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Good choice - Smaller festivals (esp. food festivals)can bring out some good musicians/bands. Cities/towns sometimes have Spring/Summer concert series, where the concerts are either free or low priced. I remember a real good one years ago in Pensacola, FL called "Springfest" which had a ton of bands/musician for a week like Eric Burdon, War, Love & Rockets, to name a few. Not sure if it is still going on.

Yes, a genre mix of musicians/bands can be quite fun, along with multiple stages available to attend. Festivals of a few days to a week or more can be an abolute blast. I'd love to travel around the US & internationally in the near future & attend several of these festivals. I've heard there are some good ones in the UK which can have upwards of 50 - 100 bands at the festival. Count me in !

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> Fairs can work well. I'm leaning towards the smaller festivals these
> days though. Typically 3 days of lots of performers, with lots of those
> little side stages busy during the daytime.
> Genre doesn't seem to be a hard rule either. 'Folk' festivals around
> here include Folk, World, Bit of Rock, Jazz, Blues and some stuff that
> defies categorization. I'm thinking about Hawksley Workman, Andrew Bird
> types of music.
> Great for folks whose ears are open!
> Clint

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