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In a brand new interview with Billboard.com, AEROSMITH guitarist Joe Perry spoke about the progress of the recording sessions for the band's long-awaited new album, which is tentatively due this summer.

AEROSMITH began work on its first all-new album since 2001 last year, with the rest of the band working on music while singer Steven Tyler made his "American Idol" debut.

The CD is being helmed by producer Jack Douglas, who previously worked with AEROSMITH on classic early albums like "Toys In The Attic" and "Rocks" as well as on 2004's "Honkin' On Bobo".

"This record is different from the recent past, say the last 20 years, where everybody is getting in the studio and throwing down their songs," Perry said. "Some of the songs are completed and some are just riffs. This record is a lot more band-written stuff than there has been in the recent past.

"We probably have two songs to write to finish. Or certainly there are slots to fill. We don't sit there and listen to the songs as a bunch. First time we did that was two weeks ago. The record company came in and wanted to hear what's happening and that gave us a chance to listen to everything as a bunch. We get a sense of where we're at and we'll do that again very soon."

AEROSMITH is currently mixing a reworked version of its 1991 outtake "Legendary Child" (originally written during the "Get A Grip" sessions) for inclusion in the upcoming summer film "GI Joe: Retaliation" (which arrives in theaters around the U.S. on June 29).

AEROSMITH's "The Global Warming" tour will kick it off on June 16 at the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota and wrap up on August 8 in Tacoma, Washington.

"This tour, in addition to a couple songs we know we're going to play from the new record, we want to bring out songs we just haven't played for years," Perry told Billboard.com. "We'll be playing some of those -- songs that were staples in the sets back in the old days that will be new songs to a lot of people if they don't know the albums."
KISS will present an award at the 47th annual Academy Of Country Music Awards. The event takes place on Sunday, April 1 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas and will be televised on CBS affiliates around the country.

The Academy Of Country Music's professional membership select the nominees and winners of the Academy Of Country Music Awards, and select the final top five nominees of the "Entertainer Of The Year" category and the eight semi-finalists in the "New Artist Of The Year" category.

The 47th Academy Of Country Music Awards is dedicated to honoring and showcasing the biggest names and emerging talent in the country music industry. The show is produced for television by Dick Clark Productions.

For more information, see the official press release.
Last September, MEGADETH mainman Dave Mustaine underwent surgery for stenosis, a neck and spine condition that he says was caused by years of headbanging.

In a March 31 tweet, Mustaine offered the following update on his health: "Got my 6 mos. X-rays 3/30/12 on my neck. Totally fused, and I can FINALLY start exercising. Thank God, and thanks for your prayers."

Speaking to the Detroit Free Press in February, Mustaine stated about his surgery, "My neck is completely recovered. The surgery was a breeze. The doctor I used ... did Peyton Manning's surgery. Fortunately, my recovery time has been a lot faster than Peyton's. He was in before me and I'm out playing before him. I wish him well in his recovery."

When asked if he can still headbang, Mustaine said, "I can headbang, but I've found with the limitation of, 'Do I want to headbang or do I want to be in a wheelchair?' I kind of toned it down a little bit. There's more body parts you can move around. I mean, I'm not dancing or anything like that but I'm making the best use of it I can."

Speaking to Decibel magazine last November, Mustaine stated about his neck injury, "The way [2011's Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival] ended, with me being hurt, I knew I was hurt, but I didn't know how bad. Nobody knew the writing was on the wall. I pretty much thought, 'Well, I''m hurt, but I'll just take it easy, have a couple of glasses of wine. I'll get through it, get a couple of trigger point injections, get an epidural.' There were a couple of times they gave me a shot in my neck that numbed me up. I saw chiropractors and masseuses all the time. It inevitably gets to the point where you're starting to take medication, and that's never good, because if you're taking something and you never feel the pain… You saw Curt Schilling when he was playing for the Diamondbacks, and Randy Johnson; I can't remember if [Schilling] was playing for the Diamondbacks that time he had the bloody sock or if he'd gone back to Boston or not yet — [he] did some heroic feat where he had his foot put back together and he went out there and played."

He added, "I'm an athlete, as a guitar player and as an onstage persona. But as far as being a musician that has to do hurdles — I don't think most musicians, when they start playing music, think that they're going to be playing this demanding-type music that those of us who are part of the 'Big Four' and all the bands we influenced and kind of created [play]. With the advent of the headbanging — which was not my invention, by any means; I'm not like Al Gore who invented the Internet — there was that whole headbanging thing that came around, it's hurt a lot us… What is headbanging, anyway? It's kind of like chronic whiplash syndrome, isn't it?"

MOTÖRHEAD mainman Lemmy Kilmister tells the Artisan News that he is furious at the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame organizers, but it's not just because the Hall has virtually ignored them.

"They lost my 'Ace Of Spades' tour jacket," Lemmy said. "They had this heavy metal presentation thing and they said, could they borrow a pair of boots and a bass and my 'Ace Of Spades' tour jacket, so I lent it to them, and they said they lost it. A likely story. Look me in the eye and tell me again. One of their girlfriends is wearing it, no doubt."

When asked if he would accept the honor if the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame organizers voted MOTÖRHEAD in now, Lemmy replied, "What honor? They owe me a jacket before I'll even speak to them."

The committee that nominates artists for the Hall has repeatedly ignored a number of acts that many feel deserve induction, including KISS, RUSH, YES, DEEP PURPLE and dozens of others.

GUNS N' ROSES guitarist Slash, who will be in attendance next month when the band is inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio, told The Canadian Press that he has mixed feelings about it. "It's sort of a bittersweet thing too because there's so many artists that aren't inducted, that came way before GUNS did, that really actually almost deserve more to be in there and they're not in there," he said, listing off RUSH, DEEP PURPLE, CHEAP TRICK and KISS as examples.

MOTÖRHEAD picked up its first — and only — Grammy Award in 2005 in the "Best Metal Performance" category for the band's cover of METALLICA's "Whiplash", which was featured on "Metallic Attack: Metallica - The Ultimate Tribute" album.
Guitarist John 5 is slowly but surely becoming a premier name in the heavy metal world. Between tenures in Marilyn Manson and with David Lee Roth, writing songs for A-listers like Lynyrd Skynyrd, and his 5th solo album coming out next month, one can almost forget that he's also been Rob Zombie's guitarist for half a decade as well.
With Rob Zombie and Megadeth coming to the PNC Arts Center on May 11th, John 5 took some time to talk to me about his name, his projects, and... his love of NWA?
Examiner: Hi John, thanks for talking to me today. How've you been?
John: Good! Very busy, but good. 
Examiner : Well yeah, you're a busy guy. You're putting out another solo record, playing with Rob Zombie, scoring movies, and I just read that you'll be doing a track with Steven Adler too. Do you ever feel overwhelmed?
John: Oh yeah. I think I'm overwhelmed now. It's just a lot, you know? The tour coming up and everything else, it's a lot.
Examiner: How did the Steven Adler track come about?
John: Oh he just called me up. Everybody calls me to do stuff lately, and I respect Steven and I've known him for a long time, I've known Slash and all those guys for a long time, and of course. They've gave me so much great music over the years, it's the least I can do.
Examiner: Besides music, what do you do for fun?
John: It's mostly music, but sometimes I'll go to a movie just to shut off. But that's about it. Fun would be, I go on a summer tour like the one coming up with Megadeth, that's going to be fun. It's like a vacation. You get to run around with your friends and play loud music and play concerts and hang out and that's fun to me. Especially in the summertime man, there is nothing like that.
Examiner: What I really enjoyed about your last record was that it wasn't just instrumental metal, it hit all styles of music. Do you consider yourself a metal player first and foremost?
John: I consider myself a musician. I like to play everything. I really truly love all styles of music. A lot of people say that, but the first station they turn to when they get in the car is a rock station. I don't always do that. I really enjoy everything. But of course, I'm a rock shred guitar player first.
Examiner: The classical influences in your solo work are obvious. Would you say you're a fan of country and hip hop as well?
John: Oh I do tons of country on all of my albums. Tons of country and bluegrass. I would say rock, and then country second. But I used to not like hip hop at all. I did not like hip hop. And I've never talked about this, okay? Because there's not a lot of guitars, it's just not my cup of tea. But just lately, I put on NWA and I was like listening to it and I was like "Oh my god, this is unbelievable." And I had a total epiphany. And this was only like a week ago, maybe not even a week ago. So I really had an epiphany for NWA, it's really wild.
Examiner: Do you have a checklist of different styles you want to present on each album?
John: Yeah. A lot of the other albums I did a lot of country in between the rock stuff, which was really fun and people love that, but this one I wanted to do a whole acoustic side so I changed it up that way. I just want to keep the listeners on their toes.
Examiner: The CD is called God Told Me To.  What exactly did God tell you to do?
John: Well, it's kind of like a lot of serial killers or people that have committed horrible crimes, they say "Oh God told me to." But I wanted to be a musician so bad, that the small amount of times I did go to church, like on Christmas or something, I would always pray to be a working musician. And I kind of got my wish.
Examiner: Do you anticipate any backlash from the conservative media with a title like that?
John: Oh god, I've had that my whole musical career, being with Manson, dealing with stuff like that. I don't care.
Examiner: So you've been playing with Rob Zombie for a few years now, and it seems that your playing matches his style very well. Do you two get along personally?
John: He's like the brother I never had. We get along great and it's just unbelievable. It's a dream gig, it's like being with your best friend on tour.
Examiner: What's your favorite Zombie song to play live?
John: I would say it's a White Zombie song, Creature of the Wheel.
Examiner: I was listening to Educated Horses this morning, which was the first Zombie record you were on, and it struck me how distinctive your style is yet it still sounds through and through like Rob Zombie. How do you write for him versus writing for others or your solo records?
John: Well I was a fan of Rob Zombie, so I know his style. It's the same thing as if I write for the Scorpions or Skynyrd, or even Rod Stewart. I know their catalog so well, so I know what kind of chords or keys they like to use. So it's easy that way. Rob will say "Give me something like Electric Head" and I'll know exactly what he's talking about it. But if someone said "Hey come write on a Billy Ray Cyrus record," it would be a bit more difficult.
Examiner: How does being in Rob Zombie compare to your time in Marilyn Manson?
John: Well it feels more like a band. I can't explain how great it is being in this band. Of course Rob is the leader and he makes the decisions and we know that. But he doesn't treat us like that.
Examiner: The implication being that Manson was different.
John: Well, Manson was a little more separated. Here we're always walking around together, we're in the same dressing room, the same bus, we're just friends. We're knuckleheads. But Rob makes the decisions.
Examiner: What made you decide to keep the John 5 name even after you left Manson?
John: That's a good question. And I have a great answer. It's just like when Ace Frehley or Peter Criss left KISS. Peter's not going to change his name back to Peter Criscuola, or Ace isn't going to change his name back to Paul Frehley. You build up a reputation on those names.
Examiner: So Rob Zombie is touring with Megadeth in May, and you'll be playing the PNC Arts Center in NJ. How did this matchup come together?
John: I don't know, actually. But I'll tell you this. I am a really huge Megadeth fan, and I've always been a huge Megadeth fan. I started getting into Megadeth right after Killing Was My Business..., so I got into it right at Peace Sells. I was a Megadeth nut. And I'd seen them a thousand times when I was a kid. So I'm really excited to tour with them.
Examiner: What's your favorite Megadeth song?
John: Oh boy. I would say Mary Jane or In My Darkest Hour. Hook in Mouth, things like that. Peace Sells is great.
Examiner: Are you a fan of the newer records?
John: Yes! I love Th1rt3en, I love Countdown to Extinction, I love it all.
Examiner: So this is a co-headlining tour, which I know a lot of people have mixed feelings about. On one hand, you get to see two great bands, but on the other hand, the setlists are usually shorter so you get less of a show from your favorite band. Do you feel strongly one way or another?
John: Well I think that it's a lot harder for people to go to concerts nowadays, because it's expensive. Because it's expensive to tour. And so how are we going to get people in those seats? Let's have a really cool double bill, or maybe a triple bill. People are going to come out in droves, and they do. People don't buy music anymore, they're stealing it. But you can't steal a live show. There's no way to reproduce a real live show. So I think that when you put a great bill together, that people will come out for it.
Examiner: This New Jersey show is going to be the first amphitheater show of the summer for metal fans in the tri-state region.  Are you excited to hit the outdoor venues?
John: Can't wait! It'll be so much fun. When is the first show? Is it May 11th or something?
Examiner: Yes, that's the New Jersey date, first show of the tour.
John: Will it be warm there at the time?
Examiner: It should be, May is usually pretty decent. Spring came to New York a month early this year, so barring any late surprises it should be perfect spring weather.
John: I really can't wait.
Examiner: How does playing an outdoor venue differ from playing indoors?
John: I think outdoor venues sound so much better when you're playing live, especially with rock music. Because the sound isn't bouncing off of everywhere. It doesn't sound like a mess. When you're inside, you're bouncing all over those walls and when people come in, it doesn't get so boomy because the sound is hitting the people. But when it's warm and you're outside, there's nothing better.
Examiner: Who are your personal guitar heroes?
John: Well there's the obvious, Paul Gilbert and Yngwie and Stevie Vai, but also I love Roy Clark and Chet Atkins, Jimmy Bryant, a lot of those cats too. I can get something from anybody.
Examiner: Do you see yourself touring for your solo records?
John: Well, if I find the time, I definitely will. I'll do a tour if we're not making a record.
Examiner: Who would you like to tour with for that? Would you prefer other instrumental artists, or more mainstream bands?
John: I'd probably do a really messed up G3, like Buckethead and Bumblefoot and myself.
Examiner: Finally, I saw that you're including an instrumental version of Beat It on the new album, and gave a shout out to Eddie Van Halen for his original solo, and you've also played with David Lee Roth. So I have to ask, what do you think of the new Van Halen record?
John: I love the new Van Halen album. I think they hit it right on the head. It's exactly what they needed to do. I even like Tattoo. That chorus is so hooky.
Examiner: Thanks for talking to me John, and I'm looking forward to seeing you in New Jersey!
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SLAYER guitarist Kerry King has released the following statement regarding the passing of his longtime tech Armand Crump (pictured below):

"Holy shit. Never thought I'd be writing this.

"The world lost a great man yesterday.

"It was an incredibly rough day for me, I can't imagine what it was like for his family and Cassie [Armand's longtime girlfriend Cassandra Dines]. Needless to say, no one saw this coming.

"I thought I had a great guitar tech until the day I retire.

"Life is short. Enjoy what you have while you have it.

"I was one of the few lucky ones. I saw him Friday, played him some new SLAYER and watched him bang his head and play air guitar.

"What a great dude!! I even got what may have been his last man hug.

"Love ya, buddy."
Intromental Worldwide, the company which was in charge of booking former IRON MAIDEN singer Paul Di'Anno's summer 2012 North American tour, has released the following statement to BLABBERMOUTH.NET:

"It is with deep regret that Intromental Worldwide announces that Paul Di'Anno and his management have decided to cancel the upcoming North American tour already scheduled and confirmed for this summer. Intromental was acting in the capacity of booking agents for the tour.

"The cancelation is 100% beyond our control, and it comes after the majority of the tour was confirmed and announced. We're extremely dissatisfied with how things were handled by Paul Di'Anno and his management as we were given no explanation other than 'Paul chooses not to do this tour.' Given the history and previous cancelations, we are not entirely surprised.

"This very untimely decision is affecting promoters, agents and the bands involved in the tour in many ways, including financially. We're very sorry about this turn of events and apologize to all fans, promoters and venues who supported our efforts in booking this tour."

Di'Anno's backing and support band for this summer's North American tour was supposed to be Cleopatra recording artist ICARUS WITCH. This run of dates, however, was also slated to include Earache buzz band CAULDRON and Pure Steel traditional metal maniacs WIDOW. The tour was set to cover the U.S. and Canada from July 25 to September 2.

Fan-filmed video footage of Paul Di'Anno's March 10 concert at Das Parkhaus in Duisburg, Germany can be seen below.

On August 27, 2011, Di'Anno played his first show since serving time in a U.K. prison after he falsely collected U.K. government benefits by claiming he suffered nerve damage to his back that prevented him from working.

After serving his jail term last spring, Di'Anno issued a short statement in which he thanked his fans for their support and claimed that he "managed not to drop the soap" during his stint behind bars.

Di'Anno, 53, was sentenced to nine months for swindling £45,000 (approximately $72,000) in benefits. He was told he would serve at least four and a half months of the sentence behind bars before being released on conditional bail.

D'Anno was reportedly busted when investigators at Department Of Work And Pensions (DWP) received an anonymous tip that he was still singing. They then found videos and pictures on YouTube and the rocker's own web site of Di'Anno "energetically leaping around on stage, singing to fans around the world."

Di'Anno completed his first North American tour in early 2010, 17 years after he was deported following a prison term for guns and drug offenses.

"In 1991 I did a couple of stints in jail for guns and drugs," Di'Anno explained in a 2010 interview. "I was stupid. But after I'd done my stretch they still treated me like a criminal. And I was — but I wasn't that bad. So I didn't feel good about America. The government, not the people.

"Prison was tough, but I'm tougher. I was nobody's bitch, put it that way. You've got to do it; otherwise people will walk all over you."
Several musicians and members of the rock music community have paid tribute to SLAYER guitarist Kerry King's longtime tech Armand Crump, who passed away earlier today.

GUNS N' ROSES: "We are deeply saddened by the tragic loss of our colleague and friend. Your spirit lives on! RIP Armand."

Dave Mustaine (MEGADETH): "Rest In Peace guitar tech, Armand Crump."

Phil Demmel (MACHINE HEAD): "It's times like these when I realize how much I take for granted how lucky and blessed I am to have my health and the love of family and friends. My thoughts and prayers go out to Armand's family. The world is a darker place without you my friend, you will be sorely missed."

Zach Myers (SHINEDOWN): "For the big man with a even bigger heart ... Boise tonight is for Armand! Thanks for being so nice to me."

Alex Skolnick (TESTAMENT): "One of the best guitar tech's I've ever known, Armand Crump — whom I borrowed from my friend Kerry last year — has passed away. RIP AC."

Randy Blythe (LAMB OF GOD): "A bro died — Kerry King's tech Armand Crump. Known him for 12 years, from the very first LAMB OF GOD tour when he was with AMEN. RIP bro. We will miss you"

Rob Dukes (EXODUS): "I will miss you my friend. Me and John are gonna take our ride in your honor. You will be missed."

Andreas Kisser (SEPULTURA): "Fuck!!! Just heard about Armand!!! Man, this sucks big time, So sad. My feelings goes to Armand's family. RIP my friend...."

Paolo Gregoletto (TRIVIUM): "Just heard about Armand, Kerry King's tech, passing away. He was a very nice dude and always treated us well when we toured together."

Matt DeVries (FEAR FACTORY, CHIMAIRA, SIX FEET UNDER): "Armand was a such a great dude and was always nothing but kind and helpful to me when I was in Chimaira. RIP brother."

Brian Fair (SHADOWS FALL): "So sad to hear about Armand Crump passing away. Was a great friend for years. Teched for Amen on one of the 1st ever Shad tours. RIP brother."

Tomy Campos (SOULFLY, ex-STATIC-X): "Saddened to hear an old friend, Armand Butts Crump, passed today. His bad attempts at cholo Spanish always made me laugh. Rest in piece, my friend."

Jamey Jasta (HATEBREED): "My heart hurts for the friends & family of Armand Crump. He always made me smile. R.I.P."

Chris Beattie (HATEBREED): "The world lost a really awesome guy RIP Armand Crump."

Michael Amott (ARCH ENEMY): "Just heard about guitarist Kerry King's longtime tech Armand Crump passing away. Great guy... Was always cool to see him. Very sad news. RIP"

Mark Hunter (CHIMAIRA): "RIP Armand… always treated us like family."

EMG: "SLAYER tech Armand Butts Crump passed away today. We don't have any of the details but our hearts and thoughts go out to the SLAYER camp and all of Armand's friends and family. Armand was a really kick-ass guy and one hell of a tech... It's a sad day to lose someone so talented and so young. R.I.P. brother..."

Brian Slagel (Metal Blade Records): "This is terrible, Armand was such a great guy. We are saddened by the tragic loss. Your spirit lives on! RIP Armand."
Total Guitar, Europe's best-selling guitar magazine, caught up with DREAM THEATER's John Petrucci and PERIPHERY founder Misha Mansoor at the bands' landmark Wembley Arena show in London to talk guitar for a cover feature in the publication's April issue. An excerpt from the story follows below.

Total Guitar: How does it feel that such ambitious music is selling out Wembley?

Misha Mansoor: "Well, it's not our music: it's his! We're not selling out a damn thing!"

John Petrucci: "It's great. I still remember our first time coming to London to play the Marquee. Growing up as a kid, it was 10 of us raving about the new RUSH album and way into progressive music, but that pocket of kids was as far as it went. Now it's still pockets of kids, but it's all out there on the Internet. I always felt there was an audience for this music in the world, it was just a matter of tapping into it."

Misha Mansoor: "DREAM THEATER, I think, are one of the last bands who'll be able to play music on this level. There's so much competition, so many bands, all accessible within seconds on YouTube and Facebook... it's created an even playing field, but there's less money to go around. I feel lucky to witness this kind of a tour, even as an opener. It's tough right now."

Total Guitar: What do you think of each other's technique and sound?

Misha Mansoor: "[deadpan] I think his sucks."

John Petrucci: "I'm working on it. I love Misha's sound. It has aggression, but there's clarity and it has a personality: it sounds like your tone is talking. You know, PERIPHERY has a sound, and I'll show my age here, but I have two 16-year-olds and their buddies are so into his style. It's like you've started off a new generation. They'll say to me, 'Why can't you play something like that?'"

Misha Mansoor: "Ah, you're making me cry here! When I was 17, I decided that I needed to become John Petrucci. I'm not joking. Until that point, it was just powerchords, but then I went out and bought a Petrucci seven-string and learned as much DREAM THEATER as humanly possible. I realized really fast that it was not gonna happen. The hardest part was the alternate picking. I've always been rubbish at alternate picking! That was definitely a challenge. This is the master; you can hear the pick attack on every note and it's always locked in perfectly. More abstract was that it seemed every note was perfectly chosen. I've never been impressed with shredders. Y'know, people who turn it into a sport..."

John Petrucci: "It's just wankery."

Misha Mansoor: "Pure guitar wankery. That's a good British word. We're trying here, us Americans!"

The full interview with John and Misha features in Total Guitar issue 226, along with an exclusive lesson from John Petrucci.
From her humble youth of singing Spice Girls songs at home with her sister to performing for thousands of fans worldwide, Simone Simons of Epica is living her dreams and making them come true with each passing day. Epica has just released their fifth album titled Requiem for the Indifferent to outstanding reviews from both critics and fans all over the world. I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Simone from her home in Germany and she was one of the kindest, sweetest people I have ever talked to. We talked about her beginnings as a young singer, how she prepares and gets into the zone before a show and even her love of American hamburgers and cupcakes. Simone was a really fantastic person to talk to and I really enjoyed getting to know more about this super talented woman. Sit back and get to know a little more about Simone Simons.
Simone, thank you so much for taking the time out to talk to me today.
No problem. Thank you for calling.
So are you having the crazy weather in Germany that we're having here in the states?
Oh yeah. Today was a gorgeous day. It was about 15 degrees Celsius. We're having kind of a heat wave [laughs]. I was just outside without a jacket and it's warm and sunny. So nice.
Congratulations on yet another stellar album with Requiem For The Indifferent.
Thank you so much Don.
Requiem For The Indifferent seems to yet again contain a really intense concept of global, religious and cultural tensions. Can you tell me a little bit about the concept behind the album?
Well, it's not really a concept album. Epica has always had main topics on each record that we write about and those are politics, religion, and society. Requiem For The Indifferent involves issues like the financial crisis and the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico. It's very much a realistic record lyric wise. It's all very straight forward and about the hard things in life. Requiem for the Indifferent is about the indifferent people who nowadays don't care about what's happening in the world. They keep their eyes shut and they live in their own little worlds. They need to open up their eyes, wake up, and try to unite with the rest of the world to make it a better place.
When I was growing up as a young heavy metal fan I loved bands like Iron Maiden that always seemed to have some thought and substance behind their lyrics. Can you tell me a little bit about the creative process behind the new album?
The process for this album was basically the same as for the other albums. The main composer in the band is Mark (Jansen; guitarist/vocalist) and this time our keyboard player Coen (Janssen) and Isaac (Delahaye; guitarist) have written two songs. Since we all live so far apart from each other we each have home studios we work in. We usually compose at home but we had a couple of sessions where we worked together on this album. When the songs are almost finished Mark sends them to me and I work on the vocals at home. The vocals always come a little bit towards the end. Then we have a session where we work on making the selections of songs which are going to be on the record and we improve vocal and song structures where needed. That's how we have done it for the last couple of records as well.
Requiem for the Indifferent is your fifth album. With five albums under your belts now, it must be starting to get hard to make set lists for your tour. How does Epica go about creating a set list?
We try to switch it up but always keep a core group of songs which we know well. We have our classics like "Cry for the Moon", "Consign to Oblivion" and other older ones that we try to keep in the setlist. We do polls quite often on Facebook and ask the fans what songs they would like to hear. With five records we could easily play 7 hours or so [laughs]. Our shows are usually like one hour and 45 minutes to two hours long so especially with the long songs we can play 3 songs and then the set list is full [laughs]. There are so many great songs and each band member has their favorites so it's hard to keep everybody happy but we manage.
Do you have a particular favorite song to perform live?
We recently did "Storm the Sorrow" live in January when we did two shows with ReVamp. I really enjoyed doing that song live. It feels a little bit like a new beginning with each new record. You know the songs really well but you haven't played them live and the fans don't know them yet so that was a nice experience. The song really is very comfortable for me to sing so that would be my current favorite.
I know that some singers have a special way of preparing for a live performance. Do you have a little ritual or something that you do to get yourself psyched up?
Yeah. I always do my own hair and makeup. I take one hour before the show, I put on some headphones to listen to some music, I drink my Redbull Light and do some vocal exercises and try to forget about the chaos that's around me like the screaming caveman band members [laughs]. That's my thing.
Epica had quite a successful US tour behind Design Your Universe. Are there any plans to tour the US again behind this new album?
Oh yeah sure. We are planning a North American tour for October/November so we are definitely coming soon and we will be doing a show in Atlanta for sure.
That's great to hear. I figured I'd go ahead and get my request in for you to play "Martyr of the Free World" for me.
[laughs] Oh I like that one a lot too. That's a cool song.
Let's go back in time a little bit. What made you decide that you wanted to be a singer?
I've always loved music. I loved the Spice Girls and the Backstreet Boys when I was a little girl and I wanted to have a singing group with my sister. It was fun for me and it was a dream that I thought would never come true. I always loved Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey. I actually sang a song by Mariah Carey when I was 12 in a primary school musical. My music teacher back then told me that I had talent and that I should do something about it but back then I was really shy. I was so nervous that I was about to have a heart attack before the show but all of that changed somehow. Now it feels natural. I've been in Epica for ten years now and it's all I know. My hobby is my job and it's also a lifestyle that I feel really comfortable in. To earn my living singing is something that I love to do and it's amazing. I was really sad to hear of Whitey Houston's death. She was such a talented singer and she got so messed up with all the drugs and she killed herself. That is something that I would never let happen to me.
It's sad because we've seen so many talented people in all genres of music just crumble and die because of drug and alcohol abuse. Is your anti-drug stance something that you try to influence your fans with?
I don't do drugs, I don't smoke and I drink very little alcohol but I do eat candy and cupcakes [laughs]. I think that a lot of musicians start using drugs not because they want to be cool but because they can't deal with the pressure of things. I know myself and sometimes I am so tired to the bone and I feel like, "I need energy and I can't make it anymore." Those artists turn to drugs because that's what keeps them awake, gives them energy and I can understand that it is tempting.
Were your parents supportive of you performing heavy metal music?
I didn't tell my parents at first. I lied to them [laughs]. I had a show with my choir on the same day that we had our first Epica show and I didn't know what to do so I had to tell my parents. My dad was concerned about my education. My mom loved it but my dad was a little bit skeptical about it. Now he sees that I've made the right choice. Every parent wants the best for their child and tries to keep them away from making mistakes.
Simone, now I'd like to ask you a few fun questions just to try and get to know you a little better.
Of course. Go right ahead.
When touring in America, what is your favorite kind of food to eat?
America definitely has the best hamburgers around so I always try to eat a couple of burgers while there. I have to set a limit of five burgers for a whole tour because I do like a lot of cheese on my burgers. I don't want to look like a burger after eating them so much [laughs]. I love burgers and I love your frozen yogurt. I love cupcakes. I have my list of foods that I always have to eat when I'm in American and of course I love it that there is a Starbucks on every corner. I have to have my tea with milk and I love those little cake pops. Oh my God those are dangerous [laughs].
They are very dangerous. I could eat like seven of those things.
[laughs] Yeah. That's your whole days worth of calories and you're still hungry afterwards. I love that. America has great food and I always shop like crazy too. Everything there is almost half the price of what we pay for things here. I love hot tamales and I love Vitamin Water. I always come with a full suitcase and then I have to buy another suitcase to fill up because I buy so much stuff there. America is such a wonderland [laughs].
Well I'll be sure to bring you some cupcakes when you come back to Atlanta!
Oh that would be really nice [laughs]. That's so nice of you. Thank you!
If Hollywood was to make a movie about Simone Simons who would play you?
That's a good one. I recently had an interview on a TV show and the people working there said that I looked like Christina Applegate but I don't think so [laughs]. Let's see. Who would play me? A younger actress with a pale face and big eyes. Maybe Amanda Seyfried or Scarlet Johnanson [laughs].
What was your first rock concert?
My first rock concert was After Forever. I was with Mark (Jansen) and it was before Epica. That was when I was 16 years old.
Did seeing that band make you want to be a singer like you are today?
Honestly I never really thought that being a singer on stage was something I could ever do. It was just a fantasy to me. Many of my dreams actually did come true.
Simone, you are such a positive thinking and speaking person.
Aw, thank you.  I'm just a jolly person by nature. Positivity gives you more energy than negativity and that's why I try to be away from people who are negative all the time. You can get drawn into that negative spiral. If you think positive you can always get out of nasty situations.
If you could sing for any band for just one night who would it be?
Well, it's not a band but a solo singer. I would really like to sing Imogene Heap. I love her music and I love her voice. I would love to see myself sing those songs.
If you weren't a singer, what do you think you would be doing instead?
I would do something either really creative or something in the medical world where I could help heal people. I love children and I think could transfer my positivity to other people as well.
Last but not least, do you have any advice for up and coming musicians trying to make it in the music world?
I'm really lucky that so many of my dreams came true and I wish the same for other people. I encourage them to work hard and to not think too much about it. Follow your heart and just know that if you fall down you will always get your feet back on the ground. Never think that your are never going to make it or that you're a loser. That is negative thinking and that will not get you anywhere except for standing still and not moving forward.
Congratulations once again on Requiem for the Indifferent.  Thanks for taking the time to talk to me today. It's been a real pleasure getting to know you more.
Thank you very much. The pleasure was all mine.
I'll look forward to seeing you in Atlanta and I promise to bring cupcakes!
[laughs] That is so cool. Thank you so much. I love the vanilla ones and carrot cake ones. I even like the cheap ones from WalMart. I'm not picky [laughs].
For more on Epica, head on over to http://www.epica.nl
Reactivated classic early '80s metal band OBSESSION has inked a deal with Inner Wound Recordings for the release of its long-awaited new album, "Order Of Chaos". The CD will be made available later in the year.

The group's current lineup is as follows:

Michael Vescera - Vocals
John Bruno - Guitar
Scott Boland - Guitar
Chris McCarvill - Bass
BJ Zampa – Drums

Video footage of the OBSESSION performing the song "Scarred For Life" at the 2010 edition of the Keep It True XIII festival, which was held April 23-24, 2010 at Tauberfrankenhalle in Lauda-Königshofen, Germany, can be viewed below.

The band's 2006 CD, "Carnival of Lies", was re-released through Mausoleum Records on February 12, 2008. This reissue featured new artwork and the bonus tracks "Panic In The Streets" (previously only available on the Avalon release in Japan) and "Judas". The album's title track featured Swedish guitar sensation Robert Marcello (DANGER DANGER, IRONHORSE) and Boston based neo-classical shred-god Joe Stump (REIGN OF TERROR).

OBSESSION gained success in the late '80s with the release of a four-song EP, 1984's "Marshall Law" (Metal Blade Records), two LPs (1986's "Scarred For Life" and 1987's "Methods Of Madness", both for Enigma/Capitol Records), and an MTV "Headbanger's Ball"-aired video for "For the Love of Money", from "Methods of Madness".

OBSESSION's original lineup featured Michael and Jay along with Bruce Vitale, Art Maco (guitar, retired) and Matt Karagus (bass, retired).
ANVIL, DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT, CAULDRON, FUCK THE FACTS and KEN MODE have been nominated in the "Metal/Hard Music Album Of The Year" category at this year's Juno Awards (the Canadian equivalent of the Grammy Awards), set to be held in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada March 26 - April 1.

This new category is an award to honor artistic achievement, technical proficiency and overall excellence in the Canadian recording industry, without regard to album sales or chart position. Eligible albums include metal, metalcore, hardcore, heavy rock, thrash metal, death metal and their respective sub-genres including (but not limited to) nu-metal, power metal, grindcore, extreme metal, industrial metal, viking metal, folk metal, doom metal, gothic metal, speed metal, and sludge metal.

"Metal/Hard Music Album Of The Year" nominees:

* ANVIL - Juggernaut of Justice (The End/Sony)
* CAULDRON - Burning Fortune (Earache/eOne)
* FUCK THE FACTS - Die Miserable (Relapse/eOne)
* KEN MODE - Venerable (Profound Lore/Sonic Unyon)
* DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT - Deconstruction (HevyDevy/eOne)

"You know, this is the thing. We're a metal band, and (have) a cult following — that's not something you win Junos for," ANVIL guitarist/vocalist Steve "Lips" Kudlow told The Canadian Press.

"It's kind of odd because to be metal is to be anti-commercial. To be anti-commercial is not to be winning a Juno Award."

He added. "In the past, what is generally expected is they add something but they don't know very much about what they're adding. In this particular case ... I think (the nominees) are pretty accurate."

Jesse Matthewson of KEN MODE said that he was surprised when he first saw that his band was nominated for this year's award. "I thought, well, that's kind of cool, but I didn't really take it that seriously because I just assumed it'd be treated more like the Grammys where it's only the very, very big bands that could ever have a hope in hell of getting nominated. And then when I saw the list and it's like ... what is going on here?"

He added, "With a lot of quote unquote 'normal' people, that sort of thing really excites them — it's almost like we're a legitimate band now. (My parents') friends are like: 'Wow, they're like, really talented, aren't they?"'

"It's nice that Canada's finally waking up to appreciate some of the darker arts," he said. "It's cool that hopefully we'll start getting more recognition on a grander scale."

For more information about Canadian Academy Of Recording Arts And Sciences (CARAS) and the Juno Awards, go to www.junoawards.ca.
KEN MODE was honored in the "Metal/Hard Music Album Of The Year" category at this year's Juno Awards (the Canadian equivalent of the Grammy Awards), which is being held in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada March 26 - April 1.

This new category is an award to honor artistic achievement, technical proficiency and overall excellence in the Canadian recording industry, without regard to album sales or chart position. Eligible albums include metal, metalcore, hardcore, heavy rock, thrash metal, death metal and their respective sub-genres including (but not limited to) nu-metal, power metal, grindcore, extreme metal, industrial metal, viking metal, folk metal, doom metal, gothic metal, speed metal, and sludge metal.

"Metal/Hard Music Album Of The Year" nominees were as follows:

* ANVIL - Juggernaut of Justice (The End/Sony)
* CAULDRON - Burning Fortune (Earache/eOne)
* FUCK THE FACTS - Die Miserable (Relapse/eOne)
* KEN MODE - Venerable (Profound Lore/Sonic Unyon)
* DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT - Deconstruction (HevyDevy/eOne)

Jesse Matthewson of KEN MODE told The Canadian Press that he was surprised when he first saw that his band was nominated for this year's award. "I thought, well, that's kind of cool, but I didn't really take it that seriously because I just assumed it'd be treated more like the Grammys where it's only the very, very big bands that could ever have a hope in hell of getting nominated. And then when I saw the list and it's like ... what is going on here?"

He added, "With a lot of quote unquote 'normal' people, that sort of thing really excites them — it's almost like we're a legitimate band now. (My parents') friends are like: 'Wow, they're like, really talented, aren't they?"'

"It's nice that Canada's finally waking up to appreciate some of the darker arts," he said. "It's cool that hopefully we'll start getting more recognition on a grander scale."

For more information about Canadian Academy Of Recording Arts And Sciences (CARAS) and the Juno Awards, go to www.junoawards.ca.

KEN MODE is a name synonymous with the Canadian hardcore and metal scenes. The band has effortlessly blended Amphetamine Reptile-styled noise rock with pure hardcore fury to become one of the Canada's most crushing acts. In the process, it has built a reputation for itself through its unique brand of metallic noise rock as well as touring with musical titans such as MASTODON, PELICAN, CURSED, PROPAGHANDI, BARONESS and more. Now KEN MODE is back once again with a plan to conquer the aggressive music scene and establish iself as the leaders of innovative and aggressive music.

KEN MODE's "Venerable" was released in March 2011 via Profound Lore Records. The CD was produced by Kurt Ballou (CONVERGE, TRAP THEM, TORCHE) at Godcity Studios and was mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side.

"Venerable" features 10 tracks that blur the lines between raw sonic energy and introspective, melodic moments. Songs like "Batholith" and "Book of Muscle" raise the bar for hardcore standards a little higher while "A Wicked Pike" pays homage to bands like THE JESUS LIZARD with spastic noise rock elements and "Flight of the Echo Hawk" (a tribute to David Kelly from KITTENS) is an instrumental masterpiece that will certainly play well for fans of ISIS, PELICAN, JESU, etc.

The spectacular cover art for "Venerable" features imagery by Julie Anne Mann and layout by Josh Graham (SOUNDGARDEN, NEUROSIS, A STORM OF LIGHT).

"Venerable" track listing:

01. The Book Of Muscle
02. Obeying The Iron Will
03. Batholith
04. The Irate Lumberjack
05. A Wicked Pike
06. Flight Of The Echo Hawk
07. Never Was
08. The Ugliest Happy You've Ever Seen
09. Terrify The Animals
10. Mako Shark
San Francisco Bay Area metallers DEATH ANGEL have issued the following update:

"This has been the longest time off the road we've had in over two years! Been writing new songs during the break and we got a thick batch of new tunes out of it. Still work in progress, of course, but the new material is sounding tight, heavy and hella SICK! Now to turn our focus back to touring mode — rehearsing our set for the upcoming tour with SEPULTURA! Nonstop jamming is our life."

DEATH ANGEL will join forces with SEPULTURA, KRISIUN and HAVOK for a North American tour in April/May.

DEATH ANGEL will release a DVD entitled "A Thrashumentary" in the spring. According to a press release, "A Thrashumentary" is a combination live video and documentary, all wrapped up in one thrashing DVD. The footage was directed by Tommy Jones (SOILWORK, KATAKLYSM) and mixed by Chris Clancy of The Studio. The film gives the viewer an in-depth look into one of the longest-running thrash acts out of the San Francisco Bay Area, a region known for turning out historic thrash bands such as METALLICA, TESTAMENT and EXODUS.

"Relentless Retribution", the latest album from DEATH ANGEL, sold 2,700 copies in the United States in its first week of release. The CD landed at position No. 10 on the Top New Artist Albums (Heatseekers) chart, which lists the best-selling albums by new and developing artists, defined as those who have never appeared in the Top 100 of The Billboard 200. The band's previous album, "Killing Season", opened with around 2,300 units back in March 2008. This number was in line with the performance of its predecessor, "The Art of Dying", which registered a first-week sales tally of around 2,100 back in May 2004.
DEFTONES frontman Chino Moreno told the Chilean web site La Tercera that the band completed pre-production on its seventh album this past week and will enter the studio on July 9 to begin recording the effort for a late 2012 release. "I know everyone says this, but I think it will be the best album we've recorded," Moreno is quoted as saying in the Spanish-language article. "I am very excited about because it sounds futuristic compared to our last album, 'Diamond Eyes' — so it feels like a step forward."

2010's "Diamond Eyes" has been one of DEFTONES' most successful outings. The set's last single, "You've Seen The Butcher", was a Top 15 rock radio hit.

DEFTONES will once again record with Sergio Vega on bass. Vega stepped in for touring purposes after original bassist Chi Cheng was left in a semi-comatose state by a November 2008 car accident, and stayed on to record "Diamond Eyes" with the group.

Last October, Reprise Records released a limited-edition vinyl box set from DEFTONES. "Deftones: The Vinyl Collection, 1995 - 2011" is a seven-album (8 LP) retrospective containing the band's six studio albums — 1995's "Adrenaline", 1997's "Around The Fur", 2000's "White Pony", 2003's "Deftones", 2006's "Saturday Night Wrist", and 2010's "Diamond Eyes", and the limited-edition 2011 Record Store Day release "Covers". Each album was exclusively re-cut for vinyl from the original master recordings and pressed on 180-gram European virgin vinyl. The collection, which included a unique lithograph and cover art, came packaged in a hand-numbered collector's box pressing of 1,000 copies worldwide.
Swedish metallers TAD MOROSE have announced the addition of guitarist Kenneth Jonsson to the group's ranks.

Commented TAD MOROSE guitarist Christer "Krunt" Andersson: "Kenneth is a very talented guitar player. Some of you probably already heard of him from bands such as TORCH and THE CITADELL.

"We have been searching for another guitar player since Markus left the band and we are really pleased with Kenneth.

"We will play the first show with Kenneth at Tuppenz in our hometown of Bollnäs, Sweden on Friday the 6th of April. This show will also include CIBOLA JUNCTION and a suprise headliner!

"The new album, 'Revenant', is soon completed! Finally!!!!!

"TAD MOROSE will also play at the Swordbrothers Festival in Germany on September 8th.

"We are really, really looking forward to get on the stage again! ....and last but not least, to get that album out!!!! When that is done, we will have a release party where I will celebrate until it hurts!!! Anyone dare to join?

Added Kenneth: "It's an honor to be a part of TAD MOROSE and I'd like to thank the guys in TAD MOROSE for giving me the opportunity. I've been listening to the band since the '90s and have always thought that they where one of the best heavy/power metal band out there. The decision for me to make was even easier after listening to the new TAD MOROSE songs for the upcoming album, 'Revenant'! This is truly going to be a blast and I hope to see all of you fans out on the tour!"

TAD MOROSE 2012 is:

Christer "Krunt" Andersson (Guitar)
Peter Morén (Drums)
Ronny Hemlin (Vocals)
Tommi Karpanen (Bass)
Kenneth Jonsson (Guitar)

TAD MOROSE in August 2008 announced the addition of singer Ronny Hemlin (STEEL ATTACK) and bassist Tommi Karpanen (ex-MORGANA LEFAY) to the group's ranks.

The band's last album, "Modus Vivendi", came out in 2003.
Finnish gothic metallers TO/DIE/FOR have inked a deal with Massacre Records. The band's sixth album, "Samsara" — which was made available in Finland last December — will receive a wider European release during the summer.

"Samsara" track listing:

01. Kissing The Flames (4:49)
02. Damned Rapture (5:12)
03. Cry For Love (IGGY POP cover) (4:21)
04. Death Comes in March (3:13)
05. Folie á Deux (7:11)
06. Hail Of Bullets (4:25)
07. Love's A Sickness (5:54)
08. Raving Hearts (3:48)
09. Oblivion: Vision (6:13)
10. Someday Somewhere Somehow (6:38)

A video for the song "Hail Of Bullets" can be seen below.

Regarding the musical direction of the new material, vocalist Jape Perätalo previously stated, "[The next TO/DIE/FOR CD] is gonna be much darker compared to [2006's] 'Wounds Wide Open', but it will include some rocking ones, too."

He added, "We are not trying to create anything very 'technically nice' and very 'new'... We just record whatever the fuck we want to . . . We're gonna keep things simple but one thing is important for us... it must have real soul in it!"

TO/DIE/FOR's current lineup is as follows:

Jape Perätalo - Vocals
Juppe Sutela - Guitar
Antza Talala - Guitar
Eza Viren - Bass
Matti Huopainen - Drums
Juska Salminen – Keyboards

TO/DIE/FOR released a "best-of" collection, "Epilogue From The Past - Best Of", in January 2011 via Spinefarm Records. Included on the set was the brand new song "Angelica".

TO/DIE/FOR's fifth album, "Wounds Wide Open", was released in Finland in October 2006. The follow-up to 2005's "IV" was recorded by Samu Oittinen at Fantom Studios and by Jari-Jukka Nippala at Sonic Image, and was mixed at Sweden's Abyss Studios by Peter Tägtgren (DIMMU BORGIR, CELTIC FROST).
It's a name that invokes fear and disgust to the conservative populace and cheers and clenched fists to the metal masses. Cannibal Corpse has been corrupting our earholes for almost 25 years, and, mystifyingly, has not fallen victim to becoming a nostalgia act, unlike all too many of its peers.
Having recently released its twelfth studio album for Metal Blade Records, entitled TORTURE, the ferocious five has not only retained its signature brutality but has managed to remain relevant through increasingly better songwriting.
As the band prepares for its next tour of North America, we secured sometime with founding drummer Paul Mazurkiewicz in an effort to learn how Cannibal Corpse has managed to avoid the mortician's slab!
When I first listened to TORTURE, I was floored by how youthful and energized the band sounds. Can you explain to me how Cannibal Corpse is retaining its freshness after all these years?
It's a tough one to figure out, man. I think it has something to do that we've always loved what we do; the music is always aggressive, of course. But I know exactly what you mean. When we started writing these songs, they just came together so well. And these old school tempos, which we haven't really used much lately, we also started to bring back. I don't know if it was a conscious effort beyond our desire to write some really great songs. First and foremost, it's about having a catchy, brutal song!
But the more I think about it, I think that Rob [Barrett, guitar] and Pat [O'Brien, guitar] really contributed moreso than they have in a while; especially Rob, who wrote three songs for this new record (every record he's been on prior to this, he'd only written one per album). I think he really came into his own as a Cannibal song writer with these three songs.
And with Pat, who has contributed and collaborated a lot over the years, the four songs he wrote for TORTURE I think are arguably the best songs he's ever written! The things these guys came up with really helped us create a more diverse record. I'm just glad it's happening, and I think Cannibal fans will be really happy with it.
There is a sort of complacency curse that often plagues bands that have been around as long as Cannibal Corpse has, regardless of genre. How does the band actively go about avoiding putting out "just another Cannibal Corpse record"?
Well, like I said, we just love what we do. We're lucky to be in the position we're at, to make a living by making music. And when I think back to the early days, just being a fan of music in the 80s, we were let down by so many bands. We would love bands that would have a really great album or two, and then we'd get an album that we'd be like, "Whu-what happened???"They would become a completely different band.
I think we look at memories like that as a conscious driving force behind what we do. I never wanted to become one of those bands! There's no reason to become that way, especially if you truly love what you do. That is key for us to keep pushing and striving to move forward, be the best musicians and songwriters we can, refining everything as we go, and here we are on top of our game!
At what point did you notice that the game had changed for you? What I mean is, Cannibal Corpse was on the vanguard of the whole gore/death metal genre, but there came a point where the infatuation with gore became almost comical and less menacing. And somewhere along the line, you recognized that and seemed to mature musically.
I know exactly what you're talking about. I think really, ever since THE BLEEDING, we've began to evolve into what is now the "modern Cannibal sound." Even though all our CDs are Cannibal CDs and you can tell them all apart, I don't think it was until THE BLEEDING that we began to refine our songwriting and our musicianship. And we decided to keep moving up from that point on.
There have been bands that have come and gone, and trends and fads, and certain styles that have come and gone, and we actually really try to stay true to where we started – as a brutal death metal band. We've been lucky that the older we got, the more attention we paid to what we were doing, and even more luckily, we are still writing records that the fans continue to love.
Do you think that Cannibal Corpse has gradually become more acceptable to the American palate because of society's growing infatuation with torture-horror and zombie movies?
Well, I think that is a little bit of it. But if you look at it, metal has been around for 30 or more years now. But back in the late 80s, what we were doing was new. We weren't acceptable to the masses, because it was an underground style of music. But, like anything else, times change; here we are having been around for generations now! And we're not new anymore.
Now, we have kids who are 9 or 10 years old, getting online and being able to hear bands like us now. And because of all the time that has passed, we've been around, people know our name; we're not mainstream, but people know who we are. Even if they're not into death metal, chances are, they've heard the name "Cannibal Corpse" somewhere. I think the evolving of generations and society's acceptance of it more has played a huge role in our longevity.
Catch Cannibal Corpse live on The US Torture Tour 2012 on the following dates:
  • April 5 at Freebird Live in Jacksonville, FL
  • April 6 at The Soapbox in Wilmington, NC
  • April 7 at Lincoln Theater in Raleigh, NC
  • April 8 at V Club Live in Huntington, WV
  • April 9 at The Orange Peel in Asheville, NC
  • April 10 at The Canal Club in Richmond, VA
  • April 12 at Higher Ground in South Burlington, VT
  • April 13 at The Club at Water St. in Rochester, NY
  • April 14 at Bogart's in Cincinnati, OH
  • April 15 at The Intersection in Grand Rapids, MI
  • April 16 at People's Court in Des Moines, IA
  • April 17 at Slowdown inOmaha, NE
  • April 19 at The Scene-Ary in Wichita, KS
  • April 20 at The Black Sheep in Colorado Springs, CO
  • April 21 at Mesa Theater in Grand Junction, CO
  • April 22 at Top Deck in Farmington, NM
  • April 23 at The Rock in Tucson, AZ
  • April 24 at Tricky Falls in El Paso, TX
  • April 25 at Jake's in Lubbock, TX
  • April 27 at The Blue Note in Columbia, MO
  • April 28 at Diamond Ballroom in Oklahoma City, OK
  • April 29 at Newby's in Memphis, TN
  • April 30 at Exit In in Nashville, TN
  • May 1 at Zydeco in Birmingham, AL
  • May 2 at Vinyl Music Hall in Pensacola, FL
Keep up with Cannibal Corpse on Facebook and at its official website.
And check out TORTURE available now at iTunes, Amazon, and Amazon Digital.
ALL AGAINST, the Finnish death/thrash metal band featuring singer Juha-Matti Perttunen (CATAMENIA), bassist Sami Knuutinen (QUAKE THE EARTH) and drummer Aleksi Heiskanen (QUAKE THE EARTH), has released the second in a series of video studio reports on the making of their newly released EP, "Blindness". It is a short documentary of ALL AGAINST's studio sessions at Mastervox Studios in Oulu with engineer/producer Kari "Kakke" Vähäkuopus (ex-CATAMENIA).

"Blindness" track listing:

01. Blindness
02. Hell Money
03. Globalisatan
04. Drug Of Choice


Juha-Matti Perttunen - Vocals
Heikki Niemisalo - Guitar
Janne Niva - Guitar
Sami Knuutinen - Bass
Aleksi Heiskanen – Drums
Swedish death metallers EVOCATION have entered IF Studios, the IN FLAMES-owned facility in Gothenburg, Sweden, with producer Roberto Laghi (IN FLAMES, SONIC SYNDICATE, HARDCORE SUPERSTAR) to begin recording their fourth album for a late 2012 release via the band's new label home, Century Media Records.

Commented the band: "Janne [K. Bodén, drums] has been extremely efficient as usual. 10 tracks are already laid down after two days of work. The sound is very impressive, to say the least! Producer Roberto Laghi has set an sound that is overwhelming."

In addition, Century Media will issue a compilation of EVOCATION's entire demo discography, plus additional footage, comments, liner notes, exclusive artwork and unreleased songs. A summer 2012 release is expected.

EVOCATION's third album, "Apocalyptic", was released on October 29, 2010 via Cyclone Empire Records.
Italy's grind demons CRIPPLE BASTARDS will release a brand new seven-inch EP, "Senza Impronte", featuring their fastest, most aggressive and pissed off material to date. Due on April 24, the limited-edition EP is band's first recording for new label Relapse Records.

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