[Classic_Rock_Forever] Time Is A River: The Lost Dream Years


Time Is A River: The Lost Dream Years

One month ago was the official release day of my first guitar-driven CD. My prior releases were all ambient electronic CDs. This is a collection of songs from the mid-late 90's ranging from 70s rock ballads to psychedelic rock. There are 12 tracks of 9 instrumentals and 3 with vocals. If you like Harvey "The Snake" Mandel, Carlos Santana, Mark Farner, Jimi Hendrix or Pink Floyd -- you may dig the grooves and extended jams. Enjoy!

CD is available here: http://www.SourceCodeX.com, iTunes, and Amazon and at many other music vendor internet sites.

Other album info:

Most fans of my music know me as an Ambient Electronic artist but long before I released my first ambient CD, CodeX Hypnos, in 2004 -- I was, (and still am), an avid guitarist. This release, called Time Is A River: The Lost Dream Years, covers a 4-5 year period of unreleased musical "ideas". For over a decade and a half these ideas lay dormant on normal bias cassette tapes in a closet. In September 2011, I decided to unearth some twelve musical sketches. I remastered them, tweaked them, added brand new bass lines, blended in new guitar as needed, played new or augmented drum tracks as a piece required, and sang new vocals on three songs.

This has been a labor of love, consuming many hours of retakes, learning how to play drums, mastering the bass guitar as best as I could manage, plus learning the art of recording, mixing and mastering live audio. I want to thank Robbie for drums on "Holy Mountain" and Matt for percussion on "Vicodin Shuffle Down Angier Avenue" and "Farner Meets Santana". Thanks goes to Keith for original bass playing grooves -- even though I totally redid all of the bass lines in my own studio as either the original audio quality or other issues were not acceptable. Major thanks goes to my wife Ann --- for her loving-kindness and patience during the many hours I devoted to this project. The day she said, "This room will be your studio," it all began to fall together for my at last releasing this CD. And trust me on this one, more releases are on the way of all new material including synthesizers in a progressive rock style.

What do I sound like on this CD? Some say they hear Harvey "The Snake" Mandel, Carlos Santana, Mark Farner, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, or even King Crimson, (the Red era), at times. I don't know about any of that -- other than to say -- I sound like my many musical influences of 70s rock, jazz fusion, and progressive rock. I hope you enjoy this mix of '70's-inspired rock, acid rock, and touches of prog-fusion rock. So here it is, with all its imperfections, live unpolished grooves, one-take jams with some overdubbing as needed. Enjoy the raw energy of independent artist rock!

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