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Well, I am in New York City. Alex Harvey and his band were ... a special treat on any bill they appeared. Alex never failed to entertain, which is all you can ask of anyone who gets on stage.

"Whosoever tooches one grey hair on yon grey head
DIES! Like a dog"

Always amazing stuff!

Ed Vitale

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Where do you live? I'm in Atlanta.

I used to love Sensational Alex Harvey band, you cant go wrong with a clown and an SG.

I had all their albums up to the live one.

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ah i have some memories with alex harvey, is snake bite the tune? we had pretty good rock radio in cleveland no more though out here in the styx...north was fun but i like no snow now. and southern rock for i am your resident southern rocker..


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Check your Live album. One side is indeed from the Uris theatre run (I was there) However the other side is when they did that show in London at teh Hammersmith Odeon. Years and years later, when I lived in Israel for two years, I met a guy who was at that set of shows - Mott The Hoople would be the first of many bonds we found we had - Israeli women and the SENSTIONAL Alex Harvey being two others.

Ed V.

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I have the original live record. Bought it next to new way back, and it is on my radar to rip to digital. Interesting that there is a double disc release. That would be cool to hear, since that live album I own probably clocks in somewhere around 35 minutes.
Typical of many live albums from that time, brutally edited from the original length. Honestly I don't mind the touch ups in the studio, if the length and context of the entire concert remains intact.
Lots of albums fit this bill. Blue Oyster Cult's Some Enchanted Evening comes to mind immediately.

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Another must have Mott album is "Live", which was recorded on their famous "Broadway tour" in NYC just after the release of "The Hoople". Its absolutely fabulous. I dont know how "clean" it is in terms of studio stuff afterwards, but its a great listen. Highly recommended. In the olde days it was a single vinyl release; these days its a double CD, with all the original tracks, PLUS lots of extra songs from the same concerts that didnt make it on the original version; plus a written introduction by Brian May (Queen opened for Mott on many of those concerts and May has often said it was truly a wild time)


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