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Appreciate the memory Clint and the levity coz it's Steve Martin but "it aint Classic Rock". However I went to see an old fave in concert last night that I had not seen in about 10 years.....Manfred Mann's Earthband at the Jazz Cafe in London England. The venue is very small and renowned for it's intimate atmosphere mainly due to fact it gets absolutely choked full of fans, tourists and local passer-bys who can actually hear the music playing from the street outside. The Earthband and Manfred were on good form playing most of their classic hits including "Davy's on the road again", "Blinded by the light", "Redemption Song", "Martha's Madmen" and "Spirits in the night". Musically speaking he has a top notch band once again with new lead singer Robert Hart (Bad Company and Company of Snakes) possessing good stage presence. Stalwart guitarist Mick Rogers was solid as ever on a Fender,/ Marshall combination, bass guitarist Steve Kinch kept evreything tight and powerful with another powerhouse in Jimmy Copley on drums being some of the best drumming I've heard in a long time. Manfred does his usual virtuoso segments in all the numbers on a full range of keyboards including Roland, Korg and Yamaha. A pretty good night.
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In an odd coincidence, I was watching the Just For Laughs comedy festival from Montreal last night. Steve Martin was hosting the evening that I was viewing and he had the Steep Canyon Rangers with him. Played a couple of songs, including King Tut.


Those guys are damn good musicians, but also extremely good with vocal harmonies.


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