went in to record the first DDP album through strains and pains with Vinnie Wojno. Souza boldly claimed, "This is what we have to give to the metal world, a kick-ass, straight-up aggressive and in-your-fucking-face album of music by guys just from Dublin, California. Represented by members of TESTAMENT, LEGACY, EXODUS, VIO-LENCE, LAAZ ROCKIT, TESLA, HEIST and a group of headbanging Dubliners that deserved status. For fans of the Bay Area thrash whom I love and will always, I hope they dig what Chuck and I have done vocally on the DDP project."

In 2011, DUBLIN DEATH PATROL went back into the studio with the same team to record their crushing second album, "Death Sentence". That same year, DDP played the famous Belgian metal festival Graspop Metal Meeting. Needless to say, the crowd went completely nuts.


Chuck Billy - Lead Vocals
Steve Souza - Lead Vocals
Willy Lange - Bass
Andy Billy - Rhythm/lead guitar
Steve Robello - Lead/ Rhythm Guitar
Greg Bustamante - Rhythm Guitar
Danny Cunningham -Drums
Troy Luccketta - Drums
John Hartsinck - Lead Guitar
John Souza - Bass
Eddie Billy – Bass
Norwegian singer Liv Kristine (LEAVES' EYES, ex-THEATRE OF TRAGEDY) will release her fourth solo album, entitled "Libertine", on September 7. The CD was recorded at Mastersound Studio in Steinheim, Germany — the facility owned by her husband, Alexander Krull (ATROCITY, LEAVES' EYES) — and marks Liv's collaboration with Dutch musician J.B. van der Wal (ABORTED, DR. DOOM), who recently joined LEAVES' EYES and ATROCITY as the two bands' new bassist.

"Libertine" track listing:

01. Interlude (intro)
02. Solve Me
03. Silence
04. Vanilla Skin Delight (duet with Tobias Regner)
05. Panic
06. Paris Paris
07. Wait For Rain
08. Love Crime
09. Libertine
10. Meet Me In The Red Sky
11. The Man With A Child In His Eyes (KATE BUSH cover)

The "Libertine" cover artwork can be seen below.

Commented Liv: "'Libertine' is truly a milestone in my career; it sums up my most important artistic experiences in my creative journey through life. The more rock and metal-based songs like 'Vanilla Skin Delight' (including superb male vocals from Tobias Regner, the third-season winner of 'Deutschland Sucht Den Superstar', the German reality show in the style of 'American Idol'), 'Paris Paris', 'Solve Me' and title track, 'Libertine', certainly expose some of those magic moments which fans of THEATRE OF TRAGEDY enjoyed and treasured on 'Aegis' and 'Musique'. The ballads 'Silence', 'Love Crime' and 'Meet Me In The Red Sky' will go straight into you hearts, each of them being absolute individual in their emotional expressions and musical compositions. Alex gave each track a perfect sound in the mix by emphasizing on each song's characteristic accent and atmosphere."

She added, "I can't wait to let you hear this album; it is exceptional to me both personally and in my artistic career, and I can't wait to play these songs for you live! The cover and booklet artwork is completed as well. It took a while for me, personally, to find the artistic expression I wished to expose in my pictures, however, Heile and Alex guided me into the right direction, for which I am so happy and grateful."

Liv debuted the title track of her new album, "Libertine" (see video below), at a special concert on December 2, 2011 at Alte Seminarturnhalle in Nagold, Germany under the banner "One Night With Liv Kristine". Liv performed acoustic versions of her original songs as well as a few covers, including tracks from LEAVES' EYES and THEATRE OF TRAGEDY.

Liv Kristine's third solo album, "Skintight", came out in North America in September 2010 via Napalm Records. The follow-up to 2006's "Enter My Religion" was recorded at Mastersound Studio and the artwork was created by Stefan Heilemann.
Metal Blade Records has announced the signing of Germany's DOWNFALL OF GAIA. The band's concept album, "Suffocating In The Swarm Of Cranes", will be released later in the year.

DOWNFALL OF GAIA eschews clichés and delivers a monolithic, yet melodic, wall of sound. The band formed in 2008 in Hannover, Germany and has released a demo CD, a split tape, a split LP, and a full-length album.

DOWNFALL OF GAIA started out as a crust band, but quickly developed further and has become much more difficult to compare to any other bands. Over the years, their songs became longer, slower, heavier; their influences range from doom to black metal, from down-tempo, to sludge, and hardcore. Their music has an epic and majestic vibe, with enough peaks and valleys to keep listeners rooted firmly to the earth.

Since day one, the four-piece has been an active live band, not only performing Germany, but also throughout the world: Italy, the U.K., France, the Netherlands, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, and the United States have been witness to their live performances. No matter if they are playing a tiny club or a big festival, DOWNFALL OF GAIA are well known for their intense live shows.

DOWNFALL OF GAIA comments on their deal with Metal Blade Records: "We feel quite honored to be a part of the Metal Blade family and to work with one of the most notable labels in the world! We are really excited about our Metal Blade debut and the future! A big thank you to all the people who supported us in any way during the last years, without you all of this wouldn't be possible!"


Dominik Goncalves dos Reis - Vocals/Guitar
Peter Wolff - Vocals/Guitars
Anton Lisovoj - Vocals/Bass
Johannes Stoltenburg - Drums
Guitarist Matti Svatizky has left Israeli progressive folk metal masters ORPHANED LAND. His statement reads as follows:

"To all of ORPHANED LAND's fans, from this moment on I will no longer be a part of the band. We had great years together and I think that our achievements were beyond only the musical grounds. However, it is time for me to move on with my life. There are issues both on the personal and the professional levels that made me come to this decision, which has not been an easy one, and which I'm whole with and sure that will bring many positive things in the future. I wish the band many more fruitful years of creation and joy, and I wish you, the fans, many more years of enjoyment of what ORPHANED LAND has to offer, and who knows, maybe we'll meet again someday in the future, this way or another. Forever Orphaned…"

Added the remaining members of ORPHANED LAND: "How can you sum up two decades with a brother and a partner? The answer is simple: you can't. Matti is deeply immersed in ORPHANED LAND history and his uniqueness will surely be missed. All we can do is respect Matti's decision and wish him the best the future can offer for him. ORPHANED LAND was always a home for friends and shall remain such a place for Matti. Forever Orphaned, beloved brother!"

ORPHANED LAND's concert DVD, "The Road To OR-Shalem", was released last October in Europe and November in the U.S. via Century Media Records.

According to a press release, "The Road To OR-Shalem" "is the premier Middle Eastern progressive metal crusaders' DVD debut and documents the band's incredible mission to unite warring factions in their home region through the power of music. Filmed in Tel Aviv, Israel in December 2010, 'The Road To OR-Shalem' features nearly two hours of stunning live material, as well as a second bonus DVD. The bonus DVD material includes additional live footage, a behind-the-scenes documentary and video clips."
FOZZY, the band featuring WWE wrestling superstar Chris Jericho and STUCK MOJO mastermind Rich "The Duke" Ward, has set "Sin And Bones" as the title of the follow-up to 2010's "Chasing The Grail", due on August 14 (one day earlier internationally) via the group's new label, Century Media Records.

Speaking to Sophie K of Total Rock at this year's Download festival, which is being held June 8-10 at Donington Park in Leicestershire, United Kingdom, Jericho said about FOZZY's new CD, "Every artist says this, but it's definitely the best thing we've ever done. It kind of takes the FOZZY concept of what we do best, which is very heavy with very melodic choruses and a lot of harmonies. We're just super-proud of it. We worked on it for the last eight months."

He added, "We said we wanna make this like our 'black' album where all the songs kind of fit the same vibe. They're kind of darker lyrically, darker songs, but still catchy and hooky. So I'm really proud of the lyrics that I wrote for this. When I write lyrics, I give them to Rich Ward, and he takes them and writes riffs and songs based around what he feels the tone of the songs are. And I guess the lyrics I wrote are very dark, because it's a very dark record."

When asked if the "darker" vibe of the new album is reflection of personal things that might have gone on in his life, Jericho said, "I don't think so. I've just always been more attuned to that. Like, I write by songtitles. I read somewhere something about somebody woke up with a spider in their mouth. And I was like, 'Spider In My Mouth'. That's like the best title I could ever think of. So I wrote a bunch of lyrics that kind of fit that vibe. So a songtitle will lead… The first single is called 'Sandpaper'. And it's not about a piece of paper that you rub on your face that chafes you, it's just about an abrasive type of a feeling that you might have toward somebody. So it's just stuff like that. But we still sing it with a smile on our faces."

Speaking about some of the individual songs that make up the new FOZZY album, Jericho said, "We've been playing 'Sandpaper' live, and right off the bat people are bobbing their heads. So people can get into it right away, which is cool. I mean, there are so many great songs. There's another song called 'She's My Addiction', which is kind of a more [THE ROLLING] STONES-y, GUNS N' ROSES-type thing, but also very dark. Phil Campbell played a solo for it, from MOTÖRHEAD; he's been a very good friend of the band. There's a song called 'Inside My Head'. There's an 11-minute song about D-Day called 'Storm The Beaches'. 'Blood Happens'… that's a heavy one."

Elaborating further on how the "Spider In My Mouth" songtitle came about, Jericho said, "I read it in a Stephen King book. It said, 'He couldn't have been more disgusted if he woke up with a spider in his mouth. And I was like, 'Ahhh… Dude, how heavy is that?' And I wrote it down in my little songtitles book and about a year or two later, I went back and I looked through and it was like, 'Boom, I could do something with that.' So…"

Ward previously stated about the forthcoming CD, "Although every band says 'this is the best thing we've ever done,' I can honestly say that this new album is going to blow everyone away. It's the epitome of who FOZZY is as a band and will expand upon the ultra-heavy yet super melodic and hooky territory that we've refined for the last 12 years. I have a strong feeling that this will be known as our definitive masterpiece for years to come."

FOZZY last year parted ways with bassist Sean Delson and replaced him with Paul DiLeo (ADRENALINE MOB).

FOZZY released the "Remains Alive & Chasing The Grail" two-CD set on July 18, 2011 via Edel's international rock label earMUSIC.

FOZZY was already on the map as the band with the pro wrestler singer, but "Chasing The Grail" broke them as a proper band. It hit #6 on the U.S. Heatseekers charts and the single "Martyr No More" was a theme song for the WWE Royal Rumble. "Remains Alive" is a 2005 live album (recorded in Australia) that was previously available in digital format only.

"Chasing The Grail" sold around 2,200 copies in the United States in its first week of release. The CD landed at position No. 6 on the Top New Artist Albums (Heatseekers) chart, which lists the best-selling albums by new and developing artists, defined as those who have never appeared in the Top 100 of The Billboard 200.
BONZ, the new band led by original STUCK MOJO vocalist Bonz, will embark on "The Mouth Of Mojo" tour in August. The trek will cover North America and Europe over the next several months.

After years of speculation, and many rumors, regarding his musical career, Bonz is back on the scene with a new band and new music that is sure to excite fans and impress critics. The group's first single, "Broken Silence", includes some of the most insightful and poignant lyrics of his career, and he has assembled a band that enables him to explore avenues that he has wanted to go to for many years.

Bonz recruited his friend, Curt Taylor, formerly of PRIMER 55, as well as Erin Stagg and Troi Mosby to complete the lineup. The band also has a number of friends and surprises who make guest appearances on the recordings, truly making this a team effort.

After creating the first few demos, Bonz and his bandmates knew that something really new and invigorating was in store, and the music reflects that feeling. This is a "new" Bonz, with all of the flair and attitude that only he can bring, as part of a band that delivers the goods night in and night out, reiterating that the "Mouth Of Mojo" is indeed back in fine form.

Bonz in 2010 collaborated with former SOULFLY bassist Bobby Burns in the KILLER IN THE WORKPLACE project.
Swedish death metallers FETUS STENCH will release full-length debut, "Stillbirth", on June 15 via Abyss Records. Featuring members of BLOOD RED THRONE, SLAUGHTEROUS and THE LAW, the is a violent and rising force in the Swedish death metal scene.

"Stillbirth" track listing:

01. Meat Grinder Flesh Obliteration
02. Stillborn Son
03. Brennkommando
04. The Outer Island
05. Severe Suffering
06. Necrosis
07. Bashed, Defaced and Disfigured
08. Descending Into the Realm of the Dead
09. By Butchery Divorced

Fueled with hatred against the current state of brutal music, FETUS STENCH is here to bring the death back into death metal. Hailing from Karlstad, Sweden, the bandmembers are anything but newcomers and if you check their back history you will find experience, including multiple tours opening for bands like DIMMU BORGIR, GRAVE, ENSLAVED, releasing a handful of records with bands like BLOOD RED THRONE, THE LAW and more.

In February 2011, two months after their formation, FETUS STENCH landed a record deal with Abyss Records in just one week after releasing their first demo. This generated interest from acknowledged magazines such as Sweden Rock. Later that year, the band entered the studio to record its debut album.
Polish extreme metal veterans DECAPITATED are seeking a new bassist. Interested parties can contact the band at decapitatedband@gmail.com.

DECAPITATED's latest album, "Carnival Is Forever", sold around 2,100 copies in the United States in its first week of release. The CD landed at position No. 11 on the Top New Artist Albums (Heatseekers) chart, which lists the best-selling albums by new and developing artists, defined as those who have never appeared in the Top 100 of The Billboard 200.

"Carnival Is Forever" was released in North America on July 12, 2011 via Nuclear Blast Records. The CD's cover art was created by Lukasz Jaszak and can be seen below. The follow-up to 2006's "Organic Hallucinosis" was recorded at Radio Gdansk Studio in Poland with producer Wacek Kieltyka and engineer Arkadiusz "Malta" Malczewski. Drums were tracked with Daniel Bergstrand (BEHEMOTH, MESHUGGAH, DIMMU BORGIR, KEEP OF KALESSIN, DEFLESHED), who also handled mixing duties.

DECAPITATED's lineup includes Waclaw "Vogg" Kieltyka on guitar, Kerim "Krimh" Lechner (THORNS OF IVY, TONE INTIMACY) on drums, and Rafal Piotrowski (KETHA, FORGOTTEN SOULS) on lead vocals.

DECAPITATED's latest video, "Homo Sum", can be seen below.

Commented Vogg: "Our new video for 'Homo Sum' is totally different than the previous one and really simple, but with the same energy! Check this out!"

Added vocalist Rafal "Rasta" Piotrowski: "It was great to record this video in Kraków with our good friends. Great atmosphere + good mood + hours of moshing equals COOL VIDEO CLIP! I really like the song. It's a straight-punch-to-the-face, that's why it works in black and white. There are no colorful stories inside, no bullshit — just mosh!!!"

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