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MOTÖRHEAD is boldly going where no other band has gone before! The legendary, Grammy-winning rock'n'roll outlaws announced the most fan-friendly VIP experience ever, meaning that for the first time, an exclusive number of fans can experience the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival like never before. These lucky few will enjoy the Mayhem Festival like royalty. Throughout the day they can kick back in their very own VIP tent, watch the entire main stage show in premium seats, meet members of MOTÖRHEAD in a private VIP area, stand on the stage when MOTÖRHEAD performs and much more!

The band is offering these very limited packages for select shows via their web site. Only 20 packages per show will be offered on a first-come-first-served basis.

The MOTÖRHEAD "We Are The VIP Crew Experience" package includes:

* Premium ticket to the show (within the first 15 rows)
* Meet-and-greet with members of the band
* Get invited to watch MOTÖRHEAD's performance on the stage
* A VIP tent to relax in throughout the day. Light snacks and soft drinks provided
* Early entry into the venue
* Exclusive MOTÖRHEAD merchandise and souvenirs, including:
- Commemorative MOTÖRHEAD shirt
- MOTÖRHEAD autographed photo
- Collectible laminated MOTÖRHEAD tour pass
- Mayhem Festival guitar picks, mini-statue, tour poster and more!
* On-site VIP host

All this for only $599 (plus applicable taxes)

Keep in mind that the "We Are The VIP Crew Experience" packages will only be available in select markets.
MARILYN MANSON will release his long-awaited new album, "Born Villain", on May 1 (one day earlier internationally) via Cooking Vinyl and Manson's own label Hell, Etc.

In a brand new interview with Billboard.com, Manson was asked if putting out his first CD not affiliated with Interscope was a liberating experience. "Yeah," he replied. "I've always had control over what I created, and in the past once I turned it over to the record label, what happened wasn't always to my liking. A lot of it was more their stupidity, trying to fit me into a hole I didn't belong in, and that would of course make you confused about what you're supposed to be as an artist, not even just as a person. So getting off Interscope gave me the ability to think exactly how you would when you're starting out."

Regarding the direction of the new album, Manson said, "With the previous two records, I was making music to make people feel like I was feeling rather than to make them feel something — and I was feeling pretty shitty most of the time, so I don't think it was a good idea to do that, necessarily. I'm not discrediting the music, [but] my focus was in the wrong place. This record . . . emotionally it brings a different type of attitude that is more the spirit of me and feels interesting and fun for me to do."

Marilyn Manson's new video, "No Reflection", can be seen below. The clip was directed by Lukas Ettlin, who previously worked with Manson on the award-winning "Personal Jesus" video.

"No Reflection" was released as a white seven-inch vinyl in Europe on April 21. The vinyl is strictly limited to 1500 copies and features "No Reflection" (album version) and "No Reflection" (single edit). The release was in support of Record Store Day.

"Born Villain" track listing:

01. Hey Cruel World…
02. No Reflection
03. Pistol Whipped
04. Overneath The Path Of Misery
05. Slo Mo Tion
06. The Gardener
07. The Flowers Of Evil
08. Children Of Cain
09. Disengaged
10. Lay Down Your Goddamn Arms
11. Murders Are Getting Prettier Every Day
12. Born Villain
13. Breaking The Same Old Ground

Manson last September unveiled a new music video for the song "Born Villain" directed by actor Shia LaBeouf.

Drummer Ginger Fish (real name: Kenneth Robert Wilson) quit MARILYN MANSON in February 2011 and has since joined ROB ZOMBIE. He has been replaced by the Los Angeles-based drummer Jason Sutter.

MARILYN MANSON in 2009 parted ways with longtime record label Interscope following the disappointing sales performance of "The High End Of Low".

"The High End Of Low" was Manson's first album with longtime bassist Twiggy Ramirez since 2000's "Holy Wood".
THE SMASHING PUMPKINS will release their new album, "Oceania", on June 19 via EMI Label Services/Caroline distribution.

Produced by THE SMASHING PUMPKINS' frontman Billy Corgan, "Oceania" is an intense and dynamic offering that will appeal to new and existing fans of THE SMASHING PUMPKINS alike. "Oceania", the band's seventh studio record, is "an album within an album," part of their 44-song work-in-progress "Teargarden By Kaleidyscope".

Peter Katsis, manager of SMASHING PUMPKINS for Prospect Park, stated: "THE SMASHING PUMPKINS created 'Oceania' as an album experience, and it is intended for the process of the release to follow a path of inclusion, so that best efforts are made for all the fans hear it at the same time as press or radio. We were excited to find partners in EMI Label Services that were equally passionate about the plan for the album release as well as being huge fans of the PUMPKINS."

EMI's relationship with THE SMASHING PUMPKINS dates back more than 20 years, to the release of "Gish" in 1991. That album was reissued this past November along with 1993's "Siamese Dream".

Said Mike Harris, EVP/GM EMI Label Services/Caroline distribution: "We are thrilled to extend the long-term partnership between THE SMASHING PUMPKINS and EMI with the release of 'Oceania'. Everybody at EMI Label Services is looking forward to working closely with Billy and the band to help them deliver their vision and their music to fans around the world."

"Oceania" track listing:

01. Quasar
02. Panopticon
03. The Celestials
04. Violet Rays
05. My Love Is Winter
06. One Diamond, One Heart
07. Pinwheels
08. Oceania
09. Pale Horse
10. The Chimera
11. Glissandra
12. Inkless
13. Wildflower

ASHENVEIL, the new "ambitious" female-fronted metal band out of New Jersey featuring OPERATIKA drummer Yuri Liakhovitch, has tapped Mike LePond of SYMPHONY X to lay down the bass tracks on ASHENVEIL's upcoming debut album, "Black Of Light", to be released this summer.

Described by LePond as "heavy metal-sounding BLACKMORE'S NIGHT," ASHENVEIL was formed in the summer of 2009 when a group of friends met up for a jamming session. They clicked and the chemistry between the players was obvious to all. At that point, the songwriting process began and the direction of the band was musically defined and established. Eager for great things to happen, after a series of extensive rehearsals, the band — under its former name, TRACE OF EMPTINESS — performed several shows locally to get their foot in the door, gain exposure and start building the fan base. However, it wasn't until singer and songwriter Christine Greenwood joined in March 2010 to take over the vocal duties that the band was able to maximize its potential and reach the point where "only sky was the limit." With Christine's unique voice handling operatic soprano or alto singing styles, modified and tailored for each individual song, the band went on to record its first demo that was completed by the end of April 2010. After a series of lineup changes, Rich Fischer on the guitar joined the band in 2011 and brought much-needed technicality and versatility to complete the band's unique and multidimensional sound.

ASHENVEIL is preparing to film a promotional video for one of the songs on the forthcoming CD.
Due on May 22 via Radiant Records, "Cover 2 Cover" is the new CD from Neal Morse, Mike Portnoy and Randy George. Together, this group of musicians hand-picked these classic cover songs to complete the second such CD in the bands extensive catalog. This widely diverse selection of songs is sure to capture the essence of the age of music that has impacted these accomplished musicians!

"One of the first things myself, Neal and Randy usually start talking about when we gather for one of Neal's solo albums is what we can cover should we have some leftover time at the end of the session. And now over the course of both CDs, we have covered 28 songs!" says Portnoy. "Ranging from the obscure to the classics. Like the first 'Cover To Cover', most of the song choices on this CD are rooted in the '70s and are songs/bands we grew up with."

With nine brand new songs along with five previously recorded ones, Morse, Portnoy and George once again create an album of songs that is sure to be enjoyed for years to come.

"Cover 2 Cover" track listing:

2012 Momentum Sessions

01. Lido Shuffle (BOZ SCAGGS)
02. I Saw the Light (TODD RUNDGREN)
03. Rikki Don't Lose That Number (STEELY DAN)
04. Teacher (JETHRO TULL)
05. Driven to Tears (THE POLICE)
06. Come Sail Away (STYX)
07. Southern Man / Needle and the Damage Done / Cinnamon Girl (NEIL YOUNG)

2008 Lifeline Sessions

08. Crazy Horses (THE OSMONDS)
09. Lemons Never Forget (THE BEE GEES)
10. The Letter (JOE COCKER version)
11. (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love & Understanding (ELVIS COSTELLO)
12. Starless (KING CRIMSON)

Morse is one of the leading figures in progressive rock, whose notoriety follows his co-founding of the seminal band, SPOCK'S BEARD in 1995, recordings as a solo artist, and contributions to the super-group TRANSATLANTIC.

Portnoy is one of the most popular and respected drummers in both metal and rock, and an accomplished writer and producer. He is the recipient of numerous industry accolades, including 26 Modern Drummer awards, Revolver magazine's Golden God award for "Best Drummer" and Drum magazine's "Drummer Of The Year". He rose to prominence as the leader, drummer, producer, and co-writer for metal/prog juggernaut DREAM THEATER, before moving on in 2010. That same year, he worked on AVENGED SEVENFOLD's #1 album "Nightmare" and their subsequent tour.
According to a new tweet from BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE frontman Matt Tuck, the "official unveiling" of his new side project will take place this coming Monday, April 30. He wrote, "Can't believe it's been such a well-kept secret!! METAAAAAAAAAAALL!!!!!!" Tuck added that he is not leaving BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE for the new band and revealed that he is due to resume vocal-recording sessions for the new BULLET album on May 7. He said, "[We are] aiming for an October release for new BULLET record, so fingers crossed there are no delays. Got 15 tracks so far, what to pick!!"

Tuck first revealed that he was collaborating with as-yet-undisclosed musicians on a "metal-as-fuck" side project last October during an interview with "Metal Zone" host Nikki Blakk of the San Francisco, California radio station 107.7 The Bone. Tuck said at the time, "At the moment, there's just three [guys in the new band], but there'll be a minimum of four [in the final lineup]." Regarding the new group's musical direction, Matt said, "It's, like, far more like SLIPKNOT, PANTERA… It's metal as fuck, you know what I mean?! Stepping away from the melodic, not giving a fuck… 'Cause obviously BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE is a business and we have our formula, and what we do works — it's great — so we won't stray from that. So it's nice to step out of that comfort zone and do something fucking ridiculous and not worry about what people are gonna think, because it doesn't exist yet. . . We wanted to go in there with kind of like a SLIPKNOT attitude of just everything… Like the 'Iowa' album — just fucking violent. Let it all out. No holds barred."

According to Tuck, he already has a name picked up for his side project, which has been secretly recording demos with a view towards securing a record deal. "BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE's] management already know what's going on — they're in the loop — so they've already got stuff lined up," he said.

BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE's third album, "Fever", sold 71,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 3 on The Billboard 200 chart. "Fever" also landed in the Top Five in Australia, the U.K., Japan, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In the U.K. it reached No. 5 on sales of 21,965.
Swedish hard rockers THE QUILL have parted ways with bassist Robert Triches. The band states, "The decision is due to differences in the vision for the bands future, priorities and work methods. There are no bad feelings or strife around the decision and the members remain friends and might collaborate again in the future."

Comments Triches: "I have nothing but love and respect for the other guys and wish them the best of luck in the future. I also hope that they will soon find a proper replacement bass player and quickly get on with touring and recording. Even though we might have different opinions about how to run things, the band's music stand stronger than ever. I also would like to take this opportunity to say a great THANK YOU!!! to all the awesome fans of the band and hope that you will rock on in the future too!"

THE QUILL's latest album, "Full Circle", was released on June 24, 2011 in Europe and July 26, 2011 in North America via Metalville Records. According to a press release, the CD "is packed with heavy rock firmly rooted in the Seventies but vibrant and updated rather than retro. Yes, there's a new twist to the sound. Less is more, if you will. The songs are sharp, direct and catchy, built around big riffs, big grooves and big hooks. Just check out 'Sleeping With Your Enemy' and try to get that chorus out of your head. Surrender to the up-tempo outburst of energy that is 'Medicine'. And physically feel how 'Bring It On' simply rocks like a motherfucker. Very much classic rock and yet contemporary in the FOO FIGHTERS / QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE vein. Needless to say, THE QUILL is a band reborn."

"Full Circle" was mixed by songwriter/producer/artist Chris Laney (real name: Ulf Larsson).

The idea for the "The wild child", where did it come from and is it a wild child as a positive thing or negative?

Joe Duplantier: That´s the thing… We couldn´t call it "The wild child" because it´s hard to translate "L'enfant sauvage". It´s not really the wild child as understood in English, because a wild child for me, has an aspect like someone out of control somehow. "L'enfant sauvage" in French… sauvage is something that is not educated or something that is like free and completely free in nature. A wild flower that goes wherever she wants and becomes something beautiful. The idea with "L'enfant sauvage" is like with a human that would grow up in nature, raised by wolves for example, without the influence from others and the influence from institutions or society in general. Without a social security number. (laughs) Not even a name. This is what you are and I am on the inside, right? How much the education and the culture, emotions and the guilt are interacting with us and it changes us and how far are we from this pure child inside? That´s the question we had on this album.

Using a French title, was that the initial idea?

JD: It sounds really good to me.

Yeah, it sounds a lot better than "Wild child", which makes you think of WASP.

JD: Yes, so many things are related to the wild child, like songs and characters and TV-shows, whatever. With "L'enfant sauvage" there´s one big reference and it´s an old black and white movie. It´s a French movie and it´s called "L'enfant sauvage" by Francois Truffaut, but it´s something that is very common in the French language. To describe someone that is without reference and I liked that idea. To be honest, that´s how I feel most of the time. I don´t know how to deal with things, people and stuff, you know. When I´m not the singer in Gojira, I´m just someone and I don´t know exactly what I am. Now I feel comfortable doing this interview and stuff, but it´s hard to know who you are outside of your condition. It´s a lot of personal reflection on what am I? Am I free and what is freedom anyway? Maybe I think too much? (laughs)

Are you a bit of a searcher? Those questions come with age and the older you get those questions arise and the usual question is why we are here and the purpose of it all. The band, are you spiritual people or religious?

JD: No, we´re not religious for sure. None of us have received and education in that or been baptized and we don´t go to church. We´re not against it, maybe just a bit allergic. (laughs) It´s not for me definitely and I´m glad my parents didn´t force me, but we´re not against it. I mean, if it´s good for someone, then it´s good. Maybe it can prevent shit from happening…

Sure and it can also cause shit to happen.

JD: Yeah, it causes a whole lot of shit. I like to describe myself as a spiritual person in the sense that I think there is much more meaning in every little thing. I think that things are not empty. The gaps between things are not emptiness and I believe in the potential of the spirit of human beings and I like to imagine that everything is possible, you know. Those kind of things. I like to put words to this or try to put words to this and the other guys in the band feel close and we´re on the same page and that´s why we´re a band and why we´ve been together for such a long time. It´s like a family that I chose and among these guys are my real brother and it´s a very strong relationship, so I would say yes, we´re a spiritual band and when we get on stage we have an intention to do something good for the people. We talk about the energy…

That was another thing I thought about, that it´s been the four of you for a long time now which is quite unique these days.

JD: Mainly we all love what we do and we talk a lot. It´s not some mystical vibe uniting us against the challenges of life. Mostly we work on our relationships and we talk a lot and if we feel someone is sad or frustrated, we try to understand why and it works because we´re still together. We had some difficult moments with exhausting touring and some tensions and stuff, but we always overcome the tensions by talking.

I can see getting along as people, but as you are in a band, there´s always the classic break up reason with musical differences. As you become older you find different things that inspire you and you might feel like taking the music in another direction, but still you have to focus on keeping Gojira what it is. That´s gotta be pretty difficult as well?

JD: Yeah, true. Sometimes I just wonder how it is to do exactly how I feel, but I do it on the side. I record my own stuff. I have never released anything, but I´m pretty active and do my own songs and I keep in touch with what I want to do on my own, which most of the time is pretty close to what we do together. And Mario likes to be technical… I don´t know, it works for us and somehow there´s a balance.

Going back to the first album, what would you say is the biggest difference with the band and writing songs today? Is there a big difference?

JD: Yes, of course. It´s better. (laughs)

Obviously. (laughs)

JD: I was 19 and now I´m fucking 36. (laughs)

Does it become easier writing songs or does it get harder?

JD: It is harder, but I´m way more picky. If I come up with a riff and it´s good, it´s not good enough. 10 years ago it was good enough, you know. A lot of people think that bands in general become lazy and sometimes it´s true, but in our case it´s that we work more to make a song because we have more experience and we want to raise the bar higher and higher. We´re the same people, but we try to raise the bar. We make that effort to go deeper and deeper. Somehow it´s strange because the music becomes easier to understand and there are less things to understand and it´s less technical and stuff. It´s not because we want to sell more records, it´s just we take things more easy. What we played 10 years ago is not what we wanna hear anymore and we want to create more sophisticated things and more simple at the same time. It´s a very complicated balance. With this album I´m pretty happy and still I cannot grasp what we did and that´s the beauty of it. You work so much on every detail and then "Wait a minute, what is this beast?".

Writing songs for an album, do you start off thinking "Well, we´re gonna make 10 songs and that´s it!". When do you say stop and do you say stop, like "We´ve got enough." Or do you ever run out of ideas and that´s what makes it 10 tracks or whatever?

JD: It´s an interesting question because it was a big thing actually. We knew that we wanted to make something a little bit shorter than usual, because we think it´s too tiring and I had this idea that we need to release a record like "Master of puppets" with eight songs. If you listen to it you want to listen again. It´s a good feeling when you´ve made it to the end of the album and your brain and your emotions can´t take it. We have a tendency to add three songs after that and it´s a little too much so I was a convinced that we needed to record like nine songs. There´s an interlude which makes it 10 and then there´s one that we wanted to put on the album so bad, but we pay a lot of attention to that. It´s not like we record a lot of songs and we put them all on. It´s like cooking. You don´t put all the salt in, you just put a little bit of it. It´s not just a bunch of songs together, it´s a piece. Sometimes we can talk for three months about how this song should be number four or five and we send e-mails to each other and we do another intro to see if it works. It´s a very precise balance. The last song on the album was almost not on the album. It was just a couple of weeks before mastering and finally we went "Well, it goes pretty well at the end.". There´s a lot of that stuff. A lot of discussions.

For all the different markets, are there gonna be bonus tracks and stuff like that?

JD: For the first time we have bonus material. We have two songs.

Written at the same time as the album?

JD: Yeah, yeah. It´s the same sound and it could be on the album but we didn´t want something too long. The people that are gonna buy the album and our diehard fans, they can take it. Add two songs and it´s no problem, so we´re gonna release a limited edition with two bonus tracks. We worked with the label on that and they asked us what we thought about the idea and stuff. We want to make the CD attractive when it comes out and that´s the business side to it. We all know how it works, so we have two bonus songs and a t-shirt because you can´t download a t-shirt. (laughs)

Not yet, but give it a couple of years.

JD: Exactly. (laughs)

The artwork for the album isn´t out yet. Are you doing that one as well? (The interview took place one day before the artwork was revealed. Editor´s note.)

JD: Yes. I´m finishing it now. I did the cover and I sent it yesterday actually. I was on a plane when I finished it. I still need to send them the rough ideas for the layout inside and all that and then we´ll have someone at Roadrunner putting it together. I need some help with that. Usually I do it myself.

Is the artwork gonna tie in with the title of the album?

JD: Oh yeah, absolutely. Of course.

Is that as much fun as writing songs?

JD: Yeah. It´s different but when I do both, there´s something that really comes together in a very nice way. Actually for this album we asked someone to do it, but it just didn´t work out. There were a lot of good ideas and stuff but for some reason it didn´t work and as soon as I started to do it I said "You know what, I´m gonna do it.". Instead of trying to explain for hours, so I started to work on it and right away I sent it to the guys. We were far away from each other and they said "Yeah, now it works!", so it seems like I´m condemned to do this forever.

I love the last one for "The way of all flesh". It´s really cool and would make a great painting for the wall.

JD: Thanks!

I interviewed you when you played here with the Unholy Alliance and we talked about your art. Have you ever done a show or like an exhibition with your stuff?

JD: No never.

Would you like to do it?

JD: Why not. My stuff is completely spread over time and I don´t really know where they all are. I would love to paint more. I mainly paint when we release an album and it´s like "Ok, I need to buy some paper, a pen…". I have to buy everything again because I become a touring musician for a couple of years and then we need to do another cover and I have to start all over again. I don´t have a lot of material.

When you paint, like working on this one for the new album, do you constantly listen to the album to get ideas and inspiration or do you need it to be all quiet?

JD: I like to listen to the album when I paint, sure. Sometimes I forget what I´m listening to because I´m so focused on the art. I might have something I like and then I redo it. It´s a lot of work. With "From Mars to Sirius" I spent one month working on it and trying out a lot of stuff and failing a lot. I lost faith and it was like "I´m not gonna make it, I´m not gonna make it!". It´s very stressful, but I love to do it. On this one I was pretty fast actually. I did a painting and I´m happy with it. It´s cool.

As a musician, do you ever get tired of your own stuff?

JD: Yes, yes, yes.

Do you go back and listen to your older albums?

JD: Yeah, sometimes I do with the intention of being surprised and it just doesn´t work. (laughs) Like "Oh, I had a better memory of that." And like "I put on this song and it´s gonna blow me away", but nope. (laughs) "What have I done for all these years?". Sometimes it´s very depressing so I just go on the website and see all the good comments and I´m like "Yes!".

Touring wise then? I know you´re playing Metaltown in Gothenburg this summer, but is it gonna be a full blown world tour with this album?

JD: Yes. We still need to book 2013, but we´re booked till the end of 2012 so we have a lot going on. We´re going to the States and then we´re coming back to Europe. I don´t have all the details, but we´ll come back to Scandinavia for sure, finally. Finland, Norway, Denmark and here in Sweden, all have very good audiences and is a very good home for metal. For us it just makes sense to come here. When we come here it´s like "Yeah, this is right!". I´ll bring my Flying V and it´s awesome! People get it and they understand and the interviews make sense and everything is perfect. We played a lot in the States and it was a challenge for a French band to make it there.

Freedom fries.

JD: (laughs) Yeah, Freedom fries, but we´ve had enough of that, ok. (laughs)

Well, hopefully I´m gonna be at Metaltown, so I´ll catch you live there.

JD: Great!

Thank you Joe!
Greek metal veterans MARAUDER have inked a deal with Pitch Black Records.

Having recently celebrated 22 years since the band was formed, with a number of metal anthems composed throughout the years and having established themselves as one of the most respected acts of the Greek metal scene, MARAUDER are now back with their fifth album, "Elegy Of Blood".

MARAUDER was formed in early 1990 and has since then performed live countless times in Greece and abroad, acquiring a huge following and the respect and admiration of many amongst their local scene.

Pitch Black label owner Phivos Papadopoulos commented: "When, in the early '90s, I was writing (yes writing, not emailing) this band to send me their demo tape, I never imagined that 20 years later they would be signing under my own record label.

"The decision to sign MARAUDER was instantaneous and it's with great pleasure that we welcome the band to the Pitch Black Records family, not just because of the personal factor but also because they are a kick-ass band that truly deserves as much recognition as possible!"

According to a press release, "Elegy Of Blood" is comprised of "ten PURE heavy metal songs. Powerful and passionate melodic metal compositions make this a highly anticipated release, particularly amongst the band's die-hard fans. Released on May 15th, the album will be available through Pitch Black Records and its distribution partners as well as through major MP3 stores with the CD version including a bonus track."

"Elegy Of Blood" track listing:

01. Elegy Of Blood
02. The Great War
03. Alexander
04. Warriors
05. Roman Empire
06. Hiroshima
07. Mother
08. Crusader
09. Black Gold
10. World War II
11. In Memory (CD bonus)


Alexandros Kostarakos - Vocals
Andreas Tsaoussis - Guitar
Giorgos Sofronas - Guitar
Thodoris Paralis - Bass
Grigoris Vlachos – Drums
"The Industrialist", the new album from Los Angeles cyber metallers FEAR FACTORY, will be released in North America on June 5 via Candlelight Records (four days earlier in Europe through AFM Records). The effort will be made available in Europe on four formats: standard CD, a limited-edition deluxe digibook (featuring two additional songs), 180-gram double vinyl and the newly revealed limited box set, pictures of which can be seen below. A video overview of the box is available at this location.

"The Industrialist" is a conceptual record based around a story written by vocalist Burton C. Bell. Lyrics to the album's ten songs divulge the narrative as discussed recently by Bell with Decibel magazine. The album's artwork was created by American designer Anthony Clarkson with additional direction from the band.

Bell notes, "The protagonist (The Industrialist) is the incarnation of all industries in the form of an automaton. The mechanical, technological, and scientific advances through the industrial age led to the creation of The Industrialist. In the story, the automaton becomes sentient as it collects memories with each passing day. Through observation and learning, it gains the will to exist. What was meant to help man, will eventually be man's demise."

"The Industrialist" again pairs FEAR FACTORY with producer Rhys Fulber. Mixed by Greg Reely (PARADISE LOST, SKINNY PUPPY, MACHINE HEAD), with additional tracking by Logan Mader (GOJIRA, DIVINE HERESY), the album is the second written by Bell and guitarist Dino Cazares since reuniting in 2009 after a seven-year split. Cazares says, "Collaborating with Burton again on the new album was like magic. Everything just fell into place naturally. It felt good to recapture the true sound of FEAR FACTORY, taking it back to where it all started while raising it to new levels." Regarding Fulber, Cazares says, "Rhys has been our secret member. He is the one producer who has been able to understand what we have been trying to accomplish from the beginning and has opened our eyes to new things without sacrificing our original sound. His production and keyboard talents has made FEAR FACTORY stand out amongst the many bands of our genre."

"The Industrialist" track listing:

01. The Industrialist
02. Recharger
03. New Messiah
04. God Eater
05. Depraved Mind Murder
06. Virus of Faith
07. Difference Engine
08. Dissemble
09. Religion is Flawed Because Man is Flawed
10. Human Augmentation
11. Blush Response (Difference Engine) *
12. Landfill *

* Available on deluxe digibook only

The new lineup of FEAR FACTORY made its live debut this past Thursday night (April 26) at Teatro Vorterix in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Fan-filmed video footage of the entire concert can now be seen below.

FEAR FACTORY recently enlisted Matt DeVries as the band's new bass player. DeVries, previously of CHIMAIRA (where he played guitar) and most recently SIX FEET UNDER, joined FEAR FACTORY as the replacement for Byron Stroud (now with 3 INCHES OF BLOOD).

FEAR FACTORY has tapped Mike Heller (MALIGNANCY, SYSTEM DIVIDE) as its new touring drummer.

Commented Heller: "It is an incredible honor to be chosen as the new drummer for FEAR FACTORY! It's something I never would have dreamt of as a kid listening to 'Soul Of A New Machine' and 'Demanufacture' over and over again in middle school. It's also an incredible honor to be following in the footsteps of two of the most amazing and influential drummers in metal drumming history. I hope to continue their legacy, creating some of the most forward-thinking and innovative music available today."
Swedish rockers ANGEL KING will release their debut album, "World Of Pain", on May 18 via Meantime Music (a division of Yesterrock).

Formed in late 2010, ANGEL KING is a Stockholm-based quartet playing sleaze/glam rock. Before the band even had existed, guitar player Jack Vegas had worked on song ideas for a couple of years, for which he hadn't found the right musicians. In fall of 2010, Jack presented these songs to his good friends Rock Boston and Snake Denver and they started to jam together. For the first time Jack felt that he had found the right musicians for the project and everything started to fall into place: the songwriting felt natural and the chemistry was right. To take the sound of the music to the next level, the band needed a singer with an exceptional voice. So after recording a few backgrounds they decided to invite Lazzy G, a friend of Jack Vegas, to the studio to try to sing a track called "World Of Pain". After laying down the track, it was settled — Lazzy G was the singer they had been looking for.


Lazzy G - Vocals
Rock Boston - Bass/Vocals
Jack Vegas - Guitar
Snake Denver - Drums

"World Of Pain" track listing:

01. Dangerous (5:02)
02. World Of Pain (3:31)
03. She Wants To Be Loved (3:11)
04. Living The Wild Life (3:46)
05. Enemy (3:39)
06. Fahrenheit 541 (2:55)
07. Rock And Roll Doctor (4:16)
08. Get Up (3:44)
09. Wasteland (3:41)
10. Last Generation (5:26)
WARBEAST, the Texas-based band featuring RIGOR MORTIS vocalist Bruce Corbitt, guitarist Scott Shelby, GAMMACIDE/DEVILFIST bassist Alan Bovee, DEMONSEED drummer Joe Gonzalez and guitarist Bobby Tillotson (a.k.a. "J.R." ), has announced the addition of bassist Dré Karst (ENEMIES OF INERTIA, INFERNAL AGGRESSION, DIRTNAP) to the group's ranks.

Commented WARBEAST: "Dré is originally from New Orleans and moved to the [Dallas/Fort Worth] area six years ago after the Hurricane Katrina disaster. That makes it seem even more appropriate because of the tight bond that many New Orleans and [Dallas/Fort Worth] musicians have had going all the way back to the '80s. Not to mention that is where Housecore Records [WARBEAST's record company] label owner Philip Anselmo [also DOWN/ex-PANTERA singer] is from. Even though that didn't have anything to do with the actual reasons we chose Dré to join our band. We just think that is a cool connection to have. Dré has been playing for over 20 years and thrash metal is in his blood. So he already fits in nicely with the rest of us.

"Dré will be leaving with all of us next Saturday (May 5) to head to Louisiana to record the second WARBEAST album. Just like the debut WARBEAST album, we will be recording it at Philip Anselmo's studio Nodferatu's Lair. Philip Anselmo will once again be the producer for the album.

"We want to also take this time to thank the other bass players that came out to audition. It really was a tough decision that we took a lot of time to make. But we all felt that Dré was the right man for the job. So everyone please welcome Dré Karst to the WARBEAST family."

Alan Bovee recently left WARBEAST for family reasons.

WARBEAST last fall completed a tour withGWAR and EVERY TIME I DIE.

WARBEAST's debut album, "Krush The Enemy", was released in the U.S. on April 27, 2010 via Housecore Records.
Swiss folk metallers ELUVEITIE will perform their new album, "Helvetios", in its entirety for the first time ever on May 18 at Kulturfabrik in Lyss, Switzerland. The band will also play older songs during the concert, which will last more than two hours.

"Helvetios" sold 4,200 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 143 on The Billboard 200 chart. The CD landed at position No. 3 on the Top New Artist Albums (Heatseekers) chart, which lists the best-selling albums by new and developing artists, defined as those who have never appeared in the Top 100 of The Billboard 200.

"Helvetios" was released in Europe on February 10 via Nuclear Blast RecordsNew Sound Studio in Pfäffikon, a municipality in the canton of Zurich in Switzerland, with producer Tommy Vetterli (a.k.a. Tommy T. Baron; CORONER/ex-KREATOR guitarist). According to the band, Vetterli "record[ed] drums, guitars and vocals and also produc[ed] and mix[ed] the record. Most folk instruments and also vocals [were] recorded by Anna Murphy and Marco Jencarelli at the Soundfarm studios in Lucerne."

The "Havoc" video can be seen below. The clip was produced by the Polish company Grupa13, which previously worked with the band on the videos for "Thousandfold" and "A Rose For Epona" as well as with such other acts as BEHEMOTH and AMON AMARTH.

ELUVEITIE recently completed a North American tour as the support act for Finnish metallers CHILDREN OF BODOM. The trek kicked off on January 30 in Rochester, New York and ran through March 4, hitting 26 cities over the course of the five-week jaunt. Boston-based extreme metal band REVOCATION and Canada's THREAT SIGNAL were also on the bill.
Phoenix, Arizona's LACONIC has inked a deal with Swimming With Sharks Records. The band's new album, "For The Life Of One", was recorded by notable producer Ben Schigel (CHIMAIRA, DROWNING POOL, BREAKING BENJAMIN). Fans of KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, AS I LAY DYING, FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH and ALL THAT REMAINS will immediately identify with LACONIC's melodic metal approach.

Commented LACONIC frontman Danny Brian: "We are beyond excited for what the future brings with our partnership with Swimming With Sharks Records. The label owner, Noah Robertson, is an extremely hard-working and passionate individual, and that is hard to find in the industry these days. Our fans and us know that this has been a long time coming. We've been waiting for the right move and to work with the right people before we just settled. We couldn't be happier to be part of the Swimming With Sharks family, and we look forward to seeing everyone out on the road and beyond!"

Added Swimming With Sharks Records founder Noah "Shark" Robertson: "LACONIC is truly an amazing band and their music deserves to be heard by the masses. From the moment I discovered this band, I haven't been able to stop listening. We couldn't be happier to add such a talented band to our artist roster. Soon, the world will know the name LACONIC!"

LACONIC stormed onto the underground metal scene with its release "Visions" in 2009, receiving rave reviews from fans and critics alike. Since then, the band has built a name for themselves through word-of-mouth on-line and persistent gigging and touring.

LACONIC will release a video for the song "Bridge Burner" very soon and has a number of live performances lined up, including a direct support slot for THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA on June 27 at Top Deck in Farmington, New Mexico.
St. Louis, Missouri-based power/thrash metallers CONQUEST are putting the finishing touches on their new album, "The War We Rage", for a summer/fall release via Dark Star Records. Produced once again by CONQUEST lead singer Derrick Brumley, the CD is being engineered by Adam Long, who also worked on the band's debut album, "End Of Days".

"The War We Rage" will mark the recording debut of CONQUEST's new bass player Rob Boyer.

The track listing for the CD is as follows:

01. The War We Rage
02. Wicked
03. Against All Odds
04. Never Forget
05. Tomorrows Black
06 Live Free Or Die
07. Turn Me Away
08. Coming With Vengeance
09. Scream For My Life
10. Get Off My Back
11. Tyrant Of The New World
12. Fall From Grace
German thrashers CRIPPER will release their third album, "Antagonist", on June 22 via SAOL / H'Art / Zebralution. The CD includes 12 songs which show both the band's old-school and modern sides. From deathy songs like "Animal Of Prey", a hell lot of rock 'n roll in "Clean", a chunk of hate "General Routine" or the snappy opener "New Shadow"CRIPPER has become more mature and shows that with increasing enthusiasm.

"Antagonist" track listing:

01. New Shadow
02. Not Dead Yet
03. Animal Of Prey
04. Totmann
05. Hegemony
06. Clean
07. General Routine
08. Dogbite
09. Another Lesson In Pain
10. Damocles
11. God Spoken Prayer
12. Cocoon

According to a press release, "Hanover-based CRIPPER proves that varied thrash metal does not need lots of frills, since the band's formation in 2005. Since then, the sympathetic-chaotic bunch cut their way through the European metal scene. With a mix of old-school and modern elements, technical skill and a good portion of groove, the quintet with front-elk Britta Görtz has quickly gained a reputation as a playful and rousing live band, inspired by their sweaty shows and enthralling live songs. Press and media feedback on all three releases so far ('Killer Escort Service", 2006; 'Freak Inside", 2007; 'Devil Reveals", 2009) was euphoric."
The cover artwork of "Impermanence", the forthcoming debut EP from VEXT — the new New Jersey/New York-based heavy rock band featuring singer Tommy Vext (DIVINE HERESY, SNOT), guitar virtuoso Angel Vivaldi, and the rhythm section of the now-disbanded MUTINY WITHIN (Andrew Jacobs on bass and Bill Fore on drums) — can be seen below. Also available is a stream of the EP's first single, "In The End".

These four musicians came together in search of a different sound since they had all been previously involved with more extreme metal projects. How they came to know one another is a quite unconventional.

On the evening of September 19, 2010, Vext was the victim of a brutal attack at his home in Brooklyn. Having suffered severe injuries to his skull, abdomen and an open compound fracture to his left arm, Tommy was rushed to the ER. With medical bills soaring above seventy-five thousand dollars, his friends in the music scene banded together to help raise funds.

Enter Roadrunner recording artists MUTINY WITHIN. "We heard that GOD FORBID was doing a benefit concert for Tommy and when we found out why, we immediately jumped on the bill," says Jacobs. A few months later, Andrew introduced Tommy to Bill. After seeing Fore perform with the Angel Vivaldi band, it became apparent to Tommy that Angel and Bill were the missing pieces to this new musical effort.

VEXT is:

Tommy Vext - Vocals
Angel Vivaldi - Guitar
Andrew Jacobs - Bass
Bill Fore - Drums
Singers Dani "Filth" Davey (CRADLE OF FILTH) and Björn "Speed" Strid (SOILWORK) make guest appearances on the new EP from British vocalist Sarah Jezebel Deva — who has toured and/or recorded with CRADLE OF FILTH, THERION, MORTIIS and ANGTORIA. Entitled "Malediction", the three-song digital EP will be released on May 28 via Listenable Records. Strid sings a duet with Sarah in the song "Lies Define Us", while Davey can be heard in the track "This Is My Curse", a video for which will be follow during the coming weeks.

The "Malediction" cover art can be seen below.

"Working with Sarah Jezebel Deva was a trip," commented Björn. "We definitely found common ground humor-wise and musically. The song we did together is still ringing in my head. The atmosphere is fantastic and the melody is haunting. Drop the gothic top hats and get ready for the real deal!"

Added Dani: "It was great fun dueting with Sarah Jezebel Deva again, being a new thing for me to try and compliment her voice, rather than the other way round (which generally happened on the CRADLE OF FILTH material), so being involved in this song was definitely a challenge for me (and not a curse) seeing as I only had a few days to leave my stain on it. Fortunately, the tune was strong enough to carry away my first fumbling forays. I think the track itself is really powerful and definitely rings as emotive as the subject matter of the lyrics (which I attempted to embellish rather than change). Hnestly thinking to myself that the finished song has come out better than midnight in a Playboy graveyard."

Said Deva: "I have to admit, [Dani] worked his arse off for ['This Is My Curse'] and it shows. It was honestly a real pleasure singing together again."

Sarah Jezebel Deva's solo album, "The Corruption Of Mercy", was released in the U.S. on August 30, 2011. The CD was released in Europe on June 27, 2011 via Listenable Records. The cover art for the effort was created by CRADLE OF FILTH artist Matt Lombard and comes in a slipcase due to its slightly "dark/close-to-the-mark" nature.
South Florida's ABIOTIC entered Sonic Assault Studios in Cape Coral, Florida on April 23 with producer Charles J and engineer Phil Pluskota to begin recording its debut album for a late 2012 release via Metal Blade Records. The cover artwork for the CD will be created by Daniel McBride.

ABIOTIC stormed onto the underground metal scene with the release of the "A Universal Plague" EP in September 2011. Since then, through word of mouth online and steady gigging in the Southeast, ABIOTIC has become one of the top bands to watch. Their music video for "Vermosapien" was released in January 2012 and was viewed over 40,000 times within the first month of its release. The band has proven that they have the wherewithal to stand alongside the best and brightest in the technical death metal genre worldwide. Fans of OBSCURA, VEIL OF MAYA, and CANNIBAL CORPSE will immediately identify with their finely-honed technical attack.
Radio Metal recently conducted an interview with singer Charlotte Wessels of Dutch symphonic metallers DELAIN. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

Radio Metal: Your guitar player, Timo Somers, will not join you on this tour. He will be replaced by current DORO and former AFTER FOREVER guitarist Bas Maas. What brought about this situation?

Charlotte: Timo is really busy with a lot of musical projects. When he auditioned for the position of guitarist for DELAIN, we already knew that music was really in his blood. He has so many projects going on, and he was really busy. We were wondering how we could think of a solution that would provide everybody space. We were actually thinking about having two guitarists joining us when Bas Maas came along. There were enthusiastic about the possibility of filling the job together. It's not really a thing that you would automatically go for, but when we saw the option of having these two very talented guitarists who were willing to take the responsibility, we thought it might be a very good idea. We're curious to see how it turns out and to have Bas on stage with us for the first time.

Radio Metal: Unfortunately, we haven't heard the [new DELAIN] album ["We Are The Others"] yet, but there were a couple of extracts in various videos you posted on line, especially in the tour trailer. These tracks sound particularly heavy, and some of the titles are quite aggressive: "Hit Me With Your Best Shot", "Where Is The Blood", etc. Does this album mark a change of direction for DELAIN?

Charlotte: These questions are very difficult to answer for me. Usually, it's more the public than ourselves that decides whether or not it's going in a certain direction. What I can say is that, lyrically, I've been trying not to avoid anything, like aggressive things or lyrics that I would normally think should be a bit more subtle. I've been looking for the limits, like: "How far can you express yourself without crossing certain borders?" Musically, you mentioned it was quite heavy. I think it has to do with… I mean, there are very different songs on the record. Some songs are actually much more poppy, and others are more heavy. It really goes in a lot of directions. But I feel that it does portray one identity. I think we also owe that to Tripod, our production team, and Jacob Hellner, who's worked with RAMMSTEIN and APOCALYPTICA. He's worked very much with the band, on just the groove of the band. When you listen to this album, there's a little less orchestration going on. It's a little bit more straightforward, with drums and guitars, more in your face. This is what I really like about it, and what I think makes even the poppier songs still more intense, in a way. Everything is real and right there.

Radio Metal: The change seems to be very important — compared to "Lucidity", at least, perhaps not to "April Rain"

Charlotte: I can imagine. In a band, you feel like you naturally evolve to a certain state, because there are years that you just spend writing songs. Of course, the audience doesn't see the whole process. They see one spot of the process, which is called "Lucidity", one spot called "April Rain", and then "We Are The Others". They don't get to know what happened in between, and how some choices don't come from a sudden desire to do something else, but were naturally created.

Radio Metal: "We Are The Others" is DELAIN's third studio album. It was probably too early before to talk about a live album, but are you starting to think about it now?

Charlotte: (long pause) It's not the first thing on my mind. We've recorded some live tracks and mixed them properly, so we've actually got some decent quality live songs ready. Maybe one day we'll do it, and of course, it will be great to have it. But I just really like to create new music more. These days, you can see every live gig on YouTube. I can imagine it would be nice to have something, because I like listening to live tracks of other bands, but to me, it's not the most exciting thing. I'm more thinking about album number four already!
Portuguese extreme progressive metallers MALEVOLENCE have set "Antithetical" as the title of their forthcoming third album. The main theme of the CD illustrates a razor-sharp concept inspired from Ancient Greek Etymology (1580s, from Gk. Antithetikos) that reflects the diametrical opposition to a number of propositions consisting in the revelation of a divergent thought. Pertaining to "Antithetical", the Anti (against) + Thesis (position), as a figure of speech (mainly used by the authors of the Baroque period; style of the epoch known as the art of conflict) acknowledge opposition towards the relative thesis expressed.

Commented MALEVOLENCE singer/guitarist/songwriter Carlos Cariano: "'Antithetical' is loaded with intoxicatingly corrosive contrasts whilst the album represents pure rebellion, a pure nonconformist extension towards the current situation of the globe, an upheaval towards the current language that has no force of expression and no meaning, due to the predictability of words and counterfeit actions that have become commonplace worldwide. Inner strength and living values nowadays are negatively base underneath relative truths and we are expressing ourselves precisely antithetically whilst insisting on critical thinking."

A press release states: "Music and lyrics are far beyond the average practice and 'Antithetical' is a very unnatural progressive slab of extreme sonic amalgamation creating parallelisms to simplify extremes whilst apprehending both the positive and the negative perspectives of existence, in order to erect with the synthesis that transcends both.

As hope is antithetical to despair, the contrasts established within the album serve in effect to give tension to the broad-spectrum body of work consisting of seven songs.

"'Antithetical' includes the most epic material (longest song clocking at 9:27), plus the heaviest proportional songwriting ever accomplished on the eighteenth year of existence of the collective.

"Exploring experimental yet instrumental mind bending extreme metal structures, the album is a pure heavy mammoth demonstration on extreme progressive metal territory."
Canadian extreme metallers CRYPTOPSY will debut some of their brand new material at the following shows:

April 28 - The Rockpile - Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada
April 29 - The Dominion House - Windsor, Ontario, Canada

The band states, "We will be playing some new songs from our upcoming release for the first time live in our set."

CRYPTOPSY in January tapped bassist Olivier Pinard (NEURAXIS, VENGEFUL) as the replacement for guitarist-turned-bassist Youri Raymond.

Raymond left CRYPTOPSY in December, explaining in a statement that "it's in the best interest of both the band and I to part ways." He added, "As a musician, moving from guitar to bass was a great challenge, but honestly, I never really felt comfortable in that position and my motivation in general was stagnating."

Lead guitarist and songwriter Jon Levasseur rejoined CRYPTOPSY in May 2011.

"The Unspoken King", CRYPTOPSY's sixth full-length and first to feature new vocalist Matt McGachy, was released June 24, 2008 to a wide array of reactions. Drummer Flo Mounier explained his intention in reshaping the dynamics of the band to Decibel magazine: "I'm a fan of different sorts of music, and I think it's most fun when a band puts out an album that has elements of everything; you get this thing called diversity, not boredom. That's what we're trying to do. Still, I think people are going to be surprised how brutal this album is."
Having recently announced their official partnership with Southern Lord, Swedish crust lords MARTYRDÖD have unveiled the details of their foreboding new full-length, "Paranoia". The ninth of eleven tracks forming the scathing "Paranoia", "Köttberg" is one of the most direct tracks on the album, showing the world the band's straightforward d-beat oriented style with crushing strength. Check it out at this location.

Set for CD/digital release in Europe on June 4, with the vinyl version to follow on June 19, "Paranoia" is the first of several MARTYRDÖD recordings slated for release via Southern Lord. Recorded in the depths of the infamous Studio Fredman (AT THE GATES, AMON AMARTH, OPETH), the album rages with the brute-force crustpunk attack found on previous releases, yet also expands the band's sound with more dynamic leads empowering dis-harmonies and more tension-filled buildups than ever before.

The recently-announced Southern Lord label package tour will bring MARTYRDÖD to America in support of "Paranoia" this summer alongside labelmates ENABLER, BURNING LOVE and headliners BLACK BREATH, with POISON IDEA, NOOTHGRUSH, PELICAN, POWER TRIP, WILD//TRIBE, DEAD IN THE DIRT, THE SECRET and more taking part in the festivities along the way.

After formation in 2001, MARTYRDÖD, have since slammed the crustpunk and underground metal scene with a surplus of CD and LP releases on such brutal labels as Plaguebearer, Havoc, Farewell, La Familia and Prank, as well as sporadic touring across Europe and a massive offensive on the United States in 2011. Featuring current/former members of SKITSYSTEM, AGRIMONIA, MIASMAL and more, the outfit have amassed a brutally-diehard following in the underground hardcore, crust and metal scenes.

"Paranoia" track listing:

01. Nog Är Nog
02. Överkom Er Rädsla
03. Klassfienden
04. Hör Världens Rop
05. Ett Hjärta Av Eld
06. En Tragisk Zeitgeist
07. Det Sker Samtidigt
08. Paranoia
09. Köttberg
10. Avbön
11. Varje Val Har Sitt Pris
Swedish death metallers INSISION will celebrate their 15-year anniversary with the release of "15 Years Of Exaggerated Torment", a 23-song collection containing material from their first demo, 1998's "Meant To Suffer"; a recording of the band's second live appearance in 1998, "Live Like A Worm"; the 1999 mini-CD "The Dead Live On"; 2000's "Promo 2000" demo; 2001's "Revelation Of The SadoGod" demo; plus a newly re-recorded version of an old track. Due on May 25 in the U.S. and June 1 in Europe via Sevared Records, the double-CD set was once again completed with the help of engineer Anders Eriksson at Off Beat Studio in Stockholm. The cover art was created by Rian from Indonesia and can be seen below.

Commented the band: "We feel proud to have stayed solid throughout these years.

"Right now we're working hard to create new songs for the upcoming full-length CD, which hopefully will be our strongest release to date. We don't have a recording date settled, but as soon as eveything falls into place and feels dark'n'fast enough, we will start recording. All credits to the loyal fans of death metal who supported INSISION through these 15 years. Death metal is our religion."

INSISION previously described its new material as "a mix of the complex stuff we did on our first record, 'Beneath The Folds Of Flesh' back in 2001 along with rhythm parts that can be explained with a more darker approach."

INSISION's "End Of All" EP came out last year via Sevared.

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