[oddmusic] new organized music editions: pascal battus+alfredo costa monteiro CD; muura CS


hello everyone, and apologies for any cross-posting

i'm happy to announce these two new editions on organized music from thessaloniki, two real scorchers to welcome what promises to be a hell of a summer (up in the northern hemisphere at least). 

First up is the duo between Pascal Battus and Alfredo Costa Monteiro, 'fêlure', follow-up to their first disc (co-released by this very label in 2008). Abrasive, uncompromising and deep, this was recorded during their 2010 residency at Q-O2 and provides a valuable and considered distillation of the duo's work together. Out in a CD edition of 200, in a packaging made out of recycled paper.

Then there's Muura's 'tape'. Muura is a solo project of Matt Earle, member of bands as contrasting as Stasis Duo and xNoBBQx. Eminent improviser, but also eminent skronker when the situation calls for it, tape finds him delivering something else entirely, a head-cleaner of an album, but also one that won't allow for easy pigeonholing or really any kind of quick-to-process listening. C46 edition, 100 copies.


i should make a note here, that you won't find these new releases on our bandcamp page for now. While there is no definite decision on this, and while the platform has served us well in some respects, there is a feeling that it might not be worth pursuing much further. The world of micro-publishing is moving forward in strides, and while things seem to be calling out for us to adapt, we might have to stick to our old guns for now. Apologies to those who have come to value the bandcamp page, if you in any way feel strongly about this, do let me know your thoughts 
as always, thank you for your interest and support

Kostis Kilymis


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