[african_music] ANN: New CD from Sahrawi singer Mariem Hassan


Mariem Hassan
El Aaiun Egdat (El Aaiún On Fire)

In 2012 Mariem Hassan gives her music a new twist. The "Arab Spring" and
the indomitable Sahrawi struggle for independence are the subjects of
her new songs. Rooted in the traditions of the Haul, Hassan explores
blues, jazz and contemporary sounds as no other Sahrawi musician ever
has. El Aaiún Egdat (El Aaiún on Fire) embodies her fresh
stylistic exploration. The Sahrawi diva is accompanied once again by
Vadiya Mint El Hanevi, on tebals (drums) and choruses, by Luis
Giménez on electric guitar, mbira and harmonica, by Hugo Westerdahl
on bass, and Gabriel Flores on saxophone and flutes.

The CD is available now via www.cdRoots.com.

You can also hear a few samples of the music here:


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