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I  have received the first two Immersion sets and have "The Wall" on order. 

The discs offered in The Dark Side set are superb - you get two Quad mixes of the work, along with all the tzacuckelles. the mix and sound on this set is great throughout. Somehow I think this is almost easy as we all know the work and could probably place all the various tracks ourselves.

Things get a bit dicier on the :Wish You Were Here" set. The sound is cleaner, sure, but I think that's the problem. The studio conditions under which this was recorded - while certainly not shabby - were not digital either. And it is quiet evident that these discs are all digitalized. If I may, the sound is now sanitized - all the odd highs and lows gone. To a person hearing this work for the first time, I wonder if even they might get the goodness in these 5 pieces. This remastering was done for Classic Rock radio, I'm afraid  The goodies here - the odd music pieces - are what attracted me to the set. BUT I cannot in good conscience recommend this set to an everyday fan on solely those. I mean, the marblkes, coasters and scarf are all well and good - but is it rock and roll??!!

I am almost afraid to listen to the Wall set. Roger waters has been touring on this opus for two years, so I would imagine even he has some ideas about how he would now have recorded this work originally. The fun part for me here with be the demos and the few unreleased tracks - but, again, to get this set solely for that - can't do it unless you are one of the rabid, as I may very well be.

The sound is clean throughout, with no glaring things missing. Ona work which thrives in the Digital Age, "Dark Side Of The Moon" remains a wonder. I will be most curious to hear how "Animals" and "Meddle" fare under this projects - they do intend to go through all 14 albums ... Umma Gumma might just get the full live treatment finally!

Ed Vitale

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 Anyone have any of the recent Pink Floyd reissues? If so which ones and how you like them, packaging, sound etc.

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