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According to The Pulse Of Radio, AEROSMITH guitarist Joe Perry admits he's still amazed how the band has managed to keep it together over the past 40 years. Perry explained to the Boston Herald that somehow when it came time to craft the material on the group's upcoming album, "Music From Another Dimension", they were willing to put all of their personal differences aside for the benefit of the music. "I have no idea how it works," he said. "With AEROSMITH, we put one foot in front of the other and hope for the best. . . There are bands that don't talk to each other for five years, and then get back together and go out and play their songs and they turn into the best cover band of their own songs. That's fine and well, but for us it will be always changing. We've been trying to write this record for 10 years, and we finally did."

Steven Tyler, whose decision to take the job as a judge on Fox's "American Idol" caused yet another major rift between his and Perry's relationship, added, "It's the same bottle man. We just corked it. Everything that was cooking inside and fermenting to that just right year just happened to be now. It was the perfect time. . . With great pressure comes great diamonds."

Joe Perry told The Pulse Of Radio that no matter what goes on with AEROSMITH, there's a bond between him and Steven Tyler that is almost unbreakable. "We've been together for so long that in my heart, it's never more than six inches away from Steven's, ever," he said. "Even though we may not talk for a short amount of time or a long amount of time, we've been partners, friends for so long, I always have a feeling deep inside that we're always gonna be together. And that's what makes AEROSMITH as strong as it is."
In a brand new interview with Fox411, AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson was asked when fans can expect to see the band back on the road. "We're going to London in about three weeks; we're just going to have a sitdown like we usually do," he explained, befoe adding, "I wouldn't like to do another [tour] like the last one. The last one was two years. It broke your body in half."

He continued, "The thing with our band is we never want to go on stage and have people looking at us and saying, 'Oh you should have seen them ten years ago.' So we're going to take it as it come and see what happens. I doubt we'll be doing a big one. If we could do some festivals, I wouldn't mind that all. That would be lovely."

AC/DC guitarist Malcolm Young recently confirmed to Classic Rock magazine that the band is working on the follow-up to 2008's "Black Ice". But he said fans may have to wait longer than expected.

"I've been doing some jamming on some song ideas but I do that all the time, as do the rest of the band," he said. "We are still working. But we had a long rest between 'Stiff Upper Lip' and 'Black Ice', so I think we need a couple of years to recuperate and work on it a bit more."
Paul Stanley, the founder and driving force behind KISS, will appear live on CNN this Thursday, June 14 at 7:40 a.m. PST (10:40 a.m. EST).

Stanley, one of rock's most preeminent and iconic frontmen, will be interviewed by award-winning CNN anchor Carol Costello regarding the summer concert season and the much-anticipated "The Tour" with MÖTLEY CRÜE, which kicks off July 20 in Bristow, Virginia.

Check your local listings for station and air times in your area.

KISS has completed recording its new album, "Monster", for a fall release. Songtitles set to appear on the CD include "It's A Long Way Down", "Back To The Stone Age", "Shout Mercy", "Out Of This World", "Wall Of Sound" and "Hell Or Hallelujah".

"I wasn't interested in making an album unless I was in charge and no one agreed to it half-heartedly," Stanley told Classic Rock magazine. "The band's all there, all the time, and we cut the tracks all facing each other in the same room. Chemistry and camaraderie, that's essential. That's what made [2009's] 'Sonic Boom' so great, and this album is thunderously better."
During a recent interview with ArizonaRepublic.com, guitarist Matthias Jabs of German hard rock veterans SCORPIONS was asked what "different things" he is planning on doing following the band's current farewell tour. "I don't know," he said. "Do you know what you're doing three years from now? The SCORPIONS will not break up. We're giving up the constant touring, into the studio, out of the studio, back on the road. At some point, you have to say, 'OK, thank you very much.' We have a project which we will probably release next year. We have so much film material. We will work on something like an anthology, some kind of box set. And nobody has said we'll never hit the stage again, for one show somewhere in the world. Why not? If somebody wants to see us desperately, yes, OK, here we are. There's also the chance ... that we would get terribly bored just sitting around at home, and we would call each other and go, 'Let's play a few shows.' But the intense touring, the way we've been doing it for decades now, it had to come to an end. The one-off show, fine. We were approached to play for the opening of the World Cup Championships in 2014. That is not confirmed, but those opportunities, we would not let slip away. We're scheduled until December 15 this year. That's the last show. It's somewhere in a small town in Germany. After that, we don't know."

When asked if the SCORPIONS' next project will consist of new material, Jabs said, "The first three months of this year, we took off to work in the studio, resurrecting unfinished songs from what some people say was our best time, leftovers from the albums 'Blackout', 'Love At First Sting', 'Crazy World', 'Savage Amusement', all the albums from the '80s and early '90s. There's so much strong material, but it hasn't ever been finished, especially the lyrics. They're like 'Blah blah blah blah blah.' It was recorded like you would record a demo, no click track, anything. But the vibe is great because it's from the time when we were starting out. Everything I played back then, I remember when I found a new riff, I would get excited. It's slightly different today because I know it all. I've heard it all. So it's much harder to get excited about the simplest or sometimes half-genius riff. But there was a definite spark in those old recordings and the idea is to redo them with today's technology and take it further as a tribute to the fans."
Rock legends MOTÖRHEAD have launched a real rock beer for all beer lovers — Bastards Lager. The beer is brewed by Swedish brewery Krönleins and can be ordered by the whole case from Systembolaget, the Swedish state liquor shop.

Motörhead Shiraz, MOTÖRHEAD's red wine which was launched about a year ago, has been a huge success with over a quarter of a million bottles sold — six times platinum in musical terms.

"You're never too old for rock 'n' roll and good chilled beer. That always works well together!" says MOTÖRHEAD drummer Mikkey Dee.

Motörhead Bastards Lager is a beer with a lot of attitude — making it the perfect thirst-quencher at the summer's festivals or on the beach with a MOTÖRHEAD track coming through your headphones at high volume.

A recommendation is to drink Bastards Lager chilled together with juicy, freshly grilled burgers on a summer evening.

The Bastards bottle is easily recognizable, as it is adorned with the MOTÖRHEAD logo.

Motörhead Shiraz came first and was followed by Motörhead Vodka. It is, therefore, no surprise that the heaviest rock band in history is now launching, in cooperation with Brands For Fans, the biggest and first real rock beer — Bastards Lager. This light lager will be appreciated by many people, regardless of whether they are beer fanatics or not.

"Motörhead Bastards Lager is a gloriously fresh and fruity beer with a wonderful character of light malt," says Yvonne Wener of Brands For Fans. "It's easy to drink but has a hard rock edge. It's perfect for all those occasions when you feel that craving for a cold beer such as those summer barbecues and picnics, naturally with music pumping at full blast through the loudspeakers."

Name: Motörhead Bastards Lager
Item no.: 89695
Price: SEK 19.90 per 330 ml bottle (only sold in whole cases of 24 bottles)
Alcohol content: 4.7%
Producer: Krönleins
Distributor: Brands For Fans
To order: Systembolaget's to-order range (only in Sweden)
Tasting notes: This Bastard has a refreshing, zesty taste with a nice malt curve and a hint of citrus. A quality beer that can be appreciated by rock 'n' roll fans of all ages.
MONSTER MAGNET will perform its 1991 album, "Spine Of God", in its entirety on tour in November.

Commented MONSTER MAGNET mainman Dave Wyndorf: "'Spine' was our first full length album and a big learning experience for us. What I recall most, though was the subject matter. I was a teenager in the early '70s and my experiences and impressions of that time had stayed strong within me well into my mid-twenties. Like anyone, I would tell stories of my childhood days to new friends and acquaintances, but for some reason I could never really relate the almost mystical effect those days had on my adolescent mind.

"To me, the late '60s/early '70s were colorful, sexy, scary and WEIRD… but like, cool-weird, y'know? Biker movies, Acid Rock, Jim Steranko comics, the first BLACK SABBATH albums, THE STOOGES, HAWKWIND, black light posters, full frontal nudity, dope culture, muscle cars, the Manson murder trial, Hunter S. Thompson, Tom Wolfe, the Vietnam war and much, much more.

"I had some pretty strange adventures back then... hung out with some pretty strange characters as well. '60s Flower Power was dying, giving way to a hard-bitten, burned out new age. Yeah, the psychedelic imagery was still there… better than ever in fact. The drugs were there, too...MORE than ever, in fact. But the bottom line had changed...There was no political agenda with the New Jersey dirt bag-freak crowd I hung out with...no 'peace and love.' The whole point of the early '70s (it seemed to us) was to get as stoned as possible and blow our minds by any means necessary. And that's what we did.

"And I'm damned lucky to have kept my brain.

"In the late '80s, I began to write songs about my crazy teen-hood..it seemed to be the only way I could even adequately attempt to describe it... and when I joined MONSTER MAGNE, those songs became the foundation of the album, 'Spine Of God'. It's a distorted memoir of a time I thought would last forever but in reality was over before I could even understand it.

"Played in its entirety, 'Spine' is a noisy affair..fuzz boxes set on maximum, echo machines and phaze shifters morphing that distortion and carrying the stories of earth bound, Jersey burn-out culture into another dimension altogether. And, hey..if you listen close enough I swear you'll feel the paranoid shivers of that bad acid kicking in.

"This is going to be FUN, motherfuckers... Bring your earplugs!"
ARCADE, the short-lived early-'90s outfit that included vocalist Stephen Pearcy of RATT and drummer Fred Coury of CINDERELLA, will be resurrected for a couple of performances on the Monsters Of Rock Cruise, which will embark on its second voyage from March 16 to March 20, 2013.

After Pearcy and Coury left their respective bands in 1992, they formed ARCADE with Donny Syracuse (guitar), Michael Andrews (bass), and former SEA HAGS guitarist Frankie Wilsex.

ARCADE signed a major label deal with Epic and released its self-titled debut in 1993. A follow-up effort, "A/2", came out in 1994 and went virtually unnoticed.

2000 saw the release of the final ARCADE CD of demos and live recordings, "A/3: Live & Unreleased".

Monsters Of Rock Cruise scheduled performers:


Departing from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, this cruise will visit the private island of CocoCay, plus Nassau, Bahamas with a rockin' bonus day at sea, sailing the emerald waters in this unprecedented floating heavy metal festival.

For one all-inclusive price, fans will enjoy a myriad of special heavy metal concerts, events and activities, designed to please the most discerning rock 'n' roll metalhead. While the music is the centerpiece, this is more than a concert cruise event. It is fantasy camp designed for interaction between artists and fans. The fun will begin the moment fans begin to board the beautiful MSC Poesia, meeting new friends poolside during the kickoff Sailaway Concert.

For more information, visit MonstersOfRockCruise.com.
SAXON, ANTHRAX, FEAR FACTORY, MACHINE HEAD and MASTODON are among the artists who were honored at the Metal Hammer Golden Gods awards, which was held last night (Monday, June 11) at Indigo2 in London, England. The event also featured performances by ANTHRAX, BIOHAZARD, GHOST and WATAIN, among others.

2012 Golden Gods winners:

Best New Band: THE DEFILED
Best Underground Band: WATAIN
Breakthrough: GHOST
Best U.K. Band: SAXON
Best International Band: LAMB OF GOD
Best Event: IRON MAIDEN's U.K. tour
Best Live Band: RAMMSTEIN
Dimebag Darrell Shredder: Devin Townsend
Metal As F*ck: ANTHRAX
Spirit Of Hammer: Bill Bailey
Best Album: MASTODON - "The Hunter"
Best Drummer: Vinnie Paul Abbott (HELLYEAH, PANTERA)
Inspiration: Roadrunner Records
Riff Lord: Robb Flynn, Phil Demmel (MACHINE HEAD)
Golden God: Joey DeMaio (MANOWAR)
On July 3, Cleopatra Records will release the fifth studio record from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based melodic metallers ICARUS WITCH. "Rise" is an epic twelve-track display of songwriting and musicianship from one of the most-watched heavy music bands of the decade. From the driving, anthemic "(We Are) The New Revolution" to the equally commanding title track, "Rise", ICARUS WITCH demonstrates impeccable harmonies, head-spinning dual guitar work, and hammering rhythm. Lyrically, the band is digging deep into themes of control (loss of, and taking it back), empowerment (within and without), and faith (and keeping it). The CD was produced by Dave Watson (MANTIC RITUAL, ARGUS) and mastered by Mark Richardson (BARONESS, THE BLACK KEYS).

Says ICARUS WITCH bassist Jason Myers: "On 'Rise', all restrictions of what we could or could not do were removed. The result is a completely fresh approach, new territory being explored, more diversity, better energy, by far the biggest progression in songwriting in the band's history. This album took courage to create. We certainly didn't take the safe or expected route and know that we're rolling the dice with some bold moves."

Adds drummer Tom Wierzbicky: "This was a very unique album that we put together. There were times where you would be pulling from the other side of the spectrum, sometimes taking yourself out of your comfort zone."

"Rise" track listing:

01. The End
02. (We Are) The New Revolution
03. Rise
04. Asylum Harbour
05. Coming Of The Storm
06. Tragedy
07. Say When
08. Break The Cycle
09. Nothing Is Forever
10. Pray
11. In The Dark
12. Last Call For Living

The "Rise" title track is available for streaming at this location.

By supporting artists as diverse as BLACK SABBATH, PAUL DI'ANNO (as backing band as well), CINDERELLA, TWISTED SISTER, OTEP, DORO, FUEL, and COHEED & CAMBRIA, ICARUS WITCH has earned a large international fan base that consists of hardcore headbangers, hip art rockers, and indie kids.

In August, ICARUS WITCH launches a tour with Earache Records' WHITE WIZZARD and Pure Steel artist WIDOW.

ICARUS WITCH is Christopher Shaner (vocals), Quinn Lukas (guitar), Dave Watson (guitars/keys), Jason Myers (bass), and Tom Wierzbicky (drums).
Agonia Records has announced the signing of the doom metal outfit KONGH.

This relatively new band, formed back in 2004, has quickly risen amongst the ranks of Swedish acts worth watching, being nominated to the P3 Guld award (Swedish equivalent of the Grammy Awards) for their debut album. After a successful and intense tour with critically acclaimed YOB in September and October of 2011, KONGH focused on writing their third album. The as-yet-untitled CD is tentatively due in early 2013.

Commented KONGH: "Three years have passed since our last album was released, and we're stoked to announce that the song writing for a whole new album is now finalized. We'll skip the in-depth details for now since it's nearly possible to give a sensible description of your own music, but there's definitely some new twists and dimensions there as well as the traditional KONGH riffage. One thing we can say for sure is that we're very enthusiastic about the songs and we cannot wait to enter the studio! It will happen at the end of the summer, with Karl Daniel Lidén (DOZER, SWITCHBLADE) in the engineering seat. Another thing we're happy about is the new record deal with Agonia Records. We've been in touch with them for well over a year now, and while we've had a few offers from different labels, Agonia was the one which seemed to suit us best. Our expectations are high and we're sure this will turn out great."
Guitarist Roger Sjunnesson has left Swedish modern metallers SONIC SYNDICATE. His official statement on the matter reads as follows:

"Dear SONIC fans and fellow musicians, I'm no longer a member of the band I founded with my brother Richard ten years ago.

"A couple of weeks ago, SONIC SYNDICATE distributed a press release stating, 'Last year we parted ways with two band members,' and I think this ambiguity requires some clarification. The first member they are alluding [to] is, of course, Richard who left SONIC SYNDICATE in October 2010, and the second is — as some of you already figured out — me. However, it should be noted I was in the band well into this year and that's it.

"I will not go into any details. All I can say is that I never wanted this split to happen, and I did my very best to find an equitable solution.

"I have been in this band since day 1, written many great songs on all SONIC's albums that I am proud of, toured the world and met fans and every band I grew up listening to. This is nothing you give up easily and it feels strange to not be a part of this band anymore. But this is the last word and it's time to move forward.

"I will continue my musical career and song writing in THE UNGUIDED, where you also could find the ex-SONIC SYNDICATE vocalist duo: Richard and Roland [Johansson]. We are currently working on our follow-up album to 'Hell Frost', which was released at the end of last year.

"THE UNGUIDED just finished a mini tour in Germany, Switzerland and Czech Republic.

"To say that the response for this project has been huge would actually be an understatement.

"When we started THE UNGUIDED back in 2010, we had no idea this was going to be as big as it is — and it seems to be growing bigger by the day. We are also getting tons of e-mails everyday from people who discover our music and tell us how happy they are that the founding members of SONIC SYNDICATE are back together again. This is absolutely amazing and makes us even more dedicated to continue our journey with THE UNGUIDED.

"THE UNGUIDED lineup also consists of bassist Henric Carlsson (CIPHER SYSTEM, ex-NIGHTRAGE, ex-DEAD BY APRIL) and our soon-to-be-announced new drummer.

"In the end, I want to thank everybody for my time in SONIC SYNDICATE (especially John for many years of good work together and also for his collaboration with THE UNGUIDED to this point). A special thanks goes out to all the people involved building SONIC SYNDICATE and all the fans I had the chance to meet during the tours. You were simply amazing and I hope at some point our paths cross again."

After an almost year-long hiatus, SONIC SYNDICATE will co-headline the Vekeri Fesztival, set to take place June 21-23 in Hungary. Also scheduled to appear are AMORPHIS, NORTHER, ELUVEITIE and many other acts.

SONIC SYNDICATE's latest album, "We Rule The Night", was released in Europe on August 27, 2010 via Nuclear Blast Records.
Baltimore, Maryland-based rock band CHARM CITY DEVILS (formerly known as FORTY ACRES and CHOSEN SON), has inked a worldwide deal with eOne Music. The band will release its second album, "Sins", on July 31.

"We are so excited to be part of the eOne family! We can't thank Dave Cash at Fat Lady Music for getting the ball rolling and bringing it to Scott Givens at eOne," says CHARM CITY DEVILS frontman John Allen. "When you find people with a passion for music and are willing to give a commitment to rock music, you know you're in the right place. The eOne staff has a fantastic reputation of developing new rock bands. Words can't express how happy we are to find a home with such a great label!"

The first single from "Sins", a cover of "Man Of Constant Sorrow" (from the Grammy-winning soundtrack of the George Clooney Oscar-nominated film "O Brother, Where Art Thou?"), is quickly making a name for itself on the rock radio airwaves. "Man Of Constant Sorrow" recently debuted on Billboard's Active Rock chart at No. 36. The official video for the song has just been released and can be seen below. The clip was shot in Baltimore and directed by CHARM CITY DEVILS bassist Anthony Arambula.

When CHARM CITY DEVILS (singer John Allen, guitarist Vic Karrera, bassist Anthony Arambula, guitarist Nick Kay and drummer Jason Heiser) started to put the new album together, they discussed covering a classic song and incorporating it into their live show. Singer John Allen states, "There were many ideas kicked around, but which one? 'Man Of Constant Sorrow' came up and we decided to give it a try. It's an incredibly powerful song, but it was a challenge to develop and arrange it in a way that captured the essence of the song but would also rock! We all loved the version from 'O Brother, Where Art Thou?' Skidd Mills and I built a foundation and with much tweaking and editing, and I think we delivered a great version of the song. The song transcends generations. It's a timeless classic and it's been around a long time. I'm excited to bring it to a whole new group of rock fans."

Recorded at Sound Kitchen Studios in Nashville with Grammy-winning producer Skidd Mills (SAVING ABEL, EGYPT CENTRAL), "Sins" finds the Baltimore band adding harder, edgier tones to their blues-based roots. The result of the band's life experiences over the past few years, "Sins" features an aggression and energy that hits you right between the eyes. From the first note of "Spite" to the last cymbal crash of "Unstoppable", "Sins" showcases the band's power, directness and new found energy and intensity.

Guitarist Nick Kay reflects on the "Sins" recording process, "Our previous record had been a compilation of songs written and recorded over a two to three year period. It was recorded in a couple of different settings and tracked by a few different people. This time, we went into one studio with one producer to give the record a cohesive sound and direction."

"Everyone has ups and downs — that's life," proclaims singer John Allen. "I've been a professional musician since I could carry my gear and have seen and experienced what this industry 'good and bad' has to offer. We wanted 'Sins' to be deep with songs that people can relate to. On this record, I wanted to put it all out there with songs about love, anger, revenge, lust and all the emotions that I was feeling. Expressing what I, and everyone in this band, had been through. These feelings are universal. They touch everyone and we used our experiences to put together a powerful statement that we believe listeners can connect with."

And what about the album title? "When it came to giving the record a title we wanted something that hit a nerve," he continues. "We have five different personalities in this band and it can sometimes be a challenge to agree on one idea. The one thing we all could agree on is in one form or another we have all sinned. Some of us more than others."

"Sins" track listing:

01. Spite
02. Unstoppable
03. Man Of Constant Sorrow
04. Still Alive
05. Walk Away
06. Devil Is A Woman
07. Start It Up
08. Love N War
09. Blame
10. Problem
11. All You'll Ever Need
12. Doorstep

CHARM CITY DEVILS' debut album, "Let's Rock 'n' Roll", was released in May 2009 via Eleven Seven Music, helmed by then-label president Nikki Sixx (MÖTLEY CRÜE co-founder/bassist).

For more information, visit www.charmcitydevils.com.
DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT and FEAR FACTORY will join forces for "The Epic Industrialist Tour" in October-December. Support on the trek will come from SYLOSIS.

The first confirmed dates can be seen below, with additional shows to follow later this month.

Oct. 29 - La Laiterie - Strasbourg, France
Oct. 30 - Kulturfabrik - Esch Sur Alzette, Luxembourg
Oct. 31 - Logo - Hamburg, Germany
Nov. 02 - Aalborg Metal Festival - Aalborg, Denmark
Nov. 04 - Betong - Oslo, Norway
Nov. 11 - Amager Bio - Copenhagen, Denmark
Nov. 12 - C-Club - Berlin, Germany
Nov. 13 - Essigfabrik - Cologne, Germany
Nov. 14 - Substage - Karlsruhe, Germany
Nov. 16 - Barbey Club - Bordeaux, France
Nov. 17 - Plateruena - Durango, Spain
Nov. 18 - Hard Club - Porto, Portugal
Nov. 19 - Paradise Garage - Lisboa, Portugal
Nov. 20 - Fanatic - Sevilla, Spain
Nov. 22 - Penélope - Madrid, Spain
Nov. 23 - Rock City - Valencia, Spain
Nov. 24 - Le Rockstore - Montpellier, France
Nov. 25 - Magazzini Generali - Milan, Italy
Nov. 28 - Backstage - Munich, Germany
Nov. 29 - Arena - Vienna, Austria
Nov. 30 - Kino Siska - Ljubljana, Slovenia
Dec. 01 - Boogaloo - Zagreb, Croatia
Dec. 02 - A38 - Budapest, Hungary
Dec. 04 - Progresja - Warsaw, Poland
Dec. 05 - Eskulap - Poznan, Poland
Dec. 08 - Christmas Metal Festival - Geiselwind, Germany
Dec. 10 - Bataclan - Paris, France
Dec. 13 - Wulfrun Hall - Wolverhampton, United Kingdom
Dec. 14 - ABC - Glasgow, United Kingdom
Dec. 15 - Ritz - Manchester, United Kingdom
Dec. 16 - Academy - Bristol, United Kingdom
Dec. 17 - Mo'Club - Southampton, United Kingdom

This September, DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT and KATATONIA will team up for the "Epic Kings & Idols Tour", a co-headlining North American run featuring PARADISE LOST as direct support and STOLEN BABIES as openers (DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT and KATATONIA will alternate in headlining each show).

Devin Townsend played four shows in London in November 2011 dedicated to his tetralogy album concept — a great journey through Devin's different states of musical moods — which he started in 2009 with the albums "Addicted" (2009) and "Ki" (2009) and finished with last year's "Deconstruction" and "Ghost". The concerts were professionally recorded and filmed for a unique box-set release, which he has decided to call "By A Thread - Live in London 2011".

Due on June 18 in Europe and June 19 in North America through HevyDevy Records/InsideOut Music, "By A Thread - Live in London 2011" will contain all four shows on four DVDs, plus a five-CD set (the four albums and one disc with all of the encores).

FEAR FACTORY's new album, "The Industrialist", was released in North America on June 5 via Candlelight Records. The CD is a conceptual record based around a story written by Burton C. Bell. Lyrics to the album's ten songs divulge the narrative as discussed recently by Bell with Decibel magazine. The artwork was created by American designer Anthony Clarkson with additional direction from the band. The album is available on three formats — standard CD, a limited edition deluxe digi-book (featuring two additional songs), and 180-gram double vinyl.

"The Industrialist" again pairs FEAR FACTORY with producer Rhys Fulber. Mixed by Greg Reely (PARADISE LOST, SKINNY PUPPY, MACHINE HEAD), with additional tracking by Logan Mader (GOJIRA, DIVINE HERESY), the album is the second written by Bell and guitarist Dino Cazares since reuniting in 2009 after a seven-year split.

FEAR FACTORY recently enlisted Matt DeVries as the band's new bass player. DeVries, previously of CHIMAIRA (where he played guitar) and most recently SIX FEET UNDER, joined FEAR FACTORY as the replacement for Byron Stroud (now with 3 INCHES OF BLOOD).

FEAR FACTORY has tapped Mike Heller (MALIGNANCY, SYSTEM DIVIDE) as its new touring drummer.
FOZZY, the band featuring WWE wrestling superstar Chris Jericho and STUCK MOJO mastermind Rich "The Duke" Ward, has set "Sin And Bones" as the title of the follow-up to 2010's "Chasing The Grail", due on August 14 (one day earlier internationally) via the group's new label, Century Media Records.

Speaking to U.K.'s Metal Hammer magazine (see video below), Jericho stated about how the new CD title came about, "It's actually pretty funny. It's such a deep title and it can mean a lot of things. But how it really came about was Rich was texting me, saying, 'Man, I've gotta eat something on this tour. I'm all skin and bones.' And 'skin and bones,' he missed the [letter] 'k' and it came out [as] 'sin and bones.' And I showed it to him. I go, 'Dude, what do you think of this as an album title?' And he was like, 'Yeah, it's perfect.'"

In an interview with Sophie K of Total Rock at this year's Download festival, which was held June 8-10 at Donington Park in Leicestershire, United Kingdom, Jericho said about FOZZY's new CD, "Every artist says this, but it's definitely the best thing we've ever done. It kind of takes the FOZZY concept of what we do best, which is very heavy with very melodic choruses and a lot of harmonies. We're just super-proud of it. We worked on it for the last eight months."

He added, "We said we wanna make this like our 'black' album where all the songs kind of fit the same vibe. They're kind of darker lyrically, darker songs, but still catchy and hooky. So I'm really proud of the lyrics that I wrote for this. When I write lyrics, I give them to Rich Ward, and he takes them and writes riffs and songs based around what he feels the tone of the songs are. And I guess the lyrics I wrote are very dark, because it's a very dark record."

When asked if the "darker" vibe of the new album is reflection of personal things that might have gone on in his life, Jericho said, "I don't think so. I've just always been more attuned to that. Like, I write by songtitles. I read somewhere something about somebody woke up with a spider in their mouth. And I was like, 'Spider In My Mouth'. That's like the best title I could ever think of. So I wrote a bunch of lyrics that kind of fit that vibe. So a songtitle will lead… The first single is called 'Sandpaper'. And it's not about a piece of paper that you rub on your face that chafes you, it's just about an abrasive type of a feeling that you might have toward somebody. So it's just stuff like that. But we still sing it with a smile on our faces."

Speaking about some of the individual songs that make up the new FOZZY album, Jericho said, "We've been playing 'Sandpaper' live, and right off the bat people are bobbing their heads. So people can get into it right away, which is cool. I mean, there are so many great songs. There's another song called 'She's My Addiction', which is kind of a more [THE ROLLING] STONES-y, GUNS N' ROSES-type thing, but also very dark. Phil Campbell played a solo for it, from MOTÖRHEAD; he's been a very good friend of the band. There's a song called 'Inside My Head'. There's an 11-minute song about D-Day called 'Storm The Beaches'. 'Blood Happens'… that's a heavy one."

Elaborating further on how the "Spider In My Mouth" songtitle came about, Jericho said, "I read it in a Stephen King book. It said, 'He couldn't have been more disgusted if he woke up with a spider in his mouth. And I was like, 'Ahhh… Dude, how heavy is that?' And I wrote it down in my little songtitles book and about a year or two later, I went back and I looked through and it was like, 'Boom, I could do something with that.' So…"

Ward previously stated about the forthcoming CD, "Although every band says 'this is the best thing we've ever done,' I can honestly say that this new album is going to blow everyone away. It's the epitome of who FOZZY is as a band and will expand upon the ultra-heavy yet super melodic and hooky territory that we've refined for the last 12 years. I have a strong feeling that this will be known as our definitive masterpiece for years to come."

FOZZY last year parted ways with bassist Sean Delson and replaced him with Paul DiLeo (ADRENALINE MOB).

FOZZY released the "Remains Alive & Chasing The Grail" two-CD set on July 18, 2011 via Edel's international rock label earMUSIC.

FOZZY was already on the map as the band with the pro wrestler singer, but "Chasing The Grail" broke them as a proper band. It hit #6 on the U.S. Heatseekers charts and the single "Martyr No More" was a theme song for the WWE Royal Rumble. "Remains Alive" is a 2005 live album (recorded in Australia) that was previously available in digital format only.

"Chasing The Grail" sold around 2,200 copies in the United States in its first week of release. The CD landed at position No. 6 on the Top New Artist Albums (Heatseekers) chart, which lists the best-selling albums by new and developing artists, defined as those who have never appeared in the Top 100 of The Billboard 200.
U.K. progressive metallers TESSERACT have parted ways with American vocalist Elliot Coleman (OMNOM, SKY EATS AIRPLANE, ZELLIACK) less than a year after he joined the band as the replacement for Dan Tompkins.

Commented the group: "Sadly, our good buddy Elliot has decided to leave team TESSERACT. We'd like to thank [him] for everything he has done for us. We have loved having him be a part of this beast. He introduced us to a completely different side of our sound, as well the delights of Pho! Things we will always be grateful for. So, as well as continuing to write and record album 2, we are also on the hunt for that special person to be the new full-time TESSERACT vocalist."

In a videotaped statement (see below), Coleman stated about his departure from TESSERACT, "It's a shame, but honestly, it's for the best for everyone involved. I joined the band on very short notice — very short notice. We didn't have much time for any of us to prepare, or even really get to know each other. And thankfully, we all realized that we're all good guys and we all got along very well. They had a lot of stuff that they needed to get done before they could move on to their second album, and that included a bunch of tours… or a few tours, really… I only did, like, three, I think, with them. An EP, the 'Perspective' [acoustic] EP, some radio sessions… So they had to knock all that stuff out, so we had to do that. And then when it actually came time to writing for the new album, that's kind of where we came to a bit of a standstill. And not for any negative reasons; it just was apparent that we weren't really a match for each other. And with the distance And with the distance — with me living in the U.S. and them living in the U.K… Being in a band, for the most part, it works better… Even if you're in different states, at least you're in the same country, so networking with each other is far easier than we were able to work. So, stylistically, there were some differences. And things like that happe. But it's nothing to worry about. They were successful before I joined and they'll be far more successful now that I'm gone. I'm still great friends with all the guys and I'll be seeing them later in England later this month, so…"

Released in May, the five-song "Perspective" EP features "Eden 2.0", acoustic versions of three tracks from TESSERACT's debut album, "One", and a cover version of Jeff Buckley's "Dream Brother".
Former FREHLEY'S COMET vocalist, keyboardist and guitarist Tod Howarth will release a brand new song and video, "Cold Beach", on June 28. The track will be available for free download at this location. He writes on his Facebook page, "I've gotta say this (I've said it before and I will state it again). Ever since I wrote and recorded 'It's Over Now' in 1988 for FREHLEY'S COMET (originally written at Rick Nielsen's Rockford Ill condo for CHEAP TRICK to record in 1986), some music fans have thought of me as being too 'light.' I've been asked about this countless times by fans and interviewers (not their fault) and it never ceases to amaze me. I guess they don't listen to my other music. I used to be VERY dark but I can write very 'easy' songs, or any type really as I am a songwriter, melody man first and foremost. I can play leads, but don't care, as it's all about the melody and transitions... Anyhow before I ramble on here (evidently again), this new song 'Cold Beach' is another slammin' rock tune which is more me than any other impression... so I hope that you'll all enjoy!"

Howarth released a solo album, "Opposite Gods", in April 2010 via his official web site.

FREHLEY'S COMET recorded three albums, produced four videos before the lineup dissolved and Ace Frehley moved on to his solo effort. Tod continued writing and pursuing a solo record deal and received one from Gene Simmons in 1990. However this was short-lived because of the refreshing sounds of "grunge." Tod liked this new sound but also knew it was to change the face of music, and the direction of his career. After rejoining CHEAP TRICK in 1990, he helped support the continuing "Lap of Luxury" tour with the hit "The Flame". Tod played with CHEAP TRICK consistently until 1997 whereupon he went back at work on solo material. Since 2000 he has played with CHEAP TRICK in special live and TV shows and handled the keys, and backing vocals on the "Silver" DVD. In 2008 he traveled to Japan with CHEAP TRICK to once again handle the keys and vocals for the band's 30th-year anniversary concert, "Live at Budokan".
OBEY THE BRAVE, the new Canadian metal/hardcore band featuring former members of DESPISED ICON and BLIND WITNESS, has inked a deal with Epitaph Records. The group's debut album, "Young Blood", will be released on August 28.

A for the first track, "Get Real", can be seen below.

"I remember listening to my PENNYWISE and RANCID cassettes back in high school and daydreaming endlessly about being in a band and touring the world," says OBEY THE BRAVE lead vocalist Alex Erian. "If someone would have told me back then that I'd sign one day with the label that started it all, I would have never believed it. It feels unreal but my boys in OBEY THE BRAVE and I are definitely up to the challenge. We're extremely honored to now be part of the Epitaph family and are looking forward to many years of pure fucking destruction together!"

Originating from Montreal and Ottawa, Canada, OBEY THE BRAVE is vocalist Alex Erian (ex-DESPISED ICON), bassist Miguel Lepage, guitarist John Campbell, guitarist Greg Wood and drummer Stevie Morotti. Fueled by passion and a strong DIY ethic, OBEY THE BRAVE formed in January 2012 and gained over 14,000 Facebook fans in their first two weeks of existence, all without releasing a single song.

OBEY THE BRAVE will take its high-energy live performance across country on the All Stars Tour this summer.

For more information, visit www.facebook.com/obeythebrave.
ASPHYX, CRASHDÏET, THE 69 EYES, NICKE BORG HOMELAND and RAUBTIER have been confirmed for the Close-Up Båten cruise, which will leave the Stockholm, Sweden port on September 6 for Åbo, Finland, and return the following day.

Unfortunately, fans from abroad can't order tickets to the cruise via the Internet. The only way tickets can be bought from abroad is to call +46 8 666 33 33 (booking code: CLOSE).

For more information, go to www.closeupmagazine.net.
"Darkness Visible", HOLYHELL's new studio release of epic, power-goth metal, will now be released as digital album and as physical CD in fall 2012. The band had originally planned to make the effort available in June.

"We know that our fans have been eagerly awaiting our new album and we are equally excited to share it with the world. However, conflicting schedules forced us to suspend the work in the studio to get ready for our upcoming summer festival tour," explained HOLYHELL keyboardist and producer Francisco Palomo.

"We would never jeopardize the quality of our live performance for the sake of the studio work, and we would never jeopardize the quality of our records for the sake of our tour plans," Palomo continued. "We trust that our fans will understand this and thank them for their support and patience."

To bridge the waiting for this new studio album full of epic, power-goth metal, HOLYHELL will release the EP "Darkness Visible - The Warning" that will feature three songs from the forthcoming longplay album, and a never before released live version of the song "Armageddon", performed live at The Agora, Cleveland, Ohio on March 12, 2011.

"Darkness Visible - The Warning" is scheduled for digital release on June 26 exclusively on iTunes and on the band's online store, The Kingdom Of Steel.

"Darkness Visible" is the band's sophomore follow-up to their debut record "HolyHell". It is described in a press release as "a fascinating blend of songs, showcasing the band's power lineup. [The CD] invites the listener on an unpredictable journey into their own soul. The record is heavy and hard-hitting with a melodic play between darkness and light. It is pure and it is powerful!"

"Darkness Visible" will be mixed and mastered at the legendary Wisseloord Studios by longtime collaborators, mixing engineer Ronald Prent and two-time Grammy Award-winning mastering engineer Darcy Proper.
Frontiers Records has set an August 28 release date (four days earlier in Europe) for the new HESS album entitled "Living In Yesterday".

Best known for spending 17 years as frontman of HAREM SCAREM, one of the best-known and respected melodic hard rock bands to come out of Canada, Harry Hess has been redesigning his career as music producer and songwriter.

After HAREM SCAREM's decision to stop recording albums, the next natural step for Harry was to start working on a solo CD, which he has been expertly crafting little by little in his Toronto studio.

The songs on "Living In Yesterday" are the result of Hess' travels around the globe over the last few years, with stops in Stockholm, Amsterdam, Brussels, Nashville and Germany.

With this CD, Harry intends to go back to certain sounds and atmospheres leaning more towards melodic rock music. "This record is more a continuation of where I left off with HAREM SCAREM," says Harry. "I am a rock singer and it's really hard for me to open up my mouth and sound right doing any other style of music so I really embrace that now and build the production around my vocal style."

The musicians featured on the album include Harry's former bandmates Pete Lesperance, Creighton Doane and Darren Smith, Tommy Denander, Marcie Free (UNRULY CHILD), Howie Simon (JEFF SCOTT SOTO) and Magnus Karlsson (PRIMAL FEAR), among others.

"This whole record was built on the co-writes and on the collaborations I have been doing all around the world the past three years," continues Harry. "There were some great writers involved and it was fun to try new things but still make it work with what I do."

"Living In Yesterday" is a superb slice of melodic rock which features a monster vocal performance from Harry, fabulous songwriting and a crisp production.

"I've never a big fan of my own work, but there are few songs on this record that I feel are some of my best to date," concludes Harry.

"Living In Yesterday" track listing:

01. Living In Yesterday
02. Reach For You
03. It's Over
04. Don't Leave Me
05. What If
06. Nothing Lasts Forever
07. Falling Down
08. I Live For You
09. I Don't Wanna Want You
10. Where To Run
Portland musical enigmas AGALLOCH have announced a month-long bout of live performances this summer. Slated to commence with a hometown show July 11, the tour will include a nightly rotating set list featuring both new and early material with stage times anticipated to be between 90 and 120 minutes. The band will be joined by TAURUS featuring Stevie Floyd of DARK CASTLE and Ashley Spungin (formerly of PURPLE RHINESTONE EAGLE) as well as various local openers throughout the journey, all hand-selected by members of AGALLOCH.

Comments the band in a collective statement: "We are excited by TAURUS' experimental and challenging music and feel they are a perfect fit for us. We have carefully selected local openers whose music fits the environment of an AGALLOCH show. Where there are no openers selected, we will play nearly 120 minutes. We are all personal fans of the openers and encourage everyone to show up early to see them."

This tour will also mark the release of AGALLOCH's recently recorded EP "Faustian Echoes", a mammoth twenty-minute epic released through the band's own imprint, Dammerung Arts. This EP was recorded at Jackpot Studio in Portland, Oregon with acclaimed engineer Billy Anderson (MELVINS, SLEEP, NEUROSIS) at the helm. It was mixed by Anderson and mastered by Justin Weis (LUDICRA, HAMMERS OF MISFORTUNE) at Trakworx in San Francisco.

Though stream and digital download options will be available in the coming weeks, the LP and CD versions will only be available at the shows during the dates on the tour and will be available via mailorder after the tour.

Jul. 11 - Branx - Portland, OR (with EIGHT BELLS)
Jul. 12 - The Crocodile - Seattle, WA (with EIGHT BELLS)
Jul. 13 - The Rickshaw - Vancouver BC (with EIGHT BELLS)
Jul. 14 - The A Club - Spokane, WA at (with EIGHT BELLS)
Jul. 16 - Zebra- Bozeman, MT
Jul. 17 - Bluebird Theater - Denver, CO
Jul. 18 - Waiting Room - Omaha, NE
Jul. 19 - Miramar Theater - Milwaukee, WI
Jul. 20 - Reggie's - Chicago, IL
Jul. 21 - Blind Pig - Ann Arbor, MI (with MUSK OX)
Jul. 22 - Beachland Ballroom - Cleveland, OH
Jul. 23 - Opera House - Toronto, ON at (with MUSK OX)
Jul. 24 - Petit Campus - Montreal, QC at (with MUSK OX)
Jul. 25 - Middle East - Boston, MA
Jul. 26 - Williamsburg Music Hall - Brooklyn, NY (with MUSK OX)
Jul. 27 - Underground Arts - Philadelphia, PA
Jul. 28 - Empire - Springfield, VA
Jul. 29 - King's Barcade - Raleigh, NC
Jul. 31 - Orpheum - Tampa, FL
Aug. 01 - The Earl - Atlanta, GA
Aug. 02 - Bottletree - Birmingham, AL (with PALLBEARER)
Aug. 03 - One Eyed Jack's - New Orleans at (with PALLBEARER)
Aug. 04 - La Grange - Dallas, TX at (with MALEVELLER)
Aug. 05 - Red 7 - Austin, TX
Aug. 08 - The Rhythm Room - Phoenix, AZ
Aug. 09 - The Casbah - San Diego, CA (with AUTHOR & PUNISHER)
Aug. 10 - Echoplex - Los Angeles, CA (with OSKOREIEN)
Aug. 11 - Great American Music Hall - San Francisco, CA
Swedish extreme metallers SHINING have announced the addition of two new touring members — Euge Valovirta on guitar and Rainer Tuomikanto on drums.

Some of you might have already spotted Euge on SHINING's previous gigs in Germany and Finland. Not only is he known to be one of the greatest guitarists in Finland, but, along with Peter Huss, he is also one of the most versatile players SHINING's live touring has ever witnessed.

Rainer is mostly known of his innovative approach to drumming; combining elements of bombastic groove, hard-hitting solid beats and lightning-fast execution to unbelievably energetic live performances.

Rainer will make his live debut with SHINING on Friday, June 15 at the Metaltown festival in Gothenburg, Sweden.
Italian death metal horde HOUR OF PENANCE has announced the addition of drummer James Payne (HISS FROM THE MOAT, BROKEN HEART COLLAGE) to the group's ranks.

Commented HOUR OF PENANCE guitarist Giulio Moschini: "I've known [James] for quite a long time and he's a very talented drummer. We're proud to have him on board! James will be playing with us starting at Hellfest this weekend, and all of our dates on the Extreme fests here in Europe."

Payne is currently endorsed by Tama, Vic Firth, and Zildijan and hosts his own YouTube show in which he has interviewed several drummers, including Derek Roddy (HATE ETERNAL, NILE), Inferno (BEHEMOTH), Paul Mazurkiewicz (CANNIBAL CORPSE) and more. Payne commented, "I started my drumming career as a death metal drummer, but over the years I ended up playing several different styles. While I still enjoy playing those styles, death metal has always remained in my heart and now it's time to bring it back! I am honored to be playing with a great band such as HOUR OF PENANCE!"

HOUR OF PENANCE's fifth album, "Sedition", was released on March 27 in North America, April 2 in the U.K. and April 6 in mainland Europe via Prosthetic Records. The follow-up to 2010's "Paradogma" (Unique Leader) was recorded at Cellar Studio in Rome with producer Stefano Morabito.
Although based in Pennsylvania, INCANTATION has enjoyed a 23-year musical career as one of the leaders the New York death metal scene along with SUFFOCATION, IMMOLATION and MORTICIAN.

INCANTATION and Listenable Records' working relationship resulted in "Decimate Christendom" (2004) and "Primordial Domination" (2006) albums. The band has now renewed this unholy bond for their upcoming CD, currently being recorded for a tentative winter release.

Commented INCANATATION mainman John McEntee: "We are proud to announce that our new album will be released on Listenable Records worldwide. We entered Mars Recording Compound June 8. It'll be great to work with Bill Korecky again. Also we are looking forward to having Dan Swanö do the mixing and mastering it. I'm sure it will sound sick!"
German deathcore act WAR FROM A HARLOTS MOUTH recently entered Dailyhero Recordings in Berlin to begin recording its fourth album for a late 2012 release via the band's new label home, Season Of Mist.

Commented the group: "Paul [Paule Seidel] is currently recording the drum tracks for the last song over at Dailyhero Recordings, while Simon [Hawemann, guitar] is adding some final guitar and bass tracks at his studio. In other words, the instrumentals are as good as done and we are heading towards the mix in big steps, while Nico [Webers] is still working on the vocals. Everything is sounding heavy as fuck already, so we can't wait to move on.

"We're excited to be back at the halls of Dailyhero Recordings and can't wait to see the new songs shaping up. All the guitar and bass recordings have been finished at Simon's Moulder Masters studios already, so we only have to finish up the drums, vocals and mix here. Simon is also taking over the mastering duties this time around, so a lot of this record is actually produced and engineered by him, which is a new experience for us as a band. We're stoked with the results so far, so now it can only get even better! We are really getting a kick out of this new material and feel like it's coming out very extreme, discordant and quite unique."

WAR FROM A HARLOTS MOUTH's third album, "MMX", was released in the fall of 2010 through Lifeforce Records.

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