[Classic_Rock_Forever] A novel soundtrack


I was talking to a fellow author and twitter friend the other day about how we both develop soundtracks for our novels. And about how music can often add an extra dimension to a book. He develops a list of songs for himself, whereas I gave Going Underground a definite playlist as can be seen in the book itself. Then again, it is set in the Mod scene which is as much about the music as it is the scooters!

Anyways, following his suggestion I've decided to publish the track listing on my blog... a list of songs that reflect what's going on in each chapter either lyrically or in tone. And what's interesting, is the way you can see a story developing from the song titles alone - something I didn't expect to see.


Anyways, have a look and see if you agree. It'll be a trip down memory lane but hopefully one you'll enjoy.

Happy reading, Guys.

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