[Classic_Rock_Forever] Ambrosia - SJC - 4/13/2012


Excellent concert by Ambrosia (70's band) at the Coach House in San Juan Capistrano (CA) on Friday night, despite a light crowd and heavy downpour outside.

Unfortunately, there were two lousy opening bands which took up a lot of time. Ambrosia finally hit the stage at 10:30pm & ended a couple hours later. They didn't disappoint as they went thru many of their hits: "Holdin' on to Yesterday", "Nice Nice Very Nice", "Somewhere I've Never Traveled", "How Much I Feel", "You're the Only Woman" and "Biggest Part of Me", sounding as crisp as in the 70's.

Two major additions to the band are the keyboard/vocalist (Rick Cowling) and guitarist (Doug Jackson) who are both amazing musicians. What was a surprise is their Beatles covers at the end of the show, in particular "Oh Darling" which was the best cover of the song I've ever seen live:


If you can, check out upcoming concerts. You can sign up for their newsletter at: http://ambrosialive.net/

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