[u2tour] Watch the complete U2 Chicago 2011 show


Hi all,

Thank you for all the kind words when I posted the 2 Anaheim shows a couple
months back. I've uploaded a playlist for the complete Chicago 2011 show.
This includes the rare performance of One Tree Hill. As before, this is a
single camera video and I've inserted some animated stills to cover the
short gaps between some of the songs, and I think it turned out pretty
good. I did use an alternative source for the second half of Elevation due
to some issues. Be sure to switch the replay option to 1080 or 720 to
watch in HD. The excellent audio is courtesy of "tapeworm 48". I was a
bit further off to the side of the outside rail than Id have preferred to
get the best shot, but it was a U2 show so I can't complain :) I'll be
uploading a couple of versions of this to u2torrents this week for those of
you who download torrents. If you don't, the software is free and easy to
learn to use. Please don't ask me to burn personal copies as I've got a
bunch of friends who have asked, and I haven't even gotten to those yet.
Also, I got some offers of $$ for the Anaheim shows. Never buy or sell
bootlegs! JMO. I hope you enjoy,

Just hit "play all". Feel free to leave comments, subscribe, or give a
"thumbs-up" if you enjoy it. Share if you want.


Also, here is a beginners guide to torrents:


Pittsburgh next!


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