[oddmusic] Dancity - a telematic piece for laptop orchestra, acoustic instruments, and voice


Check out our telematic piece for laptop orchestra, acoustic instruments, and voice from the Penta Locus event (Nov 2011)

This ensemble was made of five locations:
Concordia University (Montreal) - Concordia Laptop Orchestra
University of California, San Diego
New York University
Queens University Belfast
Hamburg Hochschule of Music

The aggregate telematic ensemble consisted of 35 performers with the following instruments: Laptops, oboe, clarinet, sax, trumpet, trombone, tuba, violin, voice, accordion, pianos, fender Rhoads, electric/tabletop guitar, bass, drums, percussion.

The performance was guided by a descriptive score and conducted by soundpainters in each location who communicated in real-time through text-messaging.

Concordia Laptop Orchestra (CLOrk) in this video:
Joe Browne, Laptop
Mark Corwin, technology
Alexis Franco, Laptop
Ivo Tobin Lippold, Laptop
Marco Liy, Laptop
marek madej, Laptop
Michael Palumbo, Laptop
Evan Stepanian, Laptop
Eldad Tsabary, Director, Conductor
Patrick Valiquet, Laptop
The complete list of participants is in the video

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