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Status Quo Dear John
REO Speedwagon Sweet Time
Billy Fury Love or Money
Asia Cutting it Fine
Suzi Quatro Heart of Stone
John Cougar Hurts So Good
Don Henley Johnny Can't Read
Lulu Who's Foolin' Who
Iron Maiden Invaders
Rory Gallagher Bourbon

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Please list your top ten favorites in order of preference and feel free to add comments. The list stays open for a week.

1 Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder Ebony and Ivory
2 John Cougar Hurts So Good
3 Modern Romance Best Years of Our Lives
4 Scotland World Cup Squad We Have a Dream
5 Barry Manilow I Wanna Do it With You
6 Status Quo Dear John
7 Shalamar Friends
8 Modern Romance feat John du Prez Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White
9 Olivia Newton-John Landslide
10 Jennifer Holiday And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going
11 REO Speedwagon Sweet Time
12 Wonder Dogs Ruff Mix
13 Pia Zadora Clapping Song
14 Barry Manilow Memory
15 Don Henley Johnny Can't Read
16 Mobiles Amour Amour
17 Third World Try Jah Love
18 Poco Shoot for the Moon
19 Paul McCartney Tug of War
20 Billy Fury Love or Money
21 Suzi Quatro Heart of Stone
22 Matchbox One More Saturday Night
23 Billy Field You Weren't In Love With Me
24 Brandi Wells Watch Out
25 West Street Mob Sing a Simple Song
26 Al Jerreau and Randy Crawford Your Precious Love
27 Lulu Who's Foolin' Who
28 New Order 5-8-6
29 Prince All the Critics Love You in New York
30 Rory Gallagher Bourbon
31 Asia Cutting it Fine
32 George Strait Fool Hearted Memory
33 Avi Toledano Hora
34 Iron Maiden Invaders
35 Laura Branigan Living a Lie
36 Nick Lowe My Heart Hurts
37 Randy Meisner Playin' in the Deep End
38 Alan Parsons Project Silence and I
39 Mike Oldfield Taurus 2
40 King Crimson Waiting Man

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