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I also have a couple of questions, if anyone can answer?
Does an acoustic guitar sound the same as an electro acoustic guitar?

--  similar, depending upon how they are both used. Usually the acoustic guitar will sound "louder" and "fuller" than the electro acoustic unplugged, altho, that completely depends upon the model of both guitars. 

 And what is better steel or nylon strings?  If a guitar comes with nylon strings can you put steel strings on it if you wanted to?

-------  neither is better; it depends on what you are trying to do. You can't bend strings as easily on nylon, unless you're willie nelson.... so 99.99999999% of blues rock and jazz players use steel. But there's sounds you can get on nylon, that you can't get on steel, unless you have serious sound processing equipment.

Yes you can put steel strings on MOST guitars that have nylon. Some guitars are designed for nylon; ask the owner or store.

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