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Great song but what a rebel playing that at an elvis event.
Saw sammy almost 2 years ago (warm up for the scorpions) the crowd were on the their feet the whole time but when he started bad motor scooter then went into rock candy and space station # 9 the energy of the crowd kicked into a whole new level.

I hope sammy keeps playing montrose.

I would hate to see it fade away.


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I went to an acoustic gathering celebrating Elvis' b-day a couple months ago. I started playing 'Good Rockin Tonight', but I wasn't really doing Elvis version. I didn't even rehearse it beforehand, just heard in my head Sammy singing it and Ronnie playing it, voila

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Just saw the posting. Sad to hear the news, RIP Ronnie.

Montrose was one of my first albums, and I still have it.


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I'm curious what people think about this. If you read the piece about Ronnie's passing there is a line in the original statement..

"And true to form, he chose his own exit the way he chose his own life."

You can read it in it's full text...

What do you make of that?

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> What terrible news to wake to, Ronnie has died.
> Larry

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