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I have a book at home that works its way through popular music from the
50's to somewhere into the 90's. One of the features is that it lists
the top songs of each week throughout.
Interesting stuff, I know that Del Shannon's Runaway was on top the
day I was born.

On Mon, 28 May 2012 05:30:02 -0000, Ben <> wrote:
I have all the pop charts, as you might have guessed, both US and UK
but no one kept up a specific rock chart. Some individual stations
might have kept track of what was popular on their own stations but I
don't know which i'm not aware of anything national.
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> > Hey Ben, since you seem to have a wealth of old chart data that you
> use to help set up your top songs polls on here, I was wondering if
> you know of any resources that might help with a project I'm working
> on.
> > > I'm trying to come up with a (very long) playlist with one song
> representing each week of rock & roll history, starting sometime in
> the 1970's and continuing into the 2000's.
> > > Billboard started the Rock Tracks chart in March 1981, and I'm
> using that as my guide for everything from March 1981 on.
> > > But prior to 1981, I don't have much to go on. Billboard had an
> "album radio action" page from 1975 to 1981, but it only lists albums
> and not songs. Sometimes you can guess which songs are getting
> airplay from looking at the albums on the list, but that's not always
> a sure thing.
> > > The only Billboard songs chart that's useful from that period is
> the Hot 100, but that's of limited usefulness, since it's based on
> airplay at pop stations and not rock stations.
> > > Is there any place you know of on the web that has any data about
> song play on rock radio stations, prior to 1981? Thanks.
> >
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