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Thanks for the info, however that just begs another question.


Are there any demo's or rough mix tapes of the music out there to have a listen to?


That would be an interesting mix (Purple/Santana), and extended noodling versions of someone else's songs is something I've always enjoyed.


A group that does this well, for my money, is Gov't Mule.



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AC Apple was a loud, B3 based band that was a cross between Deep Purple and Santana if you can imagine that. We did a lot of unique arrangements of older songs like a seven minute version of "We gotta get out of this place." Or a long version with rhythmic lights of Steppenwolf's "Jupiter Child"  that often caused those dancers under the spell of non-prescription drugs or prone to epileptic fits to come unglued. We were actually told by a bar manager in Burlington, VT not to play that song because of the damage that resulted.
We were in the process of recording an album at Studio Six in Montreal when we came unglued. Great time, met a lot of famous and about to be famous people. Partied a lot.Made the ladies very happy along the way. It was a first class club band, great equipment, great talent. Made a lot of money for a while. Just a great time.
Thanks for asking.
Uncle Bill
Where have all the groupies gone? in NY



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