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I can't seem to connect with Kate Bush, I've tried from several angles, but
it doesn't click with me.
No use at all for Kim Carnes, voice grates on me. Abba I can give props to,
very nice sound given the right song. Kenny Loggins, nope, maybe with
Messina there was some catchy stuff, but the solo offerings weren't for me.
Bonnie Raitt has talent, but for whatever reason, I've never been moved to
really dig into her.

Of course it's opinion, cause millions of fans would disagree with me ; )


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It's not so bad :) SOme others I like are Clannad, Kim Carnes, Pat Benatar,
Kenny Loggins, Kate Bush, Bonnie Raitt, Bow Wow Wow and Abba. And a few you

--- In, "Cfh" <cfhiebert@...> wrote:
> 1 Adam Ant Goody Two Shoes
> 28 David Bowie Dirty Song
> 14 Blondie War Child
> 23 Billy Squier Emotions in Motion
> 29 Elvis Costello and Attractions Almost Blue
> 7 Depeche Mode Meaning of Love
> 16 Waitresses Christmas Wrapping
> 20 Alan Parsons Project Psychobabble
> 32 Psychedelic Furs Forever Now
> Clint
> ...the 80's rears its dodgy head with this list ; )


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